Miguel Diaz: Mayweather Will Destroy Canelo

By Richard V. Powell on October 5, 2012
Miguel Diaz: Mayweather Will Destroy Canelo
“The best Canelo cannot beat a medium-rare Mayweather. No question about it." (Ecksel)

“Mayweather would make Canelo look like a clown in a circus,” said Diaz. “Mayweather will destroy Canelo…”

When it comes to finding a qualified voice to speak about boxing, you have to dig deep to find anyone with more experience than Miguel Diaz. As a world-class trainer and cutman, Diaz has worked with fighters like Miguel Cotto, Erik Morales and Manny Pacquiao and has been a fixture in countless corners during the last 50 years. 

Diaz says he’s seen it all and pulls no punches. So when the topic of a fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Canelo Alvarez came up, it was clear that he wasn’t drinking the Canelo Kool-Aid.

“The best Canelo cannot beat a medium-rare Mayweather,” he told Boxing.com. “No question about it. Mayweather will make him look like an apprentice.” Diaz concedes that Canelo is a “good” fighter and that we haven’t seen the best of him yet, but insists that the 22-year-old is nowhere near being ready to face the likes of Floyd Mayweather. “Mayweather is a master, a technician,” he said.  “Canelo is all power. Skill and experience will always beat power.”

Diaz also dismisses Canelo’s victory over Josesito Lopez as meaningless because Lopez came up two weight classes from 140 to 154. Diaz claims any fighter would look strong given those circumstances. “It was like a middleweight fighting a super lightweight.” Diaz says Golden Boy has shrewdly brought Canelo along, as any great promoter should, and his popularity has soared without his having faced any significant opposition. 

The subject of Mayweather’s age is often discussed. Diaz believes it will be an issue sometime in the future, but isn’t a problem now. “Mayweather is still a young fighter. He’s never used drugs or alcohol and is always in the gym, always in shape. He might have slowed down a little due to his age, but he has great radar, he sees punches coming from two yards away.”

Diaz believes a Mayweather-Canelo matchup would be a lopsided annihilation. “Mayweather would make Canelo look like a clown in a circus,” he said. “Mayweather will destroy Canelo.”

Mayweather has advantages in skill and experience, but there are some who think that heart and determination can overcome almost anything. And fortunately for Canelo, heart and determination are attributes he has in spades.

The most telling sign of Canelo’s readiness is the sudden about-face of his promoter and mentor Oscar De La Hoya. The Golden Boy himself had been reluctant to have Canelo face Mayweather but has recently had a change of heart after Canelo’s “coming out party” against Lopez. “He’s ready to take on Mayweather or anybody else,” De La Hoya told The Boxing Lab. Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer says he has also seen the light when it comes to Canelo. The post-fight press conference found Schaefer positively gushing about the young champion. “You saw the quality,” he said. “You saw the reactions from fans, the electricity in the air. It was maybe one of the best nights of boxing Golden Boy has ever put on.”

Schaefer said Golden Boy’s matchmakers will tell him when Canelo is ready for Mayweather, but he feels there’s little reason to hold the young champion back. God forbid Canelo would suffer a loss to Mayweather, but he’s young enough to pick up the pieces and resume his career. And if that mega fight were to happen, it would be the biggest draw in the sport in many years. Canelo would undoubtedly provide the stiffest competition for Mayweather since De La Hoya and would most likely not only show well but might have a chance to hand Mayweather his first loss. It promises to be a fight for the ages. 

“Other promoters believe in marinating,” Schaefer said. “I don’t. You never know what’s going to happen in life. If there’s an opportunity to have a big fight, and it’s something that fans want to see, I think you have an obligation to your fighter to get him in there.”

Miguel Diaz believes Canelo needs a few more fights under his belt against quality opposition before jumping in the ring with Floyd Mayweather. Even then he believes Mayweather is so superior that Canelo has no chance against the P4P king. Canelo Alvarez with no chance? Once again, it’s Miguel Diaz against the world as Canelo, De La Hoya and millions of Mexican fans believe Canelo is ready to shock the world.

