Morning Ritual

By Clarence George on September 6, 2013
Morning Ritual
Golovkin's trainer apparently thinks that "the winner will be whoever lands first."

“Thank God every morning when you get up that you have something to do that day, which must be done, whether you like it or not.”—James Russell Lowell

My morning ritual, prior to the requisite ablutions, consists of doing sit-ups—well, broadly defined as sitting up in bed. I then do 50 push-ups (do too!) prior to visiting to see what pearls of pugilistic wisdom were posted during my nightly slumber. Next up, a leisurely stroll through the ruby lanes of the competition.

On Mondays and Fridays, I particularly enjoy reading Doug Fischer’s “Mailbag” over at, especially when he takes to task those who have the impertinence to favorably compare the new breed to the old-school warrior. For instance, in response to this recent tidbit: “Prime Roy Jones Jr. beats Sugar Ray Robinson,” Fischer wrote: “Robinson, who scored 108 knockouts and was only stopped once in 200 bouts (and that was due to heat exhaustion in a light heavyweight bout), would have knocked Jones out cold, probably before the 10th round.” Hear, hear!

But I haven’t gotten to Doug yet, too distracted and disturbed by “‘Boogeyman’ Golovkin Will Face Fellow Puncher in Stevens,” by his colleague, Mike Coppinger. I was stunned by a throwaway line, one that needs to be set apart:

“Abel Sanchez, who trains Golovkin in nearby Big Bear, believes it will be a five-round fight, and the winner will be whoever lands first. Stevens has that kind of fight-ending power.”

Quick, the smelling salts!

Inconceivable that Sanchez is uncertain of his boy, Gennady (27-0, 24 KOs), who’s taking on fellow middleweight Curtis Stevens (25-3, 18 KOs) for a scheduled 12-round championship bout at the Theater at Madison Square Garden on November 2. And, if he is, would he say so publicly? Come now!

I have a slight acquaintance with Beverly Murray, Abel’s missus, and am sorely tempted to demand an explanation…or at least request a clarification. But what if she’s mean to me, gets angry, stomps a well-shod foot, raises her voice? No, I have to be satisfied with an expression of dismay, such as, “Jeez!”

It’s appropriate that the above-quoted James Russell Lowell wrote a poem entitled “The Present Crisis,” for I’m going through one myself—Golovkin’s trainer apparently thinks that “the winner will be whoever lands first.” Abel—bubeleh! —your boy will land that punch…and no later than the third.

Now, if a comely young lady will be so kind as to fry up some bull balls for me as a necessary restorative, I can see what Doug has to say about this, that, and the other thing.

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  1. Clarence George 06:30am, 09/09/2013

    Pete:  I don’t blame Sanchez for recognizing and respecting Stevens’ hitting power, but saying he can win if he lands first is not something one expects from the other guy’s trainer.  I once had the pleasure of meeting Abel, and was (and am) convinced of the genuineness of his assessment of Golovkin as being in a class by himself, which is why I find his it’s-up-for-grabs remark mystifying and disturbing.

    You’re right about Holyfield—multiple women and kiddies are inadvisable if one wants to preserve and grow one’s capital.  But the fundamental reason is a combination of maniacal materialism and foolishly thinking that even the most successful boxing career is an evergreen money tree.  I also agree that Mayweather isn’t likely to go down the same dead end, but it’s not impossible.  Yeah, Foreman is a good role model.  So is Gene Tunney—married rich (which is not to imply he married Polly for her money) and a savvy businessman.

  2. Pete The Sneak 04:59am, 09/09/2013

    CG, I can kinda see where Ol’ Abel is coming from. I mean, heck, a solid, dead on shot on any chin can do some serious damage and Stevens can crack em every now and then. Only problem is when Stevens throws it and misses it, his shot of winning just disappeared cause when the GGG counters begin to fly, it will be all over for ‘Showtime.’...As for the Bible thumping Holyfield, he took his Bible lessons to heart to be “Fruitful and Multiply,” Only problem was he was he multiplied with too many different kinds of fruits and thus when it was all said and done he was left with only Fruit Salad…I don’t see FMJ going in that kind of direction, but who knows…I still say the smartest of the smart was big George Foreman. Learned his lesson after the first part of his career and is holding on to his millions after his second act…Peace.

  3. Clarence George 01:28pm, 09/07/2013

    Irish:  I’m no Red, and a top-of-the-line athlete deserves good money, but some of these paydays are obscene.

    Will Mayweather wind up in the poorhouse like so many others, including Joe Louis and Ezzard Charles?  I hope not, but it happened to Tyson and Holyfield.  “The Real Deal,” for example, made—what?—$250 million in his career, but today has about 22 cents to his name.  He’s declared bankruptcy to chase the wolves from his door, but that doesn’t put food on the table.  I understand he’s auctioning off his prized possessions next month.

    I’m all for living well, but do these guys really need mansions worthy of drug-cartel kingpins, and 50 cars of assorted makes and colors?  There’s a price to pay for that lifestyle…and it’s one they can’t afford.

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:20am, 09/07/2013

    Clarence George-Just read that Mayweather has $123,000,000 in one bank account…..about to deposit $40,000,000 more…..more power to him….probably a B of A regular savings paying .01% apy…. but it’s all good.

  5. Clarence George 08:31pm, 09/06/2013

    Oh, Irish, how you crack me up!

    Well, as long as you never suffer from prostatitis (one of the banes of middle age), which I have on one or two occasions, you’re doing all right.

  6. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:34pm, 09/06/2013

    Clarence George-Huevos de Toro….. deep fried….you really know how to live the good life. Which reminds me…. mis huevos are much on my mind these days….especially when they are submerged in the toilet bowl water……...if only my putz hung that low.

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