Mayweather’s Next Opponents

By Ted Sares on September 24, 2013
Mayweather’s Next Opponents
From a financial standpoint, a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight would raise the all-time bar.

“If Mayweather-Pacquiao ever happens, it’ll be because Pacquiao came to Mayweather, with hat in hands and concessions ready to be conceded…”

“If Mayweather-Pacquiao ever happens, it’ll be because Pacquiao came to Mayweather, with hat in hands and concessions ready to be conceded. This is no longer a bout made on equal footing and, at this point, nobody expects it to be a 50-50 business affair.”—Paul Magno

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has an incredible level of buzz going, but to keep it going he needs his next opponent to be Canelo-like with a reasonable chance to win. In my view, Danny Garcia fills the bill. Having beaten Lucas Matthysse decisively, the undefeated Garcia has become a viable candidate. Moreover, the undercard featuring Angel Garcia vs. Floyd Sr. promises to add fuel to the extravaganza. Once again, “someone’s ‘0’ must go. “

After disposing of “Swift,” Junior will be entitled to a break and who better to present that than the UK’s Amir “King” Khan. What a Khan fight offers is an opportunity for Mayweather to keep the buzz going but this time on foreign soil for the very first time. A Mayweather- Khan would be for the UK what Canelo-Mayweather was for the U.S. except that the savvy Brit fans are more realistic when it comes to assessing hype and buying into Canelo-type mania.

After dispatching Khan, Mayweather will move to 47-0 and in reach of the magic 50-0 mark that will give him even more gravitas for being considered an All Time Great. But he will need to pick his opponents carefully so that while on the one hand they offer viability, on the other he can maintain his edge. The inflection point here is a tricky one.

Subsequent Possibilities

A highly unlikely Bernard Hopkins at a catchweight, an unlikely Gennady Golovkin, Sergio Martinez, Manny Pacquiao, Timothy Bradley, Brandon Rios, maybe even Ruslan Provodnikov depending on how he does against the all-action Mike Alvarado, and the remote possibility of a rematch with Juan Manuel Marquez if he KOs Bradley in spectacular fashion. If Alvarado does well against Ruslan, he can get into the sweepstakes as well.

GGG and Hopkins are no-no’s

Why are GGG and Hopkins unlikely? Golden Boy De La Hoya fought at 130, 135, 140, and 147 until he was almost 30, but when he came back down to face Pacquiao, he was obliterated. Coming down in weight is more often than not a recipe for big trouble, particularly if a fighter has fought a significant number of fights at a higher weight.

The next fight (and win) for GGG is against the boisterous Curtis Stevens. At this point Quillin and Martinez won’t fight him, but that will change and I see Quillin stepping up to the nasty task. Martinez is no fool and he will agree to fight Mayweather and take his retirement package with not nearly the beating he would get against Golovkin.

Golovkin is a masterful boxer and crushing puncher, and I go could on and on and on. His punches are extremely compact and he cuts the ring off better than any living boxer. He takes people who Sergio Martinez had difficulty with and slaughters them. He is not Alvarez who let Matthew Hatton go the distance; he is not 22 years old; he didn’t have 35 amateur fights. And he is not a Robert Guerrero who asks you to punch him in the face. But more to the point, he is a middleweight.

Martinez, Bradley (if he beats JMM), and finally Pacquiao, though beating Rios impressively doesn’t necessarily translate to a competitive fight against Floyd. However, from a financial standpoint, a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight would raise the all-time bar, and for a guy with Mayweather’s nickname, that translates to “let’s get it on.”

Here they are:
1. Garcia
2. Khan
3. Martinez
4. Bradley
5. Pacquiao

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  1. Ted 12:12pm, 10/24/2013


  2. dollarbond 11:48am, 10/24/2013

    Thanks Ted.  I just realized you answered my question

  3. Ted 07:28am, 10/18/2013

    Well, Curry was a head case. You never knew which Curry would show up.

  4. Ted 07:14am, 10/18/2013

    Dollarbond, it should be Bradley, but it won’t be. I will still go with Garcia at this point but I am not ruling Pac out just yet.

    Should be interesting as things play out here. Forget GGG as I think he will move up.

  5. John aka L.L. Cool John 07:47pm, 10/17/2013

    JC45: Curry beats or give a hell of a fight to Mayweather? Are we talking about the same Donald Curry? The Curry I’m talking about lost to Lloyd Honeyghan, Mike McCallum, Rene Jacquet and Terry Norris. I saw (in person) two of those losses. No way Curry beats Mayweather in my opinion.

  6. John aka L.L. Cool John 07:18pm, 10/17/2013

    But if they box, I’d wager Mayweather could beat them.

  7. John aka L.L. Cool John 07:16pm, 10/17/2013

    JC45: I’ve never heard of Lionel Messi or Usain Bolt.

  8. dollarbond 06:33pm, 10/17/2013

    So now who do you see as the front runner?

  9. BIG WALTER 10:17am, 09/30/2013

    A simple observation: You article about Mayweather’s next opponents has over 18,000 hits. The Rigo one, while still new, has 1,200. Do the math.

