Mayweather Free at Last

By Robert Ecksel on August 3, 2012
Mayweather Free at Last
Speculation about Mayweather's next fight next is running rampant and is premature. (AP)

Floyd Mayweather was released from the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas this morning having served two months of a three-month sentence after having plead guilty to a charge of domestic battery.

Despite his lawyers’ argument that jail, lack of exercise, and unpalatable food was doing irreparable damage to his health, Floyd looked fit as a fiddle.

Mayweather did not speak to the media upon his release. He walked from jail, climbed into a blue Bentley with his 12-year-old daughter, Iyanna Mayweather, his manager Leonard Ellerbe, and his best friend and business partner 50 Cent, before driving away.

Speculation about who Mayweather fights next is running rampant and is premature. He just got out of jail and wants to spend time with his family, friends and fiancé. And who can blame him?

There will be plenty of time to spill countless words about Mayweather’s next huge pay-per-view fight. But the time is not now. Let’s give Floyd, not to mention the readers, a little breathing room.

Insofar as the newsworthiness of Money’s release, it may be as Andre Ward tweeted: “If you didnt know the story you would think he is the new Nelson Mandela going by the way some people tell it!!”

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Floyd Mayweather Released From Jail!

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  1. your mom 06:42am, 08/06/2012

    one more thing only one Split decision in all his fights.

  2. your mom 06:38am, 08/06/2012

    undefeated baby and will never be beat. you dont have to like him just respect his boxing skills cause you know nobody can touch him.

  3. the thresher 05:00pm, 08/04/2012

    He lookd pretty muscled up. Must have been some lifting done in there. He looks better now than he did before.

  4. xavier 05:28pm, 08/03/2012

    oh now he is going to play the “hard role” cause he was locked up for 2mos…lol…i cant wait to c him get killed n da ring. fake ass baby gangster!

  5. FrankinDallas 02:57pm, 08/03/2012

    OMG OMG he’s finally released! Praise the Lord!


  6. Don from Prov 11:15am, 08/03/2012

    After two whole months!!!

    Hang in there Floyd!

  7. Joey Diamant 10:30am, 08/03/2012

    Mayweather is a scumbag. Low class lowlife who is glorified by the masses, who are more pathetic than he is.

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