Matthew Saad Muhammad vs. Marvin Johnson II

By Boxing News on June 8, 2019
Matthew Saad Muhammad vs. Marvin Johnson II
These two fighters were evenly matched and it was a great fight, even better than the first.

Matthew Saad Muhammad fought Marvin Johnson twice in the late-1970s. Their first fight in 1977, when Muhammad was still known as Matthew Franklin, ended with a TKO12 for Matthew and an NABF light heavyweight title. Their second fight was on April 22, 1979, at the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was Johnson’s first defense of the WBC light heavyweight crown he won four months earlier. Muhammad was 23-3-2 going in. Johnson was 22-2. These two men were evenly matched and it was a great fight while it lasted, even better than the first…

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Matthew Franklin vs Marvin Johnson 2 Classic SLUGFEST Matthew Saad Muhammad

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  1. john coiley 01:39am, 03/31/2012

    they come and they go, sometimes before we realize the dream did vanish in the night. who will ever truly know, and be able to explain the “why” that more had not been realized of the expectations placed on them. on us…does “been there, done that” ring a bell? pun intended…

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