  10. Ted the Bull 05:48pm, 09/29/2013

    Wow, always great to hear from one of the most knowledgeable fans I know. JC45 is as sharp as they come when it comes to boxing. Not unlike many other Aussies. They know the sport.

    That said, I’m not sure I quite agree with you yet on FMJ not being a GOAT. That remains to be seen.  I’d opt for ATG.

  11. JC45 05:43pm, 09/29/2013

    As a final bit of gibber are people seriously putting Amir Khan up as an opponent for Floyd ? Ridiculous. Danny Garcia is another guy who has barely beaten anyone. Khan and the incredibly hyped n overrated Matthysse ? Hardly enough to warrant a fight with the so called best fighter on the planet. Martinez is shot , Bradley is smaller than Floyd ( he is a 140 lb fighter ) and was nearly ruined in his last fight. Pac is past it , Floyd and he should have fought 5 years ago at least.

    The depth of good fighters between say 140 - 160 is at an all time low . I cant blame Floyd for that. I can honestly say except for Golovkin there isnt one fighter in those divisions who I rate .

    Take it easy everyone.

  12. JC45 05:37pm, 09/29/2013

    As a last comment Mayweather may be very famous in the USA but in Australia he is basically unknown.

    His level of fame compared to fighters like Ali ,  Tyson , Leonard , Duran, George Foreman and Larry Holmes is in no way comparable.

    The Alvarez fight had very little pre fight publicity here in oz. Shit I remember our school teacher bringing a radio into class so we could listen to the Ali - Foreman fight live . Unimaginable now days.

    Foreign sportsman who have the kind of notoriety Ali had in Oz arent common but people like say Lionel Messi, David Beckham , Tiger Woods , Usain Bolt , Michael Phelps, Federer and Nadal are very famous.  Compared to them Floyd is basically unknown.  Just an Oz perspective for you Seppos ;)

  13. JC45 05:29pm, 09/29/2013

    Gday Ted , I’ve emerged from under my rock to have a quick post .

    Trinidad, De La Hoya , Mosely , Curry , Starling , Leonard , Hearns , Duran , Napoles , Griffith . There are 10 135-147 lb fighters off the top of my head I could see beating Mayweather or at least giving him hell in their prime.

    For the so called GOAT his resume is garbage.

    Can the Floyd fans name ONE prime GREAT fighter Floyd has fought?

    Mayweather’s people are the smartest team I have seen as far as intelligently matching and managing their fighter. They realise that without his zero and an opponent who has a large fan base Floyd doesnt really have that much going for him as far as selling his fights. He isnt particularly exciting and his fights tend to be fairly dull.

    Then you have the way Floyd ” retired ” and let the best 147 lb fighters basically wreck each other. Cotto and Margarito come to mind. On styles even a Clottey would be far more difficult for Floyd than say Alvarez , Guerrero or the aged Cotto. Clottey was tall , fights in a shell and had a great jab .

    The worst styles for a 5 ft 8 welterweight who is a counter punching defensive fighter are A. Rangy , fast , powerful guys with height , reach and a great jab. Floyd hasnt fought any of those ( a well past his best Oscar post his middleweight adventures doesn’t count for mine ) .

    Honestly , beating Canelo Alvarez ( a neophyte with ONE decent fighter on his record in Trout ) , Guerrero, Cotto at 154 , VICTOR ORTIZ and the 37 year old Shane Mosely are hardly wins that make Floyd great. Smoke n mirrors .

    Pacquiao’s record doesnt shine so brightly if you examine it as well . Not many if any peak prime great fighters there either.

    As a last point why do Mayweathers fans find the idea of him fighting at 160 so offensive ? I can name dozens of lightweights and welters who ended up fighting middleweights . Leonard beat Hagler after he had one fight in 5 years. Griffith fought many middleweights , Napoles ( a natural lightweight ) fought Monzon. Mickey Walker fought Schmeling for fucks sake.

    Floyd is perfect for the internet age. Image is everything and the clueless fans nowadays seem to think an unbeaten record matters more than who you fight.

    To be fair to Mayweather though I do admire his dedication and technique
    . In a lot of ways he may be the last great boxer. I look at the p4p lists and its full of old men , even Andre Ward is over 30 now.

    I also admire the way Floyd has basically ” robbed ” boxing and made a bundle without facing the best fighters . When you are old , punchy and broke a great resume wont buy you a feed or pay for your children’s school fees so good on Mayweather’s management for conning those who dont see clearly .

    To someone who has been following boxing since the early 70s as a young boy the modern game just doent do it for me anymore.

    Keep up the articles Ted you champion. Always enjoy em mate.

    Gday Donny ;)

  14. Ted the Bull 04:12pm, 09/29/2013

    Thanks gents for your posts and debates

  15. Darrell 05:46pm, 09/28/2013

    Known boxing people also believe Mayweather won the fight. It’s obvious you care a great deal about credentials & “name”.

    Good on you Monte….fanboy ay?

    Pompous git.

