Mayweather Responds with Cold Shot

By Ted Sares on September 17, 2011
Mayweather Responds with Cold Shot
Victor Ortiz also seemed to be using his elbow in a curious manner (Chris Cozzone)

Ortiz forgot the first dictum of boxing, one that most referees pronounce during the instructions, to wit: “Protect yourself at all times”...

There will be sanctimonious rage and over-the-top insults aplenty hurled at Floyd Mayweather Jr., but essentially what he did tonight was respond in kind to a vicious billy goat-type headbutt (the second one thrown by “Vicious” Victor Ortiz) in the fight. As an aside, Victor also seemed to be using his elbow in a curious manner and hitting Mayweather repeatedly behind the head.

When Ortiz was deducted a point for his flagrant foul, he apologized profusely to Mayweather, even kissing him on the cheek thus signaling that the “head case” rap he got after the Maidana fight might have some traction. But he carried the apologies too far and eventually gave Mayweather two free shots—the first a savage left hook, the second a straight right that sent Victor to Ventura Highway.

Ortiz forgot the first dictum of boxing, one that most referees pronounce during the instructions, to wit: “Protect yourself at all times.” At a minimum, an apologizing boxer should touch gloves at arm’s length using just one arm and keeping his feet and other arm in defense mode just in case. What a fighter should never do is give his opponent a free (cold) shot. Taking advantage of Ortiz’s failure to keep this in mind, Floyd closed matters on his terms by waxing Ortiz (now 29-3-2) in the last second of Round 4.

Fans and writers will criticize Floyd for poor sportsmanship, but those same fans and writers need to keep in mind that you fight fire with fire and when you are on the receiving end of fouls that can cause a fight-ending (or even career-ending) cut. you respond with everything you have to get your guy out of there.

Moral considerations aside, what Mayweather did tonight was within the rules of boxing. How this might impact him remains to be seen but my bet is it will simply put more people into seats at his next fight.

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  1. The Thresher 05:25pm, 09/27/2011

    David, I understand your position. This one is really easy. There are just two sides to it. One, what MAY did was done in poor sportsmanship or 2) what MAY did was perfectly ok. My take is that Ortiz was a loose mental cannon in there and needed to be dispatched with ASAP. And that’s what MAY did. But I respect your viewpoint and understand it.

  2. David 05:10pm, 09/27/2011

    What Mayweather did may be legal, but still it is dirty. Ortiz was stupid for doing what he did.  Floyd says he will give a rematch, but where is Ortiz’s camp? Shouldn’t they be out trying to set it up asap! When you see the fight Mayweather was ahead, yes, but Ortiz was getting closer. Mayweather threw more but he did miss a lot, most of the furries hit Ortiz’s gloves and arms and those cannot be counted as points. HBO is for Mayweather. That’s why every punch he throws is enhanced and every close round is won by Mayweather. Ortiz cannot be soft, he needs to be mean inside the ring!!!!

  3. TEX HASSLER 04:33pm, 09/26/2011

    Mayweather responded as he had been trained to do. He saw an opening and threw a good punch. Ortiz has no one to blame but himself.

  4. The Thresher 05:33pm, 09/19/2011

    “What did you expect, tears?”

  5. The Thresher 05:23pm, 09/19/2011

    DK, spot on, mate

  6. The Thresher 05:21pm, 09/19/2011

    Joi Richardson, many thanks

  7. The Thresher 05:21pm, 09/19/2011

    Thanks, es

  8. The Thresher 05:19pm, 09/19/2011

    Thanks, Greg

  9. "Old Yank" Schneider 12:09pm, 09/19/2011

    And… we’ve been on here saying the same damn thing as Cortez for days.  What’s your point?  We saw the bout.  What happened is not in dispute.  Why Mayweather did what he did and how that reflects on the sport is in dispute.  Indeed it is somewhat inexplicable why Ortiz felt a need to continue his apology.  But he DID!  And some sportsmen at the ELITE LEVEL would WAIT until the inexplicably long and drawn out apology was complete and some fighters would not – Mayweather did not.  The OBVIOUS is not in dispute – the standards of sportsmanship at the highest level of this sport are.  We got to see legalized classlessness in a sport of legalized assault.  So it is!

