Mayweather Sr. to Train Victor Ortiz

By Richard V. Powell on September 22, 2012
Mayweather Sr. to Train Victor Ortiz
Danny Garcia saw the broken jaw as if it were something similar to a fractured hand.

“I won’t train anyone against my son. I know what Victor needs to do to beat my son but I’m not gonna train him against my flesh and blood…”

Known for his blistering offense and nonstop aggression, Victor Ortiz has always had one glaring weakness in his quest for greatness: his defense. Known for taking ungodly amounts of punishment during both his victories and his losses, Team Ortiz has decided that the time has come to effect a change. And who better to complete the puzzle that is Victor Ortiz than defensive genius Floyd Mayweather Sr.? Father of the now famous “shoulder roll” defense that his son has used to perfection, Mayweather can impart the knowledge that Ortiz has needed in the past; namely, the art of hitting without getting hit.

It was widely reported last July that Ortiz had parted ways with trainer Danny Garcia after his jaw was broken during his devastating TKO loss to Josesito Lopez last June. Media reports quoted Garcia as saying there had been some “confusion” in the ring as Ortiz told his trainer his jaw was broken in the fifth round. Ortiz said Garcia advised him to go two more rounds, since he felt Ortiz was ahead and would win the fight. After the two rounds were completed, Garcia once again asked Ortiz to go two more rounds. In hindsight, it seems Garcia saw the broken jaw as if it were something similar to a fractured hand, a painful injury that can be fought through. 

During those extra rounds, Ortiz’s jaw was further damaged with multiple fractures and a severed artery on the inside of his mouth. As a result, Ortiz has been forced to endure a six-month layoff as he heals from an extensive injury he believes could have been avoided. “Everybody thinks because Ali finished his fight with Norton that you can still fight on,” Mayweather Sr. told “The difference is Ali could keep his mouth closed. Victor’s jaw was so broken his mouth was hanging open and he couldn’t keep his mouthpiece in place. The fact that he went on like he did shows how much heart he’s got. Most guys would have quit right when it happened.”

Like many Mexican fighters Ortiz showed the world the stuff of which he is made, but is still faulted by many. Fans have accused him of quitting on his stool and saw a pattern of Victor giving in as he had done earlier against Marcos Maidana. Medical doctors have stated that, had he continued, Ortiz’s life could have been in danger that night; yet still there are still skeptics. A well-known cut man who wishes to remain anonymous claims Ortiz never had a broken jaw that night or he would not have been able to speak, however poorly, in the interview after the fight. To some, Ortiz still has something to prove.

It was Oscar De La Hoya who was responsible for bringing this unlikely pair together. Having been trained by Mayweather for nine fights, De La Hoya knows Mayweather extremely well. His knowledge of defensive skills is unsurpassed, as evidenced by his son’s achievements as the pound-for-pound greatest fighter alive today. De La Hoya spoke with Ortiz and his manager Rolando Arellano and recommended he hook up with Mayweather Sr. 

“Trust me, some defense is gonna change Victor Ortiz,” Mayweather Sr. said. What will this new Victor Ortiz look like? If all goes according to plan, he could become a force to be reckoned with. Implementing some of what Mayweather has to offer could pay big dividends for Ortiz and add several years of fighting to his career. 

The big question always comes back to an Ortiz rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr. If Ortiz becomes a more complete fighter under Mayweather’s tutelage, which many insiders predict, would Mayweather Sr. train Ortiz to fight against his son? “I won’t train anyone against my son,” said Mayweather. “I know what Victor needs to do to beat my son but I’m not gonna train him against my flesh and blood.”

After the disrespectful way Mayweather Sr. has been treated by his son, publically and privately, would his position change if a multimillion dollar check was waived under his nose? There’s no way to know. Stranger things have happened.  Time will tell.

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  1. bkdon 07:31am, 09/25/2012

    correcting myself. May sr when asked by reporters what happened with the knockout said he previously told ha ton to “keep his hands up”... priceless!

  2. the thresher 07:16am, 09/25/2012

    minus + minus = plus. I think I learned that in algerbra or was it trig?

  3. the thresher 07:15am, 09/25/2012

    Ortiz blew it when he tangled with Robert Garcia, maybe the very best trainer out there in term of someone who can craft makeovers.

  4. bk don 07:10am, 09/25/2012

    Great piece by Richard! I’ll never forgot following the hatton ko to Manny Floyd Sr told the press he told his fighter, hatton, to duck. These two in the corner will certainly make for a more interesting 24/7 then Marquez or Pacman. I also have to agree w/pete. Despite ortiz’s youth, i don’t think there’s a lot that can change with him at this point. He’s a former world title holder with over 30 career bouts. May Sr can help him with some finer points of his game but he is what he is at this point. I for one am still excited by Ortiz. Even in his losses he’s competitive and he’s always entertaining.

  5. Pete The Sneak 04:36am, 09/24/2012

    I’ve always liked Ortiz and regardless of what anyone thinks of the guy, his fights are always must see from a fight fans perspective. For the most part, it’s hard to predict the outcome of any Ortiz fight, however whatever the result may be, rest assured the fight will have some excitement. Will Floyd Sr. help Victor any? Probably may pick up an additonal point or two that will help him, but Victor will always be Victor in spite of who his trainer is. The only way we’ll find out is the next time you see Ortiz get caught/and or hurt and see how he’ll respond. But then again, isn’t that what Floyd Sr. is supposed to be teaching him to avoid? A Paradox indeed. Peace.

  6. raxman 05:27pm, 09/23/2012

    bodyshots - i think that had the hatton vs tszyu fight been in vegas instead of manchester, and with a neutral instead of a hometown ref, hatton would never have been allowed to scrag, hold and smother the near ancient and ring rusted kostya as he did. and if that were the case and tszyu was given room to punch then despite his age, injuries etc hatton would’ve just been another ko victim on KT’s record

  7. raxman 05:00pm, 09/23/2012

    can someone tell me, who, other than lil floyd whom he trained from a kid (which is when i think you need to start the s-roll defence if you have any hope of doing it well) that senior has trained and made them a better fighter or more to point more successful?
    i always think of oscar fighting vargas and how when oscar was using the mayweather instilled style - which included the roll - vargas was handing his ass to him. it was only later in the fight when oscar did away with mayweather madness and went back to fighting his agressive way that the fights tide was turned.

  8. NYIrish 06:59am, 09/23/2012

    The Thresher has the beat.

  9. Bodyshots 07:24pm, 09/22/2012

    can’t blame Mayweather for Hatton’s delicate chin. a backpedaling Mayweather Jr. easily flicked Hatton’s “off with nothing more than a defensive hook. Collazo had Hatton on Queer Street prior to that. nothing less than a 100% punch-proof defense was ever gonna protect Hatton v. the elite fighters. although Hatton was able to effectively bulldoze and smother Tszyu for that win and the final bout of Tszyu’s career. Ortiz is no where near as vulnerable and will definitely benefit from some additonal defensive wrinkles.

  10. Boxing101 06:13pm, 09/22/2012

    Floyd Sr.? Yeah right, he will train Ortiz how to sleep in the canvas like Ricky Hatton!

  11. Don from Prov 11:30am, 09/22/2012

    Head case + Head case = one normal head?

  12. THE THRESHER 10:20am, 09/22/2012

    Head case trained by head case. WTF!

  13. Don from Prov 10:02am, 09/22/2012

    Well, now Victor will be great—

    But really, the story behind the break shows that he fought with heart.

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