Muhammad Ali vs. Bob Foster

By Boxing News on November 20, 2020
Muhammad Ali vs. Bob Foster
Foster was 49-4 and was not only moving up in weight, he was taking a step up in class.

On November 21, 1972 at Sahara Tahoe Hotel in Stateline, Nevada, NABF heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, from Louisville, Kentucky, fought WBC/WBA light heavyweight Bob Foster, from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ali was 39—at the time, his only loss coming at the hands of Joe Frazier in March 1971. Foster was 49-4 and was not only moving up in weight, he was taking a step up in class…

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Muhammad Ali vs Bob Foster 41st of 61 - Nov. 1972 "The Sound And The Fury"

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  1. jp 11:31am, 11/28/2013

    Sorry for to strong of stating my point But it does take away the boxers glory by saying it the way you do!
    Again sorry for being too forceful no disrespect intended!
                Thanx again!

  2. JP 11:25am, 11/28/2013

    I really wish you boxing in the know types would for once say Ali & or Bob Foster was the undisputed champ on the basis of it being the truth considering the WBA and WBC were the only two governing bodys at the time called the good ole days when they announced Ali and Bob Foster as the undisputed champ!