  10. The Thresher 11:48am, 09/19/2011

    Joe Cortez was on Fox Sports Radio with JT the Brick, and said in the interview that Victor Ortiz was frustrated by Floyd Mayweather Jr on Saturday night:

    “He dug himself into a hole. They were the ones that were talking about ‘watch out for Mayweather, he comes in with an elbow, he has sharp elbows,’ so I said okay kid no problem. That didn’t happen last night. I guess he got frustrated after he felt like he was getting hit with so many right hands. I guess he lost his cool. He had Mayweather up against the ropes ready for the kill and he goes in with the head butt. I go ‘wow why did he do that?’ Then after you sit back and look at the whole picture and say I’ve seen this before with fighters taking punishment and then when they feel they have a disadvantaged or are getting outclassed, they start going low, they start doing other things unsportsmanlike. As a referee I follow the rules to the ‘t.’ My commissioner last night and you didn’t hear one of the commentators say anything about Joe Cortez. Everything was about why did Ortiz lower his guard? I called time in. Time was in. Why would he lower his guard again to apologize was to my surprise. That’s where inexperience fell in and Mayweather took advantage with his experience. He said ‘this is an opening for me. Nobody told him to put his hands down’ and he capitalized on it as a fighter.”

  11. The Thresher 11:14am, 09/19/2011

    Thanks. Mike

  12. AL 09:49am, 09/19/2011

    The majority of people I know dislike mayweather even my black friends..

  13. AL 09:47am, 09/19/2011

    Boxing has come to shame Gayweather weasled his way out of yet another event.. Good thing I didn’t pay for this fight. Ortiz was deducted a point and then like a man was saying sorry for his headbut then mayweather cheap shots him while the ref was looking the other way.. It looke like WWE wrestling. And all you still like Mayweather after all this…

  14. "Old Yank" Schneider 07:27am, 09/19/2011

    The Thresher – Your point is well made.  The over-the-top apology from Ortiz was likely in direct proportion to how foolish and guilty he felt at that moment in time—he knew how CLASSLESS his FLAGRANT foul was and did not want to be seen or remembered for his vulgar, in-the-ring behavior.  He appeared to feel a need to go over-the-top in his apology.  Was the over-the-top apology necessary?  NOPE!  Did it prove to be foolish?  Yup!  Again, there was NOTHING illegal about Mayweather doing what he did.  In fact an argument could be made that he resisted any ILLEGAL retaliation if favor or LEGAL retaliation.  None of these things rise to an explanation that makes me proud to be a fan in the context of what happened.

  15. "Old Yank" Schneider 07:23am, 09/19/2011

    The “do unto others” sentiment has been sadly twisted here.  The golden rule is one that encourages good behavior, not bad.  To twist it as a signal that this fine “Golden Rule” is intended to be interpreted as the moral equivalent of “an eye for an eye” is absurd – even morally reprehensible.

  16. Mike 07:03am, 09/19/2011

    I agree fully with Ted as well. That was just bizarre for Ortiz to do that in the first place.

  17. The Thresher 06:50am, 09/19/2011

    How many apologies are too many? May accepted the kiss on cheek and then the hug. That was the end of any issue of sportsmanship. Then he rightly closed the show on someone who had already exhibited that he was a loose cannon in there. Fighting head cases like Ortiz can result in a career-ending injury. Mayweather was lucky to come out of that with only two stiches in his lip. And oh by the way, Ortiz seemed to have no issues with the ending.

    I believe had the circumstances been reversed, there would have been a much different reaction. When a fighter is labled classless and his family dysfunctional, is there no suprise that he then is called a “classless piece of shit.?” That’s hardly what boxing writers should do in my humble opinion. They should never let their emotions cloud their narrative because their narrative will become suspect from that point forward.

    It’s always critical to remain unbiased, detached and objective so that your readers can trust what you wrote.

  18. The Thresher 05:51am, 09/19/2011

    “Do Unto Others, As You Would Have Them Done Unto You”

    Luke 6:31 (NIV)

  19. The Thresher 05:37am, 09/19/2011

    Hi JC40. I agree. May gets better and better. Go figure.

