Mikey Garcia Meets the Press

By Robert Ecksel on July 21, 2018
Mikey Garcia Meets the Press
“It's the biggest fight of his career as well so I'm expecting the best Robert Easter Jr. ever.”

Hopefully Easter’s new trainer, Kevin Cunningham, creates a game plan built around his five-inch height and eight-inch reach advantage…

In advance of next week’s lightweight unification between WBC champion Mikey Garcia and IBF champion Robert Easter Jr. at the Staples Center in LA, the fighters met with the press Thursday via teleconference call.

Garcia is the A-side of the promotion, but he is taking Robert Easter seriously.

“I’ve seen him on several occasions and he’s a fighter,” said Garcia. “He’s had some tough fights and I think he’s had those tough fights because he allows it to get tough for himself. Because he’s a fighter, he likes to fight. He likes to exchange punches and gives up the height and reach advantage at times. But he’s always in the fight. He’s always punching. He’s dangerous. He has power.

“I think he might actually use his height and reach early on. So that’s something I have to be aware of. I have to be prepared. And that’s what we did in the gym. We worked on a lot of things to overcome those height and reach advantages. But I’ll make those adjustments. I have experience fighting a lot of different opponents, different styles, different heights. I’d say I’ll be prepared to do whatever it takes to win on the night of the 28th.”

Easter’s split decision victory against Javier Fortuna in his last bout is of special interest to Garcia.

“I’ve seen the fight,” he said. “And believe it or not, Javier Fortuna has a weird, awkward style that makes everybody have problems. He’ll give problems to anybody no matter height or reach. Javier Fortuna is tricky, experienced, a former champion. Robert Easter Jr. sometimes gives up those height and reach advantages on his own because he’s a fighter, because he likes to fight and exchange punches and looks for a knockout. And that’s part of the reason why Fortuna had some success in a really difficult fight. But overall, I still felt that Robert won and did enough to win that fight.”

Garcia is a pound-for-pound fighter, an appellation he earned the hard way.

“I always have believed I’m the best and that’s why I’m taking on these fights to prove to everybody that there’s no one else better than me, there’s no one else equal to me and these are the fights that excite me the most and will cement my name.

“I’m looking for the most attractive fights, most important fights for me in my career and I want fights just like this, undefeated champions. I’m fighting champion after champion, those are the fights that will excite me the most and motivate me the most.”

Not everyone takes the toughest fights against the toughest opposition. People get away with what they can, even with the TV cameras running.

“I could easily be defending my title against top contenders in the top ten,” said Garcia, “but if they haven’t been champions or their record’s not perfect, it doesn’t really excite me, it doesn’t motivate me. But that’s why I’m facing guys like Dejan Zlaticanin, Sergey Lipinets—undefeated champions. These are fights that really motivate me and excite me because in the end, I want to leave my name cemented in the history books of boxing.”

Hopefully Easter’s new trainer, Kevin Cunningham, creates a game plan built around his five-inch height and eight-inch reach advantage.

“Sometimes it just takes another person, another voice, to get the fighter to use what he needs to do,” Mikey said. “I think he’s going to try to use his reach and height advantage. I think they’re going to try to use that most of the night but that’s part of the fight, that’s part of the game and I have to make those adjustments to overcome that and find other ways to get to him. I think he’s going to be very motivated and probably in the best shape ever; he knows what’s at stake, he knows it’s a huge fight. It’s the biggest fight of his career as well so I’m expecting the best Robert Easter Jr. ever.”

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  1. thrashem 06:27am, 07/22/2018

    Complaints about judge scoring, call 702-486-2575 Let them know! Got that number from Lampley HBO program.
    Seen plenty fights where I’m wondering if Letterman, Lampley and and Max are seeing the same fight I’m watching. Hate wagon jumpers!

  2. Casanovita de Ahome 11:58am, 07/21/2018

    Mikey is just that good! More than that he doesn’t have to worry about getting shafted at Staples in LA like Sims and Hamazaryan did in Sloan friggin’ Iowa last night! Sims’ Draw with Love was bad enough but Hamazaryan got reamed royally!  Idiots in the crowd chanting “USA…USA…USA” while he beat the piss out of Maticce clearly influenced two other idiots who just happened to have pencils to doodle and scribble on official score cards!

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