Money Talks, Maidana Walks

By Robert Ecksel on May 3, 2014
Money Talks, Maidana Walks
To say Mayweather's insincerity runneth over is perhaps as facile as it is unfair. (Fukuda)

Mayweather kept his unbeaten streak alive and decisioned Maidana by scores of 117-111, 116-112 and 114-114 to unify the WBC/WBA welterweight titles….

Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, Floyd “Money” Mayweather (46-0, 26 KOs) kept his unbeaten streak alive and decisioned Marcos “El Chino” Maidana (35-4, 31 KOs) by scores of 117-111, 116-112 and 114-114 to unify the WBC/WBA welterweight titles.

Fighting out of the blue corner in black trunks trimmed in red, white and blue, the 37-year-old Mayweather didn’t look a day over 36. It’s impossible to know which Maidana he expected to face, but the Maidana who appeared was the only Maidana who has ever appeared and was as tough and relentless as ever.

Maidana, fighting out of red corner in white trunks with, appropriately, black and blue trim, came to fight and came to win. He threw everything at Mayweather but the kitchen sink, which he would have also thrown at Mayweather had referee Tony Weeks allowed it.

El Chino established in the opening stanza that he had nothing to lose, whereas Mayweather looked surprised—and surprisingly ill-equipped—to deal with the whirlwind before him.

Maidana threw exactly 100 punches in the first round. Mayweather had a fight on his hands and acquitted himself more or less favorably, if not exactly like The Best Ever.

Mayweather changed the rhythm at the start of round two. He landed a left. Maidana shook it off and bulled Mayweather to the ropes, establishing a pattern that would repeat itself throughout the fight. He landed thudding body shots on the formerly untouchable pound-for-pounder, who seemed baffled by El Chino’s intensity. May countered and Maidana retreated, if only for one minute.

It was a better round than the first for Floyd. The same cannot be said for the round to follow.

Money came out moving in the third. But then Maidana tagged him. Using awkward angles and a Gatling gun ethos, the Argentine Assassin poured it on. May countered, seemingly unable or unwilling to initiate, but it was never enough to keep The Chinaman at bay. Maidana landed an uppercut. Mayweather resorted to some hot dog maneuver. Maidana was not amused and continued to rumble.

After three rounds of action, Maidana had landed 67 of 190 power punches to Mayweather’s 40 of 59.

Things looked to be going Mayweather’s way in round four when an accidental clash of heads drew first blood over his right eye. May is no more used to bleeding than he is used to being assaulted and the complaining to the referee commenced. Maidana may not have been fighting the cleanest fight in history, but he was fighting as he has always fought. He was outworking Mayweather. He was smothering his punches. He was frustrating the formerly unflappable richest athlete in the world.

Maidana pressed forward in the fifth. No matter what Mayweather did, no matter what punches he threw, they were of no concern to his opponent. In the past, Mayweather’s challengers wilted under pressure. Not Maidana. He no more bought the Mayweather hype than he bought the Broner hype. He also had the cojones and munitions to prove it.

Round six could have gone either way. Both fighters had their moments. Money was leaning against the ropes, countering when he had room, and Maidana stuck to him like lint on a cheap suit. Mayweather may have done enough in the last minute to steal the round, but he was trailing in the fight and wasn’t looking good doing it.

Maidana began losing steam in the seventh. It had to happen eventually. Maidana might have punched himself out. Never one to miss an opening, Mayweather took advantage, as any fighter would, of his opponent’s flagging output. Mayweather landed a solid right and double left hook to take the round. He was still trailing on our scorecard, but the tide had begun to turn.

Between rounds Robert Garcia told Maidana, “Don’t give up rounds, Chino. Don’t give up rounds. You can do it.”

Maidana got his second wind in round eight. Mayweather was relying on pinpoint accuracy, while El Chino opted for volume punching. Once again, both fighters had their moments, the round was close. But Mayweather continued to fight while moving backward. Maidana, by contrast, continued to press forward and make the fight.

At the end of the eighth, Robert Garcia was almost jubilant. “Four rounds to make history,” he said. “This is our fight!”

Mayweather and Maidana split the last four rounds. May took the 10th and 12th. Chino pocketed rounds nine and 11.

According to CompuBox, after 12 rounds of fighting Mayweather landed 230 of 426 total punches thrown (54%) to Maidana’s 221 of 858 (26%). Considering that they landed an equal number of punches and Maidana was the busier of the two, the scorecards might have reflected that disparity. Michael Pernick’s 114-114 was probably closest to the mark. Dave Moretti’s 116-112 was less so. And the less said about Bert A. Clements 117-111 the better.