  16. Monte Cox 12:50pm, 09/28/2013

    Not all judges agree. Harold Lederman as I pointed out had it for Castillo. Other boxing men whose opinion I respect also thought Castillo won the first fight. Mayweather should have one loss on his record. I understand you’re a Mayweather fanboy, but I don’t care to discuss it further.

  17. Darrell 12:14pm, 09/28/2013

    No Monte you got that one wrong.

    He clearly won that fight. The three judges who scored it clearly got it right & I agree with them. You would obviously accuse them of not knowing the judging criteria either?

    As the movie line says, “The hate is strong in this one”.

  18. Monte Cox 11:54am, 09/28/2013

    @ Darrell. No I got that one right. As I said Mayweather didn’t even think he won the fight before the decision was announced. You apparently don’t know the 4 categories for judging a fight.

  19. Darrell 03:52pm, 09/27/2013

    Well, whoop de bloody doo for you Monte.  Chalk that fight up as one you got wrong as there was no way Castillo won that fight.

    Harold Lederman may have been a decent judge at some time….not that night though. Simply astounded at some of the rounds he gave to Castillo, especially both points deduction rounds which Mayweather won big (of course the 2nd was an even round) & equally astounded a judge, as you claim to be (I’ll take your word for it), could see it the same way as Lederman

    Well not that astounded actually as I’m pretty much aware of the regard, or rather lack of, that most of the posters have for Mayweather…..

    It’s all good.

  20. Monte Cox 09:48am, 09/27/2013

    @ Darrell. I couldn’t disagree more. I’ve scored literally thousands of fights since the 1970’s and could give a class on how to score a fight. You can read my article on it;
    Harold Lederman, an excellent judge, had it 7-4-1/115-111 Castillo. Also 10, 11 & 12 were huge Castillo rounds. Before the decision was announced Mayweather didnt even think he won the fight. I had it 7-5 Castillo and he deserved the decision.

  21. Darrell 09:22pm, 09/26/2013


    You obviously didn’t watch the first Mayweather/Castillo fight.  It was not as you put it, Mayweather dominating the early rounds & Castillo the later rounds, there were a lot of ebbs & flows & Mayweather certainly closed out strong in rounds 10, 11 and a close 12th (which I gave to Castillo).  Not at all how you are suggesting.  Mayweather the lightweight was also challenging the welterweight Castillo.

    Mayweather rounds 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11 - Castillo rounds 3, 6, 7, 12   Round 10 even, 9-9, (a round Mayweather clubbed Castillo) due to the pushing off.

    No way Castillo won that first fight, he hustled, bustled, threw a lot of forearms, elbows & good body punches but he got tagged with many more clean punches right throughout.  It would be the only fight that Mayweather could have conceivably lost in his career if the judges were judging for hyperactive fouling, wrestling, headbutting, hitting on the break, low blows & few clean punches.

    As for stats in the fight, no way Castillo landed more effective punches, mostly to the arms of Mayweather & certainly more forearms, elbows & headbutts.  Compubox is ok much of the time but in this the “compubox’s” obviously got a little excited by the crowd.  Probably spazzing on the button every time Castillo, who’s a good fighter & gave Mayweather a good fight, threw a forearm or missed another hellacious uppercut or roundhouse right.  It’s probably a fair bet you can get a win in Mexico doing that due to the “exciting” nature of those sorts of bouts but where fights are judged by the proper criteria, effective punching being primary, you ain’t gonna win shit.

    Cotto fought a better pressure fight against Mayweather than Castillo.  Castillo was comfortably beaten because he didn’t throw a great deal of effective punches, just a handful to the head, while being tagged constantly by effective punches.  Pressure or no pressure.

  22. bikermike 06:18pm, 09/26/2013

    that blood would be spilt ....if a ring worn Ex Champion…Pacquaio…be lured into a match with a very UN RING WORN ....pbf

    Pacquaio is from the last of his kind….Marquez too…...They are FIGHTERS…and ply their trade often and successfully…...whereas pbf misses out on the OFTEN part….once ...maybe twice a year is all we’re graced with….

  23. bikermike 06:13pm, 09/26/2013 you said TED….sometimes the smoke was so thick couldn’t see the other side of the ring…..

  24. bikermike 06:11pm, 09/26/2013

    waiting for a challange…even if it has to be old age

  25. Ted 01:14pm, 09/25/2013

    Kid, Only if Broner fights and beats Thurman. I think the winner of such a fight would and should warrant serious consideration for entry into the big money sweepstakes.

    If it’s Broner, the interest would be huge. Not so much for Thurman at this point.

  26. kid vegas 12:30pm, 09/25/2013

    What about Broner as an opponent?

  27. Ted the Bull 09:52am, 09/25/2013

    cylee,  Facebook posters are calling for a Pac vs. Floyd fight. Interesting. Posters are assuming he will get by Rios. Bad assumption.

  28. Ted 08:35am, 09/25/2013

    Won’t happen Iron Mike but Broner raises new possibilities.

