Mayweather vs. McGregor—Whoa, They Were Serious?

By Marc Livitz on June 14, 2017
Mayweather vs. McGregor—Whoa, They Were Serious?
To quote Russell Crowe's character, Maximus in “Gladiator,” "Are you not entertained?"

The friendly merger between boxing and mixed martial arts will take place on August 26 at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas…

It’s official, per Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram account. It’s even more official per Conor McGregor and ESPN. August 26 has been cemented as the date and the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas will be the site of the friendly merger between boxing and mixed martial arts. Will the debate finally be settled in a way that is more satisfying than comparing apples to oranges? To quote Russell Crowe’s character, Maximus in 2000’s Gladiator, “Are you not entertained?”

This Saturday, June 17 in Vegas, a warranted and legitimate fight is taking place, yet few seem to care and the news of the inevitable showdown of sorts between Floyd and Conor has stolen the thunder. In truth, there’s nothing wrong with that and a promoter’s job is to give the public what they want. Let’s not forget that boxing has failed to do this to some degree. In a sense, we seemed to know that regardless of how long the aforementioned merger which will actually turn out to be more of a liquidation or hostile takeover remained in our peripheral view, it would eventually gain adequate steam.

There’s not much of a debate to have because despite how one may feel about this farce, the event will undoubtedly sell out in a few hours and a nice pay-per-view tally is sure to follow. Kudos to Floyd and his team as well as Dana White and company. Money never sleeps and just when we thought we were able to move on, we’ll be reminded that “Money” can still fight. Floyd’s already in the neighborhood of being a -$1,100 favorite per early betting lines. There’s not much difference from his past fights, is there? McGregor is +$700. Some of Mayweather’s past opponents such as Robert Guerrero and Andre Berto may faced similar, farfetched odds.

Lastly, is anyone complaining that this fight should have been held in AT&T Stadium in Arlington or somewhere comparable enough to keep the blue-collar fan in mind? Nonsense and not so just because the Raiders will be playing visitor to the Cowboys that particular Saturday evening. No one expected Floyd and his MMA challenger to fight anywhere other than Sin City. Too much green at stake, which is why Canelo Alvarez’s upcoming bout with Gennady “GGG” Golovkin was never seriously considered for anywhere else. There’s our answer. Some of us may actually cheer for Floyd because after all, he’s part of the “40 and over” crowd now.

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  1. Alt Knight 10:44am, 06/16/2017

    Koolz…Sanders’ net worth certainly doesn’t place him in the proletariat class. haha. He’s one of those wealthy “socialists” like Strauss Kahn and George Soros. Good ole Bernie was hanging out in a hippie commune in 1971, even though the guy was thirty years old, go figure. The guy was so lazy that even the hippies told him to take a hike. Seems that Bernie was allergic to pulling his share of the work and just wanted to talk helping out the working poor. The guy probably never held a legit job in his life, and if he did, you can bet it was a job that produced absolutely nothing of value, like farming, construction, factory work, etc. What will be hilarious is if Conor and Floyd go out there and pull off a well rehearsed acting job on the dimwits who pay to see this charade.

  2. Koolz 08:44am, 06/16/2017

    Mayweather vs McGregor perspective.
    two guys are going to make total of 200 million dollars.
    one is considered a defensive master who has even said he would beat GGG.
    The other has never boxed professionally in his life.

    the out come…MWHAHAHAHAHA!
    Is this the Greatest Swindle Ever!  I will be posting the Youtube vid or any vid of this fight when it happens.

  3. Koolz 08:27am, 06/16/2017

    Bernie Sanders
    was put there to make Satanic Hilary win.
    He sold his soul to the devil and for that they gave him
    nice big house and fancy sports car.
    Of course he is a Communist.

    The shooter was on Anti depressants just like every other shooter
    before him.  “By now people a light bulb should have gone off
    over your head!”
    He didn’t always live in a Van and he was sculpted to hate all things not left.
    He had a weapon grade military gun.

    what I see McGregor’s sparring vid is someone who wishes they could Thai Kick!

  4. Alt Knight 06:32am, 06/16/2017

    IF we lived in a sane world, no athlete would make millions for one night of “work.” Hell, no athlete should become rich for playing a sport that kids play for enjoyment. At the end of the day, this fight doesn’t amount to a bowel movement in the grand scheme of things, or either does the Super Bowl. These two egomaniacs, stole part of their gimmicks from wrestler, Ric Flair, contribute nothing worthwhile other than acting like aholes. As for Scalise, the guy CUCKED when questioned about what he was doing at a meeting discussing civil rights for White European Americans. Scalise said he had no idea what the meeting was about, as if discussing rights for Whites is criminal or evil and should be a shameful act..  Scalise, then Trump were both leaned on to “disavow” Dr. David Duke,” even though Duke isn’t exactly a major supporter of either one of them.  Now, will former communist, Bernie Sanders, HAVE to disavow this shooter and his other violent supporters?

