Mayweather vs. Pacquiao…Again?!?

By Robert Ecksel on June 26, 2013
Mayweather vs. Pacquiao…Again?!?
Floyd Mayweather's record speaks for itself. He is a tactical genius, in and out of the ring.

This is Floyd Mayweather’s time. The multi-city press tour in advance of his Sept. 14 with Canelo Alvarez has eyeballs focused on Money May. And those who are not talking about Mayweather are talking about Canelo and his chances of defeating boxing’s grand master.

After years of speculation about Floyd possibly fighting Manny Pacquiao, which included a kaleidoscope of misstatements, disinformation and dodges, no one but no one is discussing Mayweather vs. Pacquiao anymore—no one, that is, apart from Floyd Mayweather.

According to, Mayweather charged that “You guys [in the media] built Pacquiao up to this level and said he was better than Floyd Mayweather…I’m not pointing a finger at no particular figure.”

Aside from the cloak and dagger “I’m not pointing a finger at no particular figure” (with its we know who you are subtext), I have serious doubts that the media—which deserves to be taken to the woodshed on many accounts—deserves to be taken to the woodshed in this instance, for inflating Pacquiao’s accomplishments. Granted, the media is imperfect (which makes it a perfect reflection of our imperfect sport and profession). But the buck stops there, except of course when it doesn’t stop there at all.

Pacquiao’s “level” as Floyd calls it—and the faux “loss” to Timothy Bradley and genuine loss to Juan Manuel Marquez must be taken into account—wasn’t determined by the media, grand proclamations concerning this, that, and the other thing aside. Manny was considered one of the best fighters on the planet for one simple reason: he was one of the best fighters on the planet.

If Pacquiao was a media creation, as Mayweather alleges, we would have to discount if not deny his brilliant performances in the ring. Whining about catchweights and questionable decisions is all well and good, but Pacquiao, at his very best, was a thrilling performer. And while Mayweather can demean the Philippine to his heart’s content, as fabulous as he is on many fronts, thrilling he is not and has never been. That’s not to say he isn’t great. His record speaks for itself. He is a tactical genius, in and out of the ring. But his fights, which are almost always noncompetitive, and for which Mayweather can’t completely be faulted, do not raise the blood pressure, let alone the roofbeams.

The reason why Mayweather even brought up Pacquiao is more interesting than his ostensible argument. Despite the bravado and zillions of dollars in revenue he can generate, it’s possible, perhaps even likely, that even Floyd understands that the fight between him and Manny that never materialized is a world-class opportunity lost, and that future historians, not hypnotized by the glittery present, will of necessity take note.

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao would have been the highest grossing fight in history. It would have established, when it might have actually mattered, who was the number one pound-for-pound fighter in boxing. But of course the fight didn’t happen and Floyd, whose insecurity might be showing, would be wise to let it go. He’s thinking about that which the rest of gave up thinking about a long time ago—and not without some sadness, and not without a tinge of regret.

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  1. shadowboxer 01:38pm, 07/27/2013

    Far i remember Mayweather is not even his own boss anymore and he has to do what is told to what’s best for everybody. And his little mind games may offend others and all, but know he’s under contract and managed by “showtime” to which they have to be responsible in recognizing how it could/would affect & reflect their businesses from service perspectives, if unable to provide millions of their customers ultimate wishes that’s been in the palm of their hands. So whos the boss now really-

  2. Bob Rose 03:03pm, 07/08/2013

    Let’s drop all the talk about Mayweather afraid of Pacquiao or vice versa. Fighters have larger teams than politicians, NASA flights, football teams, hollywood starlets,  or cruise ships. Fighters are not afraid. They think about sales, fight viability, futures, money and more money and careers ...both are hall of famers. There’s money to be made and eventually this fight will be made. That’s if they’re both fighting in 2015. And where will Bradley be? Time waits for no one. Pacquiao will be signing to teeny boppers in training bras and little old ladies with varicose veins all over Luzon, Mindano, and the provinces in Cebu, Hawaii-those ex sugar cane bolo swingers, S. Cal and San Francisco and Money Mayweather will be either be ridin’ in an electric pink rolls over the streets of Manhattan or sitting in the big Pen keeping his eyes peeled for fat slobs hankerin’ to show his kidneys their shivs. And we’ll be watching the new stars from our boring lives in Siliconvilles.

