#mayweathermcgregor—Going, going…..

By Marc Livitz on August 26, 2017
#mayweathermcgregor—Going, going…..
Are we not interested in Mayweather/McGregor or do we just not want to pay for it?

Boxing fans can be defensive. We love a sport which often lies on the periphery of popularity, save for a few times a year…

Regardless of where one may stand on Saturday night’s clash of combat cultures in Las Vegas, there’s absolutely no doubts now that plenty of people find the opinions of naysayers to be beyond irrelevant. The weigh-in festivities at the T-Mobile Arena appeared to play host to a raucous crowd, many of whom won’t likely see the event itself play out live on Saturday night. Ticket prices have settled that matter.

Are boxing fans really upset that the matchup between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor became a reality or that so many ‘outsiders’ seem to give a proverbial hoot about the sport once again?

There have been just a few instances where major sports networks have shown up in Las Vegas to broadcast their opinions live for all to see, direct from poolside. Everyone, if we’re to follow the popular outlets, seems to care about this fight. They didn’t care too much when Andre Ward fought Sergey Kovalev. That bout was for light heavyweight supremacy, while tonight’s bout is for nothing more than grins and giggles. Of course, the importance truly lies in the hands of the beholder or more to the point, the people who’ve paid $100 (plus applicable taxes and fees) to watch the showdown on pay-per-view. They’ll get off a bit easier than those who shelled out four figures or more for an actual ticket.

Boxing fans can be defensive. We love a sport which often lies on the periphery of popularity, save for a few times a year. Sometimes, the attention grabbing fights come around about as often as last week’s eclipse. At least, that’s how the hype around ‘The Biggest Fight in Combat Sports’ has led a few to believe. However, with so many hands to help stir the Kool-Aid, the end is much nearer than so many may think. There’s a few times this type of aggravation surfaces. For soccer fans, it’s often the irritation which comes along with the opinions of mainstream fans during the World Cup. Another example could be the way a music artist’s albums briefly sell through the roof upon their unexpected passing. This fight is a bit like that.

The respective names precede their actual effort when it feels as though everyone is suddenly interested. It’s nothing new and remember that no one is forcing you to watch. Is it a circus? Yes, but it’s a ‘Circus Maximus,’ the type where howling fans crammed into the Coliseum in Rome to watch the battle of gladiators. Only this time, the throwing of tomatoes isn’t permitted and two men will leave on their feet. It’s some type of circus when an individual who normally covers the NFL (Sal Paolantonio) shows up to do post weigh-in interviews. Where’d this guy come from?

We’ll get our sport back soon enough. A contest for all of the middleweight marbles will swoop in to save us in three weeks. That one probably won’t let you down, although the undercard is still being assembled. There are other programs to watch on Saturday evening. Of course, there’s the clash between Miguel Cotto and Yoshihiro Kamegai for the vacant WBO world middleweight title and there’s also NFL football, albeit unwatchable preseason action.

If it may be asked of us as fans, then can we give an honest answer? Are we really not interested in the Mayweather/McGregor contest or do we just not want to pay for it? By Sunday morning, very few sports fans will have come about the knowledge of the bout’s results upon waking. It’s big, it’s here and soon….it will be gone. Rest easy, friends.

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