Mayweather vs. Ortiz: The Unspeakable

By Ted Sares on August 8, 2011
Mayweather vs. Ortiz: The Unspeakable
Floyd Mayweather is not Andre Berto and there likely will be no shock and awe in this one

Fighters grow old overnight. Nobody mentions this because nobody believes it can happen, but it happens…

Most boxing fans expect Floyd Mayweather Jr. (41-0) to contain and neutralize “Vicious Victor” Ortiz (29-2-2) in a fight that may not be any more eventful than his win over Oscar De La Hoya, though that may have appealed to purists. But Victor, unlike the Golden Boy, is at his prime and is as hungry as a Sumo wrestler looking for his next meal. Moreover, the specter of a strong, pumped up Ortiz exploiting Mayweather’s one potential weakness—namely, ring rust—is compelling.

Floyd Mayweather does his fighting at lengthy time intervals—some call it cherry picking, but conversely he should suffer from lack of tune-ups and resultant ring rust. The fact is, however, an inactive PBF always shows up with all cylinders tuned and working and with little or no sign of rust.

Unless this changes, Floyd should be able to make Ortiz fade in the later rounds as Victor runs out of his highly combustible fuel while at the same time Mayweather zips opens his remarkable toolkit and begins to assemble and display the various surgical and blunt instruments with which he intends to school Ortiz for the remainder of the bout. In this scenario, look for PBF to make Ortiz look like the fighter who drew with Lamont Peterson just two fights ago. Floyd is not Andre Berto and there likely will be no shock and awe in this one. After all, if Mayweather can make Juan Manuel Marquez look helpless over 12 rounds, he should be able to do the same with this hombre.

The Unspeakable

But, and this is a BIG but, Floyd is nine years Victor’s senior and there is always the scenario where a fighter grows old overnight. Nobody mentions this because nobody believes it can happen, but it happens.

If Floyd comes in both rusty and faded with reflexes no longer as sharp or focused due to age and lack of real ring activity (not to mention his legal issues), look for Ortiz to reach and punish him. If that happens, a by now damaged Floyd will not be able to outclass and outpunch Ortiz for the final six and may be fortunate to survive the fight.  Indeed, the potential of a vicious “Vicious” pummeling a suddenly faded Mayweather right out of boxing is even more compelling than a P4P-caliber Mayweather using super skills blended with controlled violence to make Ortiz look amateurish over 12 rounds, though both clearly are intriguing spectacles.

This scenario has erased previous top fighters from the P4P rankings. Think not? How about Joel Casamayor, Acelino Freitas, Diego Corrales, Kostya Tszyu, Roy Jones Jr., Dariusz Michalczewski, Markus Beyer, Matthew Saad Mohammed, Wilfred Benitez, etc. Each, for whatever reason, may well have “grown old overnight.”

It happens.

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  1. DonHerbarni 02:12pm, 01/06/2012

    Great pic! Seriously. Can I use it here? windermere hotels

  2. The Thresher 06:33am, 08/13/2011

    Thanks, Sharkie. PBF does it with time intervals between fights. Shrewd matchmaking? Nope.

  3. Sharkie 03:55am, 08/13/2011

    Good article Ted and you made some reasonable points on either view of the fight. You also mentioned “cherry picking” which seems Floyd’s Modus Operandi throughout his career. I can’t recall FMJ ever going after top guys in their prime, only old or washed up fighters with big name recognition. That’s how he kept his O.
    Thanks for another good read Ted!

  4. Your Name 07:30pm, 08/12/2011

    I change my prediction…. sorry. Ortiz will get knocked out in this fight. He can’t survive through 12 rounds.

  5. "Old Yank" Schneider 07:19pm, 08/12/2011

    The Thresher—I tend to write in my head a lot—a storage place for future articles.  I’ve got at least 10 to 12 articles banging around in there on any given day.  So far I’ve been very lucky that when the time comes to pour out on a page what’s been written in my head over the past weeks, months and even years, I’ve yet to get a block that lasts much more than a wink. Call me lucky.  My “other career” demands a ton of writing from me every day.  Although I have a passion for my career, there is nothing that can feed me like pouring out a few words about boxing.  PEACE.

