Mayweather-Ortiz Predictions

By Robert Ecksel on September 17, 2011
Mayweather-Ortiz Predictions
There are crystal balls, tea leaves, and tarot cards. There is also the educated guess.

There are crystal balls, tea leaves, and tarot cards. There is also the educated guess. Several fighters, each of them focused on the fight between WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz and pound-for pound sensation Floyd Mayweather, offer their predictions on tonight’s bout in Las Vegas.

Bernard Hopkins (WBC light heavyweight champion): “You ask me as a fan and as a guy with boxing credibility. I think the win goes to the guy with the higher fighting IQ and the experience. You have one guy who has been in the game longer than the other, the guy who comes from a boxing family. I love Ortiz. Would I be surprised if Ortiz gives Floyd all he can handle? No! But with Floyd’s style and Ortiz’s style, I see Floyd winning this fight convincingly.”

George Foreman (former heavyweight champion): “This fight presents a unique opportunity for Victor Ortiz. He takes a punch and gives as well. By seven rounds, I expect Ortiz to pull ahead with Mayweather holding on, avoiding being KO’d.”

Amir Khan (WBA/IBF super lightweight champion): “It’s going to be a tough fight for Victor and I hope he does well, but Mayweather has more experience and I think Mayweather will beat him in the later rounds on points. If it’s the same Victor that turned up for Berto, it’s going to be a tough fight for Mayweather.”

Marcos Maidana (WBA super lightweight champion): “Mayweather will outbox Ortiz to get a clear, unanimous decision. But if Ortiz fights like he did against Berto, Mayweather will be stopped.”

Sergio Mora (former world champion): “I am expecting a tough fight for Mayweather. I feel Victor Ortiz is a man on a mission…a determined, young, strong and embittered man. Life, family, and critics have created a monster inside Victor. Pretty Boy is in for a rough night September 17th—another storm Floyd will endure. Mature skills and experience win fights. I think Victor’s momentum and strengths outweigh Floyd’s, but Floyd’s poise and polished skills will be the deciding factor as always. Close rounds will be tough to score. Victor may take the early lead, but middle and final rounds will be all Mayweather right hands and uppercuts. I see Mayweather winning a close decision in a fight where both men face adversity.”

Sugar Ray Leonard (former world champion): “I predict Floyd with his talent and experience. This fight could be his toughest and most dangerous fight if Ortiz doesn’t freeze in this event. The eyes will reveal the truth.”

Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz (former world champion): “My opinion is that Mayweather is going to win. Mayweather has tremendous defense and speed. Mayweather also has the power, and we all know Victor can get hurt. Victor Ortiz, however, has a lot of heart and he showed that in his last fight. I believe Ortiz also has the power to change the fight and beat Mayweather. I believe the fight will go to distance and Mayweather will win by points. I don’t see a knockout happening.”

Micky Ward (former title contender): “Mayweather has too much experience plus he’s the best till somebody beats him. But it’s going to be exciting.”

Abner Mares (IBF bantamweight champion): “I think Mayweather will win a decision. He has more experience and he’s too smart and quick. I’m not taking away anything from Victor, I think he will give a great fight, but I think Mayweather will win.”

Robert Guerrero (WBA/WBO interim lightweight champion): “Victor Ortiz is a young, hungry lion with an incredible story. How can anybody not root for a guy like him? He’ll leave everything in the ring come fight night and the fans will get their money’s worth, but Floyd Mayweather’s speed and intelligence will be the key to a unanimous decision victory. Floyd will weather an early storm from Ortiz and make the proper adjustments to come out victorious. Floyd’s been a tremendous fighter for many years. We’ll see how many great fights he has left in him.”

Israel Vazquez (former world champion): “Mayweather will win by a decision. He is too fast for Ortiz.”

David Haye (former world champion): “Mayweather by unanimous points decision or stoppage. This promises to be a very interesting fight, as Mayweather is coming off a long layoff and Ortiz is in the prime of his fighting life and fresh off a great win over the unbeaten Andre Berto. Ortiz may have his moments in the fight as Mosley did, but ultimately I believe Mayweather’s perfection will shine through as the fight goes on. Whatever the outcome, I’m very excited about this fight and will no doubt be watching live.”

Winky Wright (former world champion): “I think that Mayweather will win the fight. He’s gonna box Ortiz, do a lot of counterpunching and jabs to the body to keep Ortiz off balance. Exciting if Ortiz fights like he did Berto, but Floyd is not Berto, so I think Floyd will win by decision or maybe KO if Ortiz is not careful.”

Paulie Malignaggi (former world champion): “I think it’s a very competitive fight, contrary to what some of the media are saying. Victor is in fine form as of late, and he’s really come into his own these last couple years and more so than physically. He’s come into his own on a mental level, and you can see the confidence written all over his face and in his demeanor in general. Having said that, Floyd Mayweather to me might be the best fighter to ever put on a pair of boxing gloves. It will be interesting to see, now that he’s no longer a spring chicken, if these layoffs will have any effect on him. He is a reflex/reaction type fighter, and those are the first things you lose as age creeps up on you. Age may be a factor because Floyd is up against a hungry young lion. I pick Floyd in a close fight that goes the distance and might even be controversial, but if he’s lost anything with his age, I can’t say I’d be hugely surprised if Victor pulls off the upset. Five years ago I would pick Floyd in a less competitive fight even if not a dominant one. Of course, that’s with the Victor of today against the Floyd of back then. But that’s not a knock on Victor. It’s just that Floyd in his prime was unreal and would beat very good fighters and at times make it even look easy…This is an exemplary fight not just because they are world-class athletes, but obviously they are making a point that they are gentlemen and fair and honest sportsmen as well.”

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  1. Juicy Peach 11:26am, 09/18/2011

    Way to go Floyd!!!  You still got what it takes to beat anyone in your weight class.  Would love to see you beat Manny; I’m tired of hearing what a great fighter he is.  He did not win that Marquez fight.  Marquez put some hurt on him.  I know you saw his face; it looked like five miles of dirt road when it has rained!!!

  2. lulu 08:23am, 09/18/2011

    Ok so fine, he won and it was a cheap shot, but let’s get down to business. Where is the fine for the outright disrespect on Larry Merchant and the finger assault and the whole confrontation overall? It is your job to stand there and answer questions. Come on now Boxing Federations. Don’t drop the ball, give them them some fines. All other sports would have done so. These boxers think they’re untouchable.

  3. ricardo santibanez 09:48pm, 09/17/2011

    ortiz should have won. mayweather is a cheap shot. ortiz apologized and gave him a hug and said sorry. that sucks.

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