Mayweather Nears Record!

By The Fight Film Collector on September 1, 2015
Mayweather Nears Record!
It’s a real achievement to be more than halfway toward breaking such an amazing record.

Mayweather never fought as a heavyweight. He did however fight in the same divisions as Jimmy Wilde, Ray Robinson, and Chavez…

With his fight with Andre Berto fast approaching, welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather closes in on one of the most noteworthy records in boxing history. Without an official loss on his professional record, Mayweather will attempt his 49th straight victory, followed by his retirement from boxing. Should he win his match with Berto, Floyd’s win puts him merely 36 fights away from Julio César Chavez’s 87-0 fight winning streak.

It’s quite an achievement to be more than halfway toward breaking such an amazing record. At this rate there’s even a chance that Floyd, who also held the flyweight title at one point, could capture the unbeaten record by the great Jimmy Wilde, the flyweight champion who went his first 103 fights without a loss during a busy schedule between 1910 and 1915. Former welterweight champion Sugar Ray Robinson suffered only one loss in 131 fights, and that to Jake LaMotta in his 40th bout. Robinson not only avenged the loss five more times, but went another eight years and 91 fights before losing to Randy Turpin.

With the above record breaking opportunities available, one has to wonder why Floyd has chosen to align himself with Rocky Marciano’s relatively modest (by comparison) 49-0 record. I’m not sure what the connection is, considering Marciano’s record applies to the heavyweight division, and that lineage of heavyweight champions and challengers. Mayweather never fought as a heavyweight. He did however fight in the same divisions as Jimmy Wilde, Ray Robinson, and Chavez. And as far as that goes Chavez has already “tied Marciano’s record” and then some. As for the “Retired Undefeated” part goes, Mayweather can only make that claim if he stays retired—which seems unlikely. Perhaps the next time Floyd Mayweather takes his private jet overseas to London or Paris, he can claim that he tied Charles Lindbergh’s historic flight across the Atlantic.

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  1. bikermike 02:06pm, 09/05/2015

    Holyfield either bought ...or had built a ‘castle’...which is for sale…all 73 rooms and adjoining acreage

  2. bikermike 02:01pm, 09/05/2015

    ...and pulling in ...hundreds of millions….is not the same as KEEPING hundreds of millions… long as you can fill up the tank…..a man can live like a king…(hire someone to wash his feet ffs !)
    ..but..when that tank cannot be filled when boxing is over….tank runs dry pretty quick
    Hell ....even the great Joe Louis….Sugar Ray Robinson…John L Sullivan…had a large amount ...earned…but how much was left..after their ‘trusted friends/relatives..hangeron types were finally gone’...

    Poorly informed pro athletes are the most published examples of how a fortune can be squandered..if not outright stolen…Thomas Hearns comes to mind

    So far…maywether continues to count on us to line up for some more

  3. bikermike 01:49pm, 09/05/2015

    ...see……..we’re the guys that jovijo ...has rightly dubbed us fools

    any….and all of us…..lined up to put a Cnote ...up to see this…

    .and to say there was disappointment ...would not cover it.

    We….as faithful Boxing fans….line up to buy this slop

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:51pm, 09/01/2015


  5. Jovijo 04:13pm, 09/01/2015

    Hey Pard….How many Billionaire became billionaire like Floyd because He fooled all of you! Yup pard, I blame your kind who entertain and adored this kind who is so successful in creating an undefeated scheme bullshit!. Up to now He continues to take all your PPV monies because you enjoyed his Boring fights that everyone knew
    He’ll win for sure because He pick his lousy opponnent. Enjoy his 49 th win my friend I hope you beer is cold enough for the duration of the fight.

  6. Jovijo 04:00pm, 09/01/2015

    The only record that Floyd Mayweather jr is standing right now A self proclaimed Boxing Champion who claims to be The Best Ever and yet never fought the very best challenger, He claims to be undefeated and yet he is undefeated because He choose the less qualified opponnent or an opponnent who he can easily defeat.  He is the only Boxing Champ who never fought fighters past other than Lighmiddleweight considering He is Always bigger to all he defeated he is the only Champion who always refuses to engage in the ring and resort to running and clinching and often time constant Holding as his fighting style to gain upper hand in getting points in every round and the worst part of his scheme is he gets away with it and his Fans adore it. Boxing excellence and Superiority? Nah! No Boxing Fans can honestly says he is the best because everyone knows He is not.where53

  7. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 12:15pm, 09/01/2015

    Now just hold on there pard….how many 80 IQ marginals do you know that have a half billion in lifetime earnings? Let’s give credit where credit is due here…if he wants to play around with his “0” and make even more money off of suckers, some with IQs 50 and more points higher than his 80 IQ (or is it more like 75)....shit!.... I say let him do it….who gives a fuk anyway?

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