Mike Tyson for President

By Robert Ecksel on October 27, 2015
Mike Tyson for President
“They’re telling us we’re stupid. That’s what they’re telling us. You see that too? No really.”

“He said really crude things. They was really crude. He needs someone to work with him on how to deliver his messages and stuff…”

“If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”—Emma Goldman

With the irrepressible Donald Trump sliding in the polls, there’s no time like the present to bring out the big guns. Whenever I think of big guns insofar as the billionaire is concerned, my mind drifts to Melania Knauss-Trump, his Slovenian-born wife. But there are other big guns in Trump’s corner beside the possible “first lady for the ages.”

In a recent sitdown with HuffPost Live, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was asked about the real estate tycoon, with whom he has history, and if believes Trump has the right stuff to “make America great again.”

“He should be President of the United States,” said Tyson. “That’s what he should be. He should be President of the United States. He should be President of the United States. Why are the people mad at the people ‘cause this is who the people want to be President? You see Donald Trump’s polls. ‘See, this is not going to happen. It’s going down.’ So they’re saying. These people don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re telling people right in their face, all the Republicans, all the Democrats, and the Independents, they’re saying right in the people’s face, ‘You don’t know what you’re doing. You’re going to vote for me next week. You don’t think about Donald Trump. You’re just riding on the bandwagon of success.’ They’re telling us we’re stupid. That’s what they’re telling us. You see that too? No really. ‘These people are stupid. That’s going down. He ain’t gonna keep your vote there.’ They’re really talking at the interview, but they’re saying it to the people that the people don’t listen to them. ‘Nah, that’s never going to last. The people don’t want to keep the numbers where they are.’”

“Why wouldn’t anybody like that, a guy who came from where he came from and doing what he’s doing and now this is where he’s at now? Know what that means? That don’t mean he’s a bad guy, that people don’t know what they’re doing. That means that people are tired of what you’ve been doing, what we’ve been doing the last 20 years. Let’s try something new. We tried Obama. Time for a change, so we got to change. Now let’s try something new. Let’s run America like a business, where no colors matters. Whoever can do the job gets the job.”

It is indeed time for a change. But no one knows if Trump can “do the job” until he’s in a position to actually do the job. That’s a roll of the dice, a pastime which might be in the candidate’s favor.

“This is just what it is,” continued Tyson. “He’s the man right now with the light, regardless of what I like about him or anything. It’s who he is. He’s ahead of the polls right now and we as human beings, we always say, ‘Let’s treat people right. Let’s treat these people. Let’s treat immigration. Let’s treat people right. Stop killing these people.’ Hey, this guy’s winning fair and square. He’s not bribing anybody. You know if you’re doing it fair and square and we’re all for the people and the people want this guy, then why are the people bad and why is this guy bad? We’re just envious. We’re getting beaten. That’s just what it is. That’s who we are as people to get mad when we get beaten. The most humblest loser in the world goes home at night and cry. We’re getting beat. We be sore.”

Tyson was asked if Trump’s comments about Latinos being drug dealers and rapists were offensive.

“I didn’t look at him like that. Some people are bad. People are bad in all parts of the ethnic world. Just he didn’t know how to say it. You know what I mean? He said really crude things. They was really crude. He needs someone to work with him on how to deliver his messages and stuff. But man, as far as his accomplishment, what he did—he’s an average guy like everyone else. The end of time people always going to say something bad about Latinos, they’re going to say bad things about blacks, bad things about any ethnic people, whatever it is. That’s just what this country was built on. But it doesn’t stop us from striving. It doesn’t stop us from becoming President. It doesn’t stop us from opening the biggest Latino Univision company in the world. It doesn’t stop us from doing that. Does it? No, it doesn’t. People can talk all they want, but we’re still doing what we thought we could never do before.”

The HuffPost Live host asked Mike if “the man who runs the country should also be able to say things like that?”

