“The Moment” Scorecard Analysis

By Boxing Analytics on May 4, 2014
“The Moment” Scorecard Analysis
It sometimes seems as if controversy might be boxing’s middle name. (Naoki Fukuda)

Saturday’s welterweight unification bout in Las Vegas between Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana had its fair share of controversy…

It sometimes seems as if controversy is boxing’s middle name.

Saturday’s welterweight unification bout at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas between Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana had its fair share of controversy, especially when the judges’ scores were announced after 12 rounds of scintillating action.

Michael Pernick scored it a 114-114 draw. Dave Moretti scored the fight for Mayweather 116-112, as did Burt Clements, who saw it 117-111.

The judges agreed in seven of the twelve rounds. Of the five split rounds, Pernick was in the minority twice and Clements was in the minority three times. Moretti was in the majority for all twelve rounds.

After six rounds, the judges were split. Clements and Moretti had it 4-2 for Mayweather, while Pernick had it 4-2 in favor of Maidana.

Mayweather won over all three judges in the second half of the fight, winning 4-2 on two judges’ cards, and 5-1 on the third judge’s score sheet.

Pod Index scores for the bout were:

Pernick:    70.8%
Moretti:    79.1%
Clements: 66.7%

The fight fell into the Pod Index’s most competitive category, based on the overall closeness of the final scores.

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  1. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:43am, 05/06/2014

    The pseudo scientific purists on this site could care less….it’s all, yea but he’s such a great technician….one of the writers even posited that we should only be concerned with what goes on in the ring during the three minutes between the rest periods.

  2. JuicyPeach 08:30am, 05/06/2014

    Liveforever I like the comment you made; it is right on point. I, too am an African American. It doesn’t make a difference what race you are. You don’t have the right to overlook someone and think it washes. People you make fun of you are no better than them. I think the fame he has acquired has gone to his head. I think the reason he acts that way is because he is not used to anything like this. I also feel he has to act this way because he has a very low self-esteem. He seems to think people can’t see him unless he acts up. He doesn’t know the nicer he is the more he is noticed and praised. To be honest I was so glad he got his foul mouth, trash talking but whipped. I was hoping Molina could pull it off a second time.

  3. Iliveforever 03:28pm, 05/05/2014

    I am an African American and I think that Adrien Broner has talent but not a lot of maturity.  He definitely does not show any class if he has any.  Just because you are rich and famous, it doesnt mean that you can treat people any kind of way.  I think they chose a safe fight for him because he just got humiliated the fight before and if he doesnt humble himself God will surely humble him again.

  4. Eric 11:43am, 05/05/2014

    @Captain Ron… I still haven’t watched Mayweather’s latest bout, and don’t really know if I will, but I did see Broner’s comment. Actually, I think the worst thing “The Can Man” said was the F-bomb. Broner stated that he had beat an AfriCAN, an AmeriCAN, and he just beat the eff out of a MexiCAN. So if he would have left out the “just beat the eff out of,” I really don’t see this as nothing more than a play on words. Have no idea what J’Leon said. A white man can’t say anything about anyone else because “our” media is ANTI-WHITE. Meanwhile, other races can slam Whites all day long without suffering any repercussions. Hell, the media is so anti-White, that they try to invent or manufacture white on black “hate crimes” ala George Zimmermann. Zimmermann is about as “white” as Wesley Snipes, well maybe not that dark, but anyhow clearly Zimmermann is “hispanic,” and yet the media tried to portray him as white. The media is anything but a “liberal” media, it is a fascist, anti-White media with an agenda, clearly. Nonetheless, people do need to lighten up and quit being so easily offended. Next time, maybe Broner and J’Leon should say something about Whites, that will cause no media stir at all, and will go largely unnoticed by the media. Maybe Blacks rate higher on the Marxist feudal system than Mexicans.

  5. JuicyPeach 10:09am, 05/05/2014

    Captain Ron I so agree with you. It’s not nice to make fun of any race or nationality. I just shows how ignorant some people are. As bad as blacks have been treated over the years, he should not have even had a thought in mind about disrespecting some other race. Shame on J’Leon Love for such a comment. No race is better than another. Why people do that is beyond me. Like I said, it shows just how intelligent people are.

  6. Pete The Sneak 04:29am, 05/05/2014

    Captain Ron, I didn’t see the PPV telecast. I read where Broner had said some stupid shite about Mexicans, but I wasn’t aware J’Leon Love also put his foot in his mouth….What the hell?...Peace.

  7. Captain Ron 11:50pm, 05/04/2014

    Why aren’t I reading anywhere about J’Leon Love’s racist comment after the fight? I happened to be watching the fights in an Hispanic sports bar at the time and let me tell you there was vocal disbelief and outrage. Let a white man make that comment and every news agency in the country would be on top of him. But this was an African American disrespecting the Mexican race so I guess that makes it okay to sweep this under the carpet.

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