  3. Bob Rose 12:32pm, 07/01/2013

    Pacquiao was a ferociously exciting fighter of limited gifts except: stamina and strength who finessed the public-as is common in well-managed fighters- by figuring out who has a name, fan support, is over the hill and ready to be taken, a porous defense, won’t run, won’t get his punches off, and beating them up. Whoever said Hatton had no chin, would stand toe-to-toe with Manny was right. And he fell. Manny, for whatever reason, had surprising speed and non stop aggression. Mayweather is correct in suggesting he lacks the finesse of Floyd Jr. the skills of Floyd Jr. He was not a consummate boxer but he’ll be in the hall of fame first ballot. He was great copy for anyone on the boxing beat.

  4. raxman 08:42pm, 06/30/2013

    a fighter like hatton relied on the belief in his own indestructibility - as soon as he was ko’d once, he no longer had that self belief and I don’t think he was ever the same. it was more about his will than his chin. having said that he came straight fwd into pac with his hands down. so I don’t who would’ve survived that punch. pac isn’t the hardest puncher around but what he is, is super fast (which equals power to a large degree I suppose) but more importantly throws punches from angles that his opponents don’t see and can’t brace for

  5. Jack 12:42pm, 06/30/2013

    Bodyshots, you are exposing yourself with an outrageous statement: “Hatton’s notoriously fragile chin and jaw. I will just leave it at that.

  6. Bodyshots 10:10am, 06/30/2013

    Thanks DARRELL . . .

  7. Bodyshots 10:08am, 06/30/2013

    JACK, even the common opponent you cite was defeated by Mayweather first. Team Pacquiao* watched, learned, and correctly calculated that no popular fighter’s $tock actually goes down following a loss to Mayweather. with his fanbase intact, chin adequately exposed, and after an appropriate aging period, Team Pacquiao* eagerly flung their promotional dart at Hatton’s vulnerable Name with predictable results. the actual fight revealed nothing that would encourage anybody about Pacquiao’s* chances in a potential showdown v. Floyd. Pacquiao* has always been a single-fisted, one-dimensional, fighter and puncher. bottomline, whatever Marquez was able to do v. Pacquiao* at 126lbs, 130lbs, and 145ishlbs, Mayweather could do better with the possible exception of the #1 KO in Boxing History that Marquez scored in IV.

  8. Bodyshots 09:52am, 06/30/2013

    Comparing primes or opponents is academic and the wrong filter with which to analyze the Pacquiao* v. Hatton matchup, which boiled down to one fatal flaw: Hatton’s notoriously fragile chin and jaw. it’s a primary example of Team Pacquiao’s* brilliant mismatchmaking strategy: matching Pacquiao’s* punching-strength v. a Name, with a fanbase, a porous defense, and suspect chin. ANYone who was relying on Hatton’s chin to defeat Pacquiao* was simply delusional and the actual results were predictable.

  9. Darrell 11:36pm, 06/29/2013

    Afraid?  Sure he is…sure.

    Remember it was Pacquiao who backed out of the fight ultimately.  Never forget that.

  10. peter stark 08:32pm, 06/29/2013

    Mayweather can run at the mouth and say what he wants but he was afraid of Manny.
    Mayweather is not a coward, but he didn’t want to face someone with equal power and speed and a dash of madness which is what Manny brings to the ring.  Manny is uncontrollable and fearless and Mayweather wanted none of that.

  11. Jack 06:44am, 06/29/2013

    Darrell, I respectfully disagree with your assessment that Hatton was damaged goods at that point. He was coming off an 11th round TKO of Malignaggi, who was arguably in his prime at that time. We just saw what the “much hyped” Broner couldn’t do, against Malignaggi 5 years later. Yes, Hatton was never the same after Pacquiao KO’D him in the 2nd round. The point I made was: that Bodyshots declaration that Pacquiao was never in the same league as Floyd is simply not true based on a common world class opponent. It has nothing to do with strategy or fighting styles. If you were to ask me who I think would win between Floyd and Pacquiao in their prime (which has passed for both ), I would have Floyd winning a decision but that doesn’t mean that Pacquiao is not in the same league as Floyd. That statement is simply not accurate.

