Money May Disses Canelo

By Robert Ecksel on August 29, 2013
Money May Disses Canelo
“If Canelo doesn't knock Floyd out in less than eight rounds, I will be very surprised.”

“Canelo is so calm and mature. Nothing gets to him. He is focused. I tell him to stay focused. And keep pumping your jab…”

Oscar De La Hoya is an odd bird. He sometimes says and tweets things at which I cringe. It’s not that they don’t make sense—even Adrien Broner’s statements and tweets make sense in context—it’s that the sense they make may be of limited value.

De La Hoya isn’t a Rhodes Scholar, but he doesn’t need to be. He’s smart enough to be a decorated former world champion. He’s smart enough to have formed Golden Boy Promotions. He is smart enough to have enlisted the services of take-no-prisoners, take-no-shit Richard Schaefer. That is very smart. But does that make him smart enough to make predictions for the Sept. 14 fight between Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez that are meant to be taken seriously?

In the seemingly eternal buildup to the fight, De La Hoya is working overtime to make Canelo seem more than he perhaps is.

“Canelo is so calm and mature,” said Oscar. “Nothing gets to him. He is focused. I tell him to stay focused. And keep pumping your jab. That is the key. My world changed after I beat Chavez. Canelo is experiencing the glory and ahead of his time. If he doesn’t knock Floyd out in less than eight rounds, I will be very surprised.”

I will be very surprised if Canelo does knock Floyd out, no matter the round. And I’m not the only one. Mayweather, who is as unlikely to knock out Canelo and Canelo is likely to knock out Mayweather, also isn’t buying what De La Hoya is selling.

“Everybody’s entitled to his own opinion,” said Mayweather at yesterday’s open workout in Las Vegas. “I faced De La Hoya and I was victorious. So he’s entitled to his opinion. Everybody entitled to their own opinion. I’m not fighting a guy who’s just a pushover. He’s young. He’s strong. He’s got good boxing skill. We’ll see how it plays out. [But] you’ve got to look at some of the opponents he’s faced in the past. I don’t know too many opponents he faced in the past, but a lot of guys went the distance with him, and we’re not talking about guys on the A-list or B-list. We’re talking about D fighters and C fighters. They were able to go to the eight round or ninth round. He was getting hit with numerous shots. As far as me, I use certain angles. I got a lot of experience. So it’s going to be a little difficult for him at this level.”

It’s hard not to agree with that assessment. Canelo is young and strong, as Money May pointed out, plus he’s undefeated. But if he failed to KO Austin Trout, who is no Floyd Mayweather, in his last fight, how is Canelo going to stop the pound-for-pound king in less than eight rounds?

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Canelo vs Trout

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  1. raxman 03:14pm, 09/01/2013

    ted - I will say one thing about oz fighters coming thru - the one to watch for is a kid called Damian Hooper - he won a youth world champ silver medal and youth Olympic gold in 2010. although he made it to the quarter finals in open worlds in 2011 he didn’t do well at the 2012 Olympics except to cause a ruckus by wearing a t-shirt with the aboriginal flag on it on his walk to the ring. he is signed to ricky hatton’s promotional company although they are bringing him on slowly in Australia against losing record opponents - he’s 4-0 at the minute. I would think if fellow oz light heavy blake caparello gets over allan green next month for the vacant IBO title then Hoopers people will be looking at Caparello as a way to get an early version of a title. caparello is good but lacks pop and if hooper is going to have a weakness it may be his chin.

  2. Ted 06:01am, 09/01/2013

    Rax, I already wrote about Vasyl Lomanchenko. He, GGG, and Kovalev represent The Killer Troika!

  3. raxman 09:29pm, 08/31/2013

    hey darrell - sean sullivan was your classic antipodean gate keeper. as tough as tough can be - i’d forgotten about him - he ended up fighting at cruiser weight at biker clubhouse. a very tough man.

    Ted - what about vasyl lomanchenko? he could well be the greatest of east euro fighters. his fighting Oquendo in his debut fight is astounding and takes my demand for experience amateurs fighting quality early in pro career and smashes it to pieces. debuting with a 10 rounder against a very decent fighter makes my usual paragons Riggondeaux and Tszyu look timid.
    the kid is only 25 and has done it all in the amos -  2 gold and 1 silver (his only loss)at world champion and gold at feather in china 08 and at light in london 12!! He could dominate from featherweight to junior welter - maybe even welter!!

  4. Darrell 07:04pm, 08/31/2013

    Yeah Raxman, Mundine was pretty good once.

