Mike Tyson vs. Trevor Berbick

By Boxing News on June 30, 2015
Mike Tyson vs. Trevor Berbick
Everybody thought Tyson would be too much for Berbick to handle. Everybody was right.

Over the years we’ve come to know Mike Tyson as many things: song and dance man, reality show star, loose cannon on radio talk shows, celebrated guest at the Sundance and Cannes film festivals, convicted rapist, et cetera, et cetera, and all that jazz. But once upon a time he was just known as Iron Mike, the “baddest man on the plant.” One of his baddest moments, at least in the ring, was his Nov. 22, 1986 fight with Trevor Berbick for WBC heavyweight title. Berbick was 31-4-1 going in, having won the crown from Pinklon Thomas on March 22. Tyson was 27-0, and everybody thought he’d be too much for Berbick. Everybody was right…

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Mike Tyson vs Trevor Berbick (1986) full fight Hight Quality

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  1. Barry 04:02am, 05/15/2014

    Trevor Berbick was Tyson’s toughest foe by far up to that time. i can remember the fight well, with Tyson pacing up and down, glaring across at Berbick. While Lou Rawls sang the National Anthem. Mike Tyson blitzed Berbick in under 5 minutes, to become the youngest ever. Heavyweight Champion. i can recall Tyson saying, in the post-fight interview, “i was punching with murderous accuracy” Tyson then enjoyed “Superstar Status” for the next 4yrs in world sports, before it then came apart at the seams.

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