May vs. Pac: More Cringes

By Ted Sares on April 22, 2015
May vs. Pac: More Cringes
The never-ending tsunami of horrendous media coverage has been less-than-compelling.

Roach has neither shame nor credibility when it comes to playing head games and his never-ending act has become tedious…

“I’m not too cool to admit that I am really, really looking forward to Mayweather-Pacquiao. Sure, there’s no guarantee that it’ll be a classic. It probably won’t be. Most sporting events are not classics, even those of great importance. But this is our Super Bowl and NBA Finals all rolled into one…This is a fight of historical significance and one our grandkids will be asking us about long after the momentary buzz of Provodnikov-Matthysse has completely faded away.”—Paul Magno-The Boxing Tribune

Back on March 12, 2015, I wrote one titled “May vs. Pac: The First Ultra-Cringe” involving some strange conduct by Justin Bieber. See:

I pointed out that it would be the first of many bizarre incidents to come.

Now there is no denying the historical significance of the May 2 fight, but the glitz and bling that has been a part of the build-up along with a never-ending tsunami of horrendous media coverage has been less-than-compelling. In this connection, here is another sampling of recent article titles:

“Is Floyd Mayweather At Risk Of Bankruptcy?

“Mayweather Sr. vs. Ariza: That son of a bitch ain’t strengthening nobody”


“Roach: Mayweather not in top 100 in boxing”

“Pacquiao confidence, optimism rooted in God”
“Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas predicts a KO for Floyd Mayweather over Manny Pacquiao”

Dave Bontemps: “I think Pacquiao’s gonna have a moment in the Mayweather fight where he cannot have it go to the judges”

“Maybe IT IS Time For Floyd To Lose!?”

“I’ll Fight for the Filipino People” Is No ‘Eye of the Tiger, But…”

“Pacquiao shocked Roach by showing him videos of his losses “

“Floyd Mayweather Jr. Argues That He’s Better Than Muhammad Ali”

“Mayweather: Destroys Pacquiao, Ali and Robinson on ESPN with Stephen A. Smith”

“Floyd Mayweather Jr. Thinks He Deals With The Same Level Of Racism As Muhammad Ali”

Then this:

“Freddie Roach: Training Manny Pacquiao Saved Me From [sic] Suicide”

Said Roach in an article on ESB, “I have a neurologist and I told him that sometimes I think about killing myself. He asked me why and I said it’s sometimes difficult dealing with all this shit.” But Freddie goes on to say, “I’m just killing time, I’m not going to hurt myself. I have to convince my neurologist I’m not that sort of person.”

Roach has neither shame nor credibility when it comes to playing head games and his never-ending act has become tedious.

And finally this ultra cringer from Justin Bieber who at least is somewhat unpredictable:

“Deakin vs. Bieber – Let’s Get It On!”

When untrue rumors surfaced last month that Bieber would make his pro boxing debut on the May-Pac undercard, Rockin Robin issued a challenge as follows on Twitter:

“@justinbieber It’s my birthday, agree the fight! You and your trainer stop bottling it. #BritainsWorstBoxer [Rockin Robin Deakin 1-51] vs. Justin Bieber 0-0-0. It sells”

Leave it to Bieber

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  1. Tex Hassler 07:06pm, 04/24/2015

    I doubt words will change the out come of the fight one way or the other no matter who says them.

  2. Koolz 02:43pm, 04/23/2015

    Pac’s mom is she exorcising Demons or is she cursing Mayweather…mmmm
    We won’t know till the after the fight!

  3. Kid Blast 02:02pm, 04/23/2015

    Check out Jessica Bopp, Irish. Many of the women boxers are true beauties. They are very fit.

    and Koolz, that sounds like the very highest of high camp particularly with Pac’s mother doing her thang with the beads.

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 01:15pm, 04/23/2015

    Just got a good gander at Cecilia Braekhus….my! my! my!....all that beauty and loads of stamina into the bargain!

  5. Koolz 11:51am, 04/23/2015

    I want Bieber there and I want Twerk girl there, and Lady Gaga, and Glizt, and Glam!!  then I want Pac’s mom there praying with Voodoo dolls and the whole Pac team of people from…where ever there from!  (Jumbo Plane)full Pac’s people.
    Let’s make this a huge Event!  Crazy Event!  Where the opening show is as crazy as the boxing!  Even more so!!!
    It will set the stage for Crazy Rock Nation in other countries and the US.
    After all the Event of Pac and Mayweather boxing is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No Opening Show is to small for such an event.
    Let’s make the Psycho Music Awards Blush!!!  Ok maybe not that dark and crazy but let’s keep the tempo up!  136 BMP!!!

  6. Kid Blast 11:09am, 04/23/2015

    Troll alert

  7. Crawdad 11:03am, 04/23/2015

    It’s Dave Bontempo, not “Bontemps”. Maybe read through your work every now and then before you publish it. 