  29. IRON MIKE 08:09am, 09/25/2013

    think SIR TED nailed it, I also think he will save BRONER for his last fight of his 6 fight contract with SHOWTIME, I fully expect Broner to be spoon fed easy fights until then with the HYPE machine on over drive, I would give anything to see Floyd fight GGG, just don’t see Floyd having the balls to fight him

  30. cylee1180 08:05am, 09/25/2013

    Man, it’s hard to get excited for Pac Rios b/c they’re both past their prime (in fact that’s alvarado’s fight, they robbed him of it b/c he beat rios), and I dunno I have mixed feelings about marquez bradley.  I don’t feel marquez is a genuine jr. welter/welterweight.  he was already small for a lightweight.  I think he just happens to be pac’s kryptonite.  Oh well.

  31. Ted the Bull 06:56am, 09/25/2013

    What if Bradley KOs JMM and Manny KOs Rios? What if JMM KOs Bradley and Rios KOs Manny? Lots of “ifs” here. Too many to be definitive on a Manny vs. FMJ just yet. That’s why Garcia is the next logical opponent. Talk of Manny vs Floyd is premature or too late depending on one’s perspective.


  32. Ted 06:53am, 09/25/2013

    Thanks Big Walter

  33. Ted 06:52am, 09/25/2013

    MEL CANASA , yes, just do it!

  34. Ted 06:01am, 09/25/2013


  35. dollarbond 06:00am, 09/25/2013

    I meant Bib, good stuff

  36. dollarbond 05:54am, 09/25/2013

    Good stuff

  37. Ted 05:10am, 09/25/2013

    I agree Bib, but he must beat Rios is a BIG way.

  38. Bib 01:00am, 09/25/2013

    Pac-Floyd is still BY FAR the fight everybody wants to see. Yet IMO Pac IS NOT the fighter most likely to defeat Floyd because 1) He is past his prime, his decline started when he got involved in politics. Today he is just a shadow of his best. And, most importantly 2) Styles make fights and determine winners. So, contrary to what many people think, IMO Pac’s style is GREAT for Mayweather. Pac has never been an inside and a pressure fighter, he is just a super-quick, relentless and tireless swarmer, but he is a mid-range fighter. Long and mid-range fighters are the easiest pray for Floyd, no matter if they are as fast or faster than him. Yes Pac is IMO faster, both in hands and legs than Floyd, and he has probably more stamina than Floyd, but he is way less accurate and has zero defense compared to Floyd. So my prediction is that Pacman would miss TONS of his shots vs. ultra-defensive, tricky Floyd and he would have a zero chance to knock Floyd out.

    What’s the blueprint to defeat Mayweather? PRESSURE, CONSTANT, RELENTLESS PRESSURE, inside/pressure fighting. Fighting against the ropes, constant hitting to the body to slow him down on his feet, combined with both hand and foot speed.

    IN OTHER WORDS, DO YOU WANT TO BEAT FLOYD? THEN WATCH FLOYD-CASTILLO 1 and watch what Castillo DID RIGHT, from the 6th round to the end, then add swarming and hand/foot speed to the menu (both things lacking by Castillo), because if Castillo had been a swarmer, just as Pacman is and had Pac’s leg and hand speed, I dare say he could have even knocked Floyd down and won a clear and irrefutable decision.

    Frazier-Ali 1 is a great blueprint to see what to do to defeat a super-fast, very defensive and smart fighter. Frazier was the perfect inside/pressure/swarmer-style fighter in that fight, with enough punching power. He was tireless the whole fight, and even though he wasn’t half as fast as Ali, he just overwhelmed the latter applying relentless pressure until he finally knocked Ali down, almost knocking him out, to finally win an irrefutable unanimous decision that left most watchers with a dropped jaw in disbelief.

    That’s the style heavy pressure legendary fighters such as the very Frazier, Duran, Hagler and JCC Senior, to mention a few, used to dismantle super-defensive fighters such as Floyd, and I can tell you right now that I HAVE NO DOUBT that any of those guys, at their best, could defeat the very best Floyd. Floyd hasn’t lost yet—well, except with Castillo in the first fight—simply because he has NEVER faced a truly elite heavy-pressure, relentless and tireless fighter with more than decent punching power, like any of those guys.

    I don’t think GGG is the same kind of fighter as those I mentioned above, because he is more of a long or mid range fighter—great for Floyd’s style—but that’s the only name i cant come up with, which could be capable to maintain relentless pressure over Floyd, with tons of punching power, until Floyd finally breaks up IF GGG could land anything. And experience has proven that the only way to land on Floyd, is fighting him on the inside.

    Is there an elite inside/pressure/swarmer-style fighter, decent hand and foot speed, today, who wouldn’t have to drain himself out, to meet Floyd’s catch-weight tricky requirements? You tell me. If not, he will still remain “undefeated” (HUGE record spot in there, Floyd-Castillo1). Too bad Frazier, Duran, Hagler and Chavez Sr. aren’t contemporary to Floyd. I think any of those guys would have dismantled Floyd, provided they were in the same natural weight class.

    Just my opinion here, I love boxing and I’ll always root for spectacular brawlers, like Mike Tyson or Manny Pacquiao, over super-defensive fighters, like SRL in the 2nd fight vs. Duran or FM in ALL his fights!

