Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: Phone Home

By Robert Ecksel on January 19, 2012
Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: Phone Home
"Floyd called him last night and the context of the conversation is between the two of them."

Everyone is getting as worked up as a gang of teenage boys having found a stash of old Playboys in a basement apartment…

The endless tit-for-tat between the camps of Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao has been truly embarrassing. It has involved many characters and many cherished moments, and has been a dreary display of boxing’s unruliness for the non-boxing public to laugh about while elbowing each other in the ribs.

Mayweather’s copping a plea to domestic violence, which he now says never happened: Bob Arum’s pie in the sky Las Vegas version of Boyle’s Thirty Acres; Richard Schaefer’s blaming, finger pointing, and pandering to the lynch mob of Arum haters; and Oscar De La Hoya’s round-the-clock tweeting has made all the participants, which the exception of Pacquiao, who has maintained a dignified silence, look like a Ship of Fools toasting themselves with a giant iceberg approaching starboard.

Now comes the news that Mayweather and Pacquaio have actually spoken, on the telephone no less, and everyone is getting as worked up as a gang of teenage boys having found a stash of old Playboys in a basement apartment.

“They spoke,” Leonard Ellerbe, one of Floyd’s main men, told earlier today. “Floyd called him last night and the context of the conversation is between the two of them.”

Ellerbe has every reason to be tightlipped about what went down. Loose lips sink ships. It’s good that someone in Mayweather’s circle is remaining tightlipped. Now if they can keep the irrepressible Roger from adding his two cents we might actually be getting somewhere.

“I can’t say what exactly was said,” Ellerbe said, “but I know.”

How’s that for satisfying one’s curiosity?

“Floyd wants to fight Manny Pacquiao on May 5,” continued Ellerbe, “and he went as far as to reach out to Manny Pacquiao personally last night. Floyd has shown more than a willingness to get this fight done and this is really, really what he wants to do and what he wants to give to the fight fans.”

That’s not breaking news. That’s old news. Everyone knows that Mayweather wants to fight Pacquiao on May 5, and I’m sure Pacquiao, in a secure undisclosed location somewhere in the Philippines, has been kept appraised of every charge, slight and insult flying like spitballs from the U.S.

In addition, Floyd’s “willingness to get this fight done,” as Ellerbe puts it, is a rather sudden change of heart. Could it be nothing more than a reaction to Manny’s subpar performance against Marquez in his last fight? Before that, all we ever seemed to hear was “Take the test. Take the test.” Does anybody beside me remember that? Or I am being unfair for having the gift of remembrance?

Almost everyone I’ve spoken to is worn out by this nonsense. The richest fight in history between the presumably two best fighters on the planet should have been made years ago. That it hasn’t is a slap in the face, or a sucker punch if you will, to the sport that is near and dear to us all. With Mayweather’s 90-day jail sentence awaiting him, and several opponents’ names having been dangled in front of fight fans like a carrot on a stick, is the fight everyone wants to see any closer to becoming reality?

Or are the players blowing smoke for a change?

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  1. eli 09:50am, 02/23/2012