After the fight Mayweather, as is his wont, decided to rewrite history.

“I just try to explain,” he said, “it was a tough competitive fight the fans wanted to see. Normally I go out there, I box, I move, I box, I move. Finally I was in a tough competitive fight. I wanted to give the fans an exciting fight. Normally when the fans come, I box, I move, I blow a guy out. Tonight I wanted to stand there and fight and give the fans their money’s worth. He’s a tough competitor. He was a very, very good fighter. I take nothing away from Marcos Maidana. He’s a tough competitor and we gave the fans what they wanted to see tonight. A true champion can make adjustments to anything. I take nothing away from this guy. He got here somehow some way. He’s a champion, I’m a champion, and we did what we had to do tonight.”

To say his insincerity runneth over is perhaps as facile as it is unfair. Nobody likes aging, especially overnight. Mayweather to his credit didn’t resort to foul play. But by trying to convince us that we should believe him and not our lying eyes, he does a disservice to the truth. Mayweather didn’t fight as he fought because he wanted to “give the fans an exciting fight” or “their money’s worth.” He fought as he fought because of Marcos Maidana. The Chinaman gave him no choice. He fought scared. He fought for his life. He fought to keep the myth, which took a big hit, alive for three more fights.

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  1. Daniel Nunes 06:32pm, 05/15/2014

    I respect your right to your opinion regarding the bout’s first five rounds. I’ll watch the fight a third time and especially those rounds again where you credited Maidana for only 2 of the 5 and I gave him 4 of them with 1 even.

    If I should find you’re perspective was closer to making sense in giving Floyd 3 of those first 5 rounds, whereas I gave him but 1-even for all 5, I’ll amend my original opinion in a follow-up post. If I watch it all over again being as impartial as I possibly can but see it the same way I did originally, so it goes.

  2. tuxtucis 11:53pm, 05/14/2014

    1, 2, 8, 12 to Maidana…the rest to Maywaether…

  3. Daniel Nunes 04:48pm, 05/14/2014

    Christ—I got my posts mixed up again. Should have checked what I first wrote again before making excuses for a math mistake I never made here (the particular mistake was in fact made by me in an earlier post elsewhere.)
    So forget most of my last posting’s first paragraph; it applies elsewhere.
    To sum it all up again, I don’t feel it is “non-sense” to have given Maidana the first 5 rounds, easily the 8th, and edging the 12th for dominating about the round’s first 2/3rds before Floyd came on and took the same final round’s 1/3rd with some great shots.
    If you give Floyd one of the first 5 rounds—it should have been a draw. If you want to give him ALL of the last round for 1-minutes domination, he won by one-point. As I said the first time: judging is strictly subjective. If you think my opinion of “7 to 5” was “non-sense,” I’d like to hear what description you’d label the judge’s card of 117-111 for Mayweather? Yes, Mayweather landed “crisp” clean shots at points in many rounds, but do they negate everything else Maidana did throughout the entire fight so that Marcos lost to Floyd by 9-3 rounds? Now, THAT’S non-sense.

  4. Daniel Nunes 04:13pm, 05/14/2014

    I meant to originally say that after watching the live telecast I had it “7 to 5” Maidana, not ‘7 to 4” as I’d mistakenly entered here. After the replay, I changed it to “6-4 & 1 even” when I really meant ‘6-5 & 1 even,’
    Watching it live, I gave the first 5 rounds to Maidana (two by close margins), plus the 8th (without doubt), and I felt he took the 12th and last although Floyd dominated the final 1/3 of that same round—that’s where the original “7” came from.  Watching its replay, one of the first 5 then seemed too close to give to either guy so I changed tit to an even round; therefore 6 to 5 with 1 even. I composed the original post early in the morning after putting in a long hard day working; math added up wrong.
    IMO, I couldn’t give Floyd an outright clean round until the 6th. I don’t think anyone can argue that the 8th belonged to Marcos, and Maidana dominated the first 2-minutes of the last and final 12th with Floyd dominating handily about the round’s final minute or so.
    Even if you gave Floyd the one round I felt was even, it’d be judged a draw at the end (as one judge saw it) but not a win by the wide margin another (impartial?) judge had it. However, if one felt Floyd took the final round thanks to his great work during its final minute or so, then he’d have won the fight overall by a single round’s point.
    Final note: It was just reported that Floyd changed his mind and won’t be giving Maidana the rematch he promised in the post-fight interview. That makes me wonder now how much he personally felt he’d won himself?