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  1. Joe 10:37am, 10/14/2012

    Irish Frankie: Both Diaz and Canelo are Hispanics. Maybe you are dreaming about Ireland but is between Spanish American people. Mexico and Cuba.

  2. Rob 11:20am, 10/09/2012

    @the thresher - I’m sorry if you thought I insulted you. By the way, where in my post did I insult you? I couldn’t find it. Anyways,  I didn’t insult you or your opinion. I didn’t see you get upset at any one else who scoffed at your opinion that “Canelo butchers Cotto”. I respect your opinion about why YOU THINK that Canelo wins but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with you. I am also entitled to write why I THINK YOU"RE WRONG and that doesn’t mean that I’m insulting you, that just means exactly that, that I THINK YOU"RE WRONG (in this case). That’s it, oh and Cotto’s body is breaking down because he’s been fighting guys that are TOP TIER LEVEL while Canelo is 10 years younger and fighting guys that lost to Jessie Vargas at JWW, which is exactly my point (in a weird way you kind of made my point by making your point).

    Oh.. and by the way.. you are totally drinking the Kool-Aid even if you don’t notice (maybe someone is mixing it in with your Vodka).

  3. leoner 09:29am, 10/09/2012

    canelo will win..

  4. the thresher 06:59am, 10/09/2012

    Sorry Rob. You have your opinion. I have mine. The only difference is that I don’t insult you about yours. I respect all opinions. I can assure you that I rarely drink the “Kool Aid.” Vodka is my drink of choice. And naive I am not.

    I look at styles, and whether a fighter is on the downswing contrasted with whether a fighter is on the upswing.

    It’s also interesting that Canelo has had more pro fights than Cotto, though Cotto’s body is now breaking down, while Canelo remains fresh and strong.

  5. Rob 06:36am, 10/09/2012

    @the thresher- If you believe that then there is nothing I can tell you since you are “all in” drinking that Canelo Kool-Aid. I was hoping for a little objectivity; seeing as Canelo had a hard time with Cotto’s older brother and hasn’t been in with any kind of upper level opposition, but I see now that it’s not going to happen. I (unlike you) like to see things before I say “This will happen”; therefore until I see Canelo in with a A-level type fighter I’m not going to drink the Kool-Aid. If you want to drink it go ahead, but I warn you as I did the Chavez fans, Canelo (and his fans) will find out that his soft matchmaking is hurting him more than helping him. Unless I see a DRASTIC STEP UP in Canelo’s competition, he will be surprised to see that the top guys are as tough as he is but are also more tested and resolute. That’s why you are supposed to step up in competition little by little until you get to the top tier, not being matched softly and then just jump straight to the top tier guys. Canelo could learn a thing or two by watching what is happening (or already happened) to his fellow soft-matched “champion” Cahvez Jr. because if he goes the same route the results will probably be the same.

  6. FrankinDallas 02:56pm, 10/07/2012

    Mayweather would Lacy-fy Mr Alvarez right now. I like the kid, but he’s too easy to hit. If Josesito can find Canelo’s head at will, you don’t think Floyd won’t? Lots of Floyd hating going on here. I agree that sure, Saul should take the fight…he can take the millions and spend it on Mexicana supermodels. But he isn’t winning this matchup.

  7. the thresher 04:22am, 10/07/2012

    Vincent has the beat

  8. Darrell 12:22am, 10/07/2012

    Floyd hasn’t stopped many fighters…it means nothing.  He could’ve stopped Marquez & Cotto but he’s too defensively minded to open himself up to being hit too much.  Floyd can hit but is not prepared to be caught by the “lucky” punch just to get a KO win.

    Canelo would lose….probably by lopsided decision.

