Mayweather vs. Maidana II

By Christian Giudice on September 13, 2014
Mayweather vs. Maidana II
Say what you want about Marcos Maidana, but you won't see him lose his composure.

Each time Mayweather tries to touch gloves, the Argentinean feints and throws a right hand. It’s a nice way of saying, “I ain’t Victor Ortiz…”

Round 1

In that first round, Maidana charged Mayweather and quickly reminded him that there was at least one active fighter who could challenge him and be victorious for three minutes. Throwing lumbering right hands from deep in Argentina and unorthodox hooks from all angles, Maidana’s offensive concoction wasn’t pretty, but it was successful. For the first time in years, a fighter took the spirit out of Mayweather. Off the break, Maidana slammed Mayweather with successive right hands that bounced off his gloves and head.

Shockingly, Mayweather glued himself to the ropes, absorbed the shots, and countered with his own short hooks and right hands on the inside. For Mayweather, the reality was evident—this fight would be different than the others. For Maidana, the bursts of power and confidence were a toxic blend that put him up one—and severely pissed Mayweather off in the process.

In the rematch…

Mayweather won’t have the luxury of falling behind in the early rounds, because Maidana, who strategized with an excellent trainer, will be conditioned for 12 grueling rounds. Maidana sketched the perfect gameplan early on and will follow that same plan in the rematch.

Round 2

Jab. Lead hook. Straight right followed by a dazzling hook. Mayweather returned in prime form at the sound of the bell to start the second. However, Maidana didn’t follow the champ; instead he deftly cut off the ring. By doing that, Maidana was able to land four unimpeded left hooks to the body along the ropes. (Yes, Mayweather ventured back there again.) At 1:20 of the round, after landing a beautiful lead right and uppercut off the ropes, Mayweather created space.

In the rematch…

If Maidana can return to the successive hooks to the body, it could be a game changer. He knows he can’t hurt Mayweather up top, so the hooks can possibly lead to other opportunities. However, he can’t miss as many punches as he did the first time around.

Round 3

Moving more fluidly, Mayweather was not stuck along the ropes as he caught Maidana with a counter hook coming in. Problems ensue when Maidana throws sloppy jabs and Mayweather easily slips them. When Maidana throws these jabs, it doesn’t appear that there is any strategy, so he just wastes energy. At times in the third, Maidana also subjects himself to counter rights and lefts when he barrels in with his head down. Mayweather toys with him on these occasions. But each round has layers, and in the second half of the round, Maidana experiences short bursts of power.


Each time Mayweather tries to touch gloves with Maidana, the Argentinean feints and throws a right hand. It’s a nice way of saying, “I ain’t Victor Ortiz.” Each time Mayweather gets frustrated with his opponent’s dirty tactics, Maidana just continues to pour it on. Say what you want about Maidana, but you won’t see him lose his composure. What was so impressive about Maidana in this round was the jarring right uppercut and the refusal to let Mayweather take over in the middle of the ring. An angry Mayweather tried desperately to finish Maidana with power right hands, but Maidana took the shots and weathered the storm. No one else could do that against the champ.

In the rematch…

Maidana needs to maintain the same pace in the rematch instead of losing energy each round. Bursts are not enough against a guy of Floyd’s caliber. Also, Mayweather will try to not let Maidana dictate the fight with dirty tactics, so look for him to counter on Saturday with his own tricks.

Round 4

Not a clean round. Defined by a lot of pushing and excessive trash talking, the fourth was not a clean round. Yet, Mayweather landed three or four counters as Maidana bulled his way inside. What one learned from this round was that Mayweather has virtually lost his ability to shake Maidana through once effortless lateral movement. That same lateral movement is what makes Mayweather so dangerous. It once meant, “You can’t touch me.” It no longer does in this fight.

In the rematch…

Maidana needs to rely on a similar strategy, but mix in a few more approaches instead of hoisting that hammering right hand that Mayweather so easily telegraphs. Why not throw the uppercut off the hook?

Round 5

After landing four straight jabs, Maidana reminds Mayweather that he’s still there as he bounces a right hand off his head. Prior to that, Maidana ignited the round with four effective jabs. Maidana throws and lands another right hand and then plants shoulder in Mayweather’s chest. Then, with the round closing out, Maidana asserts himself with a rangy left hook and then a jab on the inside.