  6. "Old Yank" Schneider 07:14pm, 08/12/2011

    I can’t wait to read it—looking forward to it.

  7. The Thresher 07:08pm, 08/12/2011

    Very Good. That’s a good pace. I tend to write in spurts so that have a surplus in the event of writer’s block. I just finished the first editor’s cut on my crime book and I literally worked 18 straight hours on it to beat a deadline. That is exhausting.

  8. "Old Yank" Schneider 04:55pm, 08/12/2011

    The Thresher—I will be doing an article a month.  Thanx for asking.  Next up will be around the 15th.

  9. The Thresher 03:35pm, 08/11/2011

    Old Yank, why are you not writing?

  10. The Thresher 09:17am, 08/11/2011

    I too like the Geek’s post.

  11. Iron Beach 08:46am, 08/11/2011

    i’m pretty much on board with Boxing Geeks assessment…‘cept for ONE thing, Arum would LOVE to make this fight ASAP. He knows how much it $tands to make him and knows theres no guarantee that FM will be around to fight. The man’s life is pretty unstable, prison or the morgue could be in his immediate future…he does tend to be in a lotta’ skirmishes where firearms are present.

  12. The Boxing Geek 07:47am, 08/11/2011

    The difference between Pacquiao’s cherry picking and Mayweather’s cherry picking is that Pacquiao fought a lot of very dangerous fights before becoming a star and was not protected that heavily at all before the big shot against Oscar de la Hoya. A lot of us (including me) picked de la Hoya to beat Pacquiao because of size and because he had done so well against Mayweather and arguably came very close to winning. SInce then, sure, there’s been an element of cherry picking but his match-ups have been arguably stronger than Mayweather’s. All that said, Bob Arum has been going out of his way to make as much money for as little risk since Pacquiao KOed Hatton and Arum doesn’t appear any more eager for Mayweather-Pacquiao than Floyd. I’ve written it off as a fight that will never happen. As for Pacquiao-Martinez…. Pacquiao may not be legitimate champ at 154, but Martinez is now a genuine middleweight. He’s not a factor in the 154 mix unless something changes and Pacquiao isn’t likely to fight at middleweight.

  13. The Thresher 05:19am, 08/11/2011

    Ok, but I DID say that some call him a cherry picker.

  14. Iron Beach 05:03am, 08/11/2011

    Well initially it was Yank, I woulda’ balked for my fighter also, WDF had ever heard of this? WDF woulda’ let their fighter subject themselves to testing they knew nothing about? Blindsided as it were. Pac has since agreed to a form of testing and May said not good enuff. Moving the goal posts as it were. But you know all this…don’t turn tumbo on me Yank. Lets HOPE they do it after their next fights respectively. Gym time, I’m out.

  15. "Old Yank" Schneider 04:39am, 08/11/2011

    I thought Pacquiao refusing TESTING was the roadblock!

  16. "Old Yank" Schneider 04:36am, 08/11/2011

    My feathers get ruffled when Mayweather is singled out as a cherry-picker.  Indeed it is TRUE, but Mayweather is FAR from being alone.

  17. "Old Yank" Schneider 04:35am, 08/11/2011

    Iron Beach—Manny “claims” that he should be recognized as being a champ at 154.  Bring on Martinez at 154.  Otherwise, Pacquiao’s claim to being a 154 pound champ is a FRAUD.  Frankly it already is a fraud.  If ever a fight DEFINED cherry-picking and if ever a fight DEFINED FRAUD, it was Pacquiao and Margarito fighting for a VACANT 154 pound title at a CATCH-WEIGHT, with neither fighter having an ounce of credentials at 154 and the fight being sanctioned as a championship bout when it VIOLATED the rules on how a vacant title gets filled.  FRAUD!  Don’t get me wrong, Pacquiao is an AMAZING fighting machine and I feel blessed to get to watch him perform.  But I hate to be made out to be a CHUMP with the BULL CRAP of how many belts he claims to have become a champ at.  It is a FRAUD!

  18. Iron Beach 04:13am, 08/11/2011

    tell me OY, just who has the bigger challenge…Pac or May? And who should Manny be facing, since Floyd keeps throwing up roadblocks to keep from facing Manny, IMHO.

