Mayweather Blinds Guerrero with Science

By David Matthew on May 4, 2013
Mayweather Blinds Guerrero with Science
Landing more than 40% of his shots, Floyd’s unparalleled efficiency surfaced yet again.

Mayweather stood directly in front of Guerrero—making the early statement that he would not run and instead chose to stand and trade…

Floyd Mayweather (44-0) delivered another scintillating and clinical performance, dispatching Robert Guerrero (31-2-1, 18 KOs) in a one-sided fight that yet again provided empirical data to suggest that Mayweather’s undefeated record is not product of anything but his extensive dominance and ability to stay in a peaked prime for nearly two decades. Landing more than 40% of his shots, Mayweather’s unparalleled efficiency surfaced yet again as he outlanded Guerrero demonstrably, producing another glittery performance that has come to typify his unblemished career.

Guerrero came out gunslinging early, firing off a few left hands to the body as round 1 commenced. Mayweather stood directly in front of Guerrero—making the early statement that he would not run and instead chose to stand and trade. Determined to make it a rough fight, Guerrero landed some heavy shots on the inside and applied a spirited pugilistic effort.

Showing he was there to fight, Guerrero walked Mayweather into a corner at the beginning of round 2, and Floyd appeared to try and set counterpunching traps for Guerrero, who refused to bite. Instead, The Ghost landed solid body shots on the inside. Mayweather landed a sharp straight right hand, and Guerrero answered with a counter straight left hand of his own. Mayweather began to study Guerrero towards the latter part of the round, but while Floyd was studying, Guerrero was scoring.

Mayweather began to settle into a groove in round 3, timing Guerrero brilliantly and deftly slipping away before Guerrero could score. It was a very smooth round for Mayweather, while Guerrero was beginning to look jumbled from Mayweather’s science.

Floyd continued building upon his momentum in round 4, keeping the fight at the center of the ring, operating two times faster than Guerrero and pinpointing him with precise counter shots.

Mayweather marched on in round 5, peppering Guerrero with straight right hand leads. Guerrero’s willpower seemed to wane as Mayweather’s confidence and efficient utility was on the ascent. Mayweather continued to blind Guerrero with his science in round 6, as he fully settled into a rhythm to his liking, and Guerrero’s face began to break under the pressure.

Yet another pattern began to develop that is patently familiar to fight fans. Mayweather studies his opponent in the early rounds—takes his time—and then applies the knowledge learned through that study, solving his opponent at rapid speeds.

After a fairly quiet 7th, action picked up again in round 8 as Guerrero seemed to wake up after being stung with a blistering counter left hook. Guerrero landed some quality shots, but far too few as Mayweather’s confidence propelled him to land double and triple power shots to Guerrero’s low volume. Floyd backed Guerrero up into a corner as the round concluded, and for the first time in the fight Guerrero showed signs of quit, as Mayweather continued to whip him with thundering precision.

Mayweather’s science was on full display in round 9—firing off counter after counter begging Guerrero to initiate. To Guerrero’s credit, he was still trying to compete, but it was becoming abundantly clear that his toolbox was not varied enough to deal with the anomalous skill-set of Floyd Mayweather.

As the championship rounds materialized, Mayweather was striking Guerrero with cobra quickness, stinging him with counters at the exact moment Guerrero tried to launch offense. Guerrero would begin to throw and Mayweather would immediately counter before Guerrero could land anything. Instant replays provided proof of Mayweather’s unbelievable precision, placing punches with exquisite accuracy that were both substantive and flashy.

It was yet another mesmerizing performance for Mayweather, who served up sophisticated pugilism that would make any boxing purist beam with admiration. He said he was going to take his time. He did. He said he wasn’t Berto. He wasn’t. He was supremely confident throughout the pre-fight pageantry, and even more confident in the midst of the tornado, which he steered with unbreakable focus. Very few fighters can sit in the pocket and oscillate their auric field to find that perfect balance between utter rage and pure serenity, and Floyd Mayweather is one of them. Time and time again, he looked the storm directly in the eye, and overwhelmed it.

If this is what we can expect from Mayweather for the next 30 months, sign me up.

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  1. OY 04:19am, 05/07/2013

    Anything, and I mean anything, that might encourage a young MMA fan to cross over to boxing is good for boxing. Hasn’t boxing done enough to shoot itself in the foot already? Now we want to send the MMA types back to where they belong? How typical of an ailing sport! Have foot, will shoot!

  2. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 04:32pm, 05/06/2013

    David Matthew-You can have Floyd….I’ll take Jesse James Hughes….may God rest his soul. Here’s what I’m thinking…both Donaire and Guerrero had almost identical epiphanies…that these master boxers that they were in with could hit hard enough to KO them! The conundrum that both shared was that the only Plan B that could possibly work was to get inside and work i.e. brawl and risk getting busted up or even KO’d on the way in. What to do…what to do….warriors or not both decided on Plan C which was to try to outbox the master boxers and the rest as they say is history!

