What Historic Importance?

By Ted Sares on May 3, 2015
What Historic Importance?
May/Pac was historic in terms of a business deal and only for that reason. (Naoki Fukuda)

Given the “Big Fizzle” nature of the boxing match, this so-called savior of boxing just might be the beginning of another end…

“Manny may test Floyd early but as soon as he learns what Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez did (that Mayweather has pop in his counterpunches), he will become more tentative and more frustrated.”—Oscar De La Hoya

“A.J. Liebling observed that televised boxing would result in the closing of most venues, thus wrecking the sport. He was right. Today, however, we’re all applauding the return of boxing to more-or-less free TV. Understandably so. It won’t save the Sweet Science any more than will Mayweather-Pacquiao, but it’s better than nothing. And better than nothing is about all boxing fans can ask for.”—Clarence George

“My heart goes with Manny, but my brain says Money.”—thousands of posters

This much ballyhooed extravaganza featured a hug between Jon Voigt and Clint Eastwood, a wiggle from a somewhat larger Paris Hilton, stumbling and mumbling from Lennox Lewis, and too many amateur analyses from too many amateur analysts like Tom Brady, Charles Barkley, etc. And thank god Manny’s mother was not in the ring dispensing prayers and morphing this mega fight into a freak show.

Many, including a refreshingly solid Al Bernstein who showed great symbiosis with Jim Lampley, even said this fight might be the needed revival of a “dying sport.”

Around round 5, Mayweather did what he does best by adjusting to Mannys’ awkward style and settling into his familiar groove of controlling the action. Pacquiao made no adjustments. One boxed smartly; the other seemed confused and frustrated. By winning enough rounds as if each round was a fight in-and-of- itself, Floyd Mayweather won the fight—and comfortably so. Thus, given the “Big Fizzle” nature of the actual boxing match and its result, this so-called savior of boxing just might be the beginning of still another end.

As for the historic significance, if someone repeats something a thousand times, there must be some truth to it, correct? No, not correct, because those who are proclaiming the historic significance of this event are those who will profit the most from it—journalists, commentators, promoters, etc. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao was historic in terms of a business deal and only for that reason.

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  1. Kid Blast 11:45am, 05/04/2015

    Cotto, Canelo, Hatton, Castillo, undefeated Corrales. Maidana Twice, Guerrero (31-1-1 coming in). Mosley, JMM., Judah, Mitchell (56-4), Gatti, CORLEY (28-2-1), Ndou (31-1), Manfredy, Pep, Sosa,  Juko, Jesus Chavez (35-1)—Most of these opponents—and there were several others—came in strong if not in their primes, Several will end up in the Hall of Fame. Several were world champions. With all due respect, MONEY has earned his 48-0 and then some.

  2. Kid Blast 09:16am, 05/04/2015

    Great pun

  3. Dollarbond 09:11am, 05/04/2015

    Perfect Ted.  Right on the money.

  4. Anonymous 08:30am, 05/04/2015

    I have heard that the suck-em-up battle for “journalist” credentials for this farce was virtually career-altering. Much venom and hatred was spewed forth from those who did not get in and much arrogance was flaunted by those who did. Despicable behavior from an often despicable group.

  5. Tex Hassler 07:22am, 05/04/2015

    The tremendous amount of money made by each fighter is the only historic thing about the fight. Mayweather fought a smart, tactical fight. Neither fighter took any chances and worked hard not to get KO’d which makes for a dull fight to some extent. As for Manny thinking he won, I think a fighter can fight but not score the fight himself at the same time. For once Mayweather was very kind in his comments about the man he had just beat. Floyd did win the fight but I thought it was closer than scored. I agree with Joseph Distler about the greatness of Mayweather.

  6. DENNIES 09:00pm, 05/03/2015

    Manny says he thought he won… well, did someone checked the score card? Someone posts this and it has more than 300K share now in FB!!!


  7. John aka L.L. Cool John 08:51pm, 05/03/2015

    FYI: If Amor isn’t tossed off this site by tomorrow, then I’ll be gone.

