Money Makes the World Go Round

By Robert Ecksel on December 30, 2013
Money Makes the World Go Round
We're not optimistic either, and Espinoza’s statement does little to dampen our pessimism.

Showtime Executive Vice President Stephen Espinoza, speaking to The Telegraph, said, “Floyd will fight Manny Pacquiao anywhere…”

I’m waiting for the holidays to end. Don’t get me wrong. I like mistletoe and noisemakers. I just like boxing more.

While counting the days until actual fighting resumes, there’s the endless back-and-forth between Showtime and HBO to distract us.

Showtime Executive Vice President Stephen Espinoza, speaking to The Telegraph, said, “Floyd will fight Manny Pacquiao anywhere, any time. Unfortunately, there is a promotional conflicts which are the issue [sic]. I’d like to be optimistic but there is a lot of politics involved. A lot of history to resolve. Unfortunately, until Manny Pacquiao changes his promotional representation, I’m not optimistic that it can happen.”

We’re not optimistic either, and Espinoza’s statement does little to dampen our pessimism.

The screw Top Rank option has been floated forever and is no more appealing now than when first proposed. But Mayweather and TMT Promotions are not Showtime and Golden Boy. Money May, in theory, can make the fights he wants. 

Espinoza reaffirmed that Amir Khan is “one of the leading contenders” for the May 3 fight. “I know Amir wants the fight. Floyd hasn’t made a decision. I expect an announcement by mid-January or the end of January.”

Also in the running for Cinco de Mayo weekend is Marcos Maidana, whose stock has risen since he knocked some sense into Adrien Broner.

Mayweather-Maidana is preferable to Mayweather-Khan, for reasons too obvious to state, but Mayweather-Pacquiao is the fight, even if it’s five years overdue.

That fight, however, won’t happen—not unless Manny stabs Bob Arum in the back.

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  1. ROB 08:47pm, 01/02/2014

    maybe pac will surprise us all by NOT fighting another softball Top Rank fighter. The guy hasn’t fought anyone in years and you call him the best? please! he thought he would walk over a 40 yr old marquez or at least not get raped but that didn’t happen. Pacman fans just turn their heads and cover their eyes to everything pacman does! the joke clottey, margacheato AFTER he was knocked dead by mosley and suspended for 2yrs for cheating, mosley a year AFTER Floyd beat the heart out of him, marquez at age 39 and 40 thought it would be a cakewalk=NOT! Rios? Rios the lightweight with nothing in the skill dept, Hatton AFTER Floyd had already took his heart a year before, Cotto with a weight drain down to 145 with a no rehydration (dead man walking) clause. and Tim pillowfist Bradley? YAWN…...what a monster. Fight Guerrero, Canelo, Ortiz, Khan, Maidana or just stay in house like usual and fight Provodnikov! Lastly, why not boycott pacman fights as well? oh wait, judging by the numbers you guys started with his last fight! haha!

  2. raxman 03:27am, 01/02/2014

    floyd is the worst opponent imaginable for pac - pac’s performance vs rios proved, for any of you that didn’t already know it, that pac must have an opponent that comes straight at him and is there to be hit - diaz, dela hoya, hatton, cotto, clottey, and margarito are all the perfect style - human punching bag. Marquez is a very good boxer but its his counter punching skills that troubled pac. his ability to take that half step backward to take advantage of fact that pac doesn’t use the jab to set up an attack. floyd’s counter punching skills are a level above jmm. the only hope pac has is to catch floyd early before he’s settled. other than that it’ll be a lucky punch. i don;t even particularly want to see this fight happen (except to get it over with to end the speculation) as i believe it will be very one sided with floyd just pecking away and winning rounds. 
    i think bradley has a much better chance of beating floyd - bradley’s speed and endurance could be enough for the judges to give him rounds like he got in the pac fight - as a result of super star being judge at such a high standard and needing to do so much more just to get the round

  3. nicolas 06:48pm, 12/31/2013

    I am perhaps one of the very few who is not interested in a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight at this time. this is a fight that should have happened many years ago but did not. If we the public are going to still buy in to this fight, promoters will always look at the public as very gullible, which the public often has been. While i don’t see a knockout for Mayweather, I do feel that this fight would be reminiscent of the Johnson-Jeffries and Holmes-Ali fights. there are many more interesting fights out there for Mayweather. I would rather see him fight Martinez for the middleweight title, Erisandy Lara, or Timothy Bradley. I don’t know if Pacquiao now could beat Bradley, and even feel that Pacquiao should fight him first, or Marquez, before he fights Mayweather. Richard Dwyer of Gamblers advisory on YouTube has also suggested that Khan could give Mayweather problems because he feels that Khan has very fast hands, and Mayweather may not have the punch that can really bother him.

  4. Edgar Nacario 05:11pm, 12/31/2013

    Yes charless, that is the only thing we can do now. BOYCOTT all of mayweather’s fights until he signs to give us the fight that we have been asking for four years now. To All Boxing Fans if you want to see the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight then you must boycott all of the Fraud Coward’s fights until he fights the Pacman. Let Mayweather know our collective will by BOYCOTTING all Mayweather fights.