  3. Malachi 10:06am, 05/06/2013

    I’m so disappointed because Robert Guerrero & his father talked sooooooooooo much sh*t about what they were gonna do and when the fight was over he went on to talk about Jesus. Listen man, if you want to preach then take your a** to church. Don’t talk sh*t like your gonna kick Floyd’s behind and when you get the opportunity the man beats your a** with one hand the whole damn night! Child please! You and your dad are some good talkers I’ll give you that. But when it comes to fighting Mayweather, your game plan was flawed. Stick to preaching Guerrero & leave the boxing to the real fighters. Peace!!!!

  4. Gajjers 01:19am, 05/06/2013

    Excellent post, JohnnyC - you sure know your boxing. I must say I was a bit nonplussed by the vitriol spewed by a pretty large number of fans regarding the entertainment value of Floyd’s boxing style. In essence, most fight fans say Floyd’s style is anything but fan-friendly. As someone who thoroughly enjoyed Pernell Whitaker’s career, I’m certainly not disappointed when a pure boxer (hit-and-not-get-hit) does his thing in the ring. It’s a valuable part of the Sweet Science. Having said that, Floyd’s think-tank must come up with suitable dance partners for the rest of Floyd’s Showtime contract run. 154-pounders don’t do it for me, because size DOES matter in boxing (hey, that’s why we have divisions). Canelo & Martinez seem too big for my liking, forcing Floyd to sacrifice speed & agility for bulk. Not fair, folks.

  5. JohnnyC, The Italian Battalion 04:07pm, 05/05/2013

    Hello all you great boxing fans…
    First of all, I was extremely dissatisfied with Guerrero’s performance in a big way. Listening to him talk about how Mayweather is just like him and he puts his pants on in the same way and he was going to be the guy to hand Mayweather his first loss. 
    At times during the week leading up to the fight, I was really starting to think Guerrero really must have a great fight plan to be that confident and I was really looking forward to see him put some good respectable pressure on Mayweather. 
    Then when I was watching Guerrero boxing with Mayweather in the middle of the ring, I took a double take. Please, this can’t be your fight plan against Mayweather, you will be eaten alive. A flat footed, slow moving fighter was going to box with greased lightning in the middle of the ring, I don’t think so.
    If I would have know this I simply wouldn’t have wasted a minute of time or a nickel of my very hard earned money on this fight. 
    Let’s face it fight fans, as long as Mayweather Promotions calls all the shots in the contract, it’s going to take someone incredible special to beat Mayweather and it was certainly not Guerrero with this ridiculous fight plan. 
    When the fight first started I was really confused if I was watching something other than a boxing match because the boxing ring dimensions look to be the size of a basketball court.  A flat footed boxer that moves like a sloth in a ring the size of a basketball court is going to try to box With a guy that flies like a butterfly and stings like a bee, “PRICELESS”....
    It was rather embarrassing watching Guerrero even trying to cut off the ring, he was actually jogging at times trying to catch up, wow, what a blowout.  I will say if Mayweather wouldn’t have hurt his right hand wearing it out on Guerrero’s face, he would have definitely knocked him out, in the bought, NO DOUGHT.

    Mayweather Promotions Contract “must have list” or no deal.
    1. Home Ring advantage, LasVegas
    2. Boxing ring dimensions
    3. choose Referee
    4. PPV percentage split
    5. rematch Clause
    6. Drug testing rules
    Until he is beat, please refer to this list when debating his next victim.

    There is only one fighter I know that might be able to dethrone Mayweather and that being “The Pacman”. Believe it or not, Manny is ready to make this fight happen, the only problem in the entire deal is Manny’s promoter, Bob Arum. Manny knows he’s getting close to the end of his career and a fight with Mayweather will earn him more money than any other fight he has had or will have by a very large amount.  He has agreed recently to the testing required, he has agreed to the 60/40 split and he has no problem fighting in LasVegas and he would be the best in the west to fight in a boxing ring of those dimensions being as quick as Mayweather so that the ring size would not be such an enormous Mayweather advantage as it has been in many of his fights in the past, ah like Guerrero, “the sloth”.  Lets face it, the Ghost was busted.

    JohnnyC, The Italian Battalion

  6. NYIrish 03:54pm, 05/05/2013

    Showtime has enough commentators to move a piano. Keep Paulie and one other. NOT RANALLO !

  7. Pete The Sneak 03:48pm, 05/05/2013

    OK move along folks, nothing to see here…Floyd did pretty much what everyone for the most part expected him to do, Box Guerrero’s ears off. Another fight where the Pre-fight hype (All Access) was was pretty much more interesting than the fight itself..So now what?..When do the drums start beating for Canelo? And away we go. Ted (El Toro) Sares, you are so right on bout that Mauro dude. Where did they find this guy? Man, I’d rather hear fingernails scratching across a chalk board. Sheesh! Peace.

