Michael Spinks vs. Steffen Tangstad

By Boxing News on September 5, 2020
Michael Spinks vs. Steffen Tangstad
Spinks defended his IBF heavyweight title second time against Norway's Steffen Tangstad.

On Sept. 6, 1986 at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, former light heavyweight champion Michael Spinks (29-0) from St. Louis, Missouri defended his IBF heavyweight title second time against Norway’s Steffen Tangstad (24-1-2). Having twice decisioned Larry Holmes, Spinks was riding high. He would be brought low very soon. But the man who would do that was none other than Mike Tyson…

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Michael Spinks vs Steffen Tangstad

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  1. Lee J 10:53am, 09/06/2012

    Okay Tangstad wasn’t up to much but it would be a shame if Spinks is only remembered for the Tyson blowout. He was a wonderful fighter in his own right-not a genuine heavy perhaps-but he still competed respectably enough at the weight nonetheless and is almost certainly in the top 5 all time greatest Light Heavyweight champions list.