“The man who runs the country is just a man,” said Tyson. “He needs time to grow too. What we read about Kennedy and what he did. What did we read about those other Presidents? He just needs time to grow. That’s all. He hurt our feelings. He hurt our soft spot. Somebody might say ‘nigger,’ hurt my feeling. But I’ve heard that word before. It’s not going to make me want to kill they guy and cut him up and attack him like a savage beast. I’ve very familiar with that word. It’s not going to get a response out of me. Do you think Donald Trump thinks of Latinos in that way? I don’t think he thinks of Latinos in that way. I really don’t believe that. This man’s head, this businessman, they’re say what the people want, and the people want to hear that. And if he believed that and if you believe that he believed that, you have to believe that most of the country believed that because they’re voting for him. I don’t believe the country believed that. I don’t believe that 90 percent of the country believed that Latinos were born here and their parents are illegal and got to go. It hasn’t happened yet, alright? It hasn’t happened yet.”

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  1. Clarence George 01:03pm, 10/28/2015

    Irish:  You may be right about the architect (I know nothing of Obama’s extracurricular activities).  It’s been more than 25 years, and I still remember being barely able to restrain myself from unwinding his suspenders.  And, no, that’s not a euphemism.  Oh, thank you, Yusaf, thank you so bloody much!  I think the architect was married, but it couldn’t have been a happy union.  No loving wife would allow her husband to leave the house looking that way.  I wonder what happened to his assistant.  Vicki, I think her name was.

  2. KB 12:03pm, 10/28/2015

    Thanks for sharing Irish

  3. Eric 09:40am, 10/28/2015

    Irish… teehee. Point taken.

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:35am, 10/28/2015

    Eric-Obama as a teen turning gay tricks with white middle aged businessmen on Waikiki and you say JFK had the morals of an alley cat?! Yusaf Mack wakes up on the train with $4,500 in his pocket and a sore asshole and we’re quick to judge but not a peep about Barack.

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:25am, 10/28/2015

    Clarence George-The guy on the roof seems like someone who would walk around the office all day with toilet paper stuck to his shoe….the twisted suspenders are more than likely related to toileting as well.

  6. Eric 07:50am, 10/28/2015

    Even though he had the morals of an alley cat, JFK was our last America first POTUS. Perhaps that is why he was taken out. He was preceded by globalist sellouts like FDR and everyone that came after, including Ronald Reagan to a lesser degree. What makes Trump so appealing is that he has his own money and doesn’t have to answer to the Sheldon Adelsons, the Haim Sabans, or the Goldman Sachs banksters out there. Trump isn’t the answer for sure, but compared to the rest of that pathetic bunch seeking (s)election, he is the only one that I consider worth voting for at this point.

  7. KB 06:00am, 10/28/2015

    It will forever be known as “Yusaf’s Curse.”

    As for Fiorina, she would make a train go down a dirt road. She is despicable. Otherwise, I agree with your predictions 100%. If Cruz wins, I move to Costa Rica forthwith.

  8. Clarence George 02:21am, 10/28/2015

    I have a sorta Trump story (and I mean Donald; there’s an artist, Doug Trump, who I used to know, but he’s not related).  Back in 1988, Trump bought the Plaza for about 400 million and made his wife at the time, Ivana, president.  I was working for a PR firm that represented the architect who was refurbishing the hotel.  He once brought a reporter and me up to the roof for a view of Central Park.  There wasn’t anything resembling a guardrail, and we both declined his invitation to “come up to the edge for a really good look.”  He wore suspenders that were always twisted, which set my teeth on edge.  But what I remember most is his sizzling-hot assistant who I used to take at any and every opportunity to Jean Lafitte on West 58th, a wonderful French restaurant that no longer exists.  Given the Yusaf Mack story, I hasten to add that the assistant was female.

    My presidential prediction (subject to change) is that neither Trump nor Carson will be nominated.  Neither will the rather Nixonian Jeb Bush.  It will be Rubio, Cruz, or Fiorina.  Hillary, aka If Obama Were a Woman, will be our next prez.

    As for Tyson, a friend of mine (also in the boxing biz) is very close to him.  In a manly sort of way, of course.  Curse you, Yusaf Mack!

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