  20. "Old Yank" Schneider 04:40am, 09/19/2011

    It is the job of the REF to respond to a flagrant foul—NOT of an opponent.  If an OBLIGATION to respond to PERCEIVED or flagrant fouls was in the hands of contestants then this is how contests would constantly get OUT OF HAND with UNSPORTSMANLIKE behavior.  Restraint is the hallmark of sportsmanship.  Returning “fire with fire” in perceived or flagrant fouls (especially when the ref has already set the cards straight with a point deduction), is UNSPORTSMANLIKE behavior.  How many times do we chastise a ref for allowing a fight to degenerate into some contest of returning fouls—we then “spit” at the ref for failing to keep control of the bout.  It is NOT the role of a SPORTSMAN to return fouls (unless a ref is failing to do his job).  Again, to what level of breakdown of civility do fans want to see boxing deteriorate to?  If that is what you really, really want, perhaps MMA is a sport better suited for your tastes.

  21. "Old Yank" Schneider 04:11am, 09/19/2011

    The only thing holding Ken Norton up was the ropes as Gerry Cooney landed one open shot to his head after another BEFORE the dangerous, mind-dead ref named Tony Perez stepped in.  There was NOTHING illegal about Cooney’s open shots to Norton’s head.  Norton had an obligation to defend himself at all times!  The ref had signaled FIGHT and so they did.  Norton’s hands were literally hung at his side.  He was CLEARLY UNCONSCIOUS.  But because Perez had not stepped in, Cooney could LEGALLY continue to land because Norton had an OBLIGATION to protect himself at all time (be it from a state of unconsciousness or from a state of incomplete apology).  Sportsmanship?  In a game of legalized assault, where should fans draw the line?

  22. "Old Yank" Schneider 03:56am, 09/19/2011

    It requires a closed-minded ignoramus to observe how many fans are disgusted over what happened here and then conclude that this is what fans want from the sport of boxing.

  23. "Old Yank" Schneider 03:36am, 09/19/2011

    Again, we cannot expect classless people to be able to identify or criticize classless behavior.  If they could or would, it is likely that they would at least have a modicum of class or self-restraint from classless behavior because they could recognize something in themselves worthy of criticism.

  24. "Old Yank" Schneider 03:32am, 09/19/2011

    What does one want done when they observe unsportsmanlike behavior?  Is this a general question or specific to this bout?  In this specific case there is nothing that can be done (except—more later).  Ortiz had an obligation to protect himself at all times and he failed to do so.  And an adult has an obligation to buckle their seat belt in a car (even in the back seat where it is not lawfully required).  When they don’t and a serious accident happens, the result is tragic.  Nothing can be done after the fact, but lament that one wished for more adult-like safety behavior to prevent the tragic results.  Now what can be done about Mayweather’s unsportsmanlike behavior?  How about some folks who SHOULD KNOW BETTER stopping SUPPORT of his BORISH BEHAVIOR and reverse expressing opinions that seem to SUPPORT the boorish, unsportsmanlike behavior.  It’s called PUBLIC PRESSURE after the fact.  It is a form of SOCIAL REBUKE!  It has NO effect on the specific outcome of the contest but it represents an expression of a SOCIAL CONSCIENCE that reminds us that we are still a good and decent people.

  25. "Old Yank" Schneider 03:20am, 09/19/2011

    For those who were not paying attention: USADA-style anti-doping, RANDOM blood and urine testing was done for the Mayweather/Ortiz bout (as it was for the Mayweather/Mosley bout).

  26. "Old Yank" Schneider 03:14am, 09/19/2011

    pugknows—“You return fire with fire”—these are your words and those WORDS are full of SH*T!  Returning fire with fire is not how sportsmen behave.  Indeed if a ref fails to clean up a dirty bout, a fighter is left with little choice but to return fire with fire.  However, I can give you MILLIONS of examples where sportsmanship is displayed as a sign of sportsmanlike restraint.  So your WORDS were FULL OF SH*T!  They are NOT TRUE!  So I am nothing more and nothing less than a fan who will CLEAN up BULL SH*T when it is posted.  You cannot get away with supporting Mayweather’s boorish, unsportsmanlike behavior by posting BULL SH*T!  You got called on it—stop crying like a little girl and continue the discussion.

  27. JC45 06:50pm, 09/18/2011

    GDay Es, long time no see mate! Hope alls well bud.