  39. Mel Canasa 12:35am, 09/25/2013

    mayweathers defense is breakable first: he should be a southpaw boxer then he has to learn the ancient technique in boxing the kangaroo stance and learn some judo and jujitsu this will crack mayweathers defense

  40. MEL CANASA 12:21am, 09/25/2013


  41. BIG WALTER 10:06pm, 09/24/2013

    Thanks Ted

  42. BIG WALTER 09:59pm, 09/24/2013

    Thanks Ted and great job on Saturday. You are truly an inspiration.

  43. John aka L.L. Cool John 09:36pm, 09/24/2013

    Bikermike: Re your quote: “This is a shadow of the greats…who fought much more frequently….MUCH MORE…...and the level of their competition was unquestioned…...Not so pbf…and if there ain’t no competition…small fish in a shallow pool with only bugs to eat.”  In my opinion, Mayweather beats ALL those greats at our near his weight. I’m curious: Who does Mayweather have to beat to FINALLY prove himself?

  44. Ted 06:39pm, 09/24/2013

    Biker, Pacquiao beat Bradley. No purist stuff in that one and I never said either one was one.

    FMJ is one. Lara is one. Rigo is one. Avril comes close. So does Ward. There are others like Lomachenko. But not Pac who is a boxer puncher. Bradley can be one when he wants to be.

  45. bikermike 06:32pm, 09/24/2013

    Frank in Dallas has the best optics on this situation

  46. bikermike 06:30pm, 09/24/2013

    Pacquiao is still a marquee name…but he too ....has spent himself on his brilliant career and high caliber opponents…..not the least of whom was Juan Manuel Marquez…..he also lost a boxing match to Bradley…(hey Ted…where was that PURIST stuff then )

    Pacquiao and Marquez are definitely in the twilight of their careers…..Like bringing Holmes in with Tyson….if these guys get the nod to ‘fight’ pbf

  47. bikermike 06:25pm, 09/24/2013

    A much more informed poster than I posted a while back….....that putting pbf on the GOAT list…is simply nonsense…

    a man who picks his own opponents…officials….sites and purse share…...and ...allows us to see him maybe once or twice a year…..

    ..This is a shadow of the greats…who fought much more frequently….MUCH MORE…...and the level of their competition was unquestioned…...Not so pbf…and if there ain’t no competition…

    small fish in a shallow pool with only bugs to eat

  48. bikermike 06:16pm, 09/24/2013

    Juan Manuel Marquez has done all he can to place himself in Boxing History…Now…he is , what…thirty six or so…and he don’t wait two years to get a fight…

    Nope….the divisions that pbf could fight in…are so ripe with talent…so…pbf will fight the one that least threatens him ..

    Promoters will agree….as it is pbf that puts meat in the seats…

    The level of competition is still one of those things that keep him from being a Duran…or Hearns…and like that

  49. John aka L.L. Cool John 04:46pm, 09/24/2013

    With what he’s made in compensation this year, “Money” also fits extremely well.

  50. John aka L.L. Cool John 04:41pm, 09/24/2013

    Djata Bumpus: It’s hard to argue with your credentials, but Mayweather hardly ever gets hit squarely. I remember Shane Mosley catching him in the second round of their bout several fights ago. Mayweather has to be the most unmarked 36-year-old boxer of all time. The nickname “Pretty Boy” suits him well.

  51. FrankinDallas 01:13pm, 09/24/2013

    I don’t see any competition for Floyd….he’ll pick anyone he wants for his last fights and ride off into the sunset.

    Khan would be a joke fight…hasn’t Khan proved he’s not a world beater?....I can see a big payday if the fights’ in the
    UK but not in the US.

    I could not care less about Pac-Floyd now. Pacman is used up. Again, a big payday, but I won’t be putting out for the PPV just like I didn’t for Canelo, who was a dead (young) man walking into that ring.

  52. cylee1180 11:38am, 09/24/2013

    awesome!  haha.  it’s good to see someone of an authority in boxing willing to admit that.  too many people like to just shrug off floyd’s resume.  great boxer, mediocre resume.

  53. Ted 11:23am, 09/24/2013

    cylee, it’s almost like he took off a lot of time while these other guys were getting damaged and then said, “ok, I’m ready now, let’s get it on.” For years I maintained that he was a cherry picker—but not with opponents as much as with time intervals between fights. His body has been rested and remains fit and ready while these other guys like Martinez are getting operated on. I’d love to be a fly on the wall of a conversation between Ellebee, Roger, Floyd, and Sr. Heck, I might even write about such a conversation.

  54. cylee1180 11:14am, 09/24/2013

    Khan Mayweather circa 2009-2011 or Pacquiao for that matter would be interesting.  also, Martinez during that same time period.  it’s like Mayweather to fight them after they wear and tear, or before they shine.

  55. Ted 11:03am, 09/24/2013

    Big Walter, legendary poster from back in the day on ESB. Good to see you here mate. Yes, I kind of like the way I said it if I do say so myself! lol

  56. Ted 11:01am, 09/24/2013

    Wall Street

  57. Don from Prov 10:23am, 09/24/2013

    “his particular style AND HOW MUCH THE FIGHT WOULD EARN. ...”

    lmfao: Khan’s “style” is to get KTFO

    And how much the fight would earn?  Is this boxing or Wall Street?


