Mensah Decisions Katsidis

By Robert Ecksel on April 13, 2012
Mensah Decisions Katsidis
It's what’s below the surface, what the naked eye can't see, that one has to worry about

In a brutal 10-round bout broadcast on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Albert Mensah (25-3-1,10 KOs) outpointed Michael Kadsidis (28-6, 23 KOs) by scores of 96-94, 98-92, and 95-95.

The 31-year-old Katsidis has now lost four of his last five fights and it’s time to consider calling it a day. Although he was plenty busy and relatively competitive against Mensah, Katsidis continues to take the sort of punishment that exacts a toll and can leave its mark for life.

Everyone loves an exciting fight and Katsidis is an exciting fighter. But boxing is no game. No matter how tough and durable Katsidis may appear on the outside, on the inside damage is being done, and the Aussie would be wise to get out while the getting is good.

The bangs and cuts and bruises are only the tip of the iceberg. It’s what’s below the surface, what the naked eye can’t see, that one has to worry about.

Fight fans who have endured FNF’s unsatisfactory matches deserved to see such a thrilling fight. There is, after all, nothing like excitement to get the juices flowing. But there’s something to be said for longevity as well, both in the ring and out of the ring.

Boxing may need kamikaze pilots like Michael Katsidis, but there comes a time when kamikaze pilots like Michael Katsidis might no longer need boxing.

Hopefully Katsidis is reaching that point. Should he continue or not is for him to decide. It’s his choice and must be respected. But whatever he chooses, we owe Michael Katsidis thanks for what he has given us and sacrificed for the fight game.

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  1. the thresher 10:52am, 04/15/2012

    Robert Ecksel, excellent Robert

  2. bk don 09:57am, 04/14/2012

    I agree w/you Irish Frankie. Ecksel is right on that Katsidis style doesn’t make for a long fighting career. Then, you factor in the cuts that he sustains and you know he must have some sort of tissue damage. I’m sorry i missed the fight b/c i had a feeling mensah was a live underdog.  Mensah is a pretty good fighter, but he’s the kind of guy that an elite fighter should beat.

  3. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 08:19am, 04/14/2012

    Bye the bye-Artemio Reyes’ father died on Tuesday….Reyes was KO’d in the !st round yesterday….and Artemio could very well be attending the funeral and burial of his dad today….that my fiend is “brutal”. May God bless him and his family.

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 07:32am, 04/14/2012

    Robert Ecksel-Spot on as usual….more than that his people did a lousy job of scouting Mensah….if as you say, Michael is going to go on or not, they need to do much better at picking opponents…Katsidis has earned at that least much in his very hard fought career. Michael was not able to impose his will because Mensah was just plain bigger, stronger, and yes much fresher.

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