    I remember him, not far off his prime, fighting the ultra-limited but ultra-fit, ultra-tough & ultra-filthy Sean Sullivan in Auckland about a decade or so ago…..crikey that Sullivan could make the best of them look bad!  He just wouldn’t, & couldn’t be made to, go away by Mundine.  Even so, Mundine’s quality at that time was pretty clear to see.

    Unfortunately after watching his 2nd fight against Geale, it certainly wasn’t the same Mundine.  Geale could pressure GGG… would lead to his early ko though.

    BTW, I don’t actually see a Mayweather diss on Canelo.

  5. Ted 05:18pm, 08/31/2013

    I’m not a Johnny come lately when it comes to GGG or other Eastern Euro amateurs who turned pro, In fact. I’m one of the few American writers who introduced these guys before their time. So please don’t lump me in with the “ignorant.”

    Geale is a new commodity to me and I liked what I saw , but he is no GGG though he DOES have the style that could beat him—I will say that.

  6. raxman 04:31pm, 08/31/2013

    ted - i have never said Golovkin wasn’t the superior talent. never. ever. not once. however there have been plenty of talented fighters that wilted when put in with other talented fighters. will this happen to GGG? almost certainly not but until he gets in with one we’ll not know. we do know that Geale stands up under that pressure - well he did prior to barker. he most definitely choked in that fight. he stalled on the grid and then when he did get started didn’t take barker;s body to pieces once proven weak. lets move on..
    Let me school you a little on Geale v Mundine #1 - this SD fight was controversial as mundine’s cronies supposed were seated behind the judges and trying to intimidate them - personally i thought mundine won the fight easily - geale was not ready for mundine then but the pay day for a mundine fight down under is too good for a young fighter to knock back. but lets look at mundine for a second because everyone wants to base the guy on the joke he is now but when he started he was impressive - he fought sven ottke in his 11th pro fight in germany. now that is 11 fights without an amateur background (mundine had 4 amo’s as a kid) - that is an incredible feat that your boy GGG and andre ward with there huge amateur experience should have followed. 11th fight, and before he gassed and got ko’d was winning. mundine wasn’t always a joke. well he was but his boxing skill were not. he totally outclassed danny green when they fought and that was green in his prime after being robbed vs markus beyer. so using a mundine loss to dismiss Geale is as unfair as it is wrong.
    you know this conversation reminds me so much of the one we had re Lucian Bute. i didn’t care as much because i never liked Bute so i didn’t feel the passion, but being a 12 year fan and admirer of Golovkin i take it personally that you johnny come latelys are cheering this guy on as he cherry picks his way to superstardom - he is capable of so much better. and don’t give me that no one wants to fight him crap coz i don’t buy that at all, if you want the fights badly enough they can made. but why should he go after quality when you guys can make him rich fighting curtis stevens.
    which brings us full circle to mundine and what could’ve been with that guys talent - why didn’t he get to america or europe and fight the best at 168 when in his prime? because he was getting paid a minimum of 1mil per fight down under fighting nobodies - why risk that for $50k on some PPV undercard in the states? as we know its all risk vs reward. and you guys are all about giving GGG the rewards without taking any risks. so that’s it. i’m not gonna say another word about Golovkin. not another word. i’m done until he does something to be proud of. knocking out curtis stevens won’t be it. personally. i’d like to see him calling out andre ward and going to 168 to fight him. but thats just me.

  7. Ted 11:33am, 08/31/2013


  8. Bodyshots 08:34am, 08/31/2013

    i won’t be shocked if Canelo KO’s Floyd. he’s the youngest, strongest, and hardest hitter that an older Floyd has faced in years if not his entire career. it’s simply unlikely without notable age or weight-related slippage on Floyd’s part. after all, the first priority of Mayweather’s fight-plan will be to avoid being hit and who does that better than Floyd? the second will be to slip and counter and the third will be to exploit absolutely every other opening that Canelo betrays throughout 12 rounds of boxing NOT punching. Mayweather’s not interested in that. at this point in his career, Mayweather’s skills, ring-smarts, and vast experience are peaking, if not his extraordinary talent, but if his talent hasn’t/doesn’t slip or decline, Canelo has just (prematurely?) signed-up for a PhD course in high-stakes Boxing and at the moment, nobody executes it better than Floyd.

  9. Ted 04:17am, 08/31/2013

    And I have not given up on Bute just yet.

    Fighting Froch in Montreal just might yield a different result.

  10. Ted 04:14am, 08/31/2013

    Rax, now who is having the “conniption?” I just wanted to have you arise to something that would wake you up fast and furiously from down under.