    You should probably spend time improving your own stuff before lobbing stones all over the place. It’s pretty funny actually. You’re worse than the rest of the boxing media that you profess to hate. And they’re pretty freaking bad, dude.

  8. Kid Blast 08:05am, 04/23/2015

    This just in:

    “Mayweather Dismisses Notion God Wants Pacquiao To Win”


  9. Kid Blast 06:18am, 04/23/2015

    Pop tart idol who can’t sing worth a shit but has a bazillion fans who will cross over to Mayweather and add to his financial welfare. Visa versa of course.

  10. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:15am, 04/23/2015

    WTF is a Bieber? Now….Red Ryder and Little Beaver….that’s another matter entirely.

  11. Kid Blast 04:30pm, 04/22/2015

    Bieber and Mayweather are good for one another from a financial standpoint.

  12. Koolz 04:15pm, 04/22/2015

    Roach can keep it going!  Whatever keeps the man focused and full of energy!
    Pac isn’t the one running round saying I better the Sugar Ray Robinson or Ali!  What?!!!
    Everyone will say something, let them say it, what matters is what happens in the ring.
    Bieber is probably going to be singing for Mayweather or something.  Is twerk girl going to be there?
    (both are creations of the Jewish Music Industry)

  13. The Tache 02:36pm, 04/22/2015

    Thanks for that.

  14. Floydfan 11 02:07pm, 04/22/2015

    Freddy Roach needs to shut his shaking a$$ up.
    All he has been trying to do is get under the skin
    of the Mayweather family. One of them
    Mayweather’s is going to whoop his a$$ and
    Cause a real problem on May 2nd. He’s
    trying to cause a disqualification at the fight.
    NOT GOING TO WORK! Floyd is to smart to
    let that happen. Floyd gone beat Pacquiao and
    NO REMATCH will happen.

  15. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 01:12pm, 04/22/2015

    Ted Sares-The photo of Ruslan with his coffee colored urine specimen is cringe worthy….makes one wonder why Lucas wasn’t DQd out….or if there shouldn’t be a different definition of an illegal kidney punch to include hooking punches behind the elbow which surely cause as much trauma to the kidney as a blow to the lower back while in a clinch….or why aren’t more points taken for rabbit punches behind the head, which brings to mind Paul Pender rabbit punching the shit out of the great Sugar Ray Robinson all night long lo those many years ago.

  16. Kid Blast 11:32am, 04/22/2015

    If this thing gets canceled, it will literally destroy any credibility boxing still has.

  17. Frank 10:59am, 04/22/2015

    Is anyone else worried that so far no tickets have been sold?

    Only thing I’m worried about is canceling the poker game that night.

  18. Tom Petty. 09:50am, 04/22/2015

    I’m a Belieber. Bieber vs. Gaga. Damn the torpedoes.

  19. John aka L.L. Cool John 09:35am, 04/22/2015

    I’ve got Bieber fever!

  20. Kid Blast 09:09am, 04/22/2015

    Bheki Moyo aka “Becks Tiger” at 0-73-2 looks like a solid opponent for the Pop Tart idol. He lives in London but is from Pretoria, South Africa. and has only been stopped 6 times.

  21. Dan Adams 08:42am, 04/22/2015

    May I suggest that Justin Bieber fight the one and only fellow beaten by the 1-51 Robin Deakin, before he attempts to step up in class to fighting Robin Deakin.

  22. Walt 08:05am, 04/22/2015

    How about this beaut: “Video: Mayweather-Pacquiao contract still unsigned?”

  23. Eric 06:48am, 04/22/2015

    Charlie Zelenoff aka PFP #1 in the world has issued a challenge to anyone and everyone, including Bieber. Wilder needs to man up and give Charlie Z a rematch on the Pac-Mayweather undercard.

  24. Meinhard 06:43am, 04/22/2015

    even deakin should be able to stop bieber in a matter of seconds.

  25. Dollarbond 06:37am, 04/22/2015

    Leave it to Bieber, ugh.

  26. Kid Blast 06:23am, 04/22/2015

    The Tsunami is now out of control-ugh

    “Floyd Mayweather Sr: “Freddie Roach seems to think that he can talk about me and talk about other people and then nobody is supposed to respond”

    “Exclusive: Teddy Atlas Says Manny Pacquiao Power Gone, ‘You Figure Out Why’”

    “Major issue threatens chaos just days before Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight “

  27. Kid Blast 05:27am, 04/22/2015

    I’d pay double

  28. The Tache 02:49am, 04/22/2015

    If that little twat Bieber was on the card then I might consider forking out for the PPV for the chance of seeing him put in his place.
    But he isn’t and I wont.

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