Fair or Foul: Mayweather vs. Ortiz

By Boxing News on September 20, 2011
Fair or Foul: Mayweather vs. Ortiz
It may be a case where a sport, even one as inherently violent as boxing, has lost its way

Robert Ecksel, Editor-in-Chief of Boxing.com, spoke with Rick Strom of TYT Sports about Saturday’s PPV fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and “Vicious” Victor Ortiz. The end result of the fight for Ortiz’s WBC welterweight title is still sending shock waves through boxing and beyond. One camp says the knockout was within the rules, which it was, and tells those that question Mayweather’s actions to man up and stop their whining. The other camp talks about standards and good sportsmanship, and worries about boxing regressing back to the barbarity from which it came. This may be a case where two rights don’t make a wrong. Or it may be a case where a sport, even a sport as inherently violent as boxing, has lost its way, and all the “Money” in the world won’t help it find its way back…

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Floyd Mayweather Sucker Punches Victor Ortiz

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  1. simeti tawake 06:18pm, 03/02/2013

    Boxing is a game about skills and brains…...Mayweather has proved himself to the world. It is not good for us to say anything cause we cannot fight the way he can with that cunning…bless you Mayweather

  2. Lito bendejo 10:18pm, 10/01/2011

    Its not because i’m come from phil. We can’t imagine how pacman starts at 106 to 150 and that is unusual to all boxers. And how did he do that? He is not the HULK? Will he is the product of deternination, perseverance and hardwork. He trains very hard like any other boxer can do…..and for that, he is a clean boxer.

  3. jay bell 01:39am, 09/29/2011

    what up about the fight ortiz was upset because he could not get to floyd like he wanted too.ortiz is a damn good fighter but he should have took a couple more fights i watch floyd fights and he is exciting to watch you are on another level with him about the punch all fighters today will hit you on the break same as what floyd did once you break PROTECT YOURSELF you are not suppose to be wacthing the referree you are not fightng the ref so ortiz pay for it.every boxer know the thumb of rule ask any boxer and they will tell u it was legit ortiz is young he will be around floyd getting up ther he has a few more fights left in him so lets turn this page and see if we can see floyd and pac man before they get too old every one that loves boxing congratulate floyd mayweather for it is over do.thats if you are a true boxing fan. there are many more out there that are good and to all of you professional boxer thanks lets move on

  4. Nick 02:26am, 09/27/2011

    in boxing, there’s a sports commission body which is in-charge of the boxing rules/regulations. boxers are fighters and should not be allowed to make their own rules.

  5. Patrick 08:13pm, 09/25/2011

    Cheap shot man if ortiz didnt jump up with a flying head butt you still be mad at money may..so stop hateing some people cant stand to see a person who they feel they shouldnt have what they have ...yes he has millions you dont an you will never have it worrying about the next person….stay in you lane an not someone else lane…..

  6. joe 07:31pm, 09/25/2011

    um… frank.. u dont intentionally headbutt someone, n then own up to it like a champ.. a CHAMP would neva do that, a chump will, n ortiz is a chump/.

  7. joe 07:28pm, 09/25/2011

    i agree. FM is successful, has an undefeated record.  manny has already not agreed to testing now! bob arum speaks up n says manny will test.  well “pacroid” u need to go c FM. n c if he will give u a fight. now dat ur BOSS says u will clean up n test..

  8. Chri 06:22pm, 09/25/2011

    this speaker sucks as well as most of the analysts out there.  he is clearly biased.  not fight the best out there.  who is better except Pac than who Mayweather has fought.  all these guys should attend HA, Haters Anonynous.

  9. Boxing Fan 10:41pm, 09/24/2011

    The fight is, how shall I say it, a well-planned but not well executed negotiated fight…Just look at how Ortiz hit Mayweather with a head butt, it looks like he made it so that everybody could see it, its there cue for that matter. A cue that will make the referee Joe Cortez look at the other way around and for Mayweather to hit Ortiz with a cheap shot, its all Mafia man, an easy 2M for Ortiz and a more arrogant Mayweather when negotiation comes again with Pacquiao. This game is like the last fight of Marquez, in which fights are planned. Besides, Ortiz will not win with Mayweather, thats why I think he agrees for it…A fan…

  10. xfighter 03:58pm, 09/23/2011

    mayweather is dirty man… coward and dont want to fight manny cuz he knows he will be knockout by manny.. we all know, nobody enjoying mayweather’s fight cuz its too boring to watch a fighter with so many dirty tactics and so boring to watch thats all….

  11. patrick 06:56am, 09/21/2011

    you dont know what the hell you are talking about otriz did something dirty in the ring an he try to play nice where i from he got off light.pac man dont want to fight may money we all know he dirty you know it too.if he was black you be jumping up an down just like you was doing with Bonds and not with Mark. so save that BS you talking about if he didnt do what he did in the ring he would have when in the 9 th round.mad at what he is makeing is not right what Tom B. (QB) we can go on MJ did not get what he was worth when he play but you up set when a black man can get all he ask for an more and tell you about it you mad that cat Victor did something dirty an he got caught he did the samething the fight before ...check it out ...

  12. Your Name 08:10am, 09/20/2011

    First of all, this is the opinion of a editor and chief of who???? Listen, sir just save your “so-called” expectation to those doesn’t know anything about boxing. You are soo clueless!! Mayweather is a clean fighter. He follows the rules! When Pacquiao follows the rules of testing properly, then we can consider he’s a fighter. Until then, Pacman needs to come see Mayweather. Not the other way around!!

  13. Frank Gilmore 07:49am, 09/20/2011

    I think mayweather hit ortiz with a cheap shot i will never look at mayweather the same ... Because mayweather was in the rules doesnt make it right .. Also the headbutt was wrong a swell dont get me wrong But ortiz owned up to it like a champ, would do ..but what mayweather did was and is poor and sad for boxing i dont know floyd came move forward it seems that the winner lost and the one who loss won

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