  8. John aka L.L. Cool John 08:41pm, 05/03/2015

    Floyd Mayweather has been berated by the public for NOT fighting Manny Pacquiao over the past six-years. Last night Mayweather fought him and still no credit ... no respect. I’ve read every excuse imaginable by the Pacquiao fans. Last night, Mayweather BEAT Pacquiao overwhelmingly and was the better fighter. Deal with it Pacquiao fans.
    End of discussion.

  9. Kid Blast 08:17pm, 05/03/2015


  10. Eric 07:51pm, 05/03/2015

    teehee. Someone seems a tad pissed off.

  11. amor 07:45pm, 05/03/2015

    gayweather your suck fucking duck nigga…you look like a monkey..your not a true fighter,,, coz i know a true fighter, is not a runner

  12. amor 07:43pm, 05/03/2015

    fuck you gayweather,,, you win by running..fight of the centure lol….thats fight of the mafia…fuck you america

  13. Clarence George 07:36pm, 05/03/2015

    Thank you, Irish.  Hey, I got nothing against dames who pop their gum.  Think Virginia Mayo and, even more so, Barbara Nichols.

  14. Kid Blast 06:22pm, 05/03/2015

    The hype might have been historic but it sure as hell wasn’t important.

  15. Eric 05:33pm, 05/03/2015

    IMO, the only boxing matches that could be called historic events were Jim Corbett vs John L. Sullivan, Jack Johnson vs. Tommy Burns,  Jack Johnson vs. Jim Jeffries, Jess Willard vs. Jack Johnson,  Gene Tunney vs. Jack Dempsey II, Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling II, Cassius Clay/Ali vs. Liston I & II, Frazier vs. Ali I, Ali vs. Foreman. I don’t think a non-heavyweight match had enough impact outside the boxing world to qualify as a historic event. Events like Duran-Leonard I, Leonard-Hearns I or Leonard-Hagler were high profile but I wouldn’t classify them as historical events. Ali-Frazier III was borderline.

  16. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:23pm, 05/03/2015

    Clarence George-Joe Schmoe says he resembles that remark about his better half…. otherwise your take on this “event” is razor sharp and righteous

  17. Clarence George 05:09pm, 05/03/2015

    I usually applaud cynicism, but not always.  All the talk about how Mayweather-Pacquiao would regenerate fan interest was cynicism at its ugliest.  The last people this fight was for was the fans, current or prospective.  Given the ticket prices (something out of a Vonnegut story), Joe Schmoe and his gum-popping wife were excluded from the arena in order to make room for Hollywood dweebs and their skank girlfriends, not one of whom could tell a cross from a hook.  Distressed at having been too young to attend Ali-Frazier I, here was their chance to be part of boxing history, and all for just a few hundred thousand dollars.  One born every minute, and that’s a fact.  Of course, fans could see the fight, but only on TV…and for a hundred bucks.  Me, I just didn’t fall off the back of a turnip truck.

    This fight had nothing to do with boxing.  The glitz alone tells you that.  Boxing isn’t about glitz.  It’s about dark and dank, barns that owls call home and rotting barges warped by salt and spray.  Last night?  Like Ted said, a “business deal.”

  18. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 04:49pm, 05/03/2015

    How could Manny have won last night….for starters by throwing twice as many punches as he did and of course risk getting jolted, knocked down or even KOd but at least going balls to the wall. Oscar is right of course….when they feel the snap of that counter or pot shot right they start thinking instead of acting…it’s the same thing with Rigo when they feel that sting they start thinking that this bugger just might knock me out if I’m not careful!

  19. Marty 04:39pm, 05/03/2015

    Whenever I have trouble getting to sleep, I think of a hypothetical ” fight of the century,” between Floyd Mayweather and Pernell Whittaker. I am asleep in minutes. Works every time!!!!!

  20. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 04:28pm, 05/03/2015

    No comments on the photo above….here’s one…that’s fuked up! Is he such a fukin’ fistic genius that you have to freeze frame to see the shit he pulls. What the hell is he doing there? How about this….his lacing….throwing a fore arm shiver and elbow and jamming Manny in the neck all at the same Goddamned time!

  21. Old Yank 03:10pm, 05/03/2015

    The fight itself? FULLY AGREE! NOTHING historic about what went on in the ring. Fight of the Century!? HELL NO! It was not even the fight of the night!