    Hey Robert Ecksel, if respect is the topic the feeling is definitely mutual. Sorry it has been a while since I checked in. You know, I wish it wasn’t about race or racism, but let’s not ignore the “Elephant in the room.” That’s exactly how the mass majority of the world is brainwashed into thinking even with a “black president.”  I love everybody, as I see people truly for their contributions to the planet Earth even you writing your articles, I appreciate the time you take to write. But after stating that, I must call a “spade a spade.”  Please don’t feel offended about what I’m about to say…  It’s funny that most “White Males” view racism different from the rest of the world’s population, except those of “us” who completely lost our “Identity” and bought into their system. From even b4 Jack Johnson to Floyd Mayweather now, even to the “Up and comer” Anthony Broner, there is a difference in how most of the media ran by “White America” portrays them in comparison to lets say a “Kelly Pavlik” and certain other fighters who they choose to favor because they invested money and politics behind them.  I remember Larry Merchant and Jim Lampley were about to make Pavlik the “face of Boxing” because he beat Edison Miranda and Jermain Taylor?  C’mon seriously??  But when they commentate for let’s just say fighters they don’t particularly “fancy,” there is always a different type of “Language” attached to them that can perpetuate negative images to other people. This reality for me is a very real and painful.                                  I find it rather arrogant for people to imply how we should be affected psychologically by these negative images, and down play the fact that Racism, created for the purpose of “White Supremacy” doesn’t play out in almost every aspect of this world, Boxing included. I don’t Blame you at all but lets be real with each other so we can really understand each other better if you choose to want to understand. In conclusion, Mayweather’s first press with Ortiz, he said “I want to fight the little guy.” Let’s be serious a lot of us knew he meant Mr Pacman, but just in case you missed it, the very next day at the next Press event he said, ” And for the record, Pacquiao your next.”  Check the dates Rob!!!, this was before Mr Pacman’s fight with Marquez where he looked kind of off. So Floyd dint just look at that third Marquez fight and say “Oh I want to fight him now,” and thats another misleading point that your article quoted. I do however feel that after the “Manny Marquez third fight,” Mayweather couldn’t help but lick his chops a bit more at the chance to shut people up once and for all. Is he wrong for doing what has done in the sport of Boxing since its creation???  “Seize the Advantage!”  It’s still up to Arum, Roach, Konz, Ariza, oh yeah and Mr. Pacquiao to shut the critics up and call Mayweathers bluff and produce this fight. I’m still waiting for the articles where you talk critical of Bob Arum… He’s the biggest problem with this fight not happening after viewing the information we’ve been presented with but he has a lot of you “Media guys” in his pockets to spin his version of events. You say you are fair and unbiased? Floyd and Pacman never ever fought yet correct? OK, so why would you show a picture of Floyd getting punched by Pacman? That didn’t happen. They didn’t fight yet. So that is sensationalized journalism…  You let your personal admiration for Pacman and dislike for Floyd create a picture that can be misleading to many readers. You could’ve just shown the classic staredown between the two. Or you could shown them on even terms getting off on one another. I like Money May but for the love of the sport, the fans, and being equal I wouldn’t disrespect Pacman and show him getting hit when it didn’t go down like that. To me sir, that is unfair journalism. But, I guess you are good, because you got a response out of me Mr. Robert…

  2. the thresher 07:04am, 01/22/2012

    In the ring, Mayweather is special. Outside the ring, he is not.  It’s no big deal. You just have to compartmentalize,

  3. Angelo Lefty Evans 09:25pm, 01/21/2012

    Wow… Well said on both parts. I always respect the views of anyone who’s not trying to degrade or pass bias toward ANY race…. Boxing has been full of champions of all races what makes me uncomfortable is people who do not acknowlede the obvious both Pac and Mayweather have done some cherry picking and licked from the plate of stardom. Pac is a very exciting fighter I don’t know too many people who will debate that. Floyd is also exciting if you love a technician and to see over and over fighters that will be picked to give Mayweather problems end up at the end of the night looking as if they may need to go back to the drawing board. I give Pac more than a puncher’s chance because he is a champion and has punished his past opponents. Agree or disagree Marquez just has Pac’s number I’m sorry it’s evidential and he won that last bout but that’s my opinion. Mayweather has yet to meet that piper that can expose Floyd’s tune at least someone who hasn’t abandoned their game plan when they start to get off on Mayweather such as Oscar and Judah who to besides the Castillo 1 fight came the closest. Anyway its good to give credit when credit is due Mayweather is strategic and the guy could fight one day he will get that without a conjuction following.