  58. Don from Prov 10:20am, 09/24/2013

    Yes, I did say that about Garcia—

    And I STILL think that Lucas could/should beat him
    But I was NEVER clamoring for Lucas/Lil’ Floyd

  59. BIG WALTER 10:17am, 09/24/2013

    I think you have articulated the debate concisely and precisely, Ted. A win over GGG would give him GOAT consideration. A 50-0 mark would entitle him to ATG consideration. Perfect.

  60. Ted 10:11am, 09/24/2013

    Mohummad Humza Elahi, All good except no GGG

  61. Ted 10:09am, 09/24/2013

    Prov, did you not say that the only thing we would be hearing from Garcia is when he hits the floor against Matthysse? Given his win over the Argentine, he certainly has challenger credentials.

    As for Khan, he is not at all a joke given his particular style and how much that fight would earn in the UK.

  62. Ted 09:58am, 09/24/2013

    GOAT vs. ATG

  63. Ted 09:48am, 09/24/2013

    Monte, a win over GGG would give him GOAT consideration. But surely a 50-0 mark would entitle him to ATG consideration. I think that’s where debate is coming to rest.

  64. Monte Cox 09:43am, 09/24/2013

    If FMJ wants to prove that he is in the class of Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns, Ray Robinson, Emile Griffith etc then let him fight Gennady Golovkin. All of above welterweight champions, to name a few, fought legit ATG middleweights. If he can beat Golovkin then he is in the conversation. Otherwise a career of cherry picked opposition leaves a lot to be desired and more questions than answers.

  65. Djata Bumpus 09:28am, 09/24/2013

    In the photo on the top of the link, it may just be me, but Floyd’s eyes don’t look right…I’ve been in this game, in some context, for 44 years, teaching it for a living, for the past 25 years…He needs to stop boxing…Something’s going wrong with either his vision or his central nervous system.

  66. Don from Prov 08:31am, 09/24/2013

    After turning completely around per Canelo and convincing myself he had a shot against Jr.  I am not ever going to pick against Floyd just BECAUSE I WANT him to lose.  Still, I’d grant myself NO credibility.  That said—and in spite of no-cred, my feeling is that Floyd long ago missed his best chance at a legacy by not blowing through the WW division when it was pretty loaded—and as someone who loves to watch the coronation of greatness I’ll always hold that against him.

    1) Garcia—seriously?  another fighter coming up in weight, and a kid at that: if it = a ten round bout on Wide World of Sports and Jr. was going to fight in another two months or so after, fine.  Otherwise, a waste of time.

    2) Khan—I know that this is the famous Sares sense of humor at work.

    3) Martinez—should be toast by then, so he’ll be safe enough

    4) Bradley—ah!!!!!!!!! forgetaboutit

    5) Manny—my worst nightmare: there was a moment when I think Manny stood a real chance against Floyd—that moment is long gone.  This will just allow Jr. to beat up on Manny and say “See, y’all must forgot.”

    What I mean to say is that Showtime has not spent its money wisely—
    There is noting compelling out there except a future run a GGG for MW crown, and that ain’t happening.  Still, this is the age of show biz and the
    Money Show just might rake it in for Showtime anyway—just not from me.
    None of the five fights = PPV, not even close IMO.

  67. Pete The Sneak 08:08am, 09/24/2013

    @PIKKON…Never say Never…That was then, this is now…FMJ on top of everything else is a shrewd business man and a savvy scout of future opponents. If Pac man beats Rios super ‘convincingly,’ then perhaps FMJ will stick to his script of not fighting Manny. However, should Manny win, yet not look really good in doing so (i.e. gets rocked by Rios, put down, or beaten up on way to a close decision), then yes, I can see FMJ and the Money Team sitting down in a conference room, looking at films and making a decision as to who can bring in the most money and offer up the less risk. Pac Man at this stage of his career might be that person predicated on his performance versus Rios. It can happen dude…Peace.

  68. pikkon 07:11am, 09/24/2013

    “If Mayweather-Pacquiao ever happens, it’ll be because SHOWTIME/GBP came to Pacquiao, with hat in hands and concessions ready to be conceded…”—PIKKON

  69. Peter Silkov 07:07am, 09/24/2013

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Adrien Broner go in there somewhere, he’s making a lot of noise and I think its a clash of styles and personalities that would sell.  Yes they’re bosom buddies now but that wouldn’t get in the way of a big payday for both men.  I’m really hoping Floyd doesn’t give Khan a shot at him, I really don’t think it would sell over here as Khan would be given no chance here.  A better fight over here for Floyd would be Kell Brook, which would probably sell just as well as a Khan fight here and Kell would be given more of a chance, if only a tiny tiny one.

  70. pikkon 06:58am, 09/24/2013

    NO WAY would Floyd fight Manny Pacquiao…It was already embedded in his mind that Manny is the one who would BEAT him…His mood changed whenever someone ask if Manny Pacquaio is his next opponent….

