Multiple Debut’s in Cicero Friday August 30th

By Johnny B on August 28, 2013
Multiple Debut’s in Cicero Friday August 30th

Hitz Boxing is back in Chicago Friday night.  Two will make their pro debuts—Welterweight Semajay Thomas and Heavyweight Chanassis Michaloudis—while 4 other bouts will feature fighters with less than 10 pro fights each.  While the card may lack big names, the night appears to be full of competitive match-ups, which is always good for the fans. wil be covering the fights live Friday night, from Cicero Stadium.  Check back for real-time updates throughout the night.  More to come…

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  1. Kid Blast 04:40pm, 08/28/2013

    I used to hang in Cicero as a kid. Used to go to the track in Maywood.

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