    Now speaking of ignorance, this is what really needles me: “Geales victories on foreign soil over Sylvester and Sturm are better than anything on the resumes of the other 160 pounders” With the unsaid implication that Geale is better than Canelo and GGG when even Jose Feliciano knows otherwise. GGG takes out Macklin with a shot that leaves Macklin screaming in pain for several minutes. I was ringside.

    Geale deck Barkers and then backs off and Barker eventually wins. Huh?

    GGG has been knocking out guys who have never before been stopped and he has been knocking them cold. Geale has been losing to and beating Mundine.

    That gives me more than enough to conclude that despite less than primo opposition, GGG is on a different level—-one perhaps all by himself. I am not disagreeing about the opposition issue. But I am making these conclusions notwithstanding the opposition issue. After Stevens, maybe Quillin or even a forgotten Pirog can step up and be waxed.  Maybe even Barker. But I’d like to see GGG KO Martinez and Chavez first. By then, Chavez may be a super heavyweight, however.

    Your move.

  11. raxman 07:58pm, 08/30/2013

    ted - where the hell is your reasoning coming from? why is it that if you don’t turn left you must turn right? i dismiss the adulation for GGG so then i think Geale is the best fighter going around? how is that logic. i’ve never said geale was anything more than what he is.  please don’t make me out to be some sort of jingoistic fight fan. i couldn’t give a rats where a fighter called home. its totally irrelevant to me and shame on you for making it part of your argument. and shame on you for misrepresenting my estimation of both GGG and alvarez. i feel for them exactly as i did for Bute 3 years ago when i had to put up with the same crap for questioning his resume. in fact thats wrong, i dismissed bute’s talent period; i certainly don’t dismiss the talent of canelo and Golovkin. i just don’t think Golovkin has earned the adulation he gets. Canelo is on the way. trout was the first decent opponent in what i expect to be many more top level opponents.
    as for your question about oz boxers - as above, i am in no way interested in being the king of hyperbole for australian boxing - the fact i live here and until the last couple of years have been involved in the amateur boxing scene, gives me more insight than most. my defense of Geale was due to the fact that he was being dismissed by people who had never even watched him fight. my problem was from a point of ignorance people were suggesting Geale would be nothing but food for you know who. To this day, with the exception of Martinez, Geales victories on foreign soil over Sylvester and Sturm are better than anything on the resumes of the other 160 pounders. i’m really getting sick of having to spell this out. its the same ignorance that meant if you question Pacquiao you must be a floyd fan and vice versa. boxing isn’t a team sport. supporting one fighter doesn’t mean you’re opposed to another.
    and the best thing about this sport? that despite all the supposition and aggressive adulation, facts are still facts. and guys like froch, mares, riggondeaux, bradley, and donaire with there top level opponents after top level opponents make GGG’s resume look padded
    oh and because that wasnt a definitive enough statement i’ll spell it out - Golovkin is an amazing talent, i;m a long time fan - back to his victory over Geale in osaka in 2001, but his resume at nearly 30 fights is a joke. blown up 154 pounders and C grade middle weights. super talented but like Bute was, totally unproven against quality.
    and in the same keeping, think on this…. Matthysse is another (who i am a fan) who looks incredible against guys he is supposed to look incredible against but in his 3 fights against equal opposition he is 1-2! perhaps the sky is the limit for him. perhaps he will beat garcia but to dismiss an unbeaten 25 year old champ just because Matthysse ko’d peterson in spectacular fashion is just wrong.
    you all get hypnotized by the bangers - so i got 2 words for you
    Jeff Left Hook Lacy!

  12. Jack 11:35am, 08/30/2013

    Guys, I would only watch this fight if it was “free”. I am not a Floyd Jr. fan, in fact I like Canelo, but at this point in his development, he has only the proverbial “puncher’s chance” of winning!!!! Floyd Jr. by UD, just like the Marquez, Mosley, Cotto and Guerrero fights. Nothing NEW there, unless Floyd gets “OLD” that night!!!! Repeat after me: Canelo can not outbox Floyd.

  13. Ted 06:02am, 08/30/2013

    Ok, ok. Yes Lee is a fine writer and a good friend to boot. He was the first to coin the phrase closet classic.

    I’ll be back later. I must now go to the links where the challenges await me at each hole (no pun intended).

  14. Clarence George 05:57am, 08/30/2013

    Ted:  Your pregnancy analogy is intriguing and thought-provoking, but not completely convincing.  A woman either is or isn’t pregnant, to be sure, but the admittedly unfortunate situation with “The Ring” isn’t quite as black-and-white.  After all, Golden Boy Promotions isn’t a synonym for boxing, and there’s more—much more—to what the magazine covers (both in print and online) than the De La Hoya agenda.