  19. "Old Yank" Schneider 04:08am, 08/11/2011

    And Ortiz is what, young enough to be the son (if not grandson) of any Pacquiao opponent?  We call it crafty match-making when Pacquiao selects opponents and cherry-picking when Mayweather picks opponents.  Go figure!  This craft or picking ability does not diminish the capabilities of either Pacquiao or Mayweather, but it sure as hell highlights them.

  20. "Old Yank" Schneider 04:01am, 08/11/2011

    I expect Ortiz to be full of energy and perhaps too much of it.  Mayweather’s experience and skills will get the job done.

  21. The Thresher 06:07pm, 08/10/2011

    raxman. He seems to train all the time, yet he has time to host his entourage. That’s what puzzles me. How can he stay so focused? But he does.

  22. raxman 05:03pm, 08/10/2011

    ted the bull - nice one mate. and thanks for the clips. i of course went straight to the hatton v kostya clip - i don’t care what anyone says - and i’ve thought this since watching the fight in a melbourne pub full of english backpackers - if that fight is anywhere else in the world the ref pulls hatton up for his constant holding - that said he prob still would’ve won as KT was well finished by then - as you say we didn’t know - but we should more part time than floyd and mostly caused by injury, the major difference of course is the KT would balloon in weight - he didn’t train between camps - if you can believe what they say about floyd he lives in the gym.  i imagine the sparing floyd does in camps are like fights - it’s the only way to explain his lack of ring rust when he fought JMM and Mosley.

  23. The Thresher 04:36pm, 08/10/2011

    Your Name. Just might be the subject of a future piece. Thanks, partner.

  24. Your Name 01:54pm, 08/10/2011

    It is a little bit like playing a shell game—Tarver did tackle Jones during his decline, and here I am talking about Tarver not getting his big shot.  I suppose this has been done from the beginning.  It just seems like it has gotten worse. 

    If boxing is to survive, then more attention needs to be paid to the old trainers—those guys who never really cared all that much if they made any money—they just wanted their guys to win.  They are a dying breed.  How about an old boxing style school where young trainers could work under the guys who really know the game?  Pass it on.  With club shows dying out, most of these guys have turned to white collar boxing to pay the bills.  We need serious trainers almost more than we need serious fighters.

  25. The Thresher 05:27am, 08/10/2011

    Mary Lynn, I may well take you up on that great suggestion. Thanks.

  26. Mary Lynn McDavid 01:19am, 08/10/2011

    Ted, I was reading this story on the Mayweather-Ortiz fight and it made me think of something that has become epidemic in boxing.  Maybe you could do a story on it.  When I got into the sport, about 17 years ago, it coincided with the age of the uber-protected fighter.  The costs of putting on small club shows caused them to dwindle, so every manager saw each fight as a make or break proposition—there might not be another Saturday night.  I think of guys who paid their dues in the gym and finally got a significant fight, only to be shut out by the powers that be, because they were now too much of a risk.  So, after all that work and little money, they get relegated to a place where their only hope is to grow old and become a launching pad for an up and comer.  I think of Glen Johnson, Antonio Tarver—even our own Freeman Barr, to a degree, only he was pretty much squelched from day one.  The big promoters are responsible—especially the network promoters.  It would be wonderful to go back to a time where the best men fought and the best man won.  Now it takes a computer program to match fights and assess the risks.  Anyway, thanks for telling it like it is.

  27. The Thresher 07:12pm, 08/09/2011

    Nopporn, great to see a visior from Thailand on here. We have one from Italy and I’m waiting for the poms and Aussies.

    I agree that it SHOULD be a UD, but there is that 1-8 chance that his reflexes are gone or that his focus is off.

  28. Nopporn 06:01pm, 08/09/2011

    Mayweather may grow old overnight? Nah…..I don’t think so. Not yet at the moment. Floyd will be ready for anything Ortiz brings into the ring come fight night. Ortiz will be frustrated by Floyd’s defense. That’s for sure.
    My prediction: Floyd Jr. wins by UD

  29. Your Name 04:48pm, 08/09/2011

    Victor Ortiz may be fighting Mayweather at just the right time and may have just the right style to beat him. Ortiz is not lacking in confidence and Floyd is not getting any younger. If Floyd has an off night he may just fall from his high position in the ratings. The money was in fighting Manny Pacquiao but Floyd has avoided that fight, knowing in his heart the Manny has just the style, power and motivation to beat him.