  28. JC45 06:49pm, 09/18/2011

    GDay Ted. Another black eye for boxing. I actually have no problem at all with Mayweather’s actions. It’s a bloody fight, not a love fest.Protect yourself at all times . My two problems with the ” fight” are as follows 1. I knew Cortez would get involved in a bad way in this fight. I warned my old man and brother before the fight . This doddering old incompetent shouldnt be allowed anywhere near a ring. 2. Ortiz. What in god’s name was that kid doing? Trying to hug and kiss Floyd? What the frigging hell was that about ? It wasn’t like he was trying to get in Floyd’s head ala Leonard or Ali either. Before this fight I posted on another site about how Ortiz had only faced three world class fighters and only beaten one. He drew with Lamont Peterson and quit against Maidana. He beat Berto. Hardly a great resume. The kid looked like he wanted to quit in the fourth round to me. Can you imagine Ray Leonard or Mayweather himself going all touchy feely - huggy -kissy in the ring? No.  Compare Ortiz’ mentality to say Eric Morales. Its a grim comparison. If that kid is one of the so called best welterweights in the world boxing is in as bad a state as I think it is. Ortiz is no Jose Napoles or Emile Griffith. He’s not even fit to lick say Carlos Palomino’s boots.  So called world champion LMFAO The kid had only gone 12 rounds once before facing Floyd. Twenty years ago he would have been an up and coming prospect , not a world champion. Rant over . As an aside Floyd’s skull has grown as much as Pacquiao’s . He’s starting to resemble James Toney. Helmet head. I’ve never seen two blokes like Manny and Floyd put on so much weight yet still be in great shape.(  one actually , Roy Jones against Ruiz ) Floyd looked smaller than Castillo when they fought. Now he’s a rock solid 147 pounder. A cynic (me) might suggest that Floyd’s continual retirements are a ruse to avoid testing. Thank Christ for the super 168 tournament. I’m really looking forward to Froch v Ward. Cheers mate.

  29. The Thresher 05:00pm, 09/18/2011

    Thanks, your name

  30. Your Name 04:44pm, 09/18/2011

    the thresher is spot on!  how many times does ortiz try to hug, kiss and make-up?  he tried 3 times to kiss and make-up…at some point, when cortez SAID ‘let’s go’, he should have been ready to box…
    once again, does floyd have to say, put your gloves up cause i’m gonna hit you…is it floyd’s responsiblity and role to tell ortiz ‘i’m gonna hit you’ when the ref says box?  is it his role to fight the way you want him to fight?  if you say yes to any of these questions, you honestly are in this conversation with your subjective and anti-mayweather views

  31. The Thresher 04:23pm, 09/18/2011

    Robert, thank you for your response.

  32. pugknows 04:18pm, 09/18/2011

    Old Yank, who the f—k do you think you are insulting here? I signed up on to debate; not to be insulted by its “writers.” You have an issue with my post, so be it, but don’t say I am full of sh-t because you don’t know a thing about me. If you did, however, I can assure you insults would not be in the offing.

  33. The Thresher 04:16pm, 09/18/2011

    I was surprised at how compliant Ortiz was after the fight. He is a head case—no doubt in my mind on that one. Still, he has some good paydays coming.

    As for Mayweather, his next fight will draw an even bigger amount on MONEY. I’d like to see him fight Kahn or Maidana.

  34. Robert Ecksel 04:16pm, 09/18/2011

    How about a NC to put a blemish on his spotless (boxing) record? I sure as hell don’t want to wait another 16 months for a rematch, just to watch Mayweather fight someone a second time who wasn’t at his level to begin with. But an NC won’t happen. Nothing will happen. He’s a money machine and that’s all the boxing establishment cares about. It, like too many fight fans, is shortsighted, while it’s the long view that those of us with historical perspective who care about boxing’s survival need to keep sharp and in focus.

  35. Dan 04:12pm, 09/18/2011

    fm is a coward,  the ref never said time in nor box he did this bc he is a classless fighter with no respect for the art of boxing.  if u are the best show it evander got his ear bitten off and was classy about it a tru champ floyd a tru chump

  36. The Thresher 03:54pm, 09/18/2011

    BTW, for those who think Mayweather exhibited poor sportsmanship, what exactly do you now want to happen? Rematch? NC? Public apology? Just what?