  12. Darrell 01:56am, 06/29/2013

    Sorry Jack….if you use Hatton you must remember that he, Hatton, was never the same fighter again after fighting Floyd.  A mentally beaten fighter by the time he faced Pacquiao.

    Besides Floyd rarely goes for a stoppage as he looks to feel his way through the first few rounds of his fights figuring them out before schooling them.  A come straight on fighter like Hatton is manna from Heaven for Pacquiao.

    I agree that Pac was an exciting & world class fighter at his best but his team has unabashedly shifted the landscape in their fighters favour for the last few years….it showed in the close fight with Bradley & JMM fights either side of that.  Only problem, it didn’t help him in those.  His best years were against Morales, Barrera, etc., when he wasn’t needing catchweights & other machinations to aid him.

  13. Darrell 01:35am, 06/29/2013

    Bodyshots 02:39pm….brilliant comments, absolutely on the money.

    Couldn’t have put it better myself.

  14. Jack 04:51pm, 06/28/2013

    In response to “Bodyshots” declaration that “Pacquiao was NEVER in Mayweather’s league I strongly disagree. Floyd TKO’S Hatton in round 10 in 2007, a year and 1/2 later Pacquiao KO’S Hatton in round 2 after Hatton beats Mallignaggi by 11th round TKO, not an easy feat. He was a world class fighter that was stopped in the 10th round by TKO vs being stopped by KO in the 2nd round. Your assessment that he is not in the same league doesn’t make any sense based on a common world class opponent? Just a note to the Broner bandwagon: That was Mallignaggi in his prime 5 years ago.

  15. Bodyshots 11:23am, 06/28/2013

    Pacquiao* was NEVER in Mayweather’s league nor has any other “prime, battle hardened opponent” been able to give Floyd a serious or sustained run for his money. besides, the stage was already set for the Mayweather v. Pacquiao* $howdown before random and mutually-applied testing inexplicably became a deal-breaker. Manny’s* panicked reaction to Floyd’s otherwise harmless request put his entire ring-legacy into question. i’ve always believed that the primary reason behind Team Pacquiao’s* rejection of testing was their own belief that a bout v. Mayweather would result in a lopsided and anti-climactic mismatch in Floyd’s favor, which would have abruptly (albeit predictably) derailed the Pacquiao* money-train. while some could never pry their eyes away from the scripted production of “Pacmania” taking place center-stage, others were keenly aware of the old man standing behind the curtains busily pushing the buttons and pulling the levers that controlled all of the promotional smoke and mirrors. the old Wizard of Top Rank knows his business, which includes duping mainstream fans into believing in Pacquiao’s* “greatness”.

  16. The Tache 09:54am, 06/28/2013

    I think the saddest thing is that if they had fought 3-4 years ago, when people still cared, then I think Mayweather would still have won but it would have been exciting watching him have to work for it for a change.
    But as he couldn’t overcome his obsession with always having the deck stacked in his favour, we will never know for sure and Mayweather will always lack a career defining victory over a prime, battle hardened opponent who could give him a real run for his money.
    Maybe he realises that now, but it’s too late. If he beats Manny now, then so what? As Floyd is always fond of saying, he has lost twice already. It would be a victory for his bank balance rather than his legacy, which in my mind will always be tainted by his cherry picking. Shame, I would have loved to have seen it then, as I would have loved to see him fight Cotto before he got shop worn, but I just don’t care anymore.

  17. Jack 09:06am, 06/28/2013

    Good article Robert, good assessments Michael, right on the “MONEY”!!!!!! Just a note Michael, I was in NCO school at Fort Benning and on the Army boxing team, which I had to quit to stay in the school, the same time you were in Jump School. Appreciate your service then and now. Keep Punching!!!!!

