Mayweather-Maidana II Predictions

By Boxing News on September 12, 2014
Mayweather-Maidana II Predictions
Mayweather is Mayweather and isn't likely to take the Argentine for granted a second time.

In the first half of their first fight Maidana gave Mayweather all he could handle. He didn’t fight pretty. But he fought effective…

Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, pound-for-pound kind Floyd “Money” Mayweather (46-0, 26 KOs), from Las Vegas by way of Grand Rapids, Michigan, fights Marcos “El Chino” Maidana (35-4, 31 KOs), from Jose Leon Suarez, Buenos Aires, Argentina, a second time. In the first half of their first fight Maidana gave Mayweather all he could handle. He didn’t fight pretty. He fought effective. But in the second half of the fight, Mayweather solved the Maidana riddle, moved the fight into the center of the ring, and walked away with a majority decision. Will the rematch be any different? Maidana is training harder than ever. He plans to go all-out for 12 rounds. But Mayweather is Mayweather and isn’t likely to take the Argentine for granted a second time. This is how the writers see Mayweather vs. Maidana II.

Daniel Attias: “Anyone remember Jose Luis Castillo? Well he was the last man to give Floyd Mayweather any real trouble in a fight. Like Castillo before him, Marcos Maidana recently used his rough house tactics to give Floyd his first real fight in years and like Castillo he has earned himself a rematch, despite losing the fight. The big question however is can Maidana actually improve on his first attempt at solving the enigma that is Floyd Mayweather and actually win or will he end up just like Castillo once again and lose even more convincingly? Mayweather’s persona may be a tough pill to swallow but there is no doubting he is a perfectionist. He knows what to expect from Maidana this time around and his experience and superior skill set will see him outbox the Argentine even more convincingly in the rematch. Look for Maidana to come out swinging madly to start the bout and don’t be surprised to see Floyd get his running shoes on early but its those shoes and footwork that will keep the 0 on Mayweathers record in tact. Floyd Mayweather by unanimous decision.”

Adam Berlin: “My head says to go with the cerebral fighter. Floyd’s reading acumen may have been challenged, but his ring IQ is Mensa-level -–Floyd will make the necessary adjustments to evade most of Maidana’s overhand bombs, punches that landed with surprising frequency in the first fight’s early rounds. My gut tells me to go with Maidana, who, at least according to Showtime’s All Access, is training harder for this fight than the first—if El Chino can maintain his slightly wild attack for twelve rounds instead of six, he has a shot. I want Floyd to lose, primarily because staying undefeated seems more important to Floyd than testing himself. If he loses, perhaps he’ll be less careful with the remainder of his career, a route that could ultimately open up some fascinating fights and cement Money May’s legacy with the kind of adjectives money can’t buy. And if Floyd loses, that bullshit TBE acronym will disappear along with his 0. I’ll be rooting from my gut, but I have to predict with my head. It’s still the fool’s bet to bet against Floyd Mayweather. The master technician will frustrate the Argentine bull, hit and run with ease for most of the fight, and keep his all-too-precious 0 intact. Mayweather beats Maidana by a wide-margin decision.”

Teron Briggs: “It doesn’t take a boxing expert to pick Floyd Mayweather to win by decision. In 9 of his last 11 fights that’s been the case. The only guys he’s stopped were Ricky Hatton, who jumped into a hook and KO’d himself and Victor Ortiz, who inexplicably dropped his hands and asked to get laid out. Fortunately for fight fans, Mayweather isn’t as dominant as he was in his prime, so his more recent decision fights have at least been entertaining, the Canelo romp aside. He no longer uses his legs as much to avoid danger, and relies a lot more on his patented shoulder roll and feints. Maidana’s hand speed just isn’t fast enough to capitalize on it. Floyd will make the pre-fight adjustments necessary to not give away the early rounds to an ultra-aggressive Maidana, like he did in their first fight, and will methodically pick apart his opponent to win on the scorecards 9-3 or 8-4.”

Jay Bulger: “This is going to be a classic. I wonder what Maidana has done to enhance his bullying opportunities? Mayweather’s face has changed and his reflexes seem to have diminished, if even by the slightest margin. Will Mayweather be in that much better shape than last time and follow his Corrales strategy? I take Mayweather in a unanimous decision, but he’s going to have a hard time getting out of bed the next day.”

Mike Casey: “Well, if all the stories are to be believed, Floyd has personal problems every which way he turns at the moment and seems to be trying to out-do Mike Tyson as a suitable case for Freudian study. Despite all that and despite the rough ride that Maidana gave him in their first match, I still expect Mayweather to win the return. The champion has now reached that point in his unbeaten career where we can’t believe he’ll get beaten until he actually does. I don’t believe that Maidana, for all his heart and spirit, is the man to do that. I suspect his first effort against Floyd was about as well as he can ever expect to do and that he won’t be able to reach that level a second time (much like Groves against Froch). I think Marcos will make it a good and hopefully competitive fight, but I see Mayweather winning a unanimous decision.”