  9. vincent 08:24pm, 10/06/2012

    Also Canelo and Victor Ortiz are about the same size.  Ortiz goes up all the way to 164 at fight night.  Lopez gave Ortiz all he could handle while Canelo made Lopez look like an amateur.  Also Floyd fought a lightweight Marquez and nobody critized him and Floyd couldn’t even stop marquez who was 2 division smaller than him.

  10. vincent 08:20pm, 10/06/2012

    Floyd rarely destroys his opponents, he merely wins by decision.  I don’t understand how he would destroy Canelo if he has no power.  Canelo would bully him around and stop him.  Canelo has skills also, he is a counter puncher.

  11. Valencia 02:39pm, 10/06/2012

    You guys are lame! Canelo fought Mosley and won. I find Mosley better than Cotto by far, so why do you say he hasn’t fought anybody good? I agree he needs a few more fights before he faces Mayweather but I’m sure he will put him on the mat…at least once. The only fight it think would be good for Canelo to measure up to Broner….he has a similar boxing style of Mayweather and is a great fighter. A cocky SOB but very good. Anybody else IMO would just be an easy win for Canelo. Cotto hahaa the fight would be stopped from Cotto’s face being too jacked up in the 7th or 8th round. He’s had some good fights but a few lame ones as well. The only fight I thought he was good in was against Margarito.

  12. the thresher 04:56am, 10/06/2012

    Rob, Canelo is way too big for Cotto and way too powerful. Cotto’s style is perfect for the Red Head. Cotto will try to pressure him hoping to engage in counterpunches, but I think Canelo will connect first and start breaking open Cotto’s now very breakable and tender face. Once the bleeding begins, the butchering also will begin. It will be slice and dice time and Cotto will go into full retreat until saved by his corner of the referee. Just my opinion. Cotto has done it before and he did not impress me in his win against Margo though he did impress me against Mayweather.

  13. Darrell 07:49pm, 10/05/2012

    Mike Casey 05:18am, 10/05/2012
    Unless Mayweather has slipped alarmingly, he will steadily butcher Alvarez.

    I second this ^^^

  14. the thresher 05:13pm, 10/05/2012

    Anti-redheads is not good.

  15. sammy 03:40pm, 10/05/2012

    I like Canelo and wouldnt want to see him get chopped up by Mayweather. I think Canelo should fight Cotto first, to measure his true test as an elite fighter. I like how Canelo fights and he has incredible power, but he has no defense. It would be best for him to never fight Mayweather and let Canelo destroy every fighter that steps in the ring for the next 12 years. The only fighter who could challenge him is “super talented Adrien Broner” and that fight would be a coin flip, if Broner moves up in weight. However I believe Mayweather is turned off with the fight game and has already retired. He loves to trash talk to hype himself up and when Pacman sued him, he was mentally crushed and sad. The Ali days are over when you can talk crazy about your opponent. If I was Mayweather I would retire, gamble for fun and train other young hungry fighters. I watched Jeff, Roger and Floyd Sr. fight and Floyd Jr. has mastered his skills from them. The reason why Floyd is undefeated is because he was born with that “pitbull mentality” and only the great ones have it.  My man Canelo, Broner, Pacman, Andre W. all have it.  Mayweather has already retired!  He wants to wrestle and has not even responded to Pacman. Canelo is the new Superstar!

  16. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 01:41pm, 10/05/2012

    Sr. Miguel Diaz-I resent your remarks about Canelo…“clown in a circus” indeed….I’ve got your number Senor…this is all about his hair and specifically it’s color….and you know it…I’m surprised you didn’t reference Ronald McDonald while you were at it! You Senor are clearly a hater and it’s clear, at least to me, where your prejudices lie!

  17. Rob 12:32pm, 10/05/2012

    Thresher- what makes you say that Canelo “butchers” Cotto? What has Canelo done in boxing to signal this? Is it because he beat a Jr WW? Or was it that Cotto’s older (and less talented) brother (who is really also a Jr WW) almost KOed Canelo? I think Canelo is a good fighter but he has not been in the ring with anyone of note for you to make the assertion that Canelo “butchers” Cotto. By the way I would love to see that fight as I see it as a good measuring stick for the young but very untested Canelo.

