Mayweather-Berto Tanks

By Robert Ecksel on September 19, 2015
Mayweather-Berto Tanks
Floyd Mayweather, the master of timing, and so much else, timed his exit to perfection.

Showtime took a bath on this one, even though it was allegedly Mayweather’s final fight and therefore meaningful…

The bean counters are still tabulating the results, but it appears that the pay-per-view fight between Floyd Mayweather and Andre Berto was the flop everyone expected.

According to industry sources, who choose to remain nameless, no more than 550,000 paid to watch Mayweather fight Berto, and the number may be as low as 400,000.

If those numbers are correct, Showtime took a bath on this one, even though it was allegedly Mayweather’s final fight and therefore meaningful.

The reasons for the fight’s failure are many, but looking for a single reason is one of the games people play.

Disgust at the so-called “Fight of the Century” between Mayweather and Pacquiao looms large when it comes to the blame game. But whatever that fight was, and all that it was not, had more to do with Pacquiao and his torn rotator cuff, which Manny and his promoter kept to themselves, than with Mayweather’s safety-first style.

That Floyd made $250 million for fighting a one-armed man didn’t help a bit.

Some blame Berto, who is not now nor has never been a marquee fighter. He was offered $4 million to fight Mayweather and he sensibly took the money and ran, even though he blamed Mayweather for running, as did Pacquiao, which is lame bordering on preposterous.

And some are blaming Al Haymon. He had a hand in the Mayweather-Pacquiao fiasco, as well as May-Berto. But he is also providing fights for free on regular TV on a regular, which makes pay-per-view more impertinent than ever.

With all the influence Haymon has in boxing, he needs to be blamed for something, and one doesn’t need to be an HBO consultant to point a crooked finger and cry j’accuse, whether it’s justified or not, whether it’s grandstanding or not, whether it’s interesting or not.

When all is said and done, the fans decided, for whatever reason, that they’ve had enough of Mayweather for now. But memories are short. Maybe down the road, once the dust settles, they will feel otherwise.

But bottom line, it appears that Floyd Mayweather, the master of timing, and so much else, timed his exit to perfection.

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  1. Emerlito Sotoy 08:47am, 09/21/2015

    This article is nut..
    Robert Ecksel it was very obvious that your giving too much praise on your runner FMW. There’s no need to blame what happen in paquiao vs mayrunner was very clear that even paquiao has injury (on what they tell) mayrunner still running inside the ring and dont want to fight only touch and run..

  2. raxman 01:44am, 09/20/2015

    robert,, don;t perpetuate the myth that there was anything wrong with Pacquiao’s shoulder.  watch the berto v soto karass or floyd v castillo 1 - when a fighter has an injured shoulder of any kind its discussed in the corner regularly - how can a coach know how to instruct his fighter if he isnt up to speed on his status?. not once is there any mention between pac and roach about this condition. not to mention the fact that pac is throwing loaded right hooks throughout the fight.
    pacquiao’s shoulder was fine, but if there was ever any doubt the BS re salt water healing it should have made that clear. No, it was his style of fighting that brought him undone. styles make fights. same as it ever was. pac built his rep dominating walk up mexican fighters - he struggled with JMM coz he could also counter punch. pac was always going to be schooled by a great counter puncher. as incredible a fighter as pacquiao is/was he has never been without limitations
    as for showtime, my belief is they were star struck by mayweather and bought into his self driven hype that he was the reason people watched his fights. its part true. the majority watched to see him lose. if there was no chance of him losing people were never going to watch

  3. KB 09:04am, 09/19/2015

    Maybe there was a tax loss angle to this.

  4. FrankinDallas 07:25am, 09/19/2015

    That’s what you get for PPV’ing a stinky fight during the opening week
    of the NFL and college football.

  5. NYIrish 05:31am, 09/19/2015

    Marquee fighters; The marquee says WGAF !

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