    That said, I much look forward to reading your article on this subject, and promise to keep an open mind.

    By the way, I absolutely share your admiration for Lee Groves.  He once expressed interest in an article I wrote on Whitey Bimstein, which pleased me no end.

  15. Ted 05:28am, 08/30/2013

    Clarence, not that it matters, but Teddy Atlas said the very same thing last Friday. The other thing is that I am not enamored by Lem Satterfield or any of the Ring writers except Lee Groves. A conflict is a conflict and it is like bit like being a tad pregnant or a bit of a liar. You either are or you are not. The Ring is conflicted totally and if an article appears that seems to run contrary to Oscar’s views, my sense is that it was put in there for the specific reason of giving the readers the idea that it is NOT conflicted. The conflict starts with Hauser and works its way down. Conflict permeates. Someday, when I am close to the end of writing, I shall write about this. I have the draft but I want to get a few more examples before it’s ready for launching.

    “Absolutely no credibility whatsoever” is not strong enough. One of the biggest problems with boxing writers these days is in the area of being conflicted.

  16. Ted 05:18am, 08/30/2013

    raxman , yes GGG and Canelo stink up the place. Of course Geale has the goods. Stop with the BS. We all watched Geale and while I liked his grit and stamina, any true fan would know that he would be dispatched by GGG forthwith. Even mundane Mundine beat Geale.

    I get your point about opposition, but it has more juice re GGG than it does Canelo. The guy s still a kid and has fought 43 times. He has been bred to fight much like Mayweather.  He is the real deal.

    Now then, are there any non-Aussie fighters you like out there? I’m not being contentious, just curious. Because if there are, they must be super sensational.

  17. Clarence George 05:14am, 08/30/2013

    Not an ideal situation, I agree, but “absolutely no credibility whatsoever” is putting it much too strongly.  Besides, the article reflects De La Hoya’s views, not necessarily those of “The Ring.”  In fact, Lem Satterfield doesn’t endorse De La Hoya’s prediction or reasoning; on the contrary, his skepticism is anything but well disguised.

  18. Ted 04:54am, 08/30/2013

    Ring Mag has absolutely no credibility whatsoever in my view. It is totally conflicted.  It is owned by a promoter, End of story.

  19. Ted 04:47am, 08/30/2013

    Rax, you are a Tedphobe as well.

  20. Clarence George 01:59am, 08/30/2013

    A link to De La Hoya’s five reasons for Alvarez putting Mayweather down within eight.  Press release fluff, and I’m not impressed.  “Canelo” has hired a chef, has he?  Ooh!  Don’t hold with such newfangled notions myself.  If mugs of beef stock were good enough for Sugar Ray Robinson, they should be good enough for Alvarez.

    I like the Mexican and never cared for “Money,” but I don’t at all see the red-haired one as a match for Mayweather’s ring genius or as the unraveler of the mystery that his defensive technique.  Impossible?  No…but anything but likely.

    De La Hoya’s five reasons amount to whistling past the graveyard.

  21. raxman 08:16pm, 08/29/2013

    Ted - reset the pacemaker mate. I said trout was a legit 154 talent, (hang on you read the opening sentence, had a conniption and replied without finishing didn’t you?) I said trout was the first of canelo’s real opponents ie one that had a chance to beat him. but if you think lopez is anything but a B level fighter with a punch at his own weight I stress you rewatch his fights and or get the mince pies tested- but whats more, lopez fighting at 154 pounds (one fight after he made the step up from 140) is of course only C level. as for ryan Rhodes and lovemore when canelo fought them they were no longer contenders Rhodes falls into the journeyman category and lovemore the gatekeeper - especially at 147 his days of class were at 140.
    everyone knew canelo had to step up, Oscar had padded his record to the point that canelo was embarrassed and insisted on quality - hence the pdub into Ortiz debacle.
    and as for my degrading Golovkin - I have the right to - I’ve been a fan of Golovkins before any of you knew who he was. I’ve followed him since 2001 when he beat Daniel Geale in Osaka at the Asian games. so 12 years later and 28 pro fights against not one legit opponent I think i’m entitled to criticize him - and i’ll do so in direct proportion to the circle jerk of adulation that all you guys spray me with. golovkin is up to fight 28 and its against a nobody - like all his other fights! golovkin was a super star amateur - compare his resume to fellow amateur superstar rigondeaux. what about lomanchenko about to debut in a 10 rounder vs 23(16ko)-3 jonathan oquendo???? now that is a debut!!
    my problem is and never was with the skill or talent of GGG, more to the point its because of his skill and talent that I grade him thus. The Golovkin I watched in the amateurs should’ve have fought matthew macklin in his 7th pro fight, not his 27th!!