  5. Koolz 04:01am, 06/16/2017

    I forgot Mayweather wouldn’t take a fight unless it was nine!  Nine figures!
    Dubai offered that and well now we have this.

  6. tuxtucis 12:06am, 06/16/2017

    This fight will be or a farce or a massacre: no way for a third possibility. I bet on a landslided decision for Pretty Boy, who will not throw power punches to last the fight…maybe he will be floored too, to give fight some cerdibility….

  7. tuxtucis 12:03am, 06/16/2017

    @Alt Knight: you forgot a lot of muay thai boxers who were champions in western boxing too: Saensak Muangsurin, Veeraphol Sahaphrom, Samart Payakaroon, Sot Chitalada and many many others…

  8. Anonymous 05:38pm, 06/15/2017

    Sick joke, no?

  9. Koolz 01:24pm, 06/15/2017

    I want to say that in martial arts if you put your arm out and tried to keep a guy away from you this is what happens in a split second. 

    Your wrist is locked back your knee is either locked or you are swept under so your arm get’s twisted into a lock too as you are on the ground.  That’s part of Akido. 

    Or you arm is locked and then your throat is crushed.  UFC is a sport after all.

    I never ever faced anyone that put there hand out to keep someone at distance waiting for them to punch.  In Preying Mantis Kung fu you can collapes and break someones power in seconds, never take your arm from your waist your doomed.

  10. Koolz 01:08pm, 06/15/2017

    Let’s Hype McGregor!  God damn it’s like that no gloves boxing of Gypsy’s!!!
    Let’s Go!

  11. Koolz 01:03pm, 06/15/2017

    McGregor will be making 9 figures off this exposition fight.

    Only in Land of Sin are they handing out that kind of money.

  12. Koolz 01:01pm, 06/15/2017

    There just sparring but….Oh Man!!!!  foot work is just horrible!  That’s just the beginning…of the problems.

    This might be one of those fights where wife beater can sit back on a shoulder roll laugh and counter with jab all night and combos.

  13. Koolz 12:54pm, 06/15/2017

    He is correct.  McGregor really has no chance of winning and Mayweather
    only cares about winning to 50 and money nothing else.
    and nonprophet you are so racist it’s not even funny go back to and shut up!

    Now Scalise is a set up and the official story is he was fine with the bullet wound when he was taken to the hospital.  Never ever believe anything MSM tells you it’s a lie.  They did something to him at the hospital to make him in critical condition.  It’s Rich all over again.
    Washington Hospital twilight zone material.

    The gun used was military grade now there changing the gun story too.
    Trump has visited Scalise and brought his own special doctor to the hospital so hopefully he will recover.

    no I didn’t forget about Vitali.

  14. Anonymous 12:29pm, 06/15/2017

    Freak show. Remember when, after the bell rang to end the Mayweather-Pac borefest, Mayweather hugged the midget and said “well, we both made some good money, eh?”

    That’s all you need to know about this super scam and anybody who pays to watch it gives new meaning to the word asshole!!!

  15. nonprophet 11:12am, 06/15/2017

    “This is an affirmative action play for a black world class scammer and nothing more.”

    Still more of the racist claptrap regularly spewed by the contemptuous “Irish….whateverthefuk….

    Now he (or “it” perhaps) has his brookies in a bunch over a rich black man getting even richer.  Even though all the shyte talking about a fight was initiated by an attention-starved Irishman named Conor McGregor.

    You got something against money, Irish Frankie whateverthefuk?  If so, why not ask your boss for a pay cut? 

    That is, if you even have a job.

  16. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:26am, 06/15/2017

    Give credit where credit is due….this pasty faced Irishman is the perfect foil! This particular scam just wouldn’t work if he was black or even Latino…he’s whiter than white….the only thing whiter would be an albino Swede….perfect! Fukin’ perfect!

  17. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:58am, 06/15/2017

    The bullet shattered his hip, his pelvis, ripped apart his bladder and lower colon. He’s fighting for his life because a maggotshit progressive was “angry”. One of maggotshit’s buddies said he was a tough guy….really?....hard nosed Scalise of Sicilian heritage would have pounded the shit out of him if only he had a fighting chance.