  8. Ted 02:57pm, 05/05/2013

    “the skeletal figure is a calavera but not Santa Muerto, i.e., the grim reaper. it’s nothing more than a cultural nod to the Mexican’s embrace of death even while pursuing life.” Te Tumbo

  9. Darrell 02:26pm, 05/05/2013

    Floyd was the smartest person in the ring, negating Guerrero’s head in his chest “inside game” by grabbing the arm on the referee’s blindside & basically twisting the referee’s arm into breaking the clinches.

    Masterful boxer.

  10. Ted 02:07pm, 05/05/2013

    FD, If enough people complain on the differnt sites, they will notice it. It happened to poor Gus.

    And note the number of hits on this one. That’s a lot of people and even if a fraction read the posts, they will get it.

  11. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 01:48pm, 05/05/2013

    If you’re a southpaw and you persist in moving to Floyd in a straightline…you are going to eat rights….straight and otherwise…..again and again and again. If, when you finally get inside…you allow Floyd to hold your left in a death grip…and you persist in push/punching with your right…all you’re going to get is warnings from the ref as Floyd turns his big head. If, in spite of this scenario, the best your Dad can do is tell you to “throw the uppercut”’re in for a long, frustating and hurtful night. Was the fight plan to outbox Floyd?.....easy for me to say…but you would have had a better chance of getting more than a moral victory….by doing a “Munoz”....who at least put some hurt on Santa Cruz ( a much harder puncher pound for pound than Floyd) before he went down.

  12. FrankinDallas 01:35pm, 05/05/2013

    Mauro Ranallo is the reason for the mute button on my remote.
    I agree Ted..he needs to go back to MMA/UFC. Can we start a petition?

  13. Leigh 11:33am, 05/05/2013

    Does anyone think PAC will be one of floyd’s last five ? I get the feeling it’s gone forever .

  14. Ted 10:08am, 05/05/2013

    Rick, you are spot on with Tarver. As for those despicable twins, their dad is THAT grey hair dude, Sam Watson who is connected to Al Haymon at the hip. This allows him to parade his imbecilic sons on TV as they vie for attention. The internet is full of hate for these swine, but Showtime just doesn’t get it.

    Then, of course, to add swill to the sewage, you have the Mexican skeleton with his cigar in the background. It’s a freak show.

    I go bonkers whenever I see these scum in the ring., You feeling me on this yet?

  15. Rick 10:07am, 05/05/2013

    That’s a good point. I don’t recall the ref warning Floyd once about the excessive holding on the inside. It kept Guerrero from getting any work done and drained any excitement from the fight.  I think there’s just way too much inconsistency from one ref to the next as well as the judges. A fighter’s gameplan may work perfectly in one fight and then might lose points in the next fight with the same tactics. Same with scoring. There’s obviously no easy answer to that but I think some sort of universal guidelines would be appropriate and hopefully take a little bit of the subjectivity out of the equation.

  16. Rog 09:38am, 05/05/2013

    Floyd moved well, blocked well but he also held well, stifling Guerrero’s inside game by grabbing most of the time they were close. The fight would have been more interesting had the ref manned up and with warnings and points off.

  17. Rick 09:19am, 05/05/2013

    Ted, I couldn’t possibly agree more. Is that old white haired dude their dad? He’s more annoying than the twins. He’s always going on about something but nobody seems to be listening to him. But you better believe they know where that camera is at all times. They must be some of Al Haymon’s goons. It’s probably in the fighters contract that they have to be accompanied to the ring by these jackasses. And yeah I despise Mauro.  You can tell he probably wasn’t much of a boxing fan til he got that job. All he ever talks about are stanzas, frames, and the penultimate round. Who says shit like that? Bring back Tarver or something. Please.

  18. Ted 06:00am, 05/05/2013

    Must “The Annoying Watson Twins” be ever present? Does Showtime realize how moronic they look in there?

    Speaking of Showtime, Mauro Ranallo must go. He is worse than Gus Johnson. Another instant screaming talking head who knows squat about boxing.

  19. Matt McGrain 04:45am, 05/05/2013

    I mean, he’s brilliant, but to be honest, the time difference means the only reason to sit up until 5 am to watch Floyd is on the off chance that you might meet the sensation that would see him getting beaten.  I vastly preferred the Mares fight, and I mean how.

  20. Darrell 10:02pm, 05/04/2013

    I’m signing up too!

    From another planet is Floyd.

  21. Jason 09:37pm, 05/04/2013

    1. Lead Right
    2. Head Movement
    3. Foot Work.

    All equals out to too much for mortals. I’m sorry but that’s what we are left with.

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