  37. The Thresher 03:47pm, 09/18/2011

    Gee, and to think that both Merchant and Cortez are in the Hall of Fame. Ugh.

  38. The Thresher 03:44pm, 09/18/2011

    RAXMAN, I figured a TKO was on the way once I saw Floyd shake off what Ortiz had to offer. Mayweather looked to be finely tuned once again. His body looked as hard as rock and was ripped. The guy lives in the gym and knows how to look after himself (in the gym).

    Ortiz looked very big and was willing buy just not able.

  39. raxman 03:40pm, 09/18/2011

    its a shame that in all what is lost is how great money may looked. the headbutt only happened because on the rare occasions victor got floyd on the ropes he couldnt lay a solid glove on him. how about early when victor unloaded and floyd gave him the ali uh-uh head shake? i had floyd by late stop -10th-12th but 2 rounds in i knew i had done my dough and that floyd was going to make this an early night - this fight wouldnt have gone past 6 and ortiz knew it.

  40. "Old Yank" Schneider 03:31pm, 09/18/2011

    Ortiz committed a FLAGRANT foul.  Payback came in the form of a point deduction in a bout where he was lucky if the judges gave him a single round.  Fouls settled by a point deduction are in no need of retaliation.  The fouls a ref does not catch demand a fighter to even the score.  Dancing on the edge of rules when it comes to fouls is baked into a boxing cake.  When does a clinch become an illegal hold?  When does coming forward with your head bobbing weaving become head butting?  When does over-throwing/turning a cross become an illegal use of an elbow?  When does a borderline punch become a low blow?  All of these things are open to the eye of the beholder.  When does a cold-cock become a classless act?  We just saw when!

  41. "Old Yank" Schneider 03:23pm, 09/18/2011

    Indeed one must be a sportsman to grasp sportsmanship—it ain’t intangible.  It is as REAL as an apology, a touch of gloves, a hug to kick off the final round.  In my opinion this sport will degenerate to exactly the level of classlessness that the fans support.  I actually remember waxing with nostalgia about the days when men wore suits to a fight and smoked fine cigars and had women with them in fine furs and champagne was opened at dinner before arriving at the stadium.  Mayweather’s behavior did NOTHING that the sport should be proud with his cold-cocking of Ortiz.  It was ugly and unsportsmanlike.

  42. The Thresher 03:14pm, 09/18/2011

    Juan, ok

  43. Your Name 01:13pm, 09/18/2011

    Pugknows he knows shit when he see it

  44. juan 01:06pm, 09/18/2011

    Thresher stop being ignorant. I am Puerto Rican straight from the island.

  45. juan 12:52pm, 09/18/2011

    Let’s just end it this way. If he claims to be the best he didn’t need throw the bitch hit he did and should have waited for the ref to tell them to continue fighting.

  46. juan 12:34pm, 09/18/2011

    Dude listen. Every boxer’s coach before the fights talks about Mayweather’s elbow. Odd it happens every fight. Check it out, and dude lay off the cheap shit you been smokin’ it’s starting to show. You’re starting to like him to a pussy.

  47. The Thresher 12:06pm, 09/18/2011

    FD, Yeah, I wondered about that as well. Ortiz is not the sharpest arrow in the quiver.

  48. FrankinDallas 12:03pm, 09/18/2011

    Ortiz let Floyd choke his neck during the weigh in….THAT’s when he lost the fight.

  49. The Thresher 11:58am, 09/18/2011

    As a point of information, undefeated Rand Carver was fatally injured by a head butt from Kabary Salem in 1999. Salem was one of the dirtiest fighters I have ever seen. A Hungarian fighter by the name of Andras Nagy was killed by a head butt while training in 2009.  It’s in one of my books. Gerald McCLELLAN may have been badly injured by headbutts. Headbutts can be lethal.

  50. The Thresher 11:44am, 09/18/2011

    pugknows, thanks. If a fighter does not respond to a flagrant foul, he allows himself to be the victim of more down the stretch. This episode was not started by FM; it was triggered by any number of infractions culminating in a vicious billy goat head butt that made Andrew Golota blink. Ortiz started it; May finished it. Nothing more, nothing less. Yes, you fight fire with fire when your health and well-being depend on it.

