Mosley vs. Mosley II: Worthy of PPV

By Dennis Taylor on August 7, 2015
Mosley vs. Mosley II: Worthy of PPV
The problem is that Jin married another man in 1999 and didn't divorce him until 2006.

If Jin was somebody else’s wife when she married Shane, then how could their marriage have been legal?

Shane Mosley is fighting mad and jumping for joy, all at the same time — and all for the same reason: Looks like he’s going to get a rematch with the opponent who dealt him the most-humiliating defeat of his life — his ex-wife.

TMZ Sports is reporting three-division world champ has filed papers in a Los Angeles courtroom to reopen divorce-court proceedings with Jin Mosley, who married him in 2002, divorced him in 2011 and — ask anybody who knew the couple in those days — dominated every phase of their marriage.

Their divorce-court battle was ugly and lopsided. Jin by a knockout, strutting away with all three of their houses, a Mercedes G Wagon, a Cadillac Escalade, Shane’s entire fight library, his world championship belts, $600,000 in spousal support, and every last ounce of his dignity.

But life can be ironic.

The problem, says “Sugar Shane,” is that Jin married another man in 1999 and didn’t divorce him until 2006 (four years into the Mosley marriage).


They call that bigamy ‘round these parts, ma’am.

So ... if Jin was somebody else’s wife when she said her vows to Shane, then how could their marriage have been legal? And if their marriage wasn’t legal, how could there have been a divorce? And if there was no divorce, how could there be a divorce settlement?

Shane Mosley his wants money back. He wants his stuff back. Most of all, he wants his pride back.

Forget Mayweather-Berto. Mosley vs. Mosley II is the fight worthy of pay-per-view.

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  1. kb 06:15pm, 08/07/2015


  2. AKT 05:10pm, 08/07/2015

    Try hard never to dabble into another mans personals, but golly gosh I hope this is true. Shane is sooo cynical these days and it’s no surprise. When you get trodden on so damn much, a perspective can switch and drastically too. Moral triumph over gold diggers out there too.

    Good luck Champ.

  3. FrankinDallas 04:19pm, 08/07/2015

    I heard it may be in the Floyd-Berto undercard, KB. That MIGHT
    make the $75 worth it…..but probably not.

  4. KB 01:52pm, 08/07/2015

    How much is the PPV? It does have my interest

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