  18. Michael Hegan 03:45pm, 06/27/2013

    holyfkshit Rob…look at all the folks that responded to this article…
    Man Rob… always seem to have the dry wood on your fire

  19. Michael Hegan 03:40pm, 06/27/2013

    when a boxer lands more blows in the target area….and not have his punches blocked or slipped….and his opponent swings and misses…each missed blow would have resulted in brain damage ...etc…but they missed…

    It makes for an interesting fight…but ...if cave man doesn’t connect…and the ‘boxer’ continues to rack up scoring blows…..

    THat’s IT…..Boxer wins !!!....
    been around for about six thousand years…

  20. Michael Hegan 03:34pm, 06/27/2013

    Jeez MIKE…..

    I guess this wouldn’t be the best time to ask you to buy a table for the Timothy Bradley fundraiser for blind and crippled orphans…...two hundred bucks…eight to a table

  21. Michael Hegan 03:29pm, 06/27/2013

    Pacquiao is starting another career….His commitments are very demanding…he has chosen to follow his Public Service magnet…. There aren’t enough hours in a day for Pacquiao to serve both MASTERS….

    Pacquiao’s Boxing Career has been secondary for some time now…..and he is trying to find an exit strategy…....
    pbf wants to fight Pacquiao now…?? after Pac man loses his title then gets KO’d with his Marquez last match up…

    why now…and not five yrs ago

  22. Michael Hegan 03:23pm, 06/27/2013

    Boxing is Boxing…not a tuff man contest   ffs

    Score blows ..without being hit….That about wraps it up.  You wanna go cave man….and be the kind of power puncher who rips his opponents’ eyeballs out and skull fuks ‘em… say a Tyson…....
    it fills the seats
    Only way to beat a CAVE MAN OFFENSE is by using the other skills involved in Boxing…..
    make him miss….disrupt him with jabs and feints….keep changing the angles…and score blows…don’t let him get set…

    Boxing is more than punching holes in opponents’ chests….or splattering brain matter into the fifth row of the ringside viewers

    As an amateur….I got beat by both styles…...bulldozers with cannons…and ninjas with razor blades….

    Boxing isn’t just cave man style….Boxing is about ‘the fight’

    Sandpiper…movie with Steve McQueen….Boxing match/sailor’s fight   Boxer won over bulldozer

  23. Michael Hegan 03:13pm, 06/27/2013

    I believe Bradley beat Pacquiao that night….I believe Willie Pep beat countless opponents I believe Malignaggi won his match with bonehead….all because of the scoring system…A punch landed a punch scored…....and if these punches are not the kind of blows that knock out teeth ...etc…..they still are scored.

    If bonehead or pacquiao would have landed their vaunted power shots…..well then that’s another matter…....IF my aunt had balls….she’d be my uncle !!

  24. Bodyshots 02:39pm, 06/27/2013

    regardless of whether Pacquiao* wins or loses v. Rios, it should be abundantly and glaringly evident that he remains no match for Mayweather. in fact and on paper, the choice of Rios, coming off a loss, moving up in weight, and compelled to travel to China, is simply the latest example of calculating promotional maneuvering that has served Team Pacquiao* in the past. conversely, Mayweather is facing a prime and undefeated fighter, coming off his most impressive win, and in a higher weight-class. they are fighters headed in different directions as if they weren’t too far apart already. a Mayweather v. Pacquiao* “showdown” was an anticlimactic matchup in favor of Mayweather a couple of years ago. it’s a glaring mismatch regardless of who prevails in their next bout. Pacquiao’s* little more than a Salido-type contender from here on out. he’ll handle gate-crashers and test prospects but he’ll never be (if he ever was) an elite fighter again. except among those who are still under the spell of Arum’s promotional smoke and mirrors and Worse.

  25. Ted 11:03am, 06/27/2013

    6994 hits. Amazing but that’s what happens when you put the names of these two guys in the title. The fans come in like a stampede. Pac Tards and Money’s home boys, It’s a phenomena and proves that Pac is still very viable as a major attraction.