    As for sportsmanship, that’s an intangible concept that has no real traction. What is good sportsmanship to one person might seem like stupidity to another. It’s in the eyes of the beholder

    Good post, Pug.

  51. The Thresher 11:24am, 09/18/2011

    Old Yank, what’s with the insulting of the posters?

  52. The Thresher 11:15am, 09/18/2011

    Check this one out:

  53. dollar bond 10:24am, 09/18/2011

    Hmm, Ted.  I’m not so sure about that ending.

  54. "Old Yank" Schneider 09:39am, 09/18/2011

    pugknows—How many times have SPORTSMEN in the ring paused for a moment to do an additional “touch of gloves” when one fighter wants to apologize?  Can I say that it’s happened MILLIONS OF TIMES.  So you think that this act of sportsmanship should be wiped off the face of boxing and every bad deed should be retaliated against?  You ain’t talking about the grand history of the sport of boxing that I know!  In fact, your assertion that such retaliation is what the sport is about is FULL OF SH*T!  ESPECIALLY at the elite level.  ESPECIALLY when a top p-4-p is fighting a man not near that list yet.

  55. "Old Yank" Schneider 09:34am, 09/18/2011

    es—Let me state it simply: I hold my heroes to a higher standard than what Mayweather displayed last night.  If you’ve got no problem with what he did, let’s just agree that we have different standards.  It is NOT illegal to lose control of a pitch and take a batter down in baseball.  It is not illegal to refuse a second touch of gloves after the opening bell and attempt to swing away.  It was not illegal for Mayweather to cold cock Ortiz before his apology was complete.  But I know an attempted bean-ball when I see one; I know bad sportsmanship when I see it; and I know a humiliation to boxing at the elite level when I see it.  This was no moment for the elite-level of boxing to be proud!

  56. pugknows 09:15am, 09/18/2011

    This article is spot on. Ted Sares is precise and objective in his analysis. You return fire with fire in boxing.

  57. xtianrz 08:47am, 09/18/2011

    I am not sure if there was a time out by joe Cortez to deduct a point ???? but if a fighter hits the other fighter when he is down or during a stoppage I believe that fighter is disqualified. As a boxing fan, the fight was terrible, from the old and lost referee to the lack of sportmanship by all the parties involved. The true losers were real boxing fans. The winners were HBO people, Mayweather and Las Vegas. Last PPV I am paying for.

  58. The Thresher 07:54am, 09/18/2011

    “Sportsmanship and honor” are optional and discretionary. protecting yourself at all times is mandatory. Otherwise, you end up like Ortiz. an honorable albeit freaky loser.

  59. FrankinDallas 07:45am, 09/18/2011

    I shudder the think what Brandon BAM BAM Rios would do to Ortiz. Seems Rios genuinely hates Ortiz for personal reasons regarding his handlers, the Garcia brothers.

  60. The Thresher 07:37am, 09/18/2011

    FrankinDallas, right you are. It was Maidana all over again. This kid does not have the right pyschological makeup to be a fighter. Mark my words on this.

  61. The Thresher 07:36am, 09/18/2011

    Referee Joe Cortez restarted the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Victor Ortiz last night. He may have been slightly out of position and not focused on the action just after in the next moment, but he had restarted the fight.

  62. FrankinDallas 07:34am, 09/18/2011

    That wasn’t a sucker punch combination that floyd landed on Ortiz. That was the penance dispensed to a guilty party who WANTED IT TO HAPPEN. Ortiz went all Duranic NO MAS in there…he realized he was getting beat, and WANTED the fight to be stopped. The head butt was the infraction, the mortal sin, and Floyd was the priest that laid the penance on him. Sorry to get all Catholic here, but that’s the way I see it.

  63. The Thresher 07:31am, 09/18/2011

    Krunksoft07m you said it better than I ever could.

  64. The Thresher 07:30am, 09/18/2011

    Es has the beat!

  65. es 07:11am, 09/18/2011

    Old Yank, that’s BS. Floyd was smart, Ortiz was stupid on several counts. One showed he was a ring general, the other showed he was a wild amateur in there.

