Mikey Garcia Stops Juanma Lopez

By Robert Ecksel on June 15, 2013
Mikey Garcia Stops Juanma Lopez
Mikey Garcia made short work of Puerto Rico's Juan Manuel Lopez. (Chris Farina/Top Rank)

Former WBO featherweight champion Mikey Garcia (32-0, 27 KOs) had more trouble making weight than he had with Juan Manuel Lopez (33-3, 30 KOs)...

Saturday night at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, former WBO featherweight champion Mike Garcia (32-0, 27 KOs) had more trouble making weight than he had with Juan Manuel Lopez (33-3, 30 KOs).

Despite wishful thinking that the fight would be competitive, seasoned observers saw it as a foregone conclusion that Garcia would defeat Lopez. But few expected, neither the greenhorns still wet behind the ears nor the old hands on their last legs, that it would end in round four with Juanma, having been dropped a second time, stumbling around the ring like a drunken sailor.

The 25-year-old Garcia, fighting out of the red corner in black trunks trimmed in blue, was as composed and efficient as possible.

Lopez, fighting out of the blue corner in black trunks with silver and gold trim, is only 29, but he’s an old 29, and Saturday’s fight in Dallas may have aged him even further.

The first was a feeling out round and Juanma more or less held his own. He was busier than Garcia. He was pressing forward, forcing the action, but eating more punches than he was dishing out.

Between rounds Robert Garcia, Mikey’s cornerman, told him, “Keep the jab in his face. Don’t throw a lazy jab.”

“Loosen up a bit,” advised Juanma’s corner. “Move your torso so you’re not an easy target.”

Garcia took control of the fight in round two. He was relaxed. He was letting it flow. Mikey caught Lopez with a hard right that dropped him to the canvas. Juanma got to his feet and beat the count. No question that he has heart. Chin is another matter.

Robert Garcia told Mikey between rounds two and three, “Let him make mistakes and go catch him, just like you did just there.”

Lopez began busting up in round three. He had no head movement. His legs were gone. His balance was betraying him. Juanma was walking straight into shots. Garcia, who had been content to counter in the first two rounds, let his hands go in the third. He was boxing beautifully, punching with precision, and there wasn’t a damn thing Juanma could do about it.

Garcia was in the zone in the fourth and final round. Lopez was getting battered. He was leaning into punches, almost begging Mikey to keep hitting him. The Fighting Pride of Oxnard was happy to oblige and put Lopez down for the second time with picture perfect left hook. Juanma again climbed to his feet, but he was in no condition to continue. Referee Rafael Ramos called a halt to the action at 1:35. It was over. The better man won.

After the bout, Mikey Garcia was shown the second and fourth round knockdowns on videotape.

“Right before that punch I heard my brother yell, ‘Counter his left with your straight right,’ and I landed a perfect right hand that actually hurt him. The left hook at the end just put him down. But it was the right hand that really hurt him and it wasn’t able to continue and that was it.”

It might be over for Juan Manuel Lopez, but Mikey Garcia is just getting started.

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  1. Koolz 08:31am, 06/18/2013

    Juanma wouldn’t have had a chance even at the correct weight.
    He had horrible Balance, was wide open up the middle the whole fight.
    Easy to hit with Jab.
    Garcia took him to town because he had a great plan to take him to town not because of a two pound difference.

  2. raxman 03:49pm, 06/16/2013

    ted - and fight who? 130 is a weight class totally bereft of name talent. the only fight for him at 130 is if someone else moves up from 26.
    perhaps he’ll follow the tack of broner and jump a weight class, skipping 130 to fight at 135 - Gamboa vs Garcia anyone? 50cent has been all about the difficulty in getting the good fighters to fight each other not being about the fighters reticent but about managers and promoters. i’m sure Arum would have no problem matching mikey with Gamboa - for good reason perhaps. money where mouth is time for 50cent perhaps.

  3. Ted 03:37pm, 06/16/2013

    Garcia will move up to 130

  4. raxman 03:28pm, 06/16/2013

    its a pattern of not accepting that young men fill out around 24-25 and there is nothing you can do about it. its a shame because the most exciting fight in boxing would have to be mares vs Garcia would it not? but I can’t see Garcia staying at 126 and Mares has just got there so probably wouldn’t move north just yet - oh just realised that fight wouldn’t happen coz of the whole top rank v Golden boy anyway - greater shame!

  5. ted 03:13pm, 06/16/2013

    Rios twice and now Mikey. Is this a pattern?

  6. raxman 03:11pm, 06/16/2013

    if you were fighting a Garcia trained fighter would you bust a gut to make weight? or perhaps as an opponent you’d insisted on a 3 day pre fight weigh in. you’d know then if his guys were going to make weight and act accordingly

  7. leigh 01:12pm, 06/16/2013

    your right bk not sure it would have been the same if it was the other way round ,i think the plan was to come in over to make double sure the crooks.

  8. thresher 12:53pm, 06/16/2013

    I agree bk don. So does Max, not that Max counts.

  9. bk don 11:45am, 06/16/2013

    Yep, Thresher Juanma didn’t have a chance in a fair fight, forgot about having the odds stacked against him. Garcia not making weight, or coming close to it was a slap in the face to Juanma, the fans and the sport. You can’t tell me that on Monday Garcia & his team didn’t realize he was overweight. They should’ve contacted Juanma’s reps and negotiated a catchweight. Instead, they allowed Juanma to sacrifice and suffer to cut weight. Then, Garcia steps on the scale as if he’s going to make weight, fails and doesn’t even bother to shed the lbs then. That is the exact opposite of good sportsmanship

  10. thresher 09:30pm, 06/15/2013

    A slaughter

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