Money—Consummate Ignorance

By Joe Masterleo on September 12, 2014
Money—Consummate Ignorance
While you can’t fix stupid, it doesn't necessarily follow that it needs to be accommodated.

Floyd Mayweather speaking on domestic violence is like Jerry Sandusky speaking in a case of child abuse in support of a pedophile…

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”—Martin Luther King, Jr.

As you well know, Floyd Mayweather, boxing’s domestic violence counterpart to Ray Rice, has made his most recent controversial and self-serving statement in support of the radioactive ex-Baltimore Raven. Quite naturally, free speech in this country entitles him to do just that. Yet the man is so foolishly nearsighted, self-referenced and uninformed on the subject in a sport perennially characterized by same, that it remains to be seen if any in the boxing fraternity, including its writers and organizers, will forthrightly decry his comments as indisputably deplorable, degrading to its boxers and boxing. 

Floyd Mayweather speaking on domestic violence, himself the benefactor of “celebrity justice” on the matter multiple times, is like Jerry Sandusky speaking in a case of child abuse in support of a pedophile, Bernie Madoff sounding-off in support of pyramid schemers, gangster Machine Gun Kelly supporting lax gun control laws. Good grief. Says here, if Mayweather remains forthrightly unscathed and without consequence among boxing’s community at large and/or its spokespersons regarding such untimely remarks, it would be but further evidence that the sport, in principle, has gone quite literally to the dogs—dogs habitually given to eating their own vomit. Thus far, the silence from said community is deafening. What’s more, any effective regulating body in any credible sport would fine him for same, at minimum. Rather, on the heels of such unsavory incidents, the sport of boxing and its boxers remain a sad lot of unregulated loose cannons.   

The success of Mayweather’s career has pivoted on the powerful combination of rare fistic talent, defensive prowess, supreme confidence…and unwavering ignorance. Yet it would be a travesty if his sport and its organizers continue to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the champ’s (chumps) ugly “unwavering ignorance” piece. While you can’t fix stupid, particularly with regard to the untamed tongue and temperament of a Floyd Mayweather, it doesn’t necessarily follow that others in his sport continue to quietly accommodate to his, and the sport’s dark side. Not being part of a solution makes one part of a problem in any given circle. And the sport of boxing in recent years can ill-afford to further sully its public image—if there’s any left of it to salvage. Yet the odds, with regard to Mayweather’s inveterate stupidity and arrogance on the prevalence of domestic violence in our culture, particularly his own, remain in favor of the status quo.

I wonder how many writers will be chafing at the bit to comment with critical disfavor on Mayweather’s unthinking remarks? Most likely few or none. Prove me wrong.

While Mayweather has a knack for generating and feeding-off of his own negative energy in provoking such public outrage, such a tasteless attention-getting ploy is ultimately self-defeating, a distraction which may prove costly in his upcoming rematch with Marcos Maidana in Las Vegas this Saturday. While such tolerated behavior may sell tickets in the short-run, says here it serves only to further sell the sport and its sordid reputation further downstream, drowning in its own murky, polluted waters.

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  1. Leslie 11:52pm, 09/13/2014

    Friends of the writer of this article could perhaps give a long list of stupid comments he has made over the years. I imagine that if that list were to made public he would reflect more before he engage in such irresponsible and irrelevant articles

  2. Leslie 11:47pm, 09/13/2014

    The writer of this article only thinks that what he says matter, but begrudge someones right to the free speech he enjoys. It would seem that ignorance is to found at all levels of society and education

  3. Leslie 11:39pm, 09/13/2014

    The comments here are very familar, I remember Ali endured the same type of idiocy, to become the most well known man on the planet. There has always been this segment of our society whose vitirol against figthers like Mayweather is about their inadequacies, more than anything else

  4. Leslie 11:26pm, 09/13/2014

    You can’t fix stupid is clearly shown by the comments here, it seems as if stupidity bred into people, who seriously expect scholars from the ranks of boxers

  5. Leslie 11:21pm, 09/13/2014

    Personally I wish Ray Rice would sue the NFL , It would be just the thing the hypocrites deserve, for their actions in ruining his career for public relations, with their false outrage and double ruling in trying to fix their stupidity

  6. Leslie 11:10pm, 09/13/2014

    Isn’t a scholarly boxer an oxymoron? Do you now want your pugilist to be brilliant? Sounds like what it always is stupidity finding something to talk about for stupidity sake.

  7. Leslie 11:05pm, 09/13/2014

    All the attempts of the educated, and smart pooer than Mayweather commenters, should realise that desipte his supposed ignorance he knows how to count. Now looking at the money he’s manage to accumulate, from all his so called intelligent and smart critics. Makes one pause and wonder, who is really stupid?