  5. Edgar Nacario 05:05pm, 12/31/2013

    This tells me that when it involves fighting Pacquiao, Mayweather really has lost his balls somewhere in the North Pole and the guy has never found it after four years of Pacquiao trying to draw the duck into the ring. This guy should be exposed for what he is-a fraud and a coward of the highest order.

  6. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 04:55pm, 12/31/2013

    Looks like the age progression thingy above went a little haywire…..Manny comes out looking like my second favorite actor of all time, Alfonso Bedoya and Floyd like a decrepit Mike Alvarado!

  7. charless 03:39pm, 12/31/2013

    the boxng fans can force mayweather to fight pacquiao if they dont buy tickets at gate dont buy PPV and surely it will be a flop at the box office. he will be in trouble with his contract with showtime and they will need more money on his next fight. pacquiao is the answer

  8. Ted 01:48pm, 12/31/2013

    The Kid has the beat

  9. rod 08:32am, 12/31/2013

    pacquiao must depart bob arum so mayweather demands will obliged him to fight pacquiao for d sake of boxing fans.

  10. Pete The Sneak 07:31am, 12/31/2013

    By the by (if I can briefly borrow El Bastardo Magnificos Description of you) Mr. Fearless Editor, that is some pretty incredible artwork up there. Got to love the sponsors (Life Alert/Huggies, though I see ‘Depends’ is conspicuously omitted). Almost looks like you got an NYPD sketch artist to do it for you…Pretty cool…Peace.

  11. Pete The Sneak 06:53am, 12/31/2013

    kid vegas, I too thought it might come about before Manny fought Rios. But as I mentioned in the other Pac Man thread, I’m sure Floyd was watching the Rios fight and instead of seeing a shot fighter coming back from a vicious KO, he saw a guy (Manny) demonstrate good foot work, excellent hand speed, defense and endurance. Just the kinds of things FMJ wants nothing to do with. So of course bring on the ‘‘I won’t do business with Arum” factor…Something that was not a showstopper last time they negotiated… Besides, what would he want with Pac Man, when the monster known as Amir Khan awaits…Peace.

  12. Albert 06:36am, 12/31/2013

    One of the good traits of Filipinos is that they have a strong sense of gratitude to anyone who helped them gain success. Manny has had a great success, and has come from rags to riches under the wings of Bob Arum. No amount of money will make him stab Bob Arum in the back.

    Leaving Bob Arum was not an original demand of Mayweather in the past, but when he had ran out of alibis and learned of such Filipino trait, he began to use it to avoid meeting Manny in the ring and will use such reason or alibi in perpetuity. He is scared and obsessed with maintaining the ZERO loss.

  13. bagmar zarate 04:30am, 12/31/2013

    during the time of r.duran, t. Hearns, s. Leonard, m. Hagler and the other great fighters they will fight only the best, but too bad this time because it looks like the boxing world is monopolized by the name of gay weather, sad to say but the best thing to do is to boycott all the fights of gay weather, let him to realized that he owed something from the boxing fans.

  14. oga tatsumi 10:42pm, 12/30/2013

    I think the boxing world must boycott all fights of Kenducky Floyd Chicken unless it"s a fight with Manny Pacquiao. If Showtime and Money man Gayweather is expecting that that the boxing fans will tolerate their ungratefull acts, they"re absolutely wrong. The sport of boxing will punished them with a vengeance.

  15. benjamin arellano 09:45pm, 12/30/2013

    everyone knows gayweather is using pacquiao everytime he have a fight. i believe mayweather-pacquiao fight will only happen if gayweather will become a man enough muster his courage to face the pacman. he is a COWARD and no balls. he is full of alibis and reasons just to avoid the fight.

  16. duckling 09:36pm, 12/30/2013

    All he can do is “Quack” when he hears the word “Pac”

  17. junskiy 09:15pm, 12/30/2013

    Pacquiao must give in to Mayweather’s demand for the last time, let go of Arum, then see if Mayweather obliges to fight him, if not then forget about it, it will never ever happen .

  18. ranz 08:44pm, 12/30/2013

    I have very funny feeling you guys are mistaken! The fight is never going to happen. Believe that!

  19. joe f 08:09pm, 12/30/2013

    Only when floyd buy some balls.

  20. phil borda 07:43pm, 12/30/2013

    I love boxing so much that I would never advocate boycott of boxing except as a last resort and only in the most extreme of cases.  With the recent pronouncements from the Mayweather camp, I think they are going to avoid a Pacquiao fight again.  The feeling of frustration and despondency is setting in on me that the exercise of the last resort is becoming inevitable.  So, with heavy heart, I beseech the boxing world not to watch any boxing until the Pacquiao v Mayweather fight comes to fruition.  The media has to do its part to reflect the sentiments of the boxing fans.  Giving any kind of credence to a Mayweather excuse to be politically correct merely adds to his ammunition to continuously duck Pacquiao.  BOYCOTT!!!

  21. Robert Ecksel 06:59pm, 12/30/2013

    From your mouth to God’s ear, Kid. Mayweather surprised us when he fought Canelo. Maybe he’ll surprise us by fighting Pacquiao.

  22. kid vegas 05:33pm, 12/30/2013

    I have a funny feeling that this fight will happen.

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