  18. Alt Knight 05:48am, 06/15/2017

    Koolz….I left out Vitali Klitschko. Klitschko was a world champ in both kickboxing and boxing. Probably the best combination kickboxer/boxer of all time. I used to like Dennis Alexio back in the day. His fight with Stan Longinidis should still be on YT. Longinidis destroyed Alexio’s leg with a brutal kick.

  19. Koolz 05:29am, 06/15/2017

    Damn Alt Knight you are bringing back some memories for me!
    Don “The Dragon” Wilson can’t forget!!
    Maybe McGregor get’s lucky with one punch in the first two rounds.
    stranger things have happened.

  20. Alt Knight 05:10am, 06/15/2017

    Here is how 3 kickboxing legends fared in the boxing ring. All 3 of these guys were better strikers than Conor without a doubt. And with the exception of former contender, Arthur Williams, who stopped, Rick Roufus, all these guy’s opponents were journeyman or flat out tomato cans. Dennis Alexio was 7-1-1 with 5 ko’s in the boxing ring but he was taken the distance by one TIm Jones, a guy with a career record of 1-10. This same Tim Jones stopped Don “The Dragon” Wilson in the first round. Wilson logged an anemic boxing record of 6-3 with 3 ko’s, but was himself ko’ed 3 times, once by the aforementioned Tim Jones. Rick Roufus is the only one who fought anyone of note, that was former cruiserweight contender, Arthur Williams, Williams stopped Roufus in round 4. Roufus was even stopped by journeyman, Bobby Crabtree in 7. Roufus finished up 13-5 with 11 ko’s.

  21. Alt Knight 04:42am, 06/15/2017

    Good thing this isn’t in the octagon. McGregor looks at least 20lbs heavier than Floyd. Look at the difference in their head sizes. The only two kickboxers who won world titles at both boxing and kickboxing that I can think of were James Warring and Troy Dorcey. Tex Cobb won some version of a kickboxing title I believe as well, but Tex couldn’t break an egg with his punch, and Troy Dorcey wasn’t much of a puncher either. At least a boxer has a better chance in the cage fighting an MMA fighter, especially a huge puncher. Look at what Ray Mercer did to former champion, Tim Silva. A huge puncher like Mercer connecting with those little MMA gloves has got to put a hurting on someone. Warring, also had a 3 fight career in MMA going 2-1, losing to one of the Gracie brothers by submission. A few kickboxers have had experimented in the boxing ring with less success, champions kicboxers like Rick Roufus and Don “The Dragon” Wilson, enjoyed much less success in the boxing ring. No kickboxer or MMA fighter is going to do well against any world class boxer in a boxing match, much less, an all time great like Mayweather Jr. I have a better chance at hitting the Powerball Jackpot than Conor has of beating Floyd in a boxing match.

  22. Alt Knight 07:39pm, 06/14/2017

    If all types of striking were allowed, Buakaw Banchamek would kick both their sorry arses on the same night. Now, I would actually pay to see that and I haven’t paid for a PPV since Fenech-Nelson I.

  23. Darrick 07:34pm, 06/14/2017

    Great read Marc!

  24. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:11pm, 06/14/2017

    There’s no different styles factor here….this is to be a 12 round boxing match and McGregor has no boxing style….none. McGregor will not land a single, solitary punch of any consequence. Floyd will score his first KO since 2011 and if McGregor gets out of the first round it will be a Goddamned miracle for the ages. This is an affirmative action play for a black world class scammer and nothing more. It’s all good for Floyd because the vast majority of the sukass sukers getting scammed will be white!

  25. Koolz 06:54pm, 06/14/2017

    Cheer for Floyd?  That made me Laugh!
    Ok I have seen all of McGregor’s fights on UFC since his first fight.  He has lost by take down.  Is he a good boxer??  Good striker yea, boxer ...UFC doesn’t allow you to be good at one thing.  Three rounds vs tweleve rounds.

    My question is who has McGregor been sparring with for this fight? 

    An example is Pound for Pound bantam weight UFC champion sparring Lomachenko and getting beat around the ring by Lomachenko.

    I am curious about this fight with Floyd and McGregor.  I remember back in the K1 days having different styles against each other.

    We can’t think a boxer would beat a Kick Boxer because leg’s are a longer reach then arms.  once you get Judo in there, grappling jitsu it’s get’s more complicated, then Ground Pound game on floor, even more complicated.(everyone has forgotten about Kung fu styles)

    well I am going to be watching this and Rooting for McGregor!

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