  8. Darrell 09:43pm, 09/13/2014

    Really Joe?!  I wasn’t equating rich with stupid, stupid with rich…..or whatever with whatever.  I just like the fact that a guy you call stupid due to his perceived, and almost certainly cultivated public persona, is rich beyond any ordinary blokes wildest dreams….there’s a certain irony about it.  He obviously must have more than a clue or two, as well as the obvious physical talents, to convert it into millions.  There ain’t no dummy going on there.

    That you obviously can’t stand that persona, however true to the man it actually is or isn’t, is neither here nor there when it comes down to it.  Your reaction is overblown, and yes, it does seem on the face of it like a
    bit of a bad reaction to ghetto-nigger success partly on the back of a ghetto-nigger image.

    Would a less ghetto persona have gotten a mention from you?

  9. Clarence George 01:54pm, 09/13/2014

    I assume, by the way, that Mayweather didn’t gratuitously volunteer his statement, but that he was explicitly asked by members of the infantilized press?  If so, I’m reminded of how, following Muslim terrorist attacks, they always seek out some tongue-tied imam, demanding to know if he condemns the latest Islamic atrocity.  Who cares?  By the same token, who cares if Mayweather approves or disapproves of Rice’s wife-beating activities?  If he approves, does that exacerbate?  If he disapproves, does that mitigate?  No?  Then the relevance of his opinion is anything but self-evident.

    The fool has followed the usual pattern by issuing the useless apology.  Reminiscent of Mel Gibson’s apology to Jews, which accomplished exactly nothing.  Jackie Mason’s defense of Gibson was as effective as it was hilarious:

    “Now they say apologize, but he didn’t apologize enough.  He should apologize a little higher.  He should apologize in the morning, he only apologized at night.  He apologized, but he was sitting.  He should have got a note to apologize.  He should apologize at least two more times, four times, thirty-two.  Now they want him to get circumcised.”

    Me, I don’t give a damn what a boxer thinks about anything other than boxing.  If it’s not about boxing, he should keep his mouth shut, thus saving himself a lot of grief and preserving for the rest of us our finite number of sighs of exasperation.

  10. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:13am, 09/13/2014

    I’m more concerned about blatant fouls like elbows to the throat that he has been getting away with for years….they should be first offense, no warning required, point deductions. Not going to happen in Vegas….you can bet your ass on that….as far his comments go he probably thought he was being statesmanlike….it’s surprising that he doesn’t utter even more outrageous horse shit…..on top of everything else he’s sly and does a good job of self censoring. What a great country when individuals with IQ’s of 65 can amass $500,000,000 in career earnings and jerk ass nerds like Zuckerberg can have a net worth of $35,000,000,000 and climbing.

  11. Eric 08:04am, 09/13/2014

    Sorry, but the “media” has an agenda and the media’s blackout of “hush crimes” aka black on white crime has nothing to do with $$$ or ratings. I was using the crime in Baltimore as an example only because Rice plays for the Ravens, but there are numerous “hush crimes” that occur almost daily.

  12. Joe Masterleo 04:21am, 09/13/2014

    Magoon, appreciate the comment, but you miss the point, which is less about free speech (acknowledged in my 2nd sentence) and more about the credibility and unregulated nature of the sport by history, and it’s a sordid history indeed.  Look it up—if you can take your eyes (and thoughts) momentarily off the sheer enjoyment of watching two men beat each other’s brains to a pulp, you might come to a similar conclusion.  That you see no contradiction in an unrecovered domestic violence abuser publicly suppporting another of his kind, as in this instance, speaks volumes about his person, his sport and those who oversee it (but don’t).  As there is honor among thieves, as per Mayweather’s comments, the same apparently applies among abusers.  Birds of a feather .  .  . as they say.  The sport has no class, Magoon, and your points don’t at all help to improve upon it.

  13. Joe Masterleo 04:02am, 09/13/2014

    C’mon Darrell, by equating being rich with being smart or wise, I’m afraid you’re thinking is as suspect as Eric’s below, who equates animal abuse with human abuse.  Perhaps your nickname should also be ‘Money,’ like Mayweather’s.  And by the way, my comments aren’t racist.  In case you haven’t noticed, ‘stupid’ is an equal opportunity affliction, no respecter of race or culture.  And Eric, one day you might realize that the media features only what’s popular, $ells and elevates ratings and/or market share.  Therefore, unfortunately, in such a world a John Doe who suffers and dies in Baltimore, or for that matter in Chicago, is of little value to them.  The world, including the sports world, by and large is a topsy-turvy upside down place with regard to its values.  Right Darrell (‘Money’)?

  14. Magoon 03:57am, 09/13/2014

    If individual boxing fans want to boycott Mayweather, that’s fine. But nobody should have his speech regulated by some institutionalized body or be punished by such a body. I wasn’t outraged by Broner’s so-called racial insensitivity (just post-fight trash talk), but by his being punished for it. All respect to Mr. Masterleo and his passion, but the last thing we need is more calls for this sort of institutionalized and punitive censorship.