  66. es 07:04am, 09/18/2011

    ted you are spot in amigo. I would have hit Ortiz with the kitchen sink if he had tried to head butt me in there, so, instead of bashing Floyd, he showed true fighter instincts and clocked the SOB. Good on ya Floyd.

  67. Krunksoft 07:00am, 09/18/2011

    How many elbows and headbutts should a fighter take before he retaliates??? Ortiz’s apologies weren’t genuine at all. If the ref hadn’t deducted a point he would have kept headbutting Floyd all night and you idiots have the nerve to call Floyd the classless punk?? You cannot be serious. I have never in my life seen a boxer launch himself at an opponent with his head the way Ortiz did. He got EXACTLY what he deserved. Keep in mind that this is a FIGHT. It’s not a love fest and why on earth would any boxer with balls not take out an elbowing, headbutting opponent the first chance he gets? Floyd was under no obligation to accept Ortiz’s “apology” in the first place. Those headbutts were the only classless act I saw in that entire sequence. None of this is the ref’s fault or Floyd’s - it was ORTIZ who got frustrated, lost his mind and payed. Who cares about Floyd’s post-fight rant? The only thing that matters is what happens during the fight and Floyd never broke a single rule.

  68. The Thresher 06:42am, 09/18/2011

    arman, reasonable point

  69. The Thresher 06:41am, 09/18/2011

    btw, the head butt did open a bad cut on Mayweather’s lip.

  70. arman 06:40am, 09/18/2011

    what about the sweet science of boxing, fighters lose their temper and resort on instinct.  ortiz paid 2 pts for that…. the thing is why would a pound for pound king for most of his career would return the benefit ... we all saw what happened. we dont need to be a referee… its just not the right thing to do… well for an ego for that matter maybe it is?

  71. sthomas 06:25am, 09/18/2011

    Too bad the fight ended the way it did, butt Oritz 3 three head shots, thrown with his own head in round 4, the last from a full squat thrust from his strong legs was bad stuff. I would have preferred Mayweather winning a different way but Ortiz was going serial using his head.

  72. The Thresher 06:24am, 09/18/2011

    patrick, spot on

  73. patrick 06:23am, 09/18/2011

    The only thing bizarre about Mayweathers’ victory is 1) all the hugging and kissing Ortiz was doing (was he thinking he was at a dance?) and; 2) the fact that he as an experienced fighter had his hands down in the ring.  Referee Cortez said “let’s go” and motioned his hands for the boxers to resume fighting. His hands should have gone up in either ‘boxing or guarding’ position.

    Ha! you Mayweather haters are something else…you talk about classless?  Ortiz had been warned 2 times prior about using his head.  The reality is Ortiz is good, however, Mayweather is in an elite class!  He is just a smarter tactician in the ring.  He prolly would have knocked him out in the later rounds anyway!

  74. The Thresher 06:17am, 09/18/2011

    So does raxman

  75. The Thresher 06:15am, 09/18/2011

    Alfredo has the beat.

  76. The Thresher 06:14am, 09/18/2011

    “Old Yank” Schneider, you are a perfect example of what I mean when I say, “Sanctimonious rage.” One the one hand, you assert that Mayweather is the leader boxing needs when it comes to PEDs, but on the other, you call him a “classless piece of shit” becuase he went after a dumbo who tried to butt his head off.  Be consistent for Pete’s sakes.

  77. The Thresher 06:10am, 09/18/2011

    Eric Rudolph, thanks man. I appreciate that.

  78. "Old Yank" Schneider 05:22am, 09/18/2011

    Moral considerations aside?  That’s all we need to set aside?  How about needing to set aside CLASS?  Sportsmanship? Professionalism? Elitism? And more…MUCH, MUCH more.  It was an UGLY way for a man who claims to be the best in the world to end a fight. How about protecting the rep of the sport at the highest levels at all times?  When the alleged “best of the best” feels no humiliation in winning this way, there is NOTHING elite left to protect about this sport.

  79. Bd 05:11am, 09/18/2011

    What goes around, comes around. The second Ortiz decided to box dirty he got what he deserved. Get off trashing Mayweather, he did what anyone else would have done. Ortiz stayed down because Mayweather was already four rounds up and Ortiz knew it was only time he was going lose regardless.

