More of the Same

By Ted Sares on March 19, 2012
More of the Same
Gabriel Tolmajyan had that look on his face that I have been seeing all too often of late

“If one were being extremely charitable and assigning the unbeaten fighter the benefit of the doubt, it might—repeat, might—be possible to have granted Lopez the first, second, and third rounds.”—Scott Christ

“…how many times can you see guys like Campillo lose?”—Bob Mladinich

This past Friday Night Fights co-main event featured an aggressive Abraham “Chamaco” Lopez against Gabriel “The Ghost” Tolmajyan in an extremely close fight. The featherweight war went the full eight-round distance and the ringside judges scored the fight unanimously in favor of Lopez. Two ringside judges scored it 78-74 twice and 79-73. These scores were simply not defensible—not even remotely so.

When the verdict was announced, Tolmajyan had that look on his face that I have been seeing all too often of late. Macklin had it against Sturm last year. Lara (God knows) had it against Williams. Gabriel Campillo had it again. Huck had it. Amir Khan had it. Chisora had it against Helenius. Fortunately, Salido and Martinez brought their own judges to the fight or they also might have had it.

The Boxing Tribune had this fight a draw. So did the annoying Bernardo Osuna; Teddy Atlas scored it 77-75 for Tolmajyan as did I. This was a hometown gift for Abraham, plain and simple, and it made me cringe with disgust.

Things like this need to be documented; I wish more writers would do that.

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  1. the thresher 10:48am, 03/20/2012

    It’s sickening

  2. TEX HASSLER 06:42am, 03/20/2012

    Pro boxing is a hard way to make a living. Cheating a good man like Gabriel out of a decision has absolutely no place in this sport. Even a draw would have been unfair to Gabriel. I know close fights are hard to score properly but this was not a close fight.

  3. jofre 11:36am, 03/19/2012

    Bad decisions have been around for decades, but I think this decade is bringing it to a new level.  I’m at a point now that when a fight ends I start to brace myself for the inevitable scoring controversy.

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