  22. Old Yank 03:04pm, 05/03/2015

    Showtime and HBO have never done this kind of cooperating before. The scale of it all has never been seen before. Admission to a weigh in with 100% of the proceeds to charity—never been done before. Hype of this level—never been done before. The magnitude of water-cooler conversation and number of non-fans and casual fans returning to boxing after such a long hiatus—rarely done before. Again, I get the disgust with the hype and all, but typically when somethings never been done before, but definition it rings of historic. However, this was NOT historic in terms of what went on in the ring.

  23. Kid Blast 02:39pm, 05/03/2015

    CG has the beat

  24. Kid Blast 02:39pm, 05/03/2015

    a historic event was when Joe Namath led the jest to a win over the NFL Colts. That was historic.

    Or maybe even the Packers inning the first Super Bowl game.

  25. Eric 02:30pm, 05/03/2015

    At this point and time, I always felt that the Irish Mexican vs James Kirkland was a more attractive matchup than the Superfight that came too late. Canelo vs. Kirkland might turn out to be a total dud, but I’m hoping for a war reminiscent of Foreman-Lyle, Franklin/Saad-Johnson II, or Saad-Lopez II.

  26. Clarence George 01:10pm, 05/03/2015

    I don’t agree that the absence of Manny’s mum prevented the fight from “morphing into a freak show,” because I think freak show is exactly what it was.  I do agree, however, that “Mayweather vs. Pacquiao was historic in terms of a business deal and only for that reason.”  In fact, I don’t think it should be compared to the truly historic Ali-Frazier I (except for some of the hoopla), but to the championship bout between Jack Dempsey and Georges Carpentier, the first million-dollar gate.  It’s famous for that reason alone, and nobody’s ever referred to it as “The Fight of the Century.”

    The bottom line is that Mayweather-Pacquiao was unadulterated hype, and there’s nothing more ephemeral than that.

    Well, not quite the bottom line…I really enjoyed the Clarence George quote.  I’ve been hearing mighty good things about him.

  27. Kid Blast 12:47pm, 05/03/2015

    Or wait until next week and watch Mandingo vs. Canelo in a shoot-out.

  28. tyler adams 12:45pm, 05/03/2015

    Agreed Koolz, back to youtube and see some classics.

  29. Kid Blast 12:36pm, 05/03/2015

    biker, yes there is a lot of corruption but I didn’t sense any in this thing. Why are you pissed off?

  30. bikermike 12:30pm, 05/03/2015

    That’s it…..fuk it…

    Boxing has grown so corrupt , I’m out…

    Nice to have met with some of you guys..

  31. Kid Blast 12:30pm, 05/03/2015

    Agreed Marty

  32. Kid Blast 12:29pm, 05/03/2015

    Eric, good and honest post

    Thank John

  33. Kid Blast 12:28pm, 05/03/2015

    Koolz, they are coming. Be patient. The Eastern Euros, Roman, and the Japanese are a Tsunami waiting to happen.

  34. Kid Blast 12:27pm, 05/03/2015

    Thanks Baffie

  35. Kid Blast 12:26pm, 05/03/2015

    If anyone returns this port to its heyday, it will be Al Haymon, though I do wish he would fire Sam Watson and Sam’s annoying twin brats with the zombie-like slant to their necks and their inexplicable smiles.. Ugh.

    As for Lampley and Bernstein, I thought they did an A+ job last night and never tried to make this anything more than it was.

  36. Baffie. 12:25pm, 05/03/2015

    Good article and smart assessment of the match. Well done Ted. This was all about money. Mayweather is a gifted pro who does what needs done to get the money.

  37. Kid Blast 12:21pm, 05/03/2015

    Irish, those films of Manny walking into the church to pray were gagging. True believers don’t have to flaunt their beliefs. The monstrous hype machine trig to make him out something that he was not. His entire family is into politics for one reason and one reason only. His boxing exploits.

  38. Kid Blast 12:18pm, 05/03/2015

    Though Lomenchenko fought a big bag, his moves were like nothing I have ever seen. His spin and hit is incredible.

    As for comparing the May-Pac to others for historical significance, I can think of no other that was hyped on that basis. This one stands alone and must suffer alone. Hagler-Leonard was a tactical bore. Hagler-Hearns was of signicance after the fact.

