May vs. Pac: The First Ultra-Cringe

By Ted Sares on March 12, 2015
May vs. Pac: The First Ultra-Cringe
Things will get worse, especially as Roach, Roger, and Floyd Sr. escalate their mind games.

For me this bordered on high camp. For others, I’m sure this will be the first of many ultra-cringe incidents to come…

During the next six weeks we will be “treated” to some of the most bizarre inanities in cyber-hype history. In fact, they have already started as members of the boxing media scramble to find a new angle and get some hits. If Pac is late for a workout by two minutes, that will become news. If Money is seen eating a Superburger while driving one of his super cars, the boxing media will dive on it like it was a buffet table at a presser. Every move will be watched and reported on.

Here is a tiny sampling of recent article titles:

“Pacquiao: I hope this time he would be man enough to take some risks.”

“Jeff Mayweather: He’s a one trick Pony.”

“Why the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Fight isn’t all it Should Be.”

“Manny Pacquiao Cashes In His Chips in Las Vegas”

“Why Floyd Mayweather will win!”

“Roach: Luckily Roger won’t be running the corner for Floyd.”

“No Training But Plenty of Road Work For Manny Pacquiao”

“A Fallen Floyd Fights For Life After Death”

“All on Best Behavior for Mayweather-Pacquiao LA Presser”

“Is a Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight Still Relevant?”

“Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: Watch Manny answer his phone while Floyd is talking at the press conference”

“Manny Pacquiao records his own entrance song ahead of $250 million showdown with Floyd Mayweather”

“Fortune Says Pacquiao Is Just a Freak Athlete”

“Justin Bieber sadly videobombed Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather press conference”

These are not all that bad, but they will get worse, a lot worse especially as Roach, Roger, and Floyd Sr. escalate their mind games.

Meanwhile, my favorite thus far involves Justin Bieber. As Floyd and Manny (and others) posed for a photo capturing a historic boxing moment, who should suddenly pop up like a kid brother late to the party but Bieber tapping Floyd on his shoulder and engaging in a warm embrace and handshake. All this while Manny gazed at Bieber in total confusion and Arum appeared disgusted.

For me this bordered on high camp. For others, I’m sure this will be the first of many ultra-cringe incidents to come.

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Why Did Justin Bieber Videobomb The Manny Pacquiao Floyd Mayweather Press Conference

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  1. Kid Blast 12:41pm, 03/15/2015

    Hmm. If he did, Manny might have joined in. Freak show extraordinaire.

  2. Leigh 11:41am, 03/15/2015

    It could of been a lot worse ,he could of started singing lol, .da plane da plane.

  3. Eric 02:35pm, 03/14/2015

    @Pete The Sneak…teehee. Good one. He does at that!

  4. Koolz 02:19pm, 03/14/2015

    It was Mayweather that said we need to get Twerk Girl(Aka Miley Cyrus to do one of the shows.

    I expect the opening show to be bigger then the whole Boxing drama!


  5. Pete The Sneak 01:15pm, 03/14/2015

    Have to say, in this particular pic above, Manny sure has a strong resemblance to Fantasy Islands ‘Tatoo’, doesn’t he? Peace.

  6. Kid Blast 08:36am, 03/14/2015

    Eric, thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She also has great taste in men to wit” Lance

  7. Eric 07:50am, 03/14/2015

    KB… She uses one of dem frenchie thangs called a bidet. No need for a reverse reach around or TP when you have one of those thingys, at least that is what they tell me. I would still have to wipe, just out of habit.

  8. Kid Blast 07:43am, 03/14/2015

    Sheryl Crow? Isn’t she the one who doesn’t use toilet paper? Ugh.

  9. Laurena 05:42am, 03/14/2015

    I have to admit that some of the most entertaining coverage of this…“event” went to GQ, who commented mostly on the hair and attire of the participants. At least one media outlet realized that there was just not anything substantial about this debacle that deserved coverage.

  10. FrankinDallas 05:20am, 03/14/2015

    All Bieber needs are long side curls and he’d look like a Hasidic
    Jew. They wear the same hat.

  11. Eric 06:10pm, 03/13/2015

    Koolz…Saw a video of Lady Gag-Gag doing a duet with Mick of my personal favorite Stones tune, “Gimme Shelter,” on Youtube. WHY in the hell, Mick, Keef, and the boys let that freak ruin such a classic tune is beyond me. Sheryl Crow and Mick do an awfully good number on, “Honky Tonk Woman,” though. Maybe get Pac’s mom to sing, “Jumping Jack Flash.”

  12. Kid Blast 05:23pm, 03/13/2015


  13. John aka L.L. Cool John 05:20pm, 03/13/2015

    I’ve got but four words to say: Leave it to Bieber!

  14. Kid Blast 05:16pm, 03/13/2015

    When it comes to who will upstage who, I’m going with Floyd. Manny is a bit of a simpleton for street smart stuff.

    It’s going to be a freak show for certain.

  15. Koolz 05:06pm, 03/13/2015

    It’s entertainment to hear Roach and Jeff Mayweather! 

    let’s just get this thing going folks!

      Let’s get Lady Gaga, Just Beiber to do a duet to some new crazy sick song by Psycho Lady Gaga(I really doubt any of you know the truth about her)(or even the creation of Justin Beiber)

    That would be pretty wild duet.

      Then we can have some Women dancing sexy and twerking!  while there twerking will get the Twerk girl herself Miley Cyrus!!!! to dance in a thong and drive all the Feminists and parents crazy!

    After words we can have Pacman show up with his gang of friends and whoever to lead the charge!  It will be Great!  It will be Entertainment!

    God I really think Floyd has something up his sleeve!

    Roc Nation will be Jealous!

  16. Kid Blast 04:53pm, 03/13/2015

    Wally, an Ultra-cringe is the opposite of a spine-tingler

  17. pikkon 02:57pm, 03/13/2015

    floyd looks worried and nervous while manny is all smile and looks happy..

  18. Big Wally 02:50pm, 03/13/2015

    What’s an ultra cringe? lol

  19. Kid Blast 10:29am, 03/13/2015

    Smart chap for someone who allegedly can’t read.

    And Floyd has won a startling percentage of those rounds.

  20. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:50am, 03/13/2015

    Ted Sares-In his Pro career Floyd has boxed a total of 363 rounds….Sugar Ray Robinson 1400….Archie Moore 1473….Harry Greb 2585 (including newspaper decisions) as a pay out over his career Floyd will probably gross over $1,000,000 per round boxed….probably considerably more.

  21. Kid Blast 07:50am, 03/13/2015

    By “befriending” Bieber, Floyd gains an immense audience of new fans. So does Justin. The relationship is a very smart business maneuver and translates to more revenue for both guys.I say kudos to both for pulling it off.

  22. Eric 06:45am, 03/13/2015

    Is Floyd a belieber? Where was Miley Cyrus and Lady Gag-Gag?

  23. Bisugo 06:24am, 03/13/2015

    PACQUIAO NOT SCARED OF MAYWEATHER - probably the most stupid sports news I’ve read ever.

  24. Mohummad Humza Elahi 05:58am, 03/13/2015

    This was an incredibly uncomfortable presser to watch, I skipped through the majority of it.

  25. mark 12:16am, 03/13/2015

    because justin beiber is the boyfriend of gayweather

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