  22. pikkon 07:55pm, 08/29/2013

    if floyd wont run to avoid getting hit canelo has a chance..if floyd would play his usual game of pot shots and stiff jabs and run canelo would have a hard time knocking out floyd..

  23. Ted 06:47pm, 08/29/2013

    raxman , Lopez and Trout c talent??? WTF. Canelo has over 40 pro fights and beat Miguel Vazquez twice. He beat a tough Ryan Rhodes (45-4) and Lovemore Ndou (48-12-2). He has been duking with guys with decent records since 2007. He is 42-0-1 with 277 rounds boxed. Let’s not get carried away here. And you continual negation of GGG is becoming curious.

    No I don’t think he will win, but he is a worthy contender. I think May selected him because he means more money now. Also, if Pac beats Rios, watch the Pac-May fight develop. This is all about what fights equal the most money.

  24. raxman 05:53pm, 08/29/2013

    Clarence - without a doubt Floyd will answer the call. despite everyone’s (espec the haters) best assumptions it looks like Floyd is going to honour that contract. 6 fights in 3years - he fought 5months ago!! how long since Floyd has fought with such a quick turn around? I think he’ll fight the Matthysse types because he has no option. after canelo, should he win there will be 4 fights to go. there are plenty of opponents at 140 and 147. with the exception of pac and Bradley (arum roadblocks will make those difficult) Floyd has no option but to fight the up and coming young guns. although one would think if this fight is close or controversial one of the 4 may be a canelo rematch.

  25. Clarence George 05:39pm, 08/29/2013

    Howdy, Raxman.

    I’m not saying Matthysse would beat Mayweather; in fact, he probably wouldn’t.  But I think the Argentine would have a real chance; much more of one than Alvarez.  Matthysse’s a much better boxer than generally given credit for and, of course, a phenomenal puncher.  If he beats Garcia (as I think he will), there’ll be clamoring for Mayweather-Matthysse next year.  Will Mayweather heed the call?  I wonder.

  26. raxman 04:51pm, 08/29/2013

    Clarence - i’m a long time Matthysse fan but I think one has to keep in perspective his accomplishments to date and how that plays to the future. he has shown zero reason to think he belongs in the ring with Floyd. he ko’d Peterson spectacularly, granted, but how is it that one ko victory of one quality fighter becomes a defining factor? the Peterson fight indicates LM may have recognized slow starts as a problem but the facts remain in 3 fights against top level opponents he is 1-2. based on LM performance against the slick styles of Judah and Alexander he wouldn’t get close to Mayweather - styles making fights and all.

  27. raxman 04:26pm, 08/29/2013

    joe - I think the facts are that canelo, like golovkin, has only fought C and D level fighters. I think that can’t be disputed. but that doesn’t reflect eithers talent. its a case of shame on them and their promoters, and shame on their fans for accepting it.
    but alvarez has started improving in this regard. Trout was obviously a legit 154pound talent, no doubt! and canelo wanted to step this up 2 years ago when slated first to fight pdub and then Ortiz. the problem was he (or more likely golden boy ) got cold feet after the shock losses of Ortiz and Khan. so the stepping up got put on hold while he fought lopez.
    I’m sure the ideal thing was for canelo to have another top tier opponent but it didn’t work out that way

  28. Ted 11:08am, 08/29/2013

    Joe, that’s some decent logic, mate

  29. joe 11:00am, 08/29/2013

    So in his own words Mayweather is fighting a guy that has only fought level “C” and ” D” opposition… Does that make Canelo a low level opponent for Mayweather?...if so, isn’t that cherry picking?...again…

  30. Pete The Sneak 08:41am, 08/29/2013

    Ah yes, let the hype machine begin…Honestly though Mr. Ecksel, I really don’t see what Floyd is saying about Canelo as a ‘Diss.’ Heck, actually sounded pretty astute and even somewhat complimentary to the young man. Just saying…Peace.

  31. Clarence George 06:39am, 08/29/2013

    Pre-fight hype is one thing; making massively unlikely, if not downright fatuous, predictions is something else.  I would be amazed if Alvarez stopped Mayweather (I don’t even think he’ll beat him).  If it were Matthysse instead of “Canelo”...well, that might be a horse of a very different color.

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