Matthysse Beats Broner, Say Fans

By Clarence George on February 17, 2013
Matthysse Beats Broner, Say Fans
Does Broner's heart "pump Kool-Aid," as Joe Frazier would no doubt put it? (Naoki Fukuda)

Following last night’s taking candy from a baby (or Adrien Broner defeating Gavin Rees via fifth-round TKO), is asking fans “Who has the best chance of beating Adrien Broner?”

According to the ongoing poll’s most recent results, 30.7% of the respondents name junior welter Lucas Matthysse. Brandon Rios comes in second at 23.6%, while Amir Khan is in third place with 16.4%. The winner of the Danny Garcia-Zab Judah match comes in at 16%, while the respective winners of Ricky Burns-Miguel Vazquez (8.2%) and Lamont Peterson-Kendall Holt (5.1%) are in fifth and sixth place.

A five-year pro, 23-year-old Adrien “The Problem” Broner (26-0-0, 22 KOs) scored two victories last year as junior lightweight, stopping Eloy Perez by fourth-round TKO in February and Vicente Escobedo by fifth-round TKO in July. In his debut as lightweight, he defeated Antonio DeMarco by eighth-round TKO in November, winning the WBC title. He’s scheduled to fight an as yet unnamed opponent at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on May 4.

A pro since 2004, Lucas Matthysse, 30 (33-2-0, 31 KOs), is arguably the hardest pound-for-pound hitter in the sport today. He’s also among the overall best. His losses to Zab Judah in 2010 and Devon Alexander the following year were and remain controversial, to put it politely. The Argentine fought and won three times last year, retiring Angel Martinez in the sixth in February, doing the same to Humberto Soto in the fifth in June, and stopping Ajose Olusegun by 10th-round TKO in September. In January of this year, Matthysse paid Mike Dallas Jr.‘s way to Never-Never Land via a knockout in the first.

I’m with the 30.7%. I want Broner to head north to junior welter, and I want Matthysse to larn him a lesson. Would the Argentine find it a pleasant stroll through Parque Rivadavia. He would not. So what? It’s boxing, not synchronized swimming. Matthysse doesn’t have to find it enjoyable; he just has to do it.

Like the lady heading for her boudoir…my slip is showing—I don’t like Broner. Oh, I recognize his quality as a boxer, but I can’t abide his tortured channeling of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Muhammad Ali—the inept jive, the vulgar bravado. He doth protest way too much. Being knocked on his can by Matthysse will take him down a peg or two…or six.

Does Adrien Broner’s heart “pump Kool-Aid,” as Joe Frazier would no doubt put it? Let’s find out.

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  1. Hideaki 05:20pm, 07/26/2013

    JT, Was really pumped for this fight for any number of reasons, but mainly, it was going to be unpredictable. How would Gamboa look at 135?  Could Rios safely make it as well?  How would Rios handle the speed?  Could Gamboa keep him off him. Goes on and on. Obviously, I’m pissed. Not just at Gamboa, but Top Rank as well. Gamboa asked for the fight, got it. Then said nothing publicly to stop TR from securing a venue or from them selling tickets let alone 2 Press conferences.  TR seems to have done a lot of assuming throughout this process.  They assumed Ohner (?) had everything tied up with Gamboa when clearly we are not getting the full story.Maybe Gamboa got scared, had buyers remorse, had Mayweater chirping in his ear, whatever. It should have never gotten this far and now the only ones that are suffering at the hands of the fighters are the fans investing time and money into enjoying them. sledskillz

  2. Sam 1969 06:03pm, 02/18/2013

    I think we all agree on the fact that Matthysse would take care of business unless Broner becomes a different kind of boxer, I mean keep the distance and counterpunch Lucas but Broner has probably the same problem black quarterbacks in NFL have, he wants to be the only star in every match but when playoff comes and the real showtime comes they just fall short, now is Broner’s job regret all my comments about him, I already gave him credit for his performance against DeMarco but I don’t forget Edwin Valero (R.I.P) fighting this Mexican with half head open and still winning that amazing fight, so after DeMarco we go to Ponce de Leon and a 10 round bout, the rest its just a bunch of fighters to increase a already swollen record.

  3. Koolz 03:33pm, 02/18/2013

    Lucas Matthysse would’t just KO Broner he would box him around the ring!  Broner is easy to hit, too easy.  With someone like Matthysse’s power and skills it would be very hard for Broner to play Cocky Boxer.

    I never see this fight happening I think most in the 140 range will run from Lucas, like Golovkin at 160.

  4. hd 11:35am, 02/18/2013

    Thanks for the post. I think Broner will never fight the likes of Lucas Matthysse. He gets his fight picked and chose for him. Broner/Canelo and Danny Garcia are the most protected fighters in GBP.

  5. TORY 08:11pm, 02/17/2013

    Great comments gentleman! Wow we have class on

  6. Sam 1969 06:40pm, 02/17/2013

    I said it earlier if Broner would have to face Matthysse, he shouldn’t let the Argentinian to work his body the way Rees did several times during the fight but even if Broner says that they don’t watch videos of his opponents somebody in his team should before face Matthysse, probably the best body puncher of this generation, Broner hit Rees to his body he has also great power but that shot was after the ref called for the break, anyway I’m not saying Matthysse will demolish Broner, he also is gonna have to take his chances coming forward and deal with the problem’s speed and uppercuts but believe me a left hook deliver to the liver from Rees is, in my personal opinion, softer than the canon the Argentinian has in his left one.

  7. Clarence George 12:25pm, 02/17/2013

    Thank you, Irish…and how you cracked me up.  A threesome with Margaret Hamilton and Billie Burke!  Get thee to Krafft-Ebing!  Anyway, I burst out laughing, and She Who Must Be Obeyed wanted to know why.  I had to show her your post; with any luck, you’re not in too much trouble.

  8. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel 12:16pm, 02/17/2013

    Clarence George-Sometimes even the sages and great minds that follow this “sport” forget that it’s not always about heart and soul….it is at times just a case of one overwhelming another with pure unadulterated physicality. You’re a man after my own heart….even though you seemed bemused by my long ago daydreams of a threesome with Margaret Hamilton and Billie Burke!

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