  5. tuxtucis 08:40am, 05/14/2014

    Sorry but 7-5 for Maidana is a total non-sense…
    - you score rounds on clean shots (as i do), so you must have no less than 4 points for Mayweather (even considering body shots)
    - you score rounds on pure aggression (as I don’t), so you must have 12 points for Maidana
    No way…

  6. Daniel E. Nunes 09:17pm, 05/13/2014

    I was a ring performer as a youth and later again while serving in the military as a Vietnam era former Marine. Boxing has always been the primary sport I’ve followed, studied and loved most. Now having passed my mid-60s, many who know me as a boxing historian solicit my projections prior to various major fights; afterwards, they often follow-up by asking my opinion as a self-proclaimed, impartial judge following a particular match.

    This fight was no exception in those regards. Leading up to it, I figured one of three possible outcomes. The first and foremost: Floyd would KO/TKO Marcos somewhere between the 8th to 10th round after being roughed up by Maidana earlier (full projected reasoning for believing so too long winded to be included here.) Next: Maidana wins a decision by having forced Floyd into the ropes then scoring inside to body and head same as he did to Broner. Or else: It ends scored a draw that could have gone either way; Floyd’s scoring from outside negating Marcos’ inside.

    Only for the 3rd time I can remember predictions, I was wrong on all three possible counts (not withstanding Don era-promoted outcomes, of course.) When the fight’s last bell rang and before the judges’ cards were read, I had Maidana winning 7 rounds to Floyd’s 5 rounds, giving Marcos full credit for the many more body punches he landed inside to the big outside ones Floyd deservedly was credited in some close rounds. That was in my opinion watching the live telecast. When I watched its initial replay, my score changed: Marcos 6 rounds, Floyd 4, one even. I believe the reason my score was so far off from the official judges’ opinions had a lot to do with two factors: Maidana’s “effective aggressiveness” in controlling the majority of the bouts’ actual action (how many times was Floyd stalked and forced backwards or into the ropes? -verses the number that Floyd moved Marcos back while scoring big shots?) ...  in my eye, Marcos had around a 4-5 to 1 higher ratio there than Floyd managed. The other thing was that it seemed obvious that the Judges couldn’t possibly have credited Maidana fully for the body shots and other inside scoring he did the numerous times he did get Floyd backed into the ropes. Commentator Al did mention something specifically pertaining to that possible factor in discourse following the live telecast’s decision, but I noticed it had been edited out in the bout’s later rebroadcast.

    The bottom line about scoring in boxing will always be that it’s basically a matter of subjective opinion—- what one values and then looks for in a fight is not always the same as somebody else. As far as “effectiveness” might go in this particular bout, watch the fight again impartially; give each fighter credit when and where it is due, then take a good look at either fighter’s face right after the final bell for a last note on who was really more effective. Floyd’s face showed he took more of a ‘beating’ from Marcos than Marcos’ face did from Floyd’s efforts, ‘nuff said.

  7. tuxtucis 11:32pm, 05/07/2014

    Draw is a joke…at least 4 points for Mayweather…

  8. kingman1 05:09pm, 05/07/2014

    Mayweather lost , and he won’t give Maidana a rematch , especially not with smaller golves,well maybe with jumbo gloves. He just isn’t man enough to do that. He’ll act like he’s the best , but he’s only the best dodger. He dodged a younger Pacquiao,and now he’ll be dodging Maidana . Mayweather became old during the fight , he got tired and his dirty tactics of elbowing did not work ,because he got elbowed right back, tapping gloves after a break did not work ( he could not sucker punch Maidana) .The ref was the only one that could help him by letting May   hold all night without a single warning much less deduct a point. He’ll fight light handed fighters like Khan who he knows will not hurt him.

  9. sam 1969 01:40pm, 05/06/2014


    I don’t speak portuguese but since you are from Brasil I think I understand your blind view of the fight and of course your allergy for Argentina, so when you get a brasilian boxer who can put a fight like Maidana did you can bark.

  10. Titusz 06:52am, 05/06/2014

    Floyd é o melhor de todos os tempos no boxe. Ele é imbatível. Sempre calando a boca dos invejosos!!!!!

  11. Not a Fraud Fan 12:35pm, 05/05/2014

    Fraud has faded. Clearly out fought and shall I say out boxed. The cry baby who routinely roughs up his opponents by elbows, holding and more. Fraud at the least is disingenuous as expected.  Maidana beat him. Aggressive, harder punches and controlled the fight.

    Fraud lost. Cup huggers grow up.

