Muhammad Ali vs. Brian London

By Boxing News on August 5, 2018
Muhammad Ali vs. Brian London
London said he'd be willing to fight Ali again "if if he ties a 56-pound weight to each leg."

On August 6, 1966 at Earls Court Arena, Kensington, London, England, heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, from Louisville, Kentucky, defended his title against Brian London, from Blackpool, England. Ali was undefeated at 24-0 coming in. London was 35-13. The fight was scheduled for 15 rounds. When asked if he wanted a rematch with Ali, London said, “Only if he ties a 56-pound weight to each leg…”

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Muhammad Ali vs Brian London 25th of 61 - Aug. 1966

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  1. Roger 02:35am, 08/20/2017

    Hello John,
    Maybe someone’s already beat me to it, but you didn’t mention your Granddad.  A British heavyweight champion in his own right who followed his sons’ careers proudly.  I always remember an article someone wrote after interviewing your granddad.  He said both were good boys but he reckoned your father was the best.  I wonder if weight was what held your father back.  He turned pro as a lightheavy and boiling down to 12.7 couldn’t have been easy.

  2. David 02:51pm, 08/14/2017

    Muhammad Ali didn’t beat anyone. Jack Dempsey would have massacred him within 3 rounds.

  3. John harper 11:57am, 09/05/2015

    My uncle is Brian London and has always expressed regret that he never had more of a go at Ali.brian was a business man and totally realistic in his ability to overcome an appoint and personally I think him a realistic person,and was spot on with his assessment of Ali when my father his brother jack shouted when he went down in the third and final round"Brian are you ok he looked at dad and winked!Brian went in with more American opponents than any otherbritish heavyweight with seven world champions with respectable success and when I met sir Henry cooper he was very respectable about Brian who in boxing parlance always told me that Henry had him on his mantelpiece at which when I told Henry that he said that it should have been 2-1as hr thought Brian had beaten him in one of the fights and he got the decision. He also commented that my father jack London held a 2-1 victory in fights over him and that my father was a better fighter than Brian and he could still feel my fathers left jab.i thought that sir Henry was a very nice man who was a very caring man who upon hearing of my fathers battle with Alzheimer’s sent a lovely signed letter from himself and his wife albina so with great respect from my family the harpers better known as londons the only British heavy weight and empire father and son Jack London sir and Brian London title holders to the cooper family your father and mother were a class act.    John Harper. Blackpool

  4. barry 04:10am, 08/06/2014

    Brian London lost this night to the Greatest Heavyweight of all times. Cassius Clay. London was a very undervalued fighter. London fought many great fights in his career, his third bout against Henry Cooper was a titanic battle over 15rds with Cooper gaining a razor-thin decision. London went to Sweden were he fought former champion Ingmar Johansson and was “ROBBED” of a final round KO victory by the corrupt referee. Against Cassius Clay he was completely out-classed by the fastest most skilled Heavyweight ever.

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