  80. juan 03:06am, 09/18/2011

    If you call the ref separated the two fighters walked off and mayweather hit ortiz now by the ref was supposed to the fighters to continue but how can you when you are turned walking away talking to the side to the judges. Mayweathers win was flock of let’s leave at that.

  81. Jealous Writer 02:47am, 09/18/2011

    C’mon man PAC will not give Floyd cheap shot to KO him out cold. Tell your boy to fight PAC, d your business as ARUM doing his homework and btw, stop this jealousy thing with Uncle Bob…

  82. Boogie 12:11am, 09/18/2011

    The ref needs to be fired and grow some balls. He should have sent both of them to their corners and then brought them back after sorting things out. Ortiz is a moron for apologizing excessively but you have to show some class and not sucker punch your opponent. Not surprised. PAC man will kick his ass back to the plantation.

  83. Alfredo 12:00am, 09/18/2011

    Listen people Money Mayweather didn’t do nothing wrong. He saw the ref give the go-ahead n he straight up knockout Ortiz bitch ass down. Victoria Ortiz thought Floyd was going to let the cheap shot go by. Fuck no and I’m Hispanic. But Floyd is pound for pound the great one. People, give respect when it’s due!

  84. D K 11:50pm, 09/17/2011

    All I know is that unless you are Hispanic and simply raging out of anger that your countryman got his ass knocked out, you should have no problem with what Floyd did. He took two cheap shots of which one of them busted his lip then Ortiz got the nerve to go and kiss him? Only a moron would keep his hands down after doing that.

  85. Eric Rudolph 11:38pm, 09/17/2011

    This article is the best written across all the news site. Ortiz was playing dirty, and Mayweather taught him a lesson—legally!

  86. Rico 10:57pm, 09/17/2011

    I think you’re all full of crap. What this jackass did was cowardly. Just goes to show the type of character and the type of “champion” he will go down as DIRTY little bitch. I hope Manny kicks his ass…AND ALL YOU PUNK BITCHES ARE THERE TO SEE IT. I just hope he doesn’t bite his ear next…why don’t you all kiss his ass too…what a role model and example for the “SPORT”

  87. raxman 10:49pm, 09/17/2011

    obviously the floyd haters will turn on floyd even more - as a fence sitter on most things floyd i have no problem at all with what floyd did - i hate the unnecessary hand shaking in boxing - the amateurs i train down under know the stick they’d get from me if they ever try to kiss up to an opponent mid fight. my code of conduct/belief system says you shake at the start of the fight and the end - the only time in between is if you have something untoward like a head class or you tangle and trip each other to end up on the ground - then you quickly tap left to left in the middle of the ring; and always with the utmost care

  88. Cimarronfx 10:32pm, 09/17/2011

    No matter what this money maker organization think, I expect ETHIC in boxing. If you kill because some kill you a relative you are also a criminal. Floyd, you are a disgrace no matter what. Keep ethic in a fight and fans will follow you, do stupid things like in your last fight, and we will hate you. shame on you, I do not like you.

  89. yongbo 10:20pm, 09/17/2011

    no matter what dictum that might be…it was absolutely a cheap shot. boxing is supposed to promote sportsmanship…what he did, be it “legal” in the boxing lingo…was unacceptable…and I believe he doesn’t deserve one bit of that championship leather.

  90. Joi Richardson 10:19pm, 09/17/2011

    I applaud this article bc it speaks the truth. like Mayweather or not, Ortiz was wrong and apologized 3 separate times for it. I really think that Ortiz and his camp are cowards bc the want to blame ref Cortez. Ironically, before the fight Ortiz camp complained about the same thing that they are guilty of doing tonite, using the elbow and an unfair headbutt. I would have knocked him out 2 if he headbutted me!

  91. greg 10:16pm, 09/17/2011

    I agree fully with Writer Ted Sares comments. After five reviews of the fight’s last moments, it was clear that “Cortez” had clearly motioned separately to each of the 3 judges, advising the one point “head butt” deduction, and, following a verbal discussion with Ortiz, Joe Cortez said “Let’s go” to the fighters. Whatever distraction Cortez then had was out of the two fighters focus (should be).
    I say this not being a huge Mayweather fan!

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