Mayweather Mentally Strong

By Robert Ecksel on August 22, 2011
Mayweather Mentally Strong
"When I come to the gym now, I'm happy, enthused to get in here and work with my team"

It’s been 16 months since he last fought. He’s in the gym, training hard, working off the ring rust, and eager to get it on with Victor Ortiz on Sept. 17.

At the age of 34, Mayweather is no spring chicken. But he’s no ordinary man, no ordinary boxer. He’s the finest pure athlete in the fight game, with exceptional reflexes, exceptional speed, and enough power to drop opponents whose chins aren’t granite.

There have been distractions outside the ring, numerous distractions. Some of the distractions may be manufactured and others not, but he often feels like a man under siege. A three-felony count domestic violence case hangs over his head; he’s facing several cases of assault; Manny Pacquiao’s lawyers are still trying to get him to sit down and answer questions in a defamation suit; and now he’s a co-defendant in a civil action related to a shooting.

But Mayweather has put all of that out of his mind as he prepares for his upcoming bout with “Vicious” Victor Ortiz.

Mayweather was recently interviewed by the LA Times, and he was in a reflective mood. He said he was “Just being mentally strong. This stuff comes with the territory. I push myself to the limit. That’s why I’m where I’m at. I’ll show the fight fans I’m still capable of taking time off and performing, coming back again against a top pound-for-pound opponent.”

I’ve checked several pound-for-pound lists, and Ortiz, who is a young, strong, hungry challenger, doesn’t top any of them.

“The layoff won’t hurt me,” Floyd said. “It helps me. I get mentally stronger, enjoying seeing my children get stronger, knowing even more about the sport. Self-preservation is an important thing to me. I’m staying sharp without getting beat up in there.”

Mayweather hasn’t been getting beaten up, in or out of the ring. He’s a master of defense, and has managed to avoid getting hit almost as effectively as he’s avoided being deposed.

“When I first got to the gym,” said Mayweather, “I admit that I was not as sharp as I want to be. But everyone says now that I’m as sharp as a razor. I’m feeling fast, and I have some good sparring partners in here. They’re not pushing me around, and I’m getting top-notch work. When I come to the gym now, I’m happy, enthused to get in here and work with my team. Everything’s going as planned.”

Floyd’s trainer, his uncle Roger Mayweather, says he’ll win on Sept. 17 by out-boxing Ortiz. No surprise there. That’s how he won all his fights. Mayweather never stands his ground and trades with an opponent. Until his legs go or the ring shrinks to the size of a telephone booth, why should he?

“He’s bigger,” Mayweather said about Ortiz, “but is he the smarter, more disciplined fighter? I’m walking around at 150, not [160-plus] like him. I’m responsible. I believe my speed remains, and we know how everyone describes me as a defensive fighter. I’m not in this sport to take punishment. I’ll be fine.”

Few doubt that Mayweather will be fine when he climbs through the ropes. Ortiz isn’t the top guy out there. He’s a champion, but he’s no one’s idea of a world-class fighter, although world-class fighters are out there, as eager to fight Mayweather as he seems uneager to fight them.

“I’m the biggest out there. They said that Marquez was too small, that Shane Mosley was too old. Mosley wasn’t too old for Antonio Margarito. Look who Marquez is fighting. I never get my just due, but I’m right where I want to be in this sport. To be in here almost 20 years as a pro and to be this sharp, that’s truly amazing. I just want to be the best. I haven’t been in an all-out war. That doesn’t mean I’m not the best.”

But until he fights the best, how can we be sure?

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  1. Joe 08:16am, 08/25/2011

    Chico couldn’t fight?  Chico got a whuppin too.  Something I thought I’d never see especially at the time they fought each other.

  2. cyra 01:18pm, 08/24/2011

    floyd has a big f***ing mouth only he never fought with a guy that he cannot knock out like manny

  3. Bruno 10:32pm, 08/22/2011

    He will run for 12 rounds as he usually does against bigger boxers. Again, a lot of talking and it will be a boring fight and Mayweather will run like a chicken.

  4. Pablo Edwin Obregon 07:40pm, 08/22/2011

    Floyd will take Ortiz to school. Floyd will continue to make his opponents look too old, too small, too slow, too short, too tall, too fat, too whatever,etc. All because Floyd is just too GREAT!! Mayweather will give a boxing clinic to anyone interested on Sept. 17th. Please have your pen and paper to take notes.

  5. Joe 08:35am, 08/22/2011

    Until someone shuts his mouth; he remains at the top of the mountain in my book.

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