Floyd vs. Canelo: The Perfect Storm

By Colin A. Cuttress on August 27, 2013
Floyd vs. Canelo: The Perfect Storm
Two nations, two undefeated records and a classic match between a boxer and a fighter.

The boxing world awaits the return of pound-for-pound King Floyd Mayweather Jr. on September 14th when he will lace up to face the undefeated Mexican Saul “Canelo” Alvarez in a fight Stephen Espinoza called “the perfect storm.” 

It’s well to say the fight will be easy work for Floyd, who sports a 44-0 record. But astute boxing fans can sense when a champion is past the pinnacle. Mayweather’s been getting hit more and more often than in the Gatti days. He was nearly dropped by Sugar Shane Mosley.

This isn’t to say Alvarez will do to Mayweather what Antonio Tarver did to Roy Jones Jr. or Marco Antonio Barrera to Prince Naseem Hamed. Mayweather is the highest paid athlete in the world for a reason. He’s a technically brilliant boxer.

But Alvarez does share in the well-rounded style of a Tarver or Barrera. He is a thinking fighter who adapts like Floyd and comes on stronger with each round. He has youth in his favor, the momentum of an undefeated record and a naturally bigger frame.

Mayweather’s corner will probably advise him to use his ring savvy and speed, minimize exchanges and hit Alvarez before he sets. That’s classic Floyd. I wouldn’t bet on a knockout.

Alvarez’s corner will likely tell him to work the jab moving forward in a stalking fashion to provoke Floyd into punching and then to time some power combinations as Floyd breaks in. This was how Tarver knocked out Roy Jones Jr. in their second fight.

Floyd is finally giving the boxing fans what they want: two nations, two undefeated records and a classic match between a boxer and a fighter for one throne at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The timing for a perfect storm couldn’t be better.

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  1. Jack 09:12am, 08/28/2013

    Just a note, I’m not a Mayweather Jr. fan, but I have a decent boxing IQ and I actually like Canelo, just not in this fight.

  2. Jack 09:08am, 08/28/2013

    Guys, don’t be fooled and buy into the hype for this fight. At this point in his development, Canelo only stands a puncher’s chance of winning this fight. He can not OUTBOX Floyd. In reality, he would be lucky to hit Floyd with a “handful of rice”!!!!! This fight won’t be any different than the Marquez, Mosley, Cotto or Guerrero fights, Floyd wins in a UD. See ya back here after this fraud is perpetrated on the boxing public ( AGAIN ), which is contributing to the decline in boxing!!!!

  3. john coiley 03:50am, 08/28/2013

    oh to see this one live….

  4. paul 03:13am, 08/28/2013

    What is to be made of floyd only fighting 8x in 7 years (2006 - 2012)? And all the opponents he wouldnt fight during that period WHILE barely fighting once per year?

    Nobody can deny his prowess, but he leaves a lot to be desired as a warrior. Don’t want to seem bitter - I only say this because the hyperbole gives me an itch at times. Have you seen the 2013 Mayweather Jr documentary? The most self-aggrandizing piece of s**t ‘documentary’ you’ll ever see. He makes Stalin look modest at times. *fingers in throat HURRRRH*  But it all works because he’s brash enough to sell himself as the 2nd coming of Jesus, and there are plenty of poor lost souls out there who are willing to entertain the fantasy.

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