Mayweather-McGregor: From Farce to Fight?

By Paul Magno on July 13, 2017
Mayweather-McGregor: From Farce to Fight?
There are so many things that could happen to awaken the fighter inside the salesman.

Jaded boxing fans will get a glimpse of what is so appealing to the rest of the world about these gigantic personalities clashing in the ring…

Hold off with the self-righteous condemnation and just imagine for one moment that the two athletes—and yeah, they were athletes long before they became marketing pros—are still hungry competitors.

It’s not a hard mental task.

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are in a position to earn their upcoming nine-figure paydays because they first put in the long hours to perfect their respective crafts. The fact that they could talk and create a mega-marketable persona for themselves is second to the burning desire that brought them to excellence in their respective disciplines.

Well, times change, but men don’t really change. Poke a little too deep below the fabricated role playing and you’re sure to find that same angry pride that pushed them into the gym and through pain to the very top of their combat sports.

So, how much will it take before a good show becomes the real thing? How long before something hits a nerve and the “Money” fight becomes an actual fight—at least on some level?

Two press events into the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor publicity tour, plenty of insults have already been tossed around, but the more biting and personal ones have come from McGregor.

The boisterous Irishman has touched on some issues that have, in the past, elicited real reactions from the usually unflappable Mayweather.

On Tuesday in Los Angeles, McGregor touched on Mayweather’s tax issues (“He’s in a fuckin’ track suit…He can’t even afford a suit anymore”), provoking a “Pay Your Taxes” chant the following day from the crowd in Toronto. On Wednesday, he touched on the embarrassing buzz from a couple years back about Mayweather not being able to read too well (“[you’re] carrying a school bag, you can’t even read!”). He hit at the core of Mayweather’s identity as an athlete by going after the “manliness” of boxing (“…this [is] half a fight, a quarter of a fight…this isn’t a true fight…if this was a true fight, it wouldn’t even take one round.”). McGregor even took a swipe at Mayweather’s alpha dog ego by twice shouting a degrading “Dance for me, boy” as Mayweather took his turn hyping the fight on stage.

Surely, the insults will continue and McGregor will continue to touch on issues that have been proven to move Mayweather in the past. Maybe it provokes a real fire in Mayweather at some point, maybe it doesn’t. Both Mayweather and McGregor may be so conscious of the spectacle and the showbiz aspect necessary to sell this fight that nothing either can say would provoke any real emotion.

But, again, we’re dealing with two fierce competitors who have literally made their livings in battle. To say that it’s all an act and will always remain an act no matter what happens is to not understand the psyche of a fighter.

Maybe that “this is real” moment comes in the ring. Could an errant (or not so errant) elbow from McGregor make Mayweather bleed and turn the evening from a worked shoot into a “real” fight? Could a front-running and dismissive Mayweather humiliate McGregor into turning things from a boxing match into a sloppy, ugly brawl?

There are so many things that could happen, both before and during the fight, to awaken the fighter inside the salesman. It would be silly to assume that two gigantic egos housed inside two combat sports kingpins will run through a script where neither tries to really dominate the other.

Maybe that “real” moment is very brief, perhaps just a fleeting exchange where real damage is the objective before both sides regain their composure and business becomes business again. But it’s a good bet that, at some point, the farce becomes something real and jaded boxing fans will get a glimpse of what is so appealing to the rest of the world about these gigantic personalities clashing in the ring.

Nobody is saying that it’s going to be the Fight of the Year, but two raging egos locked into one ring is usually a recipe for fun.

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  1. Koolz 04:53pm, 07/14/2017

    I would love to talk about this fight.  I’ll post it when it’s up.  I am really interested in see what McGregor’s Feet are going to be like.

    But this weekend has amazing Mexican fights happening and that is much more exciting and pressing.  And I’ll post those up too.

    God I can’t stand Floyd!  This guy has lost multiple times in this career but no he is 49-0….

  2. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:12am, 07/14/2017

    Whoa! 4 oz MMA striking gloves!..... not the 7 oz gloves that I always thought they were!

  3. Paul Magno 07:54pm, 07/13/2017

    Haha…Actually, Irish, the best thing that could happen is that some legit business people look at an event that could gross 500-600 million in one night and decide to invest in the sport that has the potential to energize the masses, but is woefully under-performing at the moment…the potential to bring REAL money and REAL business people to the sport only comes via these huge crossover, mainstream-friendly spectacles…forget about what’s gonna happen in the ring and just think about the positives that come from the legit business world seeing boxing as a viable money maker once again…

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:07pm, 07/13/2017

    Things getting hot and heavy at the pressers…’s the best possible thing that could happen for boxing….that they lock up and both go tumbling head first off the stage! Here’s the next best things: Joshua/Wilder but asshat promoters are probably thinking 2019 for Christ’s sake…..Lomachenko/Rigondeaux, just do it, people need to know what’s what here…..GGG/Floyd or GGG/Spence and yes they all are good to go at 154….Ward/Stevenson, number one P4P needs to clean up the division…..Crawford/Mikey Garcia, only catch here is that it was not a flash knockdown when Adrien put Porter on his ass and he’s gonna’ fight like hell in the upcoming bout with Mikey.

  5. Kid Blast 04:33pm, 07/13/2017


  6. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 02:31pm, 07/13/2017

    In addition to all of the advantages that Floyd has over an athlete who is essentially learning on the job kinda’ like a trainee…..there are others….for one Floyd is physically very strong…’s not just his skill set that prevents his opponents from steamrolling and manhandling him….it’s that he is so damned strong and his opponents find that out early on when they tie up. Another is punching power….when he snaps that sneak right flush in their faces,  the shock value is a big time reality check and serves to make those with bad intentions in a word ....behave! Abner Mares is quoted as saying that Canelo really didn’t go balls to the wall with Floyd and finding out that those straight rights stung a lot more than he thought they would just might be the reason. Moreover, it is a very questionable if Conor’s power will carry over from 7 ounce striking gloves to 10 ounce boxing gloves.

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