Marvin Hagler vs. Tony Sibson

By Boxing News on February 10, 2019
Marvin Hagler vs. Tony Sibson
Hagler was 52-2-2. Tony Sibson was 47-3-1. The fight was scheduled for 15 rounds.

On February 11, 1983 at the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts, middleweight champion Marvin Hagler, from Brockton, Mass. via Newark, New Jersey, defended his WBC/WBA titles against Tony Sibson, from Leicester, England. Marvelous Marvin was 52-2-2. Sibson was 47-3-1. The fight was scheduled for 15 rounds…

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Marvin Hagler vs Tony Sibson (Full Broadcast)

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  1. David 03:48pm, 02/15/2018

    This proves how great Roberto Duran was. Full grown middleweights couldn’t take so-called Marvelous Marvin Hagler the distance in a championship fight. But 32 year old lightweight Roberto Duran did.

  2. Dennis Whitton 02:12pm, 03/03/2015

    All I remember about covering this fight was that there was a raging blizzard outside and I drove my MG from Worcester to Lowell on fumes, at about 20 MPH, running out of gas as I pulled into the newspaper parking lot about 2 a.m.

  3. Eric 09:11am, 02/12/2014

    Hard to believe this fight took place 31 years ago! Sibson was a pretty decent fighter but was totally outclassed by the all-time great Hagler. Sibson was in the mold of other tough contenders of that era like Hamsho, Antuofermo, Curtis Parker, Frank Fletcher, Juan Roldan, John Mugabi, Sycpion, etc. These fighters were short, strong, brawling, tough as nails, and in the case of Mugabi, Sibson, and Roldan, brutal punchers. Sibbo, would later lose in his quest to capture a version of the light heavyweight crown from Dennis Andries. Lots of quality fighters in the middleweight division at that time but they were just too limited to deal with a dominant fighter like Hagler.

  4. didier 11:39am, 02/11/2014

    hagler one of the truly greats, had everything

  5. HD 10:32am, 02/11/2014

    Larry is very rude with most boxer during interview. Boxing is the hardest sports. Larry give these champs credit.

  6. HD 10:26am, 02/11/2014

    Hagler vs Hopkins would be a classic dream match. Hope they were both from the same era in their primes so we could see another classic.

  7. john coiley 04:18am, 02/11/2014

    Marvin was truly a classic Champion, as confident but humble as any of the Greats who reigned.

  8. Jim Crue 07:26am, 02/12/2013

    I remember Sibson said after the fight, that getting hit by Hagler was like being hit with an ax!!

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