Mayweather Sued in Las Vegas Shooting

By Robert Ecksel on August 17, 2011
Mayweather Sued in Las Vegas Shooting
I’m not sure that "most civil cases" are attempts to extort money (Robert Ecksel)

Quincy Williams told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that “[Mayweather] feels like he’s entitled to do whatever he wants and get away with it…”

The latest legal action against Floyd Mayweather Jr. involves a civil lawsuit filed Tuesday by two men, Quincey Williams and Damien Bland, who claim he orchestrated a shooting attack by confidant Ocie Harris two years ago outside the Crystal Palace Skating Center in Las Vegas.

According to police, Williams texted Mayweather saying he hoped Floyd would lose his fight against Juan Manuel Marquez in Sept. 2009. Mayweather was apparently incensed and an argued ensued. A short time later, according to witnesses, Harris fired at least five shots at a BMW sedan with Williams and Bland inside. Neither man was injured.

Mayweather denied knowing Harris and said he wasn’t aware of the shooting. But witnesses saw the two men together, and surveillance tapes and records that were seized when police searched Mayweather’s home contradict his statement.

On Wednesday the Associated Press got its hands on court papers filed in connection with the suit. They accuse Mayweather, Harris and others of, among other things, making threats against the plaintiffs since the attack.

Mayweather, who presumably is training for his Sept. 17 fight with Victor Ortiz, has been silent on the matter. But Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, said Floyd had nothing to do with the shooting or alleged threats.

“As in most civil cases,” said Ellerbe, “this is just another attempt to extort money. An educated observer would examine the background of these individuals and immediately question their credibility.”

I’m not sure that “most civil cases” are attempts to extort money. Nor am I sure that blaming the victims is the way to go.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Williams and Bland live in “immediate and mortal fear” of Mayweather and his posse who, they say, are responsible for the shooting. Williams told the Review-Journal that he worked for Mayweather many years ago. He also said “[Mayweather] feels like he’s entitled to do whatever he wants and get away with it.”

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  1. JP 07:16am, 08/22/2011

    Why is everyone surprised by this? Seems as if everyone turns a blind eye to all of the crap Pretty Boy is involved in. He’s merely a rich street thug with boxing gloves. Flippin punk will be destroyed by Pacquiao and that’s if he can get past Ortiz first. I’m sure he’ll fake an injury.

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