Mayweather vs. Pacquiao II? No, Thank You

By Marc Livitz on November 8, 2016
Mayweather vs. Pacquiao II? No, Thank You
Lastly, it's not their time anymore, or at least it's certainly close to curtains for them.

Who among us really wants or more to the point wishes to pay to see a rematch between Mayweather and Pacquiao?

Somewhere in the neighborhood of one last sundown in the United States, many of us will either roll in the feeling of victory, agonize over defeat or perhaps watch with utter disdain at the future of the land. The land, of course meaning the United States. While this article won’t look to discuss politics, it might however shine a light upon an unwanted possibility in the boxing world. This past Saturday evening in Las Vegas, Manny Pacquiao moved within a single victory of reaching sixty total by way of a resounding, almost one-sided win over Sin City native Jessie Vargas. Some have hailed the “Pac Man”‘s triumph as a sip from the fountain of youth alongside a welcomed return to form. At the same time, it’s also quite possible that the twenty-seven-year-old Vargas was caught up in the lights and glamour of a high profile, pay-per-view telecast. The high profile part, of course, is up to one’s own interpretation.

Those of us who took in the bout via Pay TV may not have been prepared for the ringside commentaries by former welterweight champion Tim Bradley and more to the point, the opinions and views by the always opinionated Stephen A. Smith. Something which may have caught us off guard however was the sight of the king of the pugilistic mountain, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. sitting ringside. It seemed out of sorts, to be sure although he used to be in such a place during his first “retirement” give or take eight years ago. Regardless, whether or not he was there as a guest of Pacquiao (as Manny attested post-fight) or because he took a wrong turn in one of his limited edition sports cars and ended up on the UNLV campus, one thing should be clear. Will this be a case of voices united or a clearly divided landscape which mirrors the current state of American news? The brains that be started turning that wheel once again. Who among us really wants or more to the point wishes to pay to see a rematch between Mayweather and Pacquiao?

Shortly after the fight had concluded, a certain Hall of Fame member and head of Top Rank Promotions indicated to the press at hand that a second helping of what should have been left alone after May 2, 2015 is a plausible, if not possible thought. “I give it a seventy-five percent chance of happening,” said Bob Arum. “Now, that doesn’t mean that the fight will happen, but if it does, it won’t take a long time to make because the animosity that was there before the first fight is gone. There’s no more animosity between the camps.” Such words would be music to our ears akin to that of Vivaldi had they been uttered in say, 2010.

Shortly after Pacquiao put on perhaps the greatest working interview of his stellar career in November 2009 by way of a thorough shellacking of Miguel Cotto and Mayweather’s toying with Juan Manuel Marquez two months prior, we as fans and observers alike should have been treated to boxing’s biggest possible bonanza.

We were instead made to wait and the sentiment for many as the years dragged on was similar to having to wait until marriage. Okay, that may be an unfair and inaccurate stretch but we can clearly see where this argument is headed. There is no need for a rematch. There may be close to no desire by the buying public to pay for a rematch. This writer was fortunate enough to be part of the media present for the big one eighteen months ago and was about thirty feet away when Floyd accepted what he at least claimed to be a check for one hundred million dollars. The bout itself grossed more than half a billion in overall revenue and was one where the average and even affluent fan of the sport was shut out in the most cost prohibitive manner. If anything, we as fans are owed.

An apology cannot be made in the form of another bout, regardless of whether or not Pacquiao feels it necessary. If he’s been unable to hang on to the millions upon millions he’s made in the sport, then that’s his own problem. He’s been known for the longest time to be quite the philanthropic individual, just as is the case with Floyd. The brighter side for Manny is the simple fact that every eight figure payday he’s pocketed in the last decade goes much further in the Philippines than Mayweather’s dough does stateside. In any case, if he’s burned too much of it for whatever reason, then hey, too bad and so sad. If he wants us to watch him again, then maybe he should take a look at a talented chap such as Kell Brook for some healthy competition.

Of course, none of this is within our collective control. If they want it to be done, then it likely will, much like so many cringed when they decided to purchase the May 2015 contest at one hundred dollars (plus taxes and fees) on Pay TV. Clean the screen as well if anyone thinks they’d do us a favor and show a redo on free TV or even premium cable.

