Miguel Angel Garcia—Matador in Manhattan

By Michael Schmidt on January 4, 2013
Miguel Angel Garcia—Matador in Manhattan
Garcia, having broken his man down, brings his full arsenal. (Chris Farina/Top Rank)

Like the great Mexican matador Alejandro Amaya, Garcia will need to keep the bull in Orlando Salido coming at his, Garcia’s terms…

“Schmidty, there is a huge difference between that fighter, five to ten rank, to the step up and take the belt from a legitimate Champion. It takes a special kind of fighter/athlete to bridge that last gap and win a Championship.”—Russ Anber

On January 19, 2013, The Theater at Madison Square Garden, “Mikey” Garcia takes that walk across the bridge against top of his class tough guy Champion Orlando Salido. Expect fireworks, my oh my, expect fireworks!! NONE BUT THE BRAVE, mentally and physically, get to this level. THE FIRST DEADLY SIN, the first big error, may CAST A GIANT SHADOW over one of these primed warriors. We shall see if Garcia is indeed Angel or Sinner. Will he have what he has shown to date? Garcia, with a seasoned approach to methodically break an opponent apart, and then down, against a fighter in Champion Salido that will test his mental make-up and willpower to stay disciplined. Matador in Manhattan, perhaps.

Over on 111 West 44th Street the reviews point to full out action. “Plenty of punches are thrown in this forceful new revival but the blows that truly stun are the ones we cannot literally see, the jabs to the soul.”—Isherwood, New York Times. “Gorgeous, gritty, heart-rending, jaunty and altogether splendid.”—Cote, Time Out NY. That is thespian action, being the original “Golden Boy” way of live theater remake of that great black and white movie starring William Holden. Yes, you could still make lovely music with a violin while maintaining that basic of intent to often want to belt somebody in the kisser, for dinero nonetheless!! But that’s acting and there will be no violins playing a few blocks over by way of Top Rank live, in The Theater and no play acting. THE PRIDE AND THE PASSION of pugilism at its best: Garcia vs. Salido. I could not tell you how much I am looking forward to this boxing match, this fight, to see the KINGS GO FORTH.


The YOUNG AT HEART 25-year-old Garcia is boxing mature beyond his years. A six-year pro with a record of 30 wins (26 by KO) and no losses, Garcia is the owner of the USBA, WBO, NABO and NABF belts. As such he comes to this fight NOT AS A STRANGER but rather with a wealth of boxing building block pedigree. COME BLOW YOUR HORN Mikey Garcia. I think not although this is the time to shine. Garcia was an amateur standout having won the National Junior Golden Gloves and National PAL Championship. He also holds an amateur win over Danny Garcia. That is amateur boxing and perhaps more building block telling is the fact that Garcia through his mid-teens forward has sparred with the likes of Israel Vazquez, Ponce de Leon, Edwin Valero (who Garcia reserves the honor of being the hardest puncher he has worked along with), Manny Pacquiao (going eight straight round sessions when Manny was at 130 lbs. preparing for Morales), and more recently Bam Bam Rios.

Garcia, a Ventura County Police Academy graduate, is a precision puncher who brings non-Angel like devilish DOUBLE DYNAMITE from both the right and left hand. He is not THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM, but rather two! He will start this fight, as he always does, with a set up puncher stance, but with balance to move. The Machine—La Maquina. Hands held proper boxing text book high, ready to throw or parry, Garcia exudes patience. He breaks opponents down, round to round, with a mental fortitude to do so while boxing “smart.” No barroom brawler type this one and very hard to pressure him into that type of engagement. No, this is boxing, the sweet science, and one is left with the impression that Garcia would wait FROM HERE TO ETERNITY in applying his disciplined but crowd-pleasing approach on an opponent. It does not, of course, take that long, as SUDDENLY Garcia ups tempo, having broken his man down, and brings his full arsenal. And that brings us to Champion Salido who looks to break that Garcia discipline and engage on his own terms.


What is not to admire in this 39 wins, 11 losses, 2 draws warrior? Much like Garcia, no HIGH SOCIETY boxing silver spoon here although a different road to glory taken. The 32-year-old Salido started his punch for pay journey at age 15. While five of Salido’s losses come by way of knockout they came in his teen years and in this boxing day and age of one loss is critical it perhaps tells a great deal of his mental make-up, tough, obstinate, never break down, never give up, that he enters as a BoxRec number one Champion to this engagement. Given his record it would be understandable that SOME CAME RUNNING early to take up an offer to fight Salido but that has changed dramatically the past few years as the red hot Salido has stopped Juan Manuel Lopez twice. With a total of 27 knockouts to his credit, few have enjoyed THE MIRACLE OF THE BELLS, the final bell that is, against Salido. There is also included in the Salido resume a No Decision against tough as nails Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero. Two of three scorecards show Salido winning by a solid margin. A test positive steroid for Salido rendered the ND (a highly controversial test positive at the time in terms of its reliability). 