  12. David Matthew 11:44am, 05/05/2014

    As a note: Pointing to Oscar’s statement that Floyd is really “43-3” isn’t exactly citing a persuasive, objective source.  Much more credible would be simply to admit “I can’t wait to see this guy lose.”

    It was a very competitive fight - Chino exposed some vulnerabilities that feature Floyd at 37 - but Floyd still won the fight, adjusting enough to Chino to neutralize his offense late in the fight while he scored with the cleaner, more precise work.

  13. Galvar 10:28am, 05/05/2014

    To Ed Baylon, agreed to prime versions of Cotto and Pac.  Not sure of this version of Pac though.  He looked kind of slow against Bradley.  I’m a big fan of Pac but I just can’t see him roughing Money up.  True he can probably get a few punches in during early rounds but I think Money would eventually figure him out and start timing him., what do you guys think?

  14. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:07am, 05/05/2014

    He picks his opponents and chooses the gloves for them that he feels will hurt him the least during the fight….he fights down the Strip from his house…..everything about him (especially his life style which is a gangster version of Liberace’s) is a perfect fit for Sin City including his symbiotic relationship with the Gaming Industry (he’s a major sports book bettor himself) and his events are absolute sucker magnets especially for those sure fire money making machines, not so much the tables (the “fans” that show up for his fights know as much about gambling as they do about boxing)...what’s not to like… guess what…. he’s not going to lose any close hard fought fights in Vegas anytime soon. Psuedo scientists coming out of the woodwork and off the wall crooning about his fistic genius….Maidana fought his fight and made Floyd fight back in order to survive. The bottom line is this….never in the history of boxing has an “0” on a boxer’s record been more valuable than the one on Floyd’s…. Oscar says he should be 43 and 3…..he knows more about it than I do and I’m just guessing that he just might have an edge on any and all posting here on the ins and out, ups and downs, dirty dealing, double talking politics of big time Vegas boxing.

  15. Koolz 06:44am, 05/05/2014

    Maybe a rematch will happen and we can do it all over again.
    I agree I don’t really see the Pacman beating Mayweather at this time.

    Power and Fighting?  Gloves and Boxing.  This is not the same thing as Power.

    Bruce Lee could close his fist on your chest and Knock you back over six feet.(Zen in the Martial Arts)
    *Kick Boxer Joe Louis could never do this*  So where is power coming from?

    To long to explain what power is.  For boxing maybe gloves help but honestly that’s not enough.

  16. raxman 12:26am, 05/05/2014

    Darrell - you won’t get the knockers of floyd to ever admit such a thing - they can’t separate his obnoxious personality from his skills - something i too was guilty of until he had his post hatton lay off and i watch all his fights again without the emotion and realised how tremendously talented he really is
    i keep seeing this thing said on this and other sites that if maidana can do this to floyd that pacman would kill floyd. no one bothers to take into account that pacman fights absolutely nothing like maidana. pacman is never going to be able to bully floyd onto the ropes - he doesn’t have the size -  and even if he did he wouldn’t do it because that style just doesn’t play to pacmans strengths. the only thing that you can say that chino and pac share is that they both throw punches from weird angles - but chino does his by the way he actually swings his punches whilst pac man’s angles come from the combination of his south paw stance and his footwork
    as for the comment about Maidana being a Blevel fighter - even if i agreed with that which i don’t, i’ll make what i believe to be one salient comparison - iran barkley. i’m yet to find a boxing follower on this or any site that doesnt list tommy hearns as a favourite fighter. try telling the hitman that Barkley was Blevel fighter

  17. Ed Baylon 08:00pm, 05/04/2014

    Galvar I agree with you except for the dirty fighting and Pacquiao’s o chance against Mayweather.  Mayweather’s brilliance is premised on his ability to predict and read his opponents moves and punches and his ability to maintain safe distance. Cancel distance and throw quick, volume punches from weird angles to distort his ability to read punches and you have Floyd in trouble. but you have to do it for 12 rounds like Castillo did in their first fight which Castillo won. Maidana did it again but lost steam the second half of the fight which he was handily winning.

    Who can execute the above fighting style and strategy?  Fortunately for Floyd there are not many in the current crop of fighters. The prime Cotto, Margarito and Pacquiao can.  But Floyd knows better .  He did not fight them in their prime or never fought them.  To me its no brainier to see that the Floyd that we have so far seen is no match to the volume punching and relentless fighters of the eighties. Leonard will brutalize him.