  39. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 12:13pm, 05/03/2015

    Ted Sares-Great quotes and sharp and concise reporting! Manny claiming injury…..maybe so….maybe this fight was too big to postpone…...who knows….I know this much Manny is living a fantastic and fabulous life and he’s not done yet ....I say he has a far better chance of becoming President of the Philippines than he did of beating Floyd.

  40. Marty 11:39am, 05/03/2015

    Floyd is not likeable and he has a boring style. His ability to keep active boxers at bay, however, is a testament to his skill level. I believe he would be competitive in any era, but I also feel that he would be in boring fights, fought ultra conservatively, no matter who his opponent was.

  41. Koolz 11:26am, 05/03/2015

    I had to watch Ali vs Frazier to get my mind back to boxing! 

    well thanks god GGG, Lomenchenko, Inoue, and few others. 

  42. John aka L.L. Cool John 10:57am, 05/03/2015

    I’m sure Floyd Mayweather Jr. could give us $100 million reasons why this fight has significant historic importance.

  43. John aka L.L. Cool John 10:49am, 05/03/2015

    Teddy Atlas’ commentary gets under my skin.

  44. Old Yank 10:48am, 05/03/2015

    I get the disillusionment and outright scoffing in attempting to find historic significance in this bout. I would also suggest that had Leonard/Hagler proven as big a disappointment in the ring one would wonder about the historic significance of that bout as well (they too should have met years earlier). Had Ali lost to Foreman, what then? Is it that this bout was not historically significant or was it that the outcome was painted in such dull colors that the historic significance was easily obscured?

  45. tyler adams 10:43am, 05/03/2015

    We now know from Floyds own mouth that it was all about the marketing.  All that talk of Manny not willing to take the drug tests a few years ago, was just bull.  Greatest welterweight ever in avoiding getting hit, and unwilling to take even one chance and mix it up.  Manny all loose and smiling, telling Floyd thanks, taking the selfie, but worst of all not moving side to side even once the whole fight?  Even after 6 and then Manny doesn’t put any pressure on Floyd or as I said move side to side.  Was that another of Floyd’s rules or conditions for getting the fight? Manny looked liked he was in another world, can’t quite put my finger on it.  He is far too experienced to just go through the motions like it seemed he did.  Just my take gentlemen.

  46. John aka L.L. Cool John 10:32am, 05/03/2015

    Joseph Distler: All due respect, but I’ll take Ali as “The Greatest.” Unlike Robinson, Ali fought huge fights OUTSIDE the ring. He transcends the sport of boxing.

  47. Eric 10:32am, 05/03/2015

    “TBE?” Hardly. However, to deny that Floyd wouldn’t or couldn’t be competitive in any era is even more ludicrous than saying he is the best fighter ever. Marciano is without a doubt my favorite fighter of all time, but his “record” of 49-0 just might be one of the most overrated “records” in sports. That 0 pales in comparison to the records amassed by Harry Greb, Freddie Steele, Joe Gans, Roberto Duran, Ray Robinson, Julio Cesar Chavez, and a few others. I find Gene Tunney’s record just as impressive as the one Marciano compiled, if not even more impressive.

  48. John aka L.L. Cool John 10:24am, 05/03/2015

    I was glad nothing controversial happened with the entire world watching. Like Jim Lampley, I also hope this fight returns boxing to its heyday. Fight coverage was on the front page of the Los Angeles Times yesterday. We’ve had fights on network TV recently. All great news for us fight fans.
    My son, Caleb, said Vegas was “absolutely crazy” last night. He sent me a photo of him with Charles Barkley.
    Nice piece, Ted. As usual, you were right-on with your prediction.
    FYI: I had to look-up the word “symbiosis.”

  49. Kid Blast 10:18am, 05/03/2015

    Different era but I’d have a hard time disagreeing, Joseph. If he goes out 49-0, he will have a great legacy and will be AMONG the greatest.

  50. Joseph Distler 10:10am, 05/03/2015

    Even if Mayweather wins ten more fights he will never, ever be considered by anyone who knows anything about boxing as The Greatest.
    There is only one and will always only be one GREATEST OF ALL TIME and that as any knowledgeable boxing fan knows is SUGAR RAY ROBINSON !!!
        End of story…..

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