The Welcomed Heist

By Marc Livitz on July 17, 2017
The Welcomed Heist
The incessant verbal jarring has come complete with borderline vile and insipid insults.

This isn’t Louis/Schmeling or Ali/Frazier. It’s not Leonard/Hearns. It means nothing more than bragging rights…

First on the plate of the incredible peddling spectacle that is the Mayweather vs. McGregor press tour was the second largest city in the United States. Next was the largest in Canada and on Thursday, back to the USA it went for a stop in Gotham City. Thank whomever you choose or whatever star you seek to wish upon that it’s Friday, as the incomprehensible roasting sessions are set to conclude in one of the largest cities in Europe.

Why, oh why could there not be one last stop, perhaps in Dublin? Imagine the fun that would bring, as if the painfully scripted and tasteless bickering up to this point hasn’t been enough. Conor McGregor insulted Floyd Mayweather’s taste in clothing a few days ago, yet he made his best King Mongkut of Siam impression on Thursday in Brooklyn. The bout itself is just six weeks away and tickets should be as coveted in terms of dollars and cents as the latest drug touted by yet another untrustworthy pharmaceutical giant.

The night of August 26 in Las Vegas should be one to not soon forget. You can take your pick for whatever reason for this. Boxing fans were treated with their latest version of a great highway train robbery a few years ago at the hands of Mayweather and a certain Filipino politician. The contest itself went as expected according to many within the boxing world, yet some who took the bout for its image rather than its likely outcome felt let down, burned and beyond disappointed. It’s the chance taken, of course as consumers and a ticket only guarantees that the event itself will take place. The entertainment factor is another matter.

Not surprisingly, the incessant verbal jarring so far which has come complete with borderline vile and insipid insults has become top news across the pages of several mainstream websites.

All of this calls for a multi ring circus, in all likelihood. Imagine the melding of boxing and MMA fans. Think of the oceans of alcohol that will be consumed by many who can’t control themselves. To be honest, all of this sounds like a typical fight night in Las Vegas. So many members of the sporting media will suddenly consider themselves knowledgeable of combat sports, which in turn will shut out more deserving individuals from the night at T-Mobile Arena. Boxing writers and MMA writers sitting side by side in press row could be interesting.

Here’s a thought and please, take a second to consider this. The Staples Center in Los Angeles was packed for the first press conference on the tour. Thousands flooded into an amphitheater in Toronto on Wednesday and the Barclays Center in Brooklyn was a zoo on Thursday. The SSE Arena in London is sure to be a spectacle. Interest levels will peak. Some will boycott the contest, or so they claim.

In any case, why is there no bellyaching of sorts as to why this fight is in a 20,000 seat arena in Las Vegas and not in a stadium? The headache created by the waiting game for a site for the middleweight showdown between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin only lasted a few weeks and although it ended with an obvious answer, it still left many fans crushed.

A trip to Vegas with or without a high profile event taking place the same weekend can often be one for which budgeting is an impossibility. Money talks. Money decides. We get it but what an even bigger event it could be if a football stadium was used to host the bout and not T-Mobile Arena. Per the usual, the average fan is priced out. That’s the way the game is often played. So, pay TV it shall be for most of us. This isn’t Louis/Schmeling or Ali/Frazier. It’s not Leonard/Hearns. Ultimately, it means nothing more than bragging rights. Still, with interest levels being so high and the hype reaching a dysentery pitch, then why can’t more fans have a piece of the pie? Is this to be a trendsetter of sorts? Would Jerry Jones want any part of this? 

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