George Thomas Clark: “In their first fight Maidana had some success early, rabbit punching, hitting low, and throwing wild stuff that, whether it landed or not, excited some fans as Mayweather spent too much time on the ropes. He didn’t stay, though, and in the second half of the fight moved more, used the center of the ring, landed plenty of right crosses and left jabs, and usually made Maidana miss. Their second fight will be a continuation of the second half of the original. Maidana won’t fall but he’ll lose by enough that no one will call this fight even.”

Jill Diamond: “Maybe it’s my innate respect for the elderly (lol).... I’m staying with Mayweather. I think this will be a great fight, and if Mayweather is in top shape, my money is on the Money.”

Mohummad Humza Elahi: “After Saturday night, Floyd Mayweather has two fights left. This time next year, if he remains true to his word, the boxing world will begin to fully unravel the May-Vinci Code and his legacy. Highest paid athlete in the world? Check. Women and weed? Check. The complete works of Charles Dickens? He still has time. Unbeaten? It remains to be seen. But for the time being, Las Vegas is his stage and he’s yet to be out-talked or out-worked. Marcos Maidana, on the other hand, has gotten what only Jose Luis Castillo managed to achieve. A second chance. Reading into what is being shown (or allowed to be shown) on All Access, Team Garcia are focusing on making him leaner, maintaining a ferocity for 12 rounds instead of 6. More punches, more pressure, straighter right hands instead of arching pot shots and targeting the body are all part of the plan but will any of it work? I believe the Mayweather camp has curbed any possible roughness by having Kenny Bayless as the man in the middle, if not, it would’ve been Joe Cortez (as was the case in the second Castillo fight). Does Maidana have the answer? I hope so. As Floyd’s KOs became UDs and the UDs now becoming MDs (thanks, CJ Ross), it’s undeniable that age has caught up with him and all he has to do is stay ahead of Father Time for another 108 minutes. Come Sunday morning, it’ll be down to 72. Floyd by UD.”

Clarence George: “I’d love it if Maidana knocks Mayweather on his ass, anything to shatter that smugness. But I don’t see it. A less dismissive Mayweather will come better prepared, while Maidana can only improve so much. The champ will remain enthroned, thanks to a win by unanimous decision.”

Johnathan Lee Iverson: “Boxing is a kind of violent dance and few, if any, understands, comprehends, and dictates the rhythm of that dance better than Floyd Mayweather. He has an uncanny ability to dissect his foe’s rhythm turning it to his advantage. Marcos Maidana’s rhythms are awkward and unpredictable and their accompanied by a stubborn will. Even if we remove the street tactics encouraged by his trainer Robert Garcia it still makes for an uneasy encounter, even for one with the gifts of Mayweather. That said, Floyd Mayweather’s greatest asset has always been his level of intelligence and the poise he implores to use it. Unfortunately, for Maidana he’s shown his hand and there’s not much else he can possibly bring to a rematch. I see Mayweather keeping this in the middle of the ring and cruising to a unanimous decision.”

Norman Marcus: “With the challenger slimmer and trimmer this time around, he should have more staying power to land a KO blow. Of course the weight loss may result in a lighter hand too. Now the champion is a ring wizard and should win by a UD12. Also, close decisions normally go to the defending champ. In other words, a boxer like Mayweather should float to a victory if he doesn’t get tagged by the puncher Maidana early on.”

Matt McGrain: “I picked Mayweather by shutout last time around, and Maidana made a fool of that prediction. I rather enjoyed him making a fool of that prediction—it is my great pleasure to do so again. I think that now Mayweather has had a look at Maidana who he did, in the end, beat pretty cleanly in May, and knows better what to expect. I don’t think he’ll drop more than three rounds this time around. I would enjoy being proven wrong once again though.”

Robert Mladinich: “I’m going to go out on the limb here and pick Maidana by decision. He almost beat Mayweather last time, and he can only get better. I liked what I heard from Robert Garcia and his father regarding strategy on All Access. Everyone is beatable. As we know now, that includes Tyson, Roy Jones and scores of others who were supposed to be invincible. Maidana has the eye of a relentless tiger, and unless the judges don’t believe what they are seeing, which is possible, I see him winning a hard-earned but well-deserved decision. Maidana W 12.”