Like the great Mexican matador Alejandro Amaya, Garcia will need to keep the bull in Salido coming at his, Garcia’s terms. Garcia’s jab, which unlike many fighters of today who neither throw it, nor if they do, has hurt on the end of it, comes double, sometimes triple trouble. He is capable of controlling this fight early. His is the much greater versatile attack and if he wants to go out ON THE TOWN after this fight and have the entire Garcia clan, Papa and older brother-trainer of the year Robert chirp this is OUR TOWN, he is best served playing punishing Matador by jabbing, stabbing, patiently attacking on openings that Salido will leave after he attacks, and ever so slightly stepping side to side. Garcia has excellent spacing and the ability to counterpunch opponents off balance. Salido will wait for his moments to bull-rush in with that big looping overhand right that usually is followed by a big left hook to the body, left up the middle. For Salido there will come a time, sooner rather than later, that he will need to make this fight like it HAPPENED IN BROOKLYN, that is to say, Brooklyn back alley, back street way. We will not, as always, be able to possibly describe in true fashion the start, the finish, the internal reality, physically and mentally, of the blows that will be dealt as one glorious gladiator destroys the illusion of future grandeur of the other. One will be left standing and planning bigger items to an immediate future while the other, yes the other…

This is one of those fights that may turn into a Theater classic with a late round give-and-take war of attrition. THE JOKER IS WILD in the sense that both Garcia and Salido have the ability at this mutual natural weight and strength to hurt each other down the stretch. To the winner, SHIP AHOY, as they put themselves in position to fight some big names (Donaire, Gamboa etc.) in a MEET ME IN LAS VEGAS for one of those neon electric LAS VEGAS NIGHTS or back to the Mecca of Boxing for a bigger bight of the Big Apple. THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT, Top Rank style.


What a great night of fights. In another act Gennady Golovkin, with the clock, Sergio time, to his advantage, is back in action. Golovkin’s punches are akin to a stone carver (yes, he hit that hard in the amateurs as well; take a look at him bouncing Lucian Bute to the canvas). In the main act Roman Martinez takes on tough Juan Carlos Burgos for the Super Featherweight Championship…

In between acts take a look at young Top Rank protégé Mikael Zewski who is lightning quick and is on an eight-fight knockout streak as he comes back to the Big Apple once again. Zewski came out in his last fight against 20-2 Cesar Chavez and promptly, the bell ring of the first round hardly having stopped its resonating 37 seconds in, scored a knockout with a sizzling right uppercut. Speed, ample power and a mean edge—one to watch.

Loyalty is a premium hard to find trait in this day and age of kiss ass make a buck one way or the other environment of many and in that context a Happy New Year over in Europe to a longtime close friend and mentor who most certainly is polar opposite to that approach (although I would not want to be on the wrong end of the business table with him) who happens to be a HUGE SINATRA FAN. To you I offer up to this article 23 of the one and only Chairman of the Board’s movie discography. Enjoy St. Moritz—I am going, as you know, ringside, New York, New York, to the fights! Turn on your HBO. One hell of a night……

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  1. Mike Schmidt 10:30am, 01/07/2013

    You got it Rick—and we are getting a pretty good boxing fill, week to week—boxing is dead me arse!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rick 10:09am, 01/07/2013

    I was wrong it looks like the Showtime card is the following weekend with Lucas Matthysse against Mike Dallas. Matthysse by KO. He is a beast. Hopefully after this he will get a big payday that he deserves. I wouldn’t mind seeing him shut Angel Garcia’s mouth by knocking out daddy’s boy Danny. Lucas can bang and has a solid chin. Or an eventual matchup with Rios would suffice as well.

  3. Rick 09:54am, 01/07/2013

    Can’t wait for these fights. The Martinez-Burgos matchup should be a good scrap as well. It’s pretty rare to have 3 fights from a card televised these days much less 3 good fights. Hopefully this will be a new trend. If i’m not mistaken I believe Showtime is also airing a card that night as well.

  4. Don from Prov 06:15am, 01/05/2013

    Can’t wait for this card!!
    Want to see Zewski now that Mr. Schmidt has put us onto him.  I’m a big fan of Golovkin, and I also can’t wait for the main event.  Garcia can sure as hell box, but it’s those one punch knockouts that might give clue to what could happen—he is not a man to walk right into.  Salido, on the other hand, is a monster who gets stronger as a fight goes on, and if there is any truth at all to those rumors that Garcia doesn’t really like to fight, Salido will tell that out.

    Can’t lose card, IMO.

