Muhammad Ali vs. Buster Mathis

By Boxing News on November 16, 2020
Muhammad Ali vs. Buster Mathis
Buster Mathis was 29-2, having only lost to Joe Frazier in 1968 and Jerry Quarry in 1969.

On November 17, 1971 at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas, NABF heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, still smarting from his loss to Joe Frazier eight months earlier in The Fight at Madison Square Garden, met Buster Mathis in defense of his title. Ali was 32-1 going in. The always capable Mathis was 29-2, having only lost to Joe Frazier in 1968 and Jerry Quarry in 1969…

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Muhammad Ali vs Buster Mathis 34th of 61 - Nov. 1971 "The Mountain Comes To Muhammad"

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  1. Saber 06:36am, 09/29/2017

    If Muhammad Ali wasn’t greatest . Who’s the real champion?

  2. Eric 05:24am, 11/17/2012

    Ali lost officially 5 times in his career and not 4. In addition to losing to Berbick, Holmes, and to Leon Spinks, Ali also lost to Frazier and in his first fight with Norton. Of course it could be said that Ali might have lost as many as 8 fights when you throw in the three controversial decisions he won against Doug Jones,  Jimmy Young, and the third fight with Ken Norton.