  18. andrew 11:06am, 10/05/2012

    mayweather doesn’t fight often enough,this makes him vulnerable to punches he may have avoided had he stayed sharp,anyways canelo is a threat so mayweather will never fight him,i have no respect for the way he treats us fans..he’s taken the money and ran.

  19. the thresher 09:03am, 10/05/2012

    If Mayweather could not butcher Cotto, what makes anyone think he could butcher this guy?  I think Canelo would butcher Cotto. But of course, logic has no place in boxing. I know that.

  20. the thresher 05:22am, 10/05/2012

    Joe, the modern business model of boxing is exacly as you state it.

  21. the thresher 05:20am, 10/05/2012

    Fine read. I’m not so sure anymore. Mayweather is not getting any younger while Canelo is fast becoming a monster. The inflection point will be all about age IMO. If Floyd’s body and speed is fit and ready, Canelo will lose. If not, Canelo has a great chance. He is thick bodied, is starting to shorten up on his hooks, brings thudding power, is savvy, is confident, and could bring the battle to Floyd. This one interests me far more than Pac-Floyd which has now run its full course of bullshit and I no longer care about that fight. Canelo vs. anyone or Floyd vs. anyone are now high on my anticipation-index.

    As for Diaz, wtf.

  22. Mike Casey 05:18am, 10/05/2012

    Unless Mayweather has slipped alarmingly, he will steadily butcher Alvarez.

  23. Rob 05:12am, 10/05/2012

    Come on people! Really? Canelo isn’t even fighting against guys in his own division and hasn’t fought anyone ranked in the top of HIS OWN weight class (which he’s somehow the champ), and you want him to fight the best technical fighter in the sport today? This kid shouldn’t be a champ yet (and don’t get me wrong I like the kid). What about he fights someone on the top tier level of competition before we want to put him in with Floyd. I say if he can beat any top 10 Junior MW and then beat Cotto then he would deserve to fight Floyd.

    Mr. Powell, after you get the opinion of someone like Miguel Diaz that tells you flat out that Canelo isn’t ready for Mayweather yet, you still say that the fight is going to be good and that Canelo can beat Floyd. Then why did you interview Mr. Diaz? Learn to take good advice. Aren’t you the same writer that said that Chavez was about to become a superstar before the Martinez fight? You didn’t learn your lesson. Fighters have to step up to top level competition before you (or anyone else) can make an honest assessment of a fighter and say that he is ready or not. Canelo can make the same mega millions fighting Cotto (a guy who will test whether Canelo is at that level or not) and that would be a more competitive fight. And Canelo isn’t even going to be favored in that one so what does that tell you.

  24. Pete The Sneak 04:48am, 10/05/2012

    What the heck. Put him in there against Floyd…This will be a monster money making venture and let’s face it, it’s always about the money. Should Canelo get dominated by Floyd as most in the Boxing world believe, then I believe the kid is young enough to overcome that and still have a great career and be a multi-millionaire to boot. Then again, the kid may actually make this more competitive than most think. I actually agree with Schaefer, too many things can happen. Strike while the iron is hot. Peace.

  25. Joe 03:53am, 10/05/2012

    Well “only” concerned about making money and not building their fighters in a more “traditional” manner.

  26. Joe 03:51am, 10/05/2012

    If Golden Boy puts Canelo in there with Lil Floyd it will absolutely prove that these guys are about making money and this would be a HUGE money maker.  Canelo is a hungry kid and although I agree with Mr. Diaz he may be able to pressure Money enough to make it a good show.  The kid will come to fight that’s pretty much a given.  It looks like Richard and Oscar are taking queues from the Bobfather because we all know that “Son of the Legend” wasn’t seasoned enough for Sergio BUT it was an awesome event…

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