  30. The Thresher 04:10pm, 08/09/2011

    Mm. I’d say his best oppoenet outside of Ortiz was Collazo. But most have been set up as you say.

  31. The Boxing Geek 03:04pm, 08/09/2011

    Well, Thresher, I think Berto’s talent was genuine. I think people gave him more credit for accomplishment than he deserved. Ortiz was probably the best fighter he faced. The guys he beat to win his title were jokes at best. I think he would have beaten Mosley if he had not pulled out and the soft matchmaking before and after the abortive Mosley fight damaged his confidence. I don’t think Berto’s career is over but he needs fights with quality journeymen and prospects instead of the anonymous bozos he’s mostly been fighting. He fought a great fight, all things considered, against Ortiz and Victor merely proved to be a real beast at welterweight. I’d also disagree that Mayweather has never shown ring rust. I think he’s shown ring rust in multiple fights (most notably the first Castillo fight and the fight with De La Hoya) and either the judges or his opponent bailed him out every time.

  32. The Thresher 02:52pm, 08/09/2011

    Thanks, J.D.

  33. Johnny Donuts 02:46pm, 08/09/2011

    TED THE BULL STRIKES AGAIN!! Nice article, Bull!

  34. The Thresher 02:10pm, 08/09/2011

    BTW, guys, I got the idea for this piece from some of Tumbo’s posts on another site. That’s why I enjoy posting on 2 or 3 different sites as you can get great ideas for articles.

  35. The Thresher 02:08pm, 08/09/2011

    del g, that’s about what I think. 117-112

  36. The Thresher 02:07pm, 08/09/2011

    Yeah Geek, you may well be on the money. I think too many people gave Berto too much credit.

  37. The Boxing Geek 01:58pm, 08/09/2011

    I think Floyd will win but I think it will be a much harder fight than he expects. I’d go so far as to call this the best fight Mayweather has given his fans in awhile.

    Berto does not have Mayweather’s skills and fought too brave a fight against Ortiz, but he is very fast and Ortiz showed he was not particularly bothered by Berto’s speed. Mayweather isn’t going to rough Ortiz up the way Marcos Maidana did when he beat him. Ortiz might rough Mayweather up the way Jose Luis Castillo did when he deserved to win their first fight.

    It’s worth keeping the first Castillo fight in mind.

  38. The Thresher 01:02pm, 08/09/2011

    Pugknows, gee, you left one out.

  39. Pugknows 11:36am, 08/09/2011

    Bull, aka Kid Blast, aka The Thresher, aka Boss Man, I like the angle of this article. Keep them coming.

  40. del g 06:59am, 08/09/2011

    It’s all about how Floyd Mayweather deals with the first 5-6 rounds. Ortiz will be going for a KO in quick fashion. If he fails to deliver that KO in the first half of the fight. Floyd gets the UD. But I can see Ortiz rockin’ Money, similar to Mosely. Can he follow up better than Shane?? Only he knows that. He is a hungry, strong young buck. The whole card is great tho so I’m lookin forward to all the bouts. Floyd wins tho…..117-112 imo

  41. Iron Beach 06:42am, 08/09/2011

    BTW…thanks for all the clips Bull.

  42. Iron Beach 06:41am, 08/09/2011

    Do I see it happening, No, do I think it will happen, NO, do I believe it could happen…well hell yeah it could happen. Victor is much the sharper, quicker puncher than either of ‘lil Floyds last two opponents and could very well land a southpaw power shot that could turn FMs 35 yr old legs to jelly and he will have enough gas to follow up unlike SSM. Still FM by UD….....however. :Peace!!

  43. The Thresher 05:08am, 08/09/2011

    Well, I did call it The Unspeakable But isn’t that what people said about Jones against Tarver in their first fight when Jones came in an old man? Just saying.

  44. Pablo Edwin Obregon 07:03pm, 08/08/2011

    You have to be kiddingI I can’t believe that any one will even dream that Mayweather can be defeated by Ortiz. The fight will last as long as Floyd wants it to last. Age overnight? Think of something else!!!!

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