  5. the thresher 05:15am, 01/05/2013

    GGG will fight Sergio because Sergio is a competitor. He will be driven to fight the best. GGG is pretty much the same. It will be a great matchup.

  6. Robert Ecksel 09:23pm, 01/04/2013

    Rumor has it that growling at Max Kellerman isn’t limited to our four-legged friends.

  7. Mike Schmidt 07:39pm, 01/04/2013

    Bronson aside, yes GGG is a force and the fact he is prepared to go down to 154 to fight as well—we shall see how many takers he has Thresh—don’t think Manny would want to defend his 8th world Championship belt at would ya—Sergio would be one hell of a great match-up-that ain’t gonna happen methinks.

  8. the thresher 07:33pm, 01/04/2013


  9. Mike Schmidt 07:21pm, 01/04/2013

    Yeah yeah. Last time I had my footy pajamas on, the fights, Bronson the coyote/shep took a chunk of the wild boar, ate a big slab and hid the rest in the back yard (doors left open so the lads can smoke out the back—Bronson then spent the rest of the evening snarling and growling at Max Kellerman every time he came on—don’t know what the hell that is about—he never acts that way when Larry Merchant is on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. the thresher 05:54pm, 01/04/2013

    Rosado will go away early and brutally.

    BTW, while you are ringside smelling the cloying cologne and perfume, and having imbeciles walking all over you to get a glimpse at someone they think is “important,” and maybe getting hit with some sweat and blood splatter, I’ll be comfortably ensconced in my rollback chair with slivers of chilled wild boar, Greek olives, grapes and cheese, and a fine white wine. I’ll have a Cuban Cohiba on deck for the GGG slaughter along with some single malt. That loud noise you might hear is me burping while I enjoy the fights knowing I can do that with impunity and also knowing that I can get up and whiz between rounds. Oh yes, my bedroom is just a few feet away. You feeling me on this. :)

  11. Mike Schmidt 02:27pm, 01/04/2013

    Great night of boxing indeed Bull. My only regret is not having space to write up on Peltzee’s man Rosado—he waives off Mr Peltz strategic catch weight, states he believes in the old school weight, commends The Champ Golovkin and takes the fight at 160 rather than the 158 already contracted for—will not find many guys like that around anymore (he might very well regret the waive on Peltz’s well informed contracted 158 but still—what a scrapper!!!!!!!!) Enjoy your weekend Thresh

  12. the thresher 01:54pm, 01/04/2013

    And I agree with your prediction.

  13. THE THRESHER 01:53pm, 01/04/2013

    I think Salido will lose this one. But the card will be one of the best in recent memory. Nice job MS.

    Mikey has been trained well by his older brother and he is fast becoming the complete package. Salido, however, get stronger as the fight progresses and if he can take him into the later rounds, he might shock me. His crunching stoppages in Puerto Rico were something to truly behold.

  14. Mike Schmidt 01:50am, 01/04/2013

    Thanks Bodyshots. Prediction—well, as our Fearless Editor knows, for over three years I was undefeated in the prediction department but I have been knocked out twice in a row now on Khan vs Garcia (I had Khan) and Mares vs Moreno (I had Moreno and that one really hurt as Moreno did not come to fight for the first two thirds of the fight) but what the hell, might as well not be a wussseeee—I am on the comeback trail having had JMM on number 4 (I also had him on number 3 and count that one under the bullschmidt rules JMM won department)—I will go Mikey Garcia with late 11 round stoppage—if I am wrong dredge me up at the bottom of the Hudson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Bodyshots 11:49pm, 01/03/2013

    Excellent write-up and read of a fight i am grudgingly looking forward to watching. hate to see either guy lose and apparently the writer shares my sentiment (prediction?). anyway, i give the edge to Salido who runs a Very Hot kitchen but he’s also susceptible to KDs and it is a very fine line that separates a Garcia KD and KO. Good Luck to both but not unlike “Bam Bam” and another Mikey, each fighter will be leaving a piece of themselves in the MSG ring that night. Btw, Great bullfighting video. triggered flashbacks of my Jefito watching the weekend bullfights from TJ and Mexicali that used to be televised, back in the day, before anyone was even saying “back in the day”.

  16. Mike Schmidt 07:54pm, 01/03/2013

    Well fearless Editor you have outdone yourself on video this time!!!!!!!! The famous bullfighter in high def colour ANNNND The Chairman of the Board, New York New York—what great scenes of New York back in that day—well Sir I will be at Gallagher’s Steak House (dating to 1927) 8pm the Friday before the fights. Anybody dropping in please do check out that great big picture on the back wall of Max Baer celebrity with a steak and give or take 100 friends at Gallagher’s the night he won The Heavyweight Championship of the Whole Wide World.

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