  26. Mike 07:48am, 06/27/2013

    Michael Hegan if you believe Bradley beat Pacquiao then you do not know anything about boxing, it’s that simple. Theres no argument there’s no debating. I watched that fight over and over and over and Pac won every single fuckin time, its disgusting to see that people believe bradley won that fight and say they are right. 3 wbo judes re-scored the fight and all came out with pacquiao winning unanimous decision. You are ignorant and stubborn and I am sorry to have read your comment. You do not know SHIT ABOUT BOXING. That’s a FACT kid. You saw the fight many times and say Bradley won? Thats impossible, you did not see the fight its simple. Fuck man, don’t write so confidently on something you’re completely wrong on lmao, it makes you look really really dumb. Learn the sport PLEASE please

  27. paul 06:45am, 06/27/2013

    The last person Floyd KO’d was going in for a hug. That’s pretty exciting stuff in my book.
    Does the fact that that was entirely within the rules raise some questions about this sport, haha

  28. Michael Hegan 11:17pm, 06/26/2013

    might have…could have..should have..and another three laps around the track

  29. George Thomas Clark 09:41pm, 06/26/2013

    I never understood Mayweather’s obsession with Pacquiao’s possible use of PEDs.  Mayweather would’ve outboxed him and won by lopsided unanimous decision.

  30. Michael Hegan 05:28pm, 06/26/2013

    as kid blast says…the fkn deal ‘s been made…rock on…..
    somehow…I’m thinking the communication dept knows this too….so ...muddy the waters…and mix up some swamp gas…

  31. Michael Hegan 05:26pm, 06/26/2013

    rumir…..look pal….I’m no big fan of pbf…bouncing around with or without six pounds/or portion thereof…...and capturing sixteen hundred titles…and skipping messing with the big spider…on that web….and grabbing a smaller spider’s web…..or maybe even create your own web,,,,by ‘retire’in for cupla seasons’

  32. Thresher 05:25pm, 06/26/2013

    Mayweather has now agreed to fight CANELO. How can anyone criticize that? I think he is in a situation where nothing he can do is right insofar as his detractors are concerned. That’s rank.

  33. RumirNemo 05:19pm, 06/26/2013

    I can’t understand on why Floyd Money May has to brought-up the name of Manny PACMAN Pacquiao when the press conference is about his fight with Saul Canelo Alvarez? ... he also brought the name of Manny PACMAN Pacquiao during his conference with the Mayweather vs. Guerrero fight….is it because he is so insecure about the media being brought Pacquiao to his level?? ...if FLOYD MONEY MAYWEATHER thinks that he is the best, then what we do but say AMEN to it….HOWEVER, it will still go down in the history of boxing that he is not the BEST and/or the GREATEST, should he will not give Manny Pacquiao and/or himself to prove his points…. and/or it will go down in the history of boxing as the deceitful champions of all times, FLOYD MONEY MAYWEATHER, JR….

  34. Michael Hegan 05:14pm, 06/26/2013

    when a guy out tags you ...and you fail to tag him back with any number or power shots….you lose the boxing match…

    In a street fight…you just go back and get your car and kill the sonofabitch

  35. Michael Hegan 05:02pm, 06/26/2013

    Ted…that is your opinion and you are entitled to it…
    I saw Bradley putting layer upon layer of leather to Pacquiao..‘s face and body…..and Pacquiao missing almost each and every power shot.

    Points scored for a punch landed….Bradley….no contest….As proof…look at both fighters at the end of the match.
    Bradley ....not a scratch or welt on him…..Pacquiao…swelling and welts…like he was beaten by a debt collector for gamblers….

  36. art 03:39pm, 06/26/2013

    It boils down to one simple thing, Floydie’s teeny weeny balls, small as they are, they even shrink further with the mere mention of Pacquiao.

  37. Michael Hegan 01:05pm, 06/26/2013

    It was never about the size of the purse….not really….....even if these guy s had to fight over a old shoe…..they’d disagree on the terms…..

    The time is ....gone .

    like tryna sell a george foreman ali rematch…

  38. Michael Hegan 01:00pm, 06/26/2013

    Robert Ecksel…..I calmly approach one of those ...‘elephant in the room’ kinda questions…

    Like…HOW CUM pbf and Pac never got it on ?????  it’s been what…three presidents and two decades ??