  18. sam 1969 07:07pm, 05/04/2014


    Power doesn’t come from yout gloves????...................why FM jr asked Maidana to change it???, regarding GGG for me in a imaginary match against Maidana I see a interesting fight probably 50-50, GGG looks impressive but didn’t fight with a serious opponent and nobody has tested his chin yet, Maidana lost power with the gloves FM jr chose and couldn’t connect him hard but FM jr and Sergio Martinez are the only boxers to avoid punches in that way, GGG is another Maidana, Provodnikov, Cotto, he could get a power shot any time from Maidana and don’t tell me Maidana doesn’t have punch, the one who had a eye cut last night was FM jr, el chino was eating a cookie at the end of the fight.

  19. eduardo gomez 06:07pm, 05/04/2014

    I agree with you koolz that fight should be a draw

  20. AL Rios 06:05pm, 05/04/2014

    you really watch the fight ? Mayweather got beat up and the fight was robbed from Maidana ., plus the referee Tony Weeks giot paid by the money team to protect Mayweather all the time at the ring. for all the people there lasta night Madiana won the fight. the rest is BS.

  21. peter 05:36pm, 05/04/2014

    Robert, I very much enjoyed this article and your insightful, succinct recap of the fight. Thank you.

  22. Koolz 05:25pm, 05/04/2014


    I thought Maidana fell into a stupid pattern of hunting Floyd and moving his head throwing out a pathetic jab that Floyd already had the distance on.  He wasted to much of his time doing that for two rounds.  His jab was really bad.
    His only success was when he had Floyd on the ropes.  But honestly I wasn’t that impressed with Mayweather in this fight I don’t know where you getting this Masterclass from.
    He still has it though that’s true.  But Masterclass yea whatever.

  23. Galvar 05:18pm, 05/04/2014

    Floyd got roughed up and for a minute there I thought Maidana would win.  So the formula to be beat Floyd is:  be bigger than him + rough him up like it was a street fight + do some dirty boxing on the inside (dirty as in not totally illegal but you shouldn’t be doing it anyway).  If we go by this formula then Manny has 0 chance of beating Money.

  24. Darrell 05:07pm, 05/04/2014

    Well said Raxman.  Though not a dyed in the wool fan of Maidana’s, and to also state that I am a longtime fan of Mayweather’s, it’s obvious that Maidana fought the fight of his life and displayed unquenchable will.  But as you point out, and as I stated lower down in the comments, he ran out of significant connecting punches in the second half of the fight.

    It’s a fair comment from many that Maidana pushed the fight and put Mayweather into some adverse situations, no doubts.  That is what I suspected he would do, as he has always shown undying desire to conquer, and now has a very smart corner to harness that unconquerable spirit.

    On the other hand, Mayweather showed what a warrior and smart fighter he is too, he weathered the storm of the first 3 rounds, he had to as there really is no strategy to counter the smothering bullrush tactics of Maidana other than to clinch-hit-duck.  Around the fourth round Mayweather started to time his counters off the ropes a lot better, hit Maidana with his own stinging body shots & therefore fought more in the middle of the ring…..from that point on, aside from sporadic instances, he controlled the fight due to his vastly cleaner punching, if not stopping Maidana from coming forward, certainly gave him punching room for those counters off the ropes.  Maidana barely landed, aside from some occasional good body shots, a significant blow after round six.

    In many ways it was a masterly fight from Mayweather.

    It is a pipe-dream I know but it would be refreshing to see some of these fans be as magnanimous to Mayweather as they are, and I have been in my comments to Maidana, for their great efforts.  What a pity the report author and site owner didn’t do so in his report….the fight deserved a better & fairer write-up than the barely concealed disdain for the generations best boxer that was given here.

  25. Koolz 04:49pm, 05/04/2014

    sam 1969

    Power doesn’t come from your gloves.  GGG is in perfect balance every time he throws a punch, that means he can use his legs and hips effectively every time.

    I don’t ever see Mayweather having a chance against him… And after last night he would be KO’d.  This fight though will never happen. between Golovkin and Mayweather.
    Mayweather will probably fight Khan and I could see that one being close but them giving it to Mayweather, then he will walk the walk and be in the hall of fame and everyone will say how amazing he was and yada yada undefeated bla bla bla.
    That Pacman fight will most likely never happen with Mayweather..

  26. sam 1969 04:35pm, 05/04/2014


    if Golovkin is gonna use the gloves Maidana used last night is gonna look like Mickey Mouse and you know that, them gloves takes probably 45% of power of any ringing bull like Maidana or GGG.

  27. Sam 1969 04:30pm, 05/04/2014

    ed babilon since your champ got so much skills HE SHOULD BE ABLE TO GIVE MAIDANA 9(a poor boxer according to opinion) THE REMATCH IN ARGENTINA, HE CHOSE THE GLOVES, NOW GIVE MAIDANA THE OPTION TO CHOOSE THE PLACE, but that’s not gonna happen since your “champ” found a guy who rocked his head and he will never leave Nevada his holy land where everybody gets paid to make his ass shine.