  71. Pete The Sneak 05:43am, 09/24/2013

    Good list Toro…The bottom line with FMJ is who’s creating the biggest buzz and is the least to threaten him. That’s why he went after Canelo (and the PPV sales backed up his thinking). I really can’t see Mayweather/B-HOP even come close to making big money (really, you want to pay $65 to see B-HOP grappling with FMJ for 12 rounds?...Please!)...Khan? Yeah, in the UK it would be huge money wise but competitively it will be a real one sided beat down of Khan by FMJ…Martinez has not looked impressive at all in his last few fights and FMJ knows that. I mean, how much would that fight sell? I love Bradley’s heart and his style would certainly give FMJ some problems. But how much does he have left after that incredible donnybrook against Ruslan? The Marquez fight will demonstrate that….GGG? Super exciting and a beast. Still, has he created enough of a buzz (outside the Boxing community ala Canelo/DelaHoya) that would be necessary to sell huge PPV numbers? Not sure. Also, what would be the catch weight for a GGG/FMJ fight? GGG would have to kill himself to make anything near 154. No, I don’t see that happening…Danny Garcia? Well at first I didn’t think he should have been mentioned for the FMJ sweepstakes. But after further review, this is a fight that can sell. A young, good, street tough fighter who can really fight and a boisterous, loudmouth father who can bang the drums and cause the kind of chaos that will help draw and sell PPV’s. (Heck, the possibility of seeing Garcia senior and Roger go at it might be worth the price of admission)...And then of course there is Pac Man. Don’t kid yourselves folks, FMJ will be watching the Rios/Pac Man fight intently. If Pac man takes Rios and Knocks Him the Flick Out, I guarantee you the FMJ/Pac man buzz will resurface, big time. Will FMJ fight Manny? Well, if he struggles against Rios and still produces a KO, I say that FMJ may very well consider it. Think about it. This would still be a PPV bonanza. Manny sells, even with his declining skills. The PPV numbers would be off the hook and FMJ would be fighting someone at this point whom he knows he can out box. So bottom line is, what names on a marquis do you think would catch peoples attention: FMJ vs GGG? FMJ vs Garcia? FMJ vs Khan? FMJ vs Bradley? FMJ vs Martinez? FMJ vs Pacquiao? All tough choices, but I think it comes down to Garcia and Pac Man…Peace.

  72. Ted 05:21am, 09/24/2013

    Still can do that, Fred, but it won’t mean as much. The only way FMJ becomes a GOAT is if he beats GGG, but a Goat is different than an ATG.

  73. fred lacroix 05:18am, 09/24/2013


  74. Ted the Bull 04:54am, 09/24/2013

    Some say FMJ Who at his heavier weight classes put legacy aside to pursue match-ups that earned the biggest purses for the least chance of being defeated.

    Others say Manny is simply the other side of the modern day equation.

    I say the answer is somewhere in between and provides a compelling g reason to get this fight on.

  75. Ted 04:48am, 09/24/2013

    Thanks for the posts gents. Keep ‘em coming.

  76. Your Name 04:45am, 09/24/2013


    “”I think Floyd beats everyone in history, and anyone who doesn’t realize that by now is stubborn, blind, stupid, or all three,” he told NYFightblog. “He is the best ever.”

    Yes, you read that right. The best ever, no one better, not Ali, Joe Louis, the Sugar Rays …

    “Me and Floyd are not friends, I don’t need to say this if I truly don’t believe it,” continued the 32-year-old Bensonhurst-bred welterweight, who held crowns at 140 and 147 pounds. “I’m saying it because it is simply the truth. I respect the guy but I don’t know him well, I don’t owe him any favors, so when I say he’s the best ever it’s because that’s truly what I feel.”

    ”I learned that way before the Canelo fight, but this kind of convinced me fully,” said Malignaggi in closing.”
    Posted September 24, 2013 12:32 am

  77. Andy1982 02:01am, 09/24/2013

    Boxing is Business, still Mayweather vs. PAC is the biggest payday waiting out there

  78. Mohummad Humza Elahi 01:14am, 09/24/2013

    Been thinking about this as well, Ted and your list is a good one.  Floyd only ever granted Castillo a rematch so I think JMM is off the table.  A Khan fights makes sense in the UK, they could sell out a 50,000 seater stadium at £250 a pop, no problem and it’s easy work for Floyd.  As soon as Floyd lands flush, it’s over. 
    So the other 3 fighters that I would LIKE to see him fight are GGG, Bradley and Pacquiao.  But apart from Khan, he’s gonna need to pick fighter’s with 0’s to keep it financially viable, so that’s Bradley and Garcia, with possibly a Pac fight bucking that trend to end with.

  79. reyocs 11:34pm, 09/23/2013

    floyd is scared to the pacman…very sure cozz floyd said that manny is not in his radar

  80. Jay 10:41pm, 09/23/2013

    Floyd Jr. is an “a la carte” fighter. Like ordering in a restaurant, he picks up the whom he likes to fight.

  81. BIG WALTER 10:21pm, 09/23/2013

    I suppose one might say Floyd has used the US and Las Vegas as a form of geographic cherry picking since he has never fought outside of the US.  On the other hand, if you can make more money in the U.S., why go anywhere else? I wonder if a Khan fight in London would make as much as a Khan fight in Las Vegas. The risk reward might shift against Mayweather in such an event.