Ezra Salkin: “While Maidana put on a better first performance against Mayweather than I thought possible, when I think about this coming fight, only Mayweather seems capable of adjusting for a more dominant performance. After all, he’s one of the best at that. I doubt Maidana could fight any better this time around, but, then again, I didn’t think he would find the success he did the first time. Anyone bothering to read this knows Floyd is getting up there in age: the last fight proves that, unless you buy the rationale that the pretty boy fought in close quarters on purpose. It would be the stuff of fairytales for El Chino to pull off the upset here, but I’ll settle for an early flash knockdown coming off one of those looping shots that Floyd will have to overcome later on the scorecards, with another majority decision. Most likely, however, it’ll be unanimous.”

Ted Spoon: “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and Maidana’s best chance of breaking Mayweather is to serve up more of the same. Trying to be more measured will be punished. It’s got to be ugly, to ruffle the boxer, and then just maybe a longer training camp can tip the scorecards. Personally I don’t think the first fight was close enough to entertain that.”

Jeff Weston: “Maidana was fighting on close to empty in rounds 7-12 of the first fight. He became uncoordinated, ragged, failed to take advantage of the cut above Mayweather’s right eye. Maidana isn’t as one-dimensional as people say, but he is something near this—a wild swinging, straight-line walking, bulldozer of a boxer (little thought interwoven with his obvious braveness). What tactics he can employ or utilize in fight two isn’t at all clear (maybe pace himself better / dance more / think / get some longer arms)—for as much as Mayweather is slowing down (edging perilously close to a 50-0 record) and perhaps losing his appetite for the sport, skill, accuracy and technique still outshine thunder. I just wish Mayweather would use his right lead more—knock someone out, really press home and gamble in his twilight years. Then again, I wish that Laurel & Hardy were still alive. Some real fights after this? Garcia, Thurman, Khan? UD12.”

Peter Wood: “Mayweather will try for an early knockout, but won’t get it. He’ll try again for the knockout in the middle rounds, but won’t get it. He’ll settle for a unanimous decision.”

Jarrett Zook: “Only four months ago it would’ve been hard to believe that I’m actually writing a prediction for Mayweather-Maidana II. Before their first fight I, like many in the boxing community, predicted that Pretty Boy Floyd would destroy the rugged Maidana. However, this is why fights aren’t fought on paper and the Argentine’s relentless pressure made it a very close fight. Maidana’s style frustrated Mayweather and forced him to fight at a faster pace than he’s used too. In accordance, Money lost his cool and tried to engage Maidana punch for punch all too often. Everyone knows Mayweather is at his best as a consummate boxer and I feel like he likely learned his lesson the first time around. Therefore, I expect Mayweather to stay in the center of the ring and use the skills that have gotten him to the top of the sport. If Mayweather is unable to execute an effective gameplan and definitively win this fight, then I feel that we are unfortunately coming to the end of an era. If Floyd is unable to convincingly beat an opponent like Maidana, then he has been slowed greatly by age and his reign of invincibility may soon end. I don’t think that Mayweather’s done quite yet though and I predict he will win a fairly wide decision, the judge’s cards will read about 117-111 or 116-112.”

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  1. FrankinDallas 01:53pm, 09/13/2014

    Matt…I haven’t been on ESB since the mass exodus a couple years…..thanks for reminding me about IB’s thread.
    The wife is ill so we’re staying home…I may get the ppv and make generous use of the mute button.

  2. oldschool 01:06pm, 09/13/2014

    I too will not pay. I think Floyd stops him in 10 rounds this time around.

    If I watch the replay next week… I’ll shut off the sound. I’m with you Dallas, Ranello is the worst announcer in boxing. He’s geared for rasslin!

  3. tuxtucis 05:00am, 09/13/2014

    I think those who saw the first match near even must have an idea of boxing alike that of cock fighting…Mayweather won clearly, unless you count as valid the hundred wide punches of the Argentinian…Mayweather by lopsided decision…

  4. Matt McGrain 03:51am, 09/13/2014

    Try Intentional Butt on ESB FrankinDallas, he covers the fights in a detailed RBR there, and it’s really good stuff.

  5. FrankinDallas 11:28am, 09/12/2014

    Easy win for Floyd. I will listen through boxing threads as I will not
    pay for a fight with Mauro Ranello doing the announcing. Showtime
    does not care but I’m off Showtime until he’s gone.

  6. Pete The Sneak 11:05am, 09/12/2014

    Should be a few competitive rounds early on, with Chino attenpting to once again get FMJ on the ropes to ‘mug ’ him. Floyd will try to keep this fight in the middle of the ring and use his superior lateral movement to pick Maidana apart whenever Chino tries to cut off the ring to attack him. Aside from any possible wild Martinez-esque on Paul Williams type punch connecting and flooring FMJ, Floyd will cruise to easy UD win…Peace.

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