    ....the fighters themselves went
    along with the fact that the fight just didn’t take place when Pacquiao was at his best.
    it was the promoters that really
    prevented this fight
    from happening…and whole lot of ego on all sides.

  39. Michael Hegan 12:51pm, 06/26/2013

    ....I really don’t go much above curiosity ..when it comes to pbf vs pacman..
    the time has passed.

    Like….going back to a highschool reunion…and nailing that broad you always wanted to…..but after her having six kids and cupla c sections…..the magic was gone….
    I don’t care whose fault you wanna say it is….lotsa blame to go around here….promoters ...a pox on you .

    anyway….I don’t care if it comes off….and if it does….I’ll bet there will be a three-day old fish smell as to how to ‘spin’ how it got to happening.

    it falls well within the ‘braintrust’ strategy….pbf boxes only non threats…..and lately .....braintrust have moved Pacquaio over from the threat list….to the ...MUST FIGHT list

  40. Michael Hegan 12:43pm, 06/26/2013

    when leonard ‘outboxes’ Hagler…..ted is all for it…....
    when Malignaggi ‘outboxes’ boner…....ted is against it…
    When Hagler lands the most power punches ...sometimes wobbling leonard….so fkn what….kid is still standing….wdf???
    when bonehead lands a knee and the twirling uppercut..and maybe five meaningful punches in the whole 12 rounds…and at no time has Malignaggi in trouble…..HEY…GOTTA LUV ‘DEM Bombs !!’...pound the seat in front of you and have another belt !!!

    North American fight fans are what made Sylvester Stallone a multi millionaire…......they just love to see those big bombs land…..

    ......‘to die from a thousand cuts’ is one way to lose a Boxing match….....otherwise…each pro boxer would look like ‘rocky’ or ‘apollo’

    There are many ways to win a boxing match…....or even a street fight….and huge blows to the opponent are just the most obvious method….not the only method.

    Even Ali….who had soft well as bad hands…...
    He got a lot of KOs .....but it was when he’d befuddled his opponent so much ..that he was exhausted…and was taking a flurry of punches when he could no longer defend himself.

    ....catch that KO of George Foreman…....Ali could easily have dropped another combo onto a fading George Foreman…....but he stayed back…..and let gravity and fatigue take it’s course.

    ..another punk might have tried to drop a cupl..onto a helpless Foreman….but ...Ali…say what you want….had somethng called class…

  41. Michael Hegan 12:27pm, 06/26/2013

    If….if ....if….....if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle.

    pbf flushed his chance of his big purse ...with Pacquiao…..when Pacquiao was at his best… digging up many an excuse.
    Performance enhancement products were the only clear concern raised by the pbf braintrust….during those years….

    Now….years have passed…and Pacquiao has become involved in his after ring calling of Government Leadership in his country.

    Pacquiao has lost his TITLE to Timothy Bradly…and not wanted a rematch…..He got knocked out for the count of sixteen hundred and five…in his next match (instead of fighting for his Title against Bradley) when he went for the big money purse of Marquez Pacquiao 4….or was it 5….I lost count.

    Pacquiao is cleaning up he is leaving the ring…..

    If he fights again….it will be at a lesser level than what we’ve grown used to .....TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN…...well ....maybe everyone but Hopkins.and Jersey Joe Walcott…

    Popularity and wealth can do strange things to a man’s mind….make him think the rules no longer apply to him…..

    It gets them all ......eventually…...Rocky Marciano was one of very few who got out before he got used up.

  42. Ted 12:26pm, 06/26/2013

    “Bradley outboxes him” Say what? Bradley lost 116-112 IMO

  43. Michael Hegan 12:17pm, 06/26/2013

    Now that Pacquiao is starting to show the wear and tear of father time…...all of a sudden pbf has a set of new balls…and wants to fight him…...whatsamatter ????  no concerns about enhancement drug taking now…....after Bradley outboxes him…and Marquez knocks him colder than a three day old mackerel !!

    What balls pbf has…

  44. Ted 12:13pm, 06/26/2013

    If Pac KOs Rios and Money takes Canelo to school, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao would absolutely be highest grossing fight in history.

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