  28. Koolz 04:29pm, 05/04/2014

    I watching this fight for the first time… round six I am giving 6 rounds so far to Maidana.
    Maidana and his wicked looping punches.
    Mayweather so really accurate with punches.  great upper cuts!
    I gave round seven to Mayweather.

    (Golovkin would destroy Mayweather and Maidana)
    I Gave round 8 a draw
    Gave Round 9 to Mayweather
    I give just slight edge in round 10 to Mayweather
    11th round I am giving it to Mayweather
    (Maidana is falling into a stupid pattern what a idiot)
    Only one Round Left!
    I have the final round as a Draw.

    I have this whole fight as a Draw.  I know they will give to Mayweather but honestly it was very close Draw.

  29. raxman 04:29pm, 05/04/2014

    it looks like Floyd is right when he says he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. if Floyd had schooled maidana the chorus would be saying Floyd picked another inferior fighter. when maidana fights like the champion he is and gives Floyd the best challenge he has in years its all about Floyd is shot, old overnight. how about some credit for maidana
    the fact is Maidana, under Robert Garcia, is a much improved fighter. and Maidana fought a fight plan which many, many experts have said is the only way to fight Floyd - and that is to bully him, to skate close to the edge of the rules often crossing that edge. and maidana was able to do that - for 6 rounds. and of those 6 rounds he just didn’t make contact with enough of the punches he threw.

  30. ed baylon 04:03pm, 05/04/2014

    Floyd greatness has always been blown out of proportion. Maidana and Castillo are slow of feet and hands fighters but relentless pressure punchers. Margarito in his prime would have done the same or even would have badly beaten Mayweather, hence, Floyd avoiding him. Just imagine a fleet-footed, quick-fisted, powerful, relentless fighter like Leonard could do to Floyd.


  31. Eric 12:42pm, 05/04/2014

    Another great Jim Grey moment with Adrien Broner aka “The Can Man.” teehee. Priceless. Funny moment with Broner, and all the PC analtards need to lighten up. Maybe, “The Can Man” needs to enter the ring to that old Sammy Davis Jr. tune, “The Can(dy) Man.” I haven’t purchased a pay per view fight since Fenech vs. Nelson back in the ‘90’s, but I would purchase a fight between “Money” vs. “The Can Man.” Don’t care who would win but the lead up to the fight and post fight interviews could be priceless.

  32. Eric 12:22pm, 05/04/2014

    @Mr. Right…To be fair,  this is a 37 year old version of Mayweather. Duran beat Barkley when he was 37, but Duran looked less than spectacular against hapless opponents leading up to Barkley. Many times after the “no mas,” Duran didn’t look that great, the Minchillo and Nino Gonzalez fights, Benitez, the Kirkland Laing bout, Hearns, etc. Floyd was frankly too small to compete against Hagler, Hearns or Leonard. Floyd started out at 130lbs, while Leonard and Hearns were true welterweights. While Duran wasn’t a tall lightweight, he was a pretty big lightweight and was struggling to make 135lbs long before moving up to welterweight. But you are right, anyone of the big four would have wrecked Mayweather, at 147-160lbs. Benitez and Aaron Pryor would’ve beaten Floyd also.

  33. eduardo gomez 11:45am, 05/04/2014

    in my opinion Michael was the only judge watching the fight the other were phone texting .is a shame for the sport judges are killin boxing

  34. Dover 10:54am, 05/04/2014

    Mayweather won that fight. Mayweather will make quick work of Maidana next time.

  35. Frank 10:35am, 05/04/2014

    Madiana won the fight and was robbed of his victory! Mayweather should give him a rematch or hang it up. Mayweather was never invincible as has been claimed. Jose Luis Castillo beat him twice; De La Hoya beat him: and if Mayweather had not come in at least 25 pounds over the weight to fight Marquez the latter would have beat him. And Mayweather’s nonsense that Pacquoi has to change promoters before he will fight him is nothing but another ploy to avoid him.

  36. mkululi gaya 10:07am, 05/04/2014

    That was a great fight displayed by both boxers and from my side, oops, 50-50 fight

  37. AKT 09:12am, 05/04/2014

    @Captain Ron - Mayweather was NOT surprised that he won. It took a while for the announcer to get to the point i.e. who had won. Hence, it was a nail biting moment. And why wouldn’t it be when the first score card reads a draw, and we have seen wrong decisions being read out in the past; remember Pacquiao - Bradley.

