Michael Nunn vs. Sumbu Kalambay

By Boxing News on March 25, 2013
Michael Nunn vs. Sumbu Kalambay
Both men were master boxers and most seasoned observers expected a chess match.

In defense of the IBF middleweight title he won four months earlier by defeating Doug DeWitt, Michael Nunn met Sumbu Kalambay on March 25, 1989, at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas. The old pro Kalambay was 46-3-1. The young gun “Second To” Nunn was undefeated at 32-0. Both men were master boxers and most seasoned observers expect a chess match. Few, however, expect a chess match on steroids, which is exactly what they got…

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Boxing Classic Michael Nunn vs Sumbu Kalambay

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  1. tuxtucis 11:43pm, 08/09/2012

    Kalambay in his prime was a wonderful classic boxer: he defeated Graham, Barkley, McCallum…Alas he had two great weaknesses: troubles with southpaws and slow starting…that’s why he was kayoed in the 1st by not great hitter Nunn…

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