  82. FightClubWriter 08:49pm, 09/23/2013

    I think any Top Rank fighter is off the table for Floyd unless they pay Arum to step aside and allow Golden Boy to be the sole promoter. I see no one at 140 or 147 that poses a threat to Floyd. I be way off here, but I think Austin Trout’s style beats Floyd.

  83. John aka L.L. Cool John 08:39pm, 09/23/2013

    As a fight fan, I’d love to see Martinez vs. Mayweather. However, In my opinion, it’s Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. That’s the biggest payday and the least risk for Mayweather. I don’t see Rios getting by Pacquiao.

  84. Ted 07:12pm, 09/23/2013

    Good post Kid

  85. kid vegas 07:08pm, 09/23/2013

    I think Garcia (youth) and Khan (based on styles)  might offer the toughest opposition. After that it’s a joy ride to 50 wins and greatness. Martinez is too old. Bradley is getting beat up. And Pac represents perfect timing to end the run.

  86. Ted 06:54pm, 09/23/2013

    DARRELL, Bradley’s condition remains a big question mark for me after than shelling he took from Ruslan. If he is damaged goods, he is in with the wrong guy in Marquez. who will shred him with counters and take him out in an exchange. If he beats JMM, he becomes very viable.

  87. Darrell 06:50pm, 09/23/2013

    That boat has just about sailed Tex….if Pacquiao can sink the SS Rios with a 16 inch shell then it’s back on the table, otherwise I doubt it.  I don’t see Bradley as an easy fight against anyone either.

  88. Ted 06:48pm, 09/23/2013

    That’s spot on Tex. That’s the one they want to see even if it’s two years too late. Better late than never.

  89. Tex Hassler 06:41pm, 09/23/2013

    If Floyd is just looking for an easy fight Bradley might be a consideration, however the fans want to see Floyd in with Pacquiao.

  90. Ted 06:27pm, 09/23/2013

    Depends if you like a technical type fighter.

  91. floy 06:21pm, 09/23/2013

    good opponents but Floyd is a boring boxer.

  92. Ted 06:03pm, 09/23/2013

    nicolas , good points re Khan and Garcia

    Same to you Darrell. If Rios blows away Pac, he might move front and center into the mix.

    Even though Pac would be a decided underdog against FMJ, I see that a one of the biggest money fights in history as long as it is held in Las Vegas.

  93. Ted 05:59pm, 09/23/2013

    Dollarbond, Thurman is a welterweight and Floyd is listed as a light middleweight. Plus Thurman, though very good, would not draw flies against Floyd.

  94. Ted 05:56pm, 09/23/2013

    B RED Golovkin`s a former amateur world champion, Olympic silver medallist with an amateur record of 340-5.He outboxed Dirrell in the amateurs –  KO’ed Bute, beat Lee and Despaigne. Sturm refused to fight him for 2 years, Geale refused, Murray doesn`t want it. Chavez and Martinez won`t go near him, Floyd doesn’t have to fight bigger fighters to prove his Greatness,,

  95. Dollarbond 05:54pm, 09/23/2013

    What about Thurman?

  96. B Red 05:40pm, 09/23/2013

    Floyd would whip Triple G at 154, ya dig

  97. T.O.N.E-z 04:01pm, 09/23/2013

    there are no GOOD opponents for money..just fighters who will try to beat the best pound for pound…4 more fights and he’s out..on top! undefeated!

  98. nicolas 03:21pm, 09/23/2013

    For me, the only one I really see of the top five that Mr. Sares has listed are one and two Sergio Martinez and Tim Bradley, the later if he only beats Marquez, a tough task even at Marquez’s old age. A win for Mayweather over Martinez would just add to his greatness, though Martinez is certainly not the same fighter who beat Williams and Pavlik, and as many suggest, may not even be the best middleweight out there right now. Bradley of course is also undefeated, and a win over Marquez (convincing) I think would make a Mayweather-Bradley fight very interesting. Garcia for me would have to beat Khan again, and then the winner of Marquez-Bradley to be a meaningful fight. Besides a win over Garcia, certainly a win over the Bradley-Marquez winner, and Lamont Peterson, or even his Argentinian conqueror Lucas. M. Yes I speak of Khan, even if someone like Dwyer of Gamblers advisory has suggested that Khan would have the best shot against Mayweather. Pacquiao, needs to beat Rio, and then fight the winner of Bradley-Marquez.

  99. Darrell 03:04pm, 09/23/2013

    That’s a whole lot of good opponents….I want to see it.

    A few caveats, nyet to Pac if Rios somehow manages to catch & blow him out.  Khan is good money sense but gee….he’s lost a few lately.

    I also do not want to see Provodnikov get a big payday from Mayweather.  That would be a technical slaughter & highly embarrassing for both fighters…for Prov for getting chopped up so badly & Floyd for even, hypothetically, considering it.  Here’s hoping this suggested fight, or suggestion of a fight, never sees the light of day again.

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