    Mayweather defended his title today. Hold your judgments until after the rematch. That’ll tell you whether the fight went the way it did today because he wanted to give the fans their money’s worth OR whether Maidana is truly as big of a fighter as everyone is saying he is.

  38. sam 1969 09:07am, 05/04/2014

    King 05:12am, 05/04/2014
    Thank mr. Mayweather for showing a brawler the sweet science of boxing.

    So FM jr showed how to box to Maidana???, I think he thought Maidana how to get advantage (change gloves) for me chicken stuff, how to endure a whole fight throwing couple counter punches but the most important thing, how money, bussiness and history can even buy judges and deny even a draw result for this fight, the only way somebody is going to beat mr money is taking his head off (something Maidana was gonna do with the right gloves), good move “champ”.

  39. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:36am, 05/04/2014

    NSAC says they have improved their Peds testing….let’s see it Godammit…like right now….and when the results are in don’t forget to report it out, you worthless Harry Reid voters…. that lantern jaw hanging out there like Stevenson’s should be a weakness not a strength for this freak….do you think he got all that dense, heavy muscle striation on that very, very prominent mandible from chewing bubble gum? Weighs in 147 with guaranteed 1% body fat and 148 at fight time…..get the fuk out of here!

  40. Eric 08:01am, 05/04/2014


  41. Captain Ron 07:51am, 05/04/2014

    117-111? In Mayweather’s pocket. And what’s up with the ref breaking up the fight when Mayweather was on the ropes and WASN’T tied up. Maidana was working him and he WASN’T tied up. What’s up with that? Move Mayweather back to the middle where he has the advantage to fight from a distance and run. In his pocket. There was too much wrong with this fight. Doesn’t matter that Mayweather had a few more punches overall. Who was in there throwing? Who acted like a champion? Let’s make a guy who’s going to throw 1000 punches at you change his LEGAL gloves. Why? You trying swinging something with more padding (=more weight) 1000 times. In his pocket. When the winner at the end of a fight is surprised he won, that should tell you something. What a joke of a decision.

  42. Andrew 07:37am, 05/04/2014

    Poster really doesn’t like Floyd, huh? Bitter bitch because Floyd dominated everything after 4th round?

    Can we get perhaps a non bias article on the front page? 114-114 lmao what a joke

    UD all the way money may

  43. Matt McGrain 06:45am, 05/04/2014

    I had it to Mayweather 116-112, both sittings.  I thought Mayweather won four clearly with eight unclear, but they came out 4-4 so fine. 
    8-4 Mayweather.  I don’t particularly mind any of the three judges scorecards given what the close rounds were like.

  44. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:29am, 05/04/2014

    It didn’t take long for this freak to start degrading Maidana…saying that Cotto was tougher and Canelo (who fought like Donaire did against Rigo….afraid that if he pressed the issue too much he might get KOd himself) hits harder. In addition to every other advantage he has (yes Vegas is his backyard)....someone will have to KO this house fighter to win in Sin City. Maidana is a good puncher but not a devastating one puncher and he can land that bent elbow right which is reminiscent of Arreola’s but one wonders just how much mustard is on that punch….Clement’s score has the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce seal of approval.

  45. nick 06:13am, 05/04/2014

    There was no sweet science he the 9 more punches and won 5 extra rounds for it even though he ran an hugged all night thats not science that’s called having everything including judges in your pocket mayweather fans should feel bad that a supposed nobody put it on the champ and in reality took that belt or at the very least took him to a draw Floyd can’t hang with a real brawler why you think he’s wants none of pacman he’s scared of raw power hence why he made Marcos wear different gloves Cuz he knew he was gonna catch it and he still caught it with all his lil bullshit advantages

  46. nick 06:05am, 05/04/2014

    knocked out? That bum he cheapshotted lol and before that hatton yearsssss ago? Yea pacman got knocked out but at least he puts it on the line like a champ should there was no science last night he ran and couldn’t and got bullied like the chump.he really is your argument is invalid give the kid a rematch but we know hr won’t Cuz Floyd’s scared

  47. King 05:12am, 05/04/2014

    Thank mr. Mayweather for showing a brawler the sweet science of boxing.

  48. money 05:02am, 05/04/2014

    did you guys watch the fight? money talks you know who walked

  49. ROB 02:47am, 05/04/2014

    Floyd is the best ever! The guy is 37 and he beat the freaking Tazmanian devil for crying out loud! Let’s see pacman fight a puncher for a change. Make an easy in house deal like Provodnicov. Will NEVER happen because pacman’s camp is going to feed him a steady stream of light punching bums till he gets the annuity which is Floyd Mayweather!