  4. Robert Ecksel 07:29am, 01/21/2012

    Eli—To each his own opinion. I respect that, and would like to believe the feeling is mutual. If I write something critical about Bob Arum or Richard Schaefer or Russell Mora is it because one is Jewish and one is Swiss and one is Hispanic? By your reasoning that would have to be the case. It’s true that Mayweather offhandedly said during a presser with Ortiz, “You’re next,” but he didn’t mention Pacquiao by name and was smirking. A day or two later, Leonard Ellerbe, Money May’s confidante, said they wanted “the little guy.” If these remarks convince you that Mayweather wants the fight to be made (and forget about the “take the test, take the test” business and his recent rejection of a 50/50 purse split), so be it. I’m not convinced, and won’t be convinced of anything until they step into the ring. I’m all for confident black men. After centuries of oppression who in their right mind is not? But I’m also for champions conducting themselves with dignity. I know that’s old school and may be irrelevant in this day and age, but I am who I am and can live with it. Finally, I loved Ali from the moment he first appeared on the scene and will love him to his dying day (he was after all the Black Prince come to save his people). Generalize all you want, but jumping to conclusions about what someone else feels and/or felt 50 years ago based on one’s own biases is a tricky business, and you, like me, have as much a chance of being right as being wrong.

  5. Eli 08:25pm, 01/20/2012

    As a neutral boxing fan, I challenge Robert Ecksel to write a unbiased article and get his facts right. When Mayweather annouced his fight with Ortiz, he already been said “And Pacquiao you’re next.” Go and check the date out. That was before Pacquiao fought Marquez for a third time. So this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are wrong about Mayweather seeing the Marquez fight and now he wants the fight all of a sudden. Who are you so-called “Boxing experts” who actually get a paycheck to spew B.S sensationalized journalism. Even if Mayweather said “ok Pac’s not looking too hot right now let’s fight,” Pacquiao and Freddie Roach did and do the same sh!t too all the time (Shane Mosley) looked horrible after Mayweather and the Mora fight and Freedie said all of a sudden after ducking Mosley for 3 years that Pacquiao was going to be the first to stop Mosley… Floyd is a “Confident Black man with a bigmouth, money and a ego” and a lot of y’all are uncomfortable with that. Y’all love Ali now, but hated him too when he spoke and acted brash. It’s the same ol’ song and dance all the time.

  6. The Tache 02:26pm, 01/20/2012

    This whole thing (and the Khan debacle) just reminds me of politicians talking crap and disagreeing with everything the other lot say.
    Blah, blah, blah wake me up if a contract appears before they are both shot.

  7. "Old Yank" Schneider 12:31pm, 01/20/2012

    Future Headline: Pacquiao and Mayweather to Self-Promote Bout—Golden Boy and Top Rank left holding their puds in their hands looking for a sister to kiss.

  8. mikecasey 02:02am, 01/20/2012

    I think we might well see the End of Days before Floyd and Manny get it on - as long as J.C. and Old Nick don’t get bogged down in contractual disputes.

  9. the thresher 06:17pm, 01/19/2012

    At this point I no longer care if they ever fight. The entire scene is a disgrace and is bile-inducing.

  10. Robert Ecksel 03:50pm, 01/19/2012

    David—Arum’s a wily codger who may or may not have Darth Varder-like control over Pacquiao. We know Richard Schaefer, the former Swiss banker, has no control whatsoever over Mayweather (nor does anyone else). There’s so much blame go around for this rigmarole that I’m loath to single out anyone as the main culprit. You’re right that it’s a good sign that Floyd gave Manny a call. And no doubt Manny, also as you point out, hasn’t liked being called a juicer and punk. On one hand this endless merry-go-round is good in that it keeps boxing in the news. On the other hand it reinforces the notion that boxing has been trying to commit suicide for years—and can’t even do that right.

  11. David Matthew 03:31pm, 01/19/2012

    The see-saw game is tiresome…but at least Floyd is seemingly pushing for the fight and the gesture of making a phone call seems to further showcase his seriousness in wanting to be diplomatic enough (as diplomatic as floyd can be) to show manny he’s serious…

    I do think it’s strategic timing on Floyd’s part of course…after the Marquez fight - Manny looked as vulnerable as ever, and the floyd-pac fight still has the luster it had when it was first conceived…but if Manny turns in another sub-par performance, it may quickly lose its golden appeal.

    Manny must be wanting to play games as well…as if he really wanted to fight Floyd - he wouldn’t care that it’s May 5th - a date Floyd picked…he’d get it done.  But I’m sure Manny is trying to retaliate for the insults and character insults he’s eaten from Floyd over the past few years…and it doesn’t help that Arum seems to have Vader-like mind control over the negotiations.

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