  15. Darrell 07:13pm, 09/12/2014

    Sorry Joe, well, not really.  This Mayweather is stupid/a disgrace to boxing/ghetto nigger (that’s a bit closer isn’t it Joe) stuff is just…...old.  I wish I were that thick…...32 mill for about 45 minutes work is pretty good going for a dummy.

  16. Eric 05:46pm, 09/12/2014

    Sorry, but using small dogs as “bait” to teach fighting dogs/pitbulls bloodlust, and drowning, electrocuting, or strangling dogs by hanging them just because the animal doesn’t fight well or loses, seems a tad more repulsive than slugging someone during a heated argument. Speaking of “human abuse,” an innocent man was gutted by a group of “youths” a couple of weeks ago in Baltimore, and the story doesn’t even register a blip on the radar screen, while the Rice story is running 24/7.

  17. Joe Masterleo 04:58pm, 09/12/2014

    Mr. George:

    Thanks for your well taken comments and observations.  However, in the merely “speaking his mind” department, you presume that Mayweather actually HAS a mind, one that reasons and leads to behaviors befitting a world champion.  There’s no written rule that says champions can’t be morons in the self-control department, but tell me, would you want a Mike Tyson to represent any endeavor YOU presided over, or better yet, marry YOUR sister?  I thought so.


    Comments appreciated, Mel.  Proves another of my points that rabid fans of any sport would be content with an ax murderer, if s/he could give the kind of athletic performance that could satisfy their lustful zeal for a sports idol.  And by the way, boxing DOES has a murderer as one of its central characters.  Calls himself Don King.

    Joe Masterleo


    Great reasoning Eric, equating animal abuse on the same level and severity as human abuse.  I remember that next time I’m tempted to flush gold fish down the toilet.

  18. Clarence George 01:23pm, 09/12/2014

    Mayweather’s remarks may indeed be self-degrading, but they in no way degrade “boxers and boxing.”  Mayweather speaks for himself, not for the sport or anyone affiliated with it.  After all, he didn’t lay claim to being the Sweet Science’s spokesman.

    “Any effective regulating body in any credible sport would fine him.”  Fine him for what, for speaking his mind?  “The sport of boxing and its boxers remain a sad lot of unregulated loose cannons.”  What exactly is to be regulated, speech?  And by whom, a committee of politically correct invertebrates?  This ain’t Canada, you know.

    I have no objection to anyone condemning, if he feels so inclined, what Mayweather had to say, but calls to fine or regulate the free expression of thought, no matter how thoughtless it may be, makes me damned uncomfortable.

  19. Mel 01:18pm, 09/12/2014

    Joe, honestly, you are a writer that practices the freedom of speech I assume almost everyday. After seeing his reaction in the above video I can objectively say that Floyd was just being positive under the circumstances. I could turn the tables and say, WHY WOULD A REPORTER ASK A QUESTION ABOUT A TOPIC THAT HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH BOXING? You would have no article if the question had not been asked.
    The point I am trying to make is….... WHO CARES! Floyd doesn’t pay my bills nor yours, he was asked a question and responded in a “Positive Way”. I do not condone the actions of Ray Rice at all when I mean at all, I mean if the NFL let him go I would feel pity, just like I don’t feel pity today however, I don’t care about Floyd’s remarks AT ALL.
    I don’t think his comment should be an issue the fact that you wrote this article, I read it and then decided to comment on it is a complete waste of time.

  20. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 12:12pm, 09/12/2014

    I’ll be watching Molina/Soto that night…it will take one punch KO to get this marginally developmentally disabled, quick twitch, muscle memory freak out of there….that’s just not the kind of power Maidana has. Far more concerned about the shit President Pinocchio is pulling than any pronouncements from this cretin.

  21. Eric 11:21am, 09/12/2014

    The NFL should not have rushed to judgement without viewing the whole tape. That being said, I totally agree with Floyd, the NFL made a call to suspend Rice for two games and they should have to abide by that ruling. Let this be lesson learned for the media and all the usual suspects in places like Ferguson, Missouri, never rush to judgement until you have all the facts presented. Of course the media is the heavyweight champion of stirring up sh*t. In my personal opinion, what Rice did was a despicable act, but I find Michael Vick’s crimes even more heinous. Rice hit his girlfriend, and while a man should never hit a woman, I find Vick’s act of torturing and abusing dumb animals even worse. Dogs do eat their own vomit, but they are far more loyal than humans, and usually are incapable of provoking someone to lash out.  I just wish the media would devote half as much effort in reporting and condemning those “Knockout Game” assaults as they have done on the Ray Rice incident.

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