  50. G.E. Simons 02:30am, 05/04/2014

    Brilliant report Robert.
    Seems like they hand picked the wrong guy in Maidana to a degree. That aside, even Floyd can’t go on forever, time and the cumulations of battle are starting to creep. For me, should the elusive encounter with Pac happen in the next 18 months it could still be sensational as they both seem to have lost the same degree of step within their own skill sets. This makes it the 50/50 encounter that it would have been 5 years ago! although obviously lacking the marquee gloss of meeting in their primes.

  51. Mohummad Humza Elahi 02:27am, 05/04/2014

    Great fight; but I’m imagining if Tony Weeks was refereeing Floyd’s fight with Hatton instead of Joe Cortez.  Cortez would’ve killed El Chino’s attempt to to bully Mayweather from the get-go.

  52. Clarence George 02:00am, 05/04/2014

    Given what Maidana accomplished, one can easily—and joyfully—imagine what Henry “The Human Buzzsaw” Armstrong would have done…besides win.

  53. nick 11:46pm, 05/03/2014

    A pity Cuz Floyd was hugging him like he was the proud mother of a military man who came back from service plan and simple Floyd didntvwant any of that kid made him switch gloves 2 days before the fight Cuz he was already scared of his power yea he threw 1000 punches and landed 9 less than Floyd but he had Floyd looming like crap not one of those punches even had Marco thinking twice about coming inside he kept going it was Floyd that couldnt hang and became the hugger his alter ego from the dancer just look at the end of the fight did you see may weather sitting up there looking beat to hell and damn near in shock that he won???? street fight whatever you wanna call it when Tyson washed people in the ropes none complained but Floyd gets bullied by a guy and people wanna get technical that it wasn’t that great of a fight Cuz Marcos brawled take the fact the venue is ran by may weather productions and that 2 judges are from nevada Floyd lost that fight boxings to much about money and holding on to.hope with Floyd’s boring ass its sad when a female fighter calls out Floyd too and he backs down like he always does from the hard battles

  54. Darrell 11:34pm, 05/03/2014

    Excellent fight.  Much credit to both guys.

    Maidana did exactly as I thought he would & his will & determination are unassailable.  He also used his 165lbs to great effect smashing Mayweather to the ropes with it constantly.  A pity for him he couldn’t really do anything after round six but more of the bullrush stuff, only without the effective punches to back it up as Mayweather tagged him constantly with good sharp punches for the 2nd half of the fight.

    Mayweather, more or less, took over the fight in spite of the tackles & rough housing & came out of it with much credit, there not being a significant punch from Maidana in the 2nd half of the fight.

    114-114?  Nah!!  Maidana & his people are a bit delusional if they thought they won the fight, let alone thinking (and saying out loud) that Mayweather is scared…’ll play to the perennial May haters nicely but the truth is, he came a very creditable 2nd.  Which is still a loss.

  55. nick 10:53pm, 05/03/2014

    Wow Floyd must a dug deep in those pockets for that win I don’t care who you are or what fan you are Floyd got it putbon him tonight talk about looking old and weak he tried saying ohh I brawled Cuz I wanted to give the fans there moneys worth noooooo Marcos was alllll up in your ass and you couldn’t do jack plus you said ohh I didn’t fight on the outside Cuz it would a been to easy to win no Floyd you fought a brawler who wouldn’t stop coming forward and you couldn’t dance give that kid another shot I bet you Floyd ain’t got the balls to rematch him…..

  56. Mr Really Right 10:23pm, 05/03/2014


  57. Johnny B 10:21pm, 05/03/2014

    Exciting Fight!  Looks like the judges’ scores reflected the diversity of opinion of the fans.  Some had it 6-6, while others had it anywhere between 9-3 and 7-5 for Mayweather.  On the surface, this looks like one of those decisions where its OK to have judges’ scores that don’t match-up with each other.  I’ll bet a dollar the three judges agreed on most of the rounds.

    Next up, Mayweather vs. Khan.  Then, Mayweather vs Thurman in 2015.

  58. Mr Right 10:18pm, 05/03/2014

    Beaten like a man Fraud was schooled by a former B fighter. Roughed up and left exposed. Fraud will NEVER be considered an all time great. The old school class of the 80’s would have killed him. Leonard, Hearns, Duran, Benitez, of course Hagler, and on and on. Fraud got rich by conning all you that have no boxing history. Fraud is good. Not great at all. Not by a long shot.

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