Mack the Knife on Martinez-Barker

By Robert Ecksel on October 1, 2011
Mack the Knife on Martinez-Barker
Macklin looked sturdy and solid. He looked like an athlete. Macklin looked like a boxer.

Although Wednesday’s press conference at The Palm was all about Sergio Martinez and Darren Barker, the surprise guest of honor was up-and-coming middleweight Matthew “Mack the Knife” Macklin.

Macklin recently signed with DiBella Entertainment and has crossed the Atlantic to pursue his career here in the U.S.

“I’m in New York now,” Macklin told “I’ve got a long-term contract with Lou, so I moved over here. I’ll be living in New York and fighting out of here.”

Macklin is an engaging chap. I congratulated him for his stunning performance against Felix Sturm in Germany. Although he lost the hometown decision, Sturm never knew what hit him as Macklin dominated the action with grit, determination, flying fists, and a never-say-die ethos.

“I thought I won it clearly,” said Macklin. “But everyone seen the fight. Everyone knows what happened. But even though I didn’t get the decision, at least everyone seen it and I proved myself to be on that level, and hopefully I’ll get a shot at Sergio Martinez after this.”

Although Macklin remained seated, one could tell he was sturdy and solid. He looked like an athlete, he looked like a boxer, he looked like he could do some damage if and when he needed to.

“I played all sports when I was younger,” he said. “I loved playing hurling, which is an Irish sport. I loved playing football (soccer). I loved playing everything really. My first memory of boxing was watching the Larry Holmes-Mike Tyson fight with my father and he was telling me how Larry Holmes was a former champion. The second memory was the Michael Watson-Chris Eubank fight. I remember being with 10, 15 people in the house staying up late watching it, and I was just excited by it. I also watched the Rocky movies, and I just got more and more hooked on boxing.”

Since Macklin is, as he put it, “hooked on boxing,” I was sure he’d have something interesting to say about tonight’s fight between Martinez and Barker in Atlantic City.

“I think Barker can do better than people think, certainly for four to six rounds. I don’t necessarily think he’ll win those rounds, but I think he’ll be competitive. But after six, seven rounds, I think Sergio will start timing him, start reading him. I think that’s when he’ll probably stop him, in the middle rounds.”

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