In the rematch…

We will know by the fifth round of the rematch if Mayweather found a way to counter the awkwardness of Maidana. It’s a style that creates complications for any fighter. If Maidana walks back in the fourth on Saturday with the same confidence that he had in the first fight, he wins this fight. Floyd won’t magically get better or stronger in the middle rounds.

Round 6

Mayweather ran to meet Maidana in the sixth. Whatever happened in the fifth was quickly washed away as the old arrogance resurfaced in the form of swift head movement and dangerous right hands. But halfway through the round, Maidana returned to bully and frustrate Mayweather. Before the staredown leading into the seventh, Mayweather stoked the fire with a vicious uppercut and lead rights from the outside. Unfortunately for him, Maidana was not deterred as he forged ahead.

In the rematch…

Mayweather saw how potent five or six of his uppercuts were and will hone in on them on Saturday. If Garcia is smart, he will have Maidana in shape to attack for 12 rounds.

Round 7

Maidana increased his jab output in these rounds, but an emboldened Mayweather bided his time for openings. At 1:20 Mayweather reverted back to his prime as he unleashed a three-punch combination and deftly spun Maidana the other direction. Few fighters can adapt like Mayweather. He danced, landed, but didn’t do any damage as he won the round.

In the rematch…

Maidana has to sense when Mayweather gets his second wind. When he does, Maidana has to trap him against the ropes or else risk getting nailed endlessly in the middle of the ring.

Round 8

Although Maidana didn’t thrive off the same pace as earlier rounds, he still ravaged Mayweather with thirty-five seconds remaining in the round. Still, he missed more than he landed. Conversely, Mayweather threw fewer punches, but managed to sit back, keep his composure amid low blows, and calmly land several pinpoint offerings.

In the rematch…

Maidana needs to be more accurate in these later rounds. When he smothers Mayweather against the ropes, he needs to cleanly come away with a couple winning punches. Mayweather, the pure boxer, can still get in and out off the ropes. He was still bouncing off the ropes late in the first fight.

Round 9

From the seventh round on, Mayweather kept looking for that jab to Maidana’s chest. It served him well in the ninth, as he used it to set up and exploit an exhausted Maidana. It was Mayweather at his best, on the offensive picking his shots and nailing Maidana with piercing right hands.

In the rematch…

If Mayweather has late rounds like this in the rematch, the only recourse Maidana has is to match his energy level. Mayweather was accurate and still landing hard punches.

Round 10

Maidana calls for him. There was a lot of jawing and clinching in the round, which Mayweather may have stolen in the last ten seconds.

Round 11

Mayweather becomes the aggressor because Maidana is physically sapped. Yet, Maidana is still landing right hands as he shoves Mayweather to the ropes. Mayweather ends the round with a running right hand along with a sharp hook, but didn’t dominate the action.

Round 12

An anxious Mayweather stood on the edge of his seat ready to pounce on Maidana. He looked fresh and confident, but still got hit in the last round. At 1:12, Maidana had his last real flurry. Neither fighter set himself apart in the final round.

In the rematch…

Maidana will be mentally and physically prepared to fight Mayweather a second time. I have never seen a fighter of Mayweather’s caliber, but he has never faced a fighter as awkward and effective as Maidana. After knocking Mayweather down once and hurting him on several occasions, Maidana will earn a split-decision victory.


Maidana may not be the best fighter that Mayweather has fought, but he’s the right fighter to beat him. He doesn’t believe Mayweather is better than him.

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  1. Darrell 08:43pm, 09/13/2014

    The delusion is strong in this one….

    Maidana somehow got lucky in the judging with 112-115 & 111-116 twice.  He barely won two rounds…..three at the absolute outside!

    117-110, Mayweather.

  2. Gary Quinn 05:46pm, 09/13/2014

    Mo $$$$$$“mopainful ingredients

  3. Ron 05:45pm, 09/13/2014

    You have lost your MIND!!!

  4. Gajjers 09:10am, 09/13/2014

    Boring? Not Hagler-Hearns for sure, but the 1st fight wasn’t boring, was it? Don’t watch it then! Some of us DO pay attention to detail, so it would be intriguing to see the adjustments made by each fighter; they both feel they have to do something different, so hey. May the better man win - I wanna see it…

  5. Eric 09:01am, 09/13/2014

    Would like to see Chino pull it off, but it ain’t happening. Mayweather via lopsided and boring decision.

  6. Gajjers 05:21am, 09/13/2014

    Interesting perspective. It’ll be nice to see what you have to say after the bout ends, We do love our boxing, don’t we?

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