Lastly, it’s not their time anymore, or at least it’s certainly close to curtains for them. We thank them for what they’ve given us and at the same time remind them how their mere presence in the boxing world holds up the progress of other fighters. How much buzz as there this past weekend in Las Vegas? Fans were presented with a conundrum of deciding on whether to purchase a likely walkover win for Pacquiao or save their pennies for the long awaited and painlessly created light heavyweight championship clash between Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev set to take place in less than two weeks’ time.

Speaking of pennies, we don’t need a rainy day this time. We know better.

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  1. procopy 05:55pm, 11/08/2016

    I’m a pactard. But nope, am not going to pay to watch this fight again. Manny’s gonna lose again. Manny got caught a lot of times by a greener Vargas plus Mayweather is too cunning. I’ll watch for free. Maybe if Manny fights Marquez AGAIN, maybe I’ll take a look at my wallet. But for this one, nope, I’m not willing to pay Mayweather for a jabbing lesson.

  2. Your Name 03:38pm, 11/08/2016

    am sure u will write this one if it happens…lol…you’re very funny MARK LIVITZ!

  3. RONALDO 03:35pm, 11/08/2016

    lol….you hypocites am sure you will watch this if it happens…mark my word idiots…. including you MARK LIVITZ…

  4. boy blanco 03:28pm, 11/08/2016

    who care’s we still wanna watch it…100$ ppv no problem…

  5. Pete The Sneak 01:05pm, 11/08/2016

    What’s the old saying, ‘Fool me once.’?...There is no way in the world I would be involved in another PPV with those two guys. I shelled out my ducats for the first one and still have a lingering bad taste in my mouth a year or so later. I’m not hating on their wealth and possessions and whatnot, hey, more power to them. Just won’t contribute to them any longer. Now, will I watch the fight should it happen? Of course, I’m a boxing fan first and foremost. However in this case the replay will have to do for me. I will, as Marc Livitz indicated, save my pennies for the Krusher/Ward battle, where there will be a chance of a pretty damn good fight breaking out…Peace.

  6. Koolz 11:32am, 11/08/2016

    what’s the point of amassing a giant fortune if you are not giving back to the world?
    excess just bogs down your life and your spirit.  More things to worry about.  More sports cars, a private jet, more homes, more wives…all of it is the opposite of Spirituality.

    More money more things more value?  That is not what Value is.
    More money an expression of the Ego?  Money and having lot’s of money should not be an expression only of the Ego this is not Wisdom.

    Yes I will watch the fight but as for how much money each fighter makes I could careless.

  7. Eric 11:07am, 11/08/2016

    Haven’t paid to watch a boxing match since Fenech vs. Nelson I and I am not about to break my string for this one. @Koolz…If nothing else, Trump exposed the lying media to the masses. Me thinks that there will be massive voter fraud and the election is indeed rigged. To be fair, the Bush family had to be up to some hanky panky in 2000, quite obvious for all to see, Gore took that election. DROP this electoral bullshit and just go with the popular vote, America. I would add that the Kennedy-Nixon, as well as Obama-Romney, were probably rigged as well.

  8. ed 10:39am, 11/08/2016

    I guarantee you If it happens, you are going to watch it . Hypocrites! Just be your self and enjoy and not get jealous of the fortune the two have amassed.

  9. Koolz 09:22am, 11/08/2016

    Sure they are rigging the election but honestly even if Hilary is put in there by them she won’t last.  The Psychology has been put in place by Trump and it’s not going away.  Civil War on a Conscious level.

    Oh Pac and Mayweather…yea I see this happening.  It’s going to happen and Mayweather will win again(sorry folks)  They will both make millions in another fight where Pac attacks and Mayweather defends, then counters.

    I just don’t see this fight as a some exciting slug fest.  Their styles do not mesh.

    I Think the casino said they made Billion Dollars!  off the Mayweather Pac Fight.

    Pretty easy money for a lot of people when this fight is created again.

  10. Eric 07:07am, 11/08/2016

    This fight would draw only slightly better than a Hillary rally. Even if Trump gets in, the future looks bleak for America. Trump would at least give a dying America a shot of morphine on its way out